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April 13-19, 2015 Winning pitchers during Oakland’s twenty-game winning streak in 2002, 13 Aug – 04 Sep.

Q.         Who is the only 21st-century pitcher to take the Cy Young Award with over 20 wins one season then lead the other league in losses with his next team?
Hint:     It was the only twenty-win season of his fourteen-year career.
Hint:     If not for him, Pedro Martinez might have captured a fourth and final Cy Young Award.
Twint:    His father composed for Duke Ellington & conducted the London Symphony Orchestra.
A.         BARRY ZITO (23-5 2002 with MLB leading 17L 2008; He was the CY winner 2002, with Pedro finishing 2nd – the highest he’d finish the remainder of his career; Father:  Joe Zito)
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD
Incorrect answers:  Wilbur Wood, Tim Hudson, Bartolo Colon, R.A. Dickey, Roy Halladay

Q:         What currently active pitcher has more wins than any other?
Hint:     …and the most shutouts?
Hint:     He was the first among active pitchers to win 20 games this century.
Twint:    He was the 2010 NL Comeback Player of the Year.
A.         TIM HUDSON (20-6 in 2000; 214W, CC Sabathia 2nd with 208; 13 SHO; won with the Atlanta Braves 2010 going 17-9 with 2.83 ERA)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Mark Buehrle, CC Sabathia, Jake Peavy, Bartolo Colon, Felix Hernandez

Q.         Who is the only Oakland A’s pitcher to lead his league twice each in complete games and shut outs?
Hint:     He was the youngest A’s pitcher to ever lead his league in wins.
Hint:     Including that season, and for his remaining years as an A, he would lead their staff in total wins.
Hint:     In fact, he led the entire American League in wins during that span, and only Curt Schilling – with the Diamondbacks and Red Sox - topped his number of total victories.
Hint:     He never (as far as we know) filed anything under “X”.
Twint:    He finally gave up on a comeback attempt after suffering an injury once inflicted by Paris.
A.         MARK MULDER (CG 9/5 2003-4, SHO 4/2 2001, 2003; Won 21 G 2001 age 23; From 2001-4 he won 71 G, with Zito 65 W and Hudson 61 W; Schilling won 74 - 53 with ARI, 21 with BOS; An Achilles tendon injury essentially ended his career in 2014. In Greek Mythology, Paris of Troy killed Achilles with an arrow to his heel before absconding with Helen; Sometimes called Agent Mulder in reference to a character on the TV show “The X Files”.)
FCR -    George Buonacos, Chantilly, VA
Incorrect answers:  Barry Zito, Dennis Eckersley, Bob Welch, Dave Stewart, Jim Hunter, Vida Blue

Q.         Who, despite his double chin, has one of the most menacing stares from the mound in the majors?
Hint:     The season he led the league in strikeouts and victories, he did not garner a single Cy Young vote.  No other pitcher has ever done that.
Hint:     He once wore a jersey with the city name on front misspelled "CNCINNATI" for the 1st 3 innings of a game against the Cardinals on 12-Apr-2005.
Twint:    He has more Major League victories (and counting) than any other alum from Tony Gwynn’s alma mater.
Twint:    He has played over half of his fourteen seasons with the Reds but also has been on seven other major league rosters.
A.         AARON HARANG (16 W 2006 tied with Smoltz, Lowe, Penny & Zambrano; “No one has ever done that”: There were 13 other NL pitchers since 1956 to take both Ws and Ks titles and they all won the Cy Young except Harang; 123 W; he, like Gwynn, attended San Diego State University; CIN [8], OAK [2], NYM [1], PHI [1], ATL [1], LAD [1], SDP [1], SEA [1])
FCR -    Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Bartolo Colon, Rob Dibble, David Wells, Randy Johnson

Q.         Who was the only pitcher to strike out Ichiro Suzuki twice during Ichiro’s debut season in MLB?
Hint:     He was the only National League pitcher this century to lead his league in shutouts and not have a winning season.
Hint:     The 2007 Yankees wore black armbands in his honor.
Twint:    His teammates nicknamed him "Snacks" due to his penchant for devouring candy between innings.
Twint:    His velocity may not have shown it, but he had a lot of steam.
A.         CORY LIDLE (Ichiro’s 2 K: 21-Sep-2001; 12-12 in 2004 w/3 SHO: CIN & PHI (2X); He died in a plane crash October 2006, and is one of many Yankees to be honored with a black armband; Born Cory Fulton Lidle, is a distant relative of Robert Fulton – the inventor of the first commercially viable steamboat.)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Darryl Kile, Mark Buehrle, Hideki Irabu

Q.         Who was the only Oakland A’s player ever to receive the Tony Conigliaro Award?
Hint:     His screwball was attributed to his having two club feet.
Hint:     The only Hall of Famer to get a home run off of him was Cal Ripken.
Hint:     It was a solo walk-off shot, one of only four walk-off homers in the Iron Man’s career.
Twint:    The closest he came to a World Series was when he was traded along with Tino Martinez and Jeff Nelson to the Yankees where he played from 1996-7, though he didn’t play in the 1996 series.
A.         JIM MECIR (2003 TC Award; He had an unusually violent screwball because of his unorthodox push off the rubber due to his club foot and the fact his right leg was shorter and smaller than his left; Ripken HR 19-Apr-2000 BAL 3-TBD 2; Traded 07‑Dec‑1995 by SEA with Tino Martinez and Jeff Nelson to the NYY for Russ Davis and Sterling Hitchcock)
FCR -    Leland Hall, Lansing, MI
Incorrect answers:  Jim Corsi, Blue Moon Odom, Curt Young

Q.         What reliever’s name did the late Justin Miller have tattooed on his backside?
Hint:     It was not that tattoo alone that led to the creation of “The Justin Miller Rule”.
Hint:     He was a teammate of Kris Benson on the Tigers.
Twint:    He got the win when Oakland’s Scott Hatteberg pinch-hit his improbable walk-off homer.
Twint:    It was his third consecutive victory in three consecutive games – all by walk-off hits.
A.         BILLY KOCH (The tattoo was a dare by Koch.  Paid Miller $1,000 and paid Miller’s wife $500 for the “accomplishment”; Koch and Benson attended Clemson.  Both were taken in the first 4 choices of the 1996 draft;  04-Sep-2002 b9 solo walk-off shot 12-11 over KCR; A’s also won 01-Sep-2002 and 02-Sep-2002)
FCR -    Jeffrey Lenz, Monticello, MN
Incorrect answers:  Brandon League, Jim Mecir

WEEKLY THEME – Winning pitchers during Oakland’s twenty-game winning streak in 2002, 13‑Aug – 04‑Sep.


First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Kevin Epstein, San Antonio, TX

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday   -  All about Giants pitching
               -  A’s 20-game winners
               -  Pitchers on the “Moneyball” team
               -  Pitchers who were great for the A’s but stank when they moved across the Bay
               -  Lefty Cy Young winners

Wed        -  Billy Beane players
               -  Something money ball related
               -  20-game winners for the Oakland A’s
               -  Team wins since 2000
               -  A’s pitches with most victories
               -  Pitchers who started w/ the Oakland A's and led the league in victories at some point in their careers
               -  Pitchers who started w/ the Oakland A's and finished top 4 in Cy Young Award voting at some point in their careers
               -  2002 Oakland pitching staff

Thurs       -  A's wins leaders in the '00s
               -  Pitchers who started a playoff game for the A's

Weekend - Oakland A's pitchers who were all stars during and after their stint with the ball club
               -  Pitchers mentioned in Michael Lewis' Moneyball

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April 6-12, 2015 2014 major league managers who had been All-Stars as players


Q.         Who had more base hits in a single season than any other New York Yankee?
Hint:     He’s also atop the Yankees‘ all-time list for doubles in a season.
Hint:     Yes, it was the same year.
Twint:    He shares the major league record for grand slams in a season.
Twint:    Those were the only grand slams of his fourteen-year, 200+ home run career.
A.         DON MATTINGLY (238 H in 1986; 53 2b; 6 GS in 1987, tied by Travis Hafner of the 2006 Indians [Pronk had 6 additional GS in his 12-year career.])
FCR -    Will McCracken, Bradenton, FL
Incorrect answers:  Derek Jeter, Lou Gehrig, Earle Combs, Joe DiMaggio, Wade Boggs, Snuffy Stirnweiss, Ichiro Suzuki, Steve Sax, Mickey Mantle, Nick Etten

Q.         Who ranks behind only Roberto Alomar for the number of Gold Glove Awards won by a second baseman?
Hint:     He was the last second baseman to win a league home run crown.
Hint:     He won All-America honors in football while in high school.
Hint:     He was also All-State in basketball.
Twint:    … and in baseball.
Twint:    His parents named him after a major leaguer pitcher who was feared by many of his contemporaries.
A.         RYNE SANDBERG (9 GG 1983-92; Led NL w/40 HR 1990; Named for Ryne Duren, a heavily-bespectacled hurler who pitched in the majors 1954-65.)
FCR -    Joe Thompson, Splendora, TX
Incorrect answers:  Joe Morgan, Jeff Kent, Frank White, Craig Biggio, Bill Mazeroski, Davey Johnson, Robinson Cano

Q.         Who is the only batter to hit World Series home runs for three different teams?
Hint:     His four Gold Gloves and four Silver Sluggers attest to his all-around baseball prowess.
Hint:     However, in 214 trips to the plate in the postseason, he had nary a single triple.
Hint:     His grandfather played in the majors for the Robins and Nats.
Twint:    He’s known for being by the book, but he used to be a Rebel.
A.         MATT WILLIAMS (WS HRs 1989 for SFG, 1997 for CLE & 2001 for ARI; GG 1991, 93, 94, 97, SS 1990, 93, 94 97; Grandfather Bert Griffith; Attended UNLV, the home of the Rebels)
FCR -    Ken Auerbach, Bronxville, NY
Incorrect answers:  Reggie Jackson, Robbie Alomar, David Justice, Eddie Murray, Aaron Boone, Graig Nettles

Q.         Who is the only third baseman to win a Gold Glove Award playing for the Chicago White Sox?
Hint:     In the history of the Chicago White Sox he is the only third baseman to hit collect 100 RBI in a season.  He did it twice.
Twint:    He is the only player to hit grand slams on both ends of a major league double header.
Twint:    He was named the College Player of the Decade for the 1980s.
A.         ROBIN VENTURA (GG 1991, 92, 93, 96, 98; 100+ RBI 1991, 96; GSs 20-May-1999)
FCR -    Patrick Roth, Chicago, IL
Incorrect answers:  Bill Melton, Buck Weaver, Ron Santo,

Q.         Who played more games at catcher than any other in the history of the Dodgers’ franchise?
Hint:     He is one of only two people to beat the Yankees in a postseason series as a player and as a manager.
Twint:    He was not the fastest of runners.  Tommy Lasorda once said of him: "If he raced his pregnant wife he'd finish third."
Twint:    He was drafted in the first round and now his son has been drafted and plays in the minors.
A.         MIKE SCIOSCIA (1,395 G @ C [No G @ any other position or for any other team]; Beat NYY in the 1981 WS and as a mgr in the 2002 ALDS & 2005 ALDS—Billy Southworth beat NYY as a player in the 1926 WS & as a mgr in the 1942 WS, [It’s worth noting that Rogers Hornsby did it in the same WS, 1926, because he was the Cards’ Player/Manager]; Drafted 1st round [19th overall] by the Dodgers in 1976, Son Matt was recently traded for Wayne Gretzky’s son Trevor.)
FCR -    Mike Caragliano, Flushing, NY
Incorrect answers:  John Roseboro, Steve Yeager, Johnny Oates, Joe Crede, Pete Ward

Q.         Who gets the nod by many (if not most) baseball writers as the most underrated player in baseball history?
Hint:     He is the only American League shortstop to win the World Series MVP (who wasn’t a Yankee).
Twint:    He finished a strong second in the league MVP voting three years later.
Twint:    He and a teammate share one of baseball’s most respected records.
A.         ALAN TRAMMELL (WS MVP 1984, AL MVP 1987 2nd to George Bell; He and double-play mate Lou Whitaker played an American League record 1,918 games together.)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Luis Aparicio, David Eckstein, Lou Boudreaux, Robin Yount, Arky Vaughn, Edgar Renteria, Cal Ripken, Jr., Bert Campaneris, Roger Peckinpaugh

Q.         Who became the oldest player to debut as a starter in the All-Star game?
Hint:     He was originally drafted by the Orioles.
Hint:     His time as a Tar Heel considerably improved his draft position.
Twint:    His high school baseball field now bears his name.
Twint:    His eventual replacement was also Rookie of the Year.
A.         WALT WEISS (1998 ASG @ age 34; Drafted by BAL in the 10th round of the 1982 amateur draft; Taken 11th overall by OAK in 1985; Alum of Suffern High School; Replaced at SS by Rafael Furcal, ROY 2000, Weiss ROY 1988)
FCR -    No one
Incorrect answers:  Mike Cuellar, Dennis Martinez, B.J. Surhoff, Warren Spahn, Tim Stoddard, Lou Piniella, Barry Bonds, Tim Wakefield, Matt Harvey, Hoyt Wilhelm

Q.         Who established the charity “Catch 25”?
Hint:     A former Wildcat, he has a degree in engineering.
Hint:     He caught a no-hitter and a perfect game.
Twint:    He was a catcher on Team USA in the 1985 Intercontinental Cup.
Twint:    He collected four hits in each of his first three Wednesdays of the 1995 season.
A.         JOE GIRARDI (Catch 25; Gooden’s no-no 14-May-1996, Cone’s perfecto; Wed 26-Apr 4/7, Wed 03-May 4/5, Wed 10-May 4/4—When he woke up the next morning, he was batting .426)
FCR -    Joshua Murphy, Iowa City, IA
Incorrect answers:  Brad Ausmus, Ron Hassy, Jim Leyritz, Jeff Torborg, Buster Posey

Q.         Who was the last 20th-century catcher to hit two triples in one game?
Hint:     He tied Hall of Famer Ernie Lombardi for the National League record of most double plays grounded into in one season.
Hint:     He is the only player to win a Gold Glove Award for his team at his position.
Hint:     He has a degree in government from an Ivy League university.
Hint:     He has a perpetual five-o’clock shadow to go with his baby face.
Twint:    He hit a game-tying home run with two out in the bottom of the ninth inning to send the fourth game of the 2005 NLDS into extra-innings.
Twint:    He was the first catcher to wear the Fox Sports Catcher-Cam.
A.         BRAD AUSMUS (Two 3b 06-Jul-1999; GIDP #30 on 21-Sep-2002; GG @ C 2001, 02, 06; Graduated from Dartmouth College in 1991 Government with no grade lower than a B; Postseason HR 09‑Oct‑2005)
FCR -    Dean Kloner, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Ivan Rodriguez, Bengie Molina, Bruce Bochy, Mo Berg, Joe Torre

WEEKLY THEME – 2014 major league managers who had been All-Stars as players

Name             2014 Mgr       AS years
Ausmus         Tigers            1999
Girardi           Yankees        2000
Mattingly        Dodgers        1984-89
Sandberg       Phillies           1984-93
Scioscia        Angels           1989, 90
Trammell        D-Backs        1980, 84, 85, 87, 88, 90
Ventura          White Sox      1992, 2002
Weiss            Rockies         1998
Williams*        Nationals       1990, 94, 95, 96, 99

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday   -  Current managers who won multiple Gold Gloves
               -  Player to wear #23
               -  80's all-stars who became managers
               -  Theme current major league managers who led their league in an offensive category
               -  Former league MVPs to become managers
               -  MVP's who went on to become managers
               -  Current managers who were all stars
               -  MVPs who played their entire career with one team
               -  MVP and multi GG winners who never played in the fall classic

Wed        -  Multiple-time All Stars who are currently managing in the majors
               -  Multiple All Star infielders who are currently managing
               -  Current managers who won Gold Glove award
               -  Third basemen who became managers?
               -  Managers who played in an AS game and won a Gold Glove in the '80's
               -  Former all-stars that currently serve as big league skippers.

Thursday  -  Current managers ranked by their lifetime MLB batting average
               -  Current managers to have won multiple gold gloves
               -  One manager who played at each position who won a Gold Glove and played in an ASG
               -  Managers who played in an AS game and won a Gold Glove in the '80's

Friday      -  Current managers who won Gold Glove award

Saturday  -  Players from the 1990s who went on to become managers.

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