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Answers for the week of December 20, 2010

Q.         Which Padre is the only 40-year old to capture a Cy Young Award?
Hint:     It wasn’t his first time winning the award, but it WAS the first time he won it in the NL.
Twint:    His brother won the award 18 years earlier and 15 years younger.
A.         Gaylord Perry (CYA 1978;  won previously in 1972; Jim Perry AL CYA 1970)
First Correct Respondent – John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN

Q.         Which left-handed pitcher won 20 or more games 13 times during his career?
Hint:     He holds the record for starting the most double plays in a career.
Hint:     After playing 20 seasons for one club, he split his last season between the Mets and Giants.
Twint:    He was the last player active before WWII to play in the majors.
A.         Warren Spahn (82 DP; Career years 1942, 1946-65)
FCR -    Chris Strohmier, Brookville, IN

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to lead his league in ERA more times than did Roger Clemens?
Hint:     He was the first pitcher to win the Most Valuable Player award while playing for the A's.
Hint:     Two of his teammates finished in the top 10 in the MVP voting that year.
Twint:    His major league team purchased him from the minors for a then record amount.
A.         Lefty Grove ( ERA lead 9X, Clemens, 6X; MVP 1931, Al Simmons [3rd], Mickey Cochrane [9th]; $100,600 paid by the A’s to the Baltimore Orioles)
FCR -    Dan Wilcox, Wilsonville, OR

Q.         What Hall of Famer’s first win and final win were for the same team although he won games for four other teams in the interim?
Hint:     He finished in the top five finalists in Cy Young Award voting five consecutive seasons, but never finish higher than third.
Hint:     He lost his first 13 careers decisions against the Chicago Cubs.
Twint:    He compiled the most career at-bats in the National League without ever hitting a home run there.
A.         Don Sutton (L.A. Dodgers; CYA votes 1972-76; Cubs losses 23-Apr-1966-24-Jul-1969)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York, NY

Q.         Which Hall of Famer's .755 career slugging percent is the highest in World Series history?
Hint:     He chose his college partly to avoid potential racial repercussions.
Hint:     He is the only Hall of Famer to play in two perfect games.
Twint:    Doctors told him he might never walk again after fracturing five of his cervical vertebrae in his final high school football game.
A.         Reggie Jackson (Chose ASU)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee's Summit, MO

Q.         What pitcher was sent to play for the Alaska Goldpanners to help Rod Dedeaux determine if he was worthy of a scholarship?
Hint:     Rick Monday was the only player to hit 10 or more career HR against him.
Twint:    A true artist on the mound, he authored the book The Art of Pitching.
A.         Tom Seaver (1964 Goldpanner; 11 HR to Monday)
FCR -    Dan Wilcox, Wilsonville, OR

Q.         What Hall of Fame pitcher was shuffled between the starting rotation and bullpen until his minor league skipper replaced Solly Hemus as manager?
Hint:     He was lured out of retirement to become a pitching coach (on two teams) for a former teammate.
Twint:    His performance in 1968 is often cited as one of the primary reasons the pitching mound was lowered.
A.         Bob Gibson (Mets & Braves pitching coach under Joe Torre)
FCR -    David Serota, Kalamazoo, MI

Q.         Which Hall of Famer routinely shook off pitches that he knew had been called by manager Gene Mauch?
Hint:     He managed 4 different minor league teams between 1972-76, never finishing higher than third.
Twint:    He served for a time as the minority leader in the KY State Senate.
A.         Jim Bunning (1972 Reading Phillies [[5th/4th], 1973 Eugene Emeralds [7th], 1974-75 Toledo Mud Hens [5th, 7th], 1976 Oklahoma City 89ers [3rd]; minority leader as freshman state senator, 1977)

FCR -    Andrew Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA

Q.         Which player’s house was purchased by astronaut Buzz Aldrin?
Hint:     He is the only Hall of Famer to die in Quebec.
Twint:    He played with Roy Hobbs.
Twint:    Unless Chipper Jones retires this winter, he will retain the record for longest career played exclusively for one manager.
A.         Don Drysdale (Was a Van Nuys High School baseball teammate of Robert Redford; 14-year career under Walter Alston)
FCR -    Andrew Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA

Q.         For which player is the MWL South Bend Silver Hawks’ stadium named?
Hint:     He learned to throw a spitball while pitching for the Portland Beavers in 1915.
Hint:     He and his brother agreed never to pitch against each other, a promise they kept throughout their careers.
Twint:    He and catcher Steve O’Neill knew each other so well that they did not use signs.
A.         Stan Coveleski
FCR -    Robert Yahr, Elmhurst, IL

Q.         Which minor leaguer took Christy Mathewson’s place on the Giants-White Sox world tour after the 1913 season?
Hint:     Minneapolis teammate Harry Peaster taught him how to throw a spitball.
Hint:     His family immigrated from Luxembourg.
Twint:    He was on the Pirates’ Opening Day roster in 1910, but didn’t make his Major League debut until 1914.
A.         Red Faber (teammates w-Peaster 1911 Minneapolis Millers)
FCR -    Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara, CA

WEEKLY THEME – Hall of Famers who struck out in 25% or more of their career at-bats (minimum 1,000)

Bunning                 28.4
Coveleski              28.7
Drysdale               31.7
Faber                    37.7
Feller                     39.4
Gibson                  31.3
Grove                    43.3
Jackson                26.3
Perry                     34.3
Seaver                  36.9
Spahn                   26.0
Sutton                   30.0

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

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