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March 28-April 3, 2011 Pitchers who combined to shutout the American League in the 1987 All Star Game.

Q.         What Cy Young Award winner also was the League Championship Series Most Valuable Player and World Series Most Valuable Player all in the same year?
Hint:     He’s now very comfortable behind the microphone.
SABR Hint:       Once a Falcon, he became a Bulldog.
Twint:    He is a professional poker player.
A.         Orel Hershiser (1988 for all three awards; Bowling Green University Falcons; His first major league manager, Tommy Lasorda gave him the nickname of “Bulldog”.)
First Correct Respondent – Mark Jones, Birmingham

Q.         What New York Yankee was the first pitcher to reach 400 saves?
Hint:     Before Heath Bell in 2009-10, he was the last National Leaguer to win the Rolaids Relief Man Award in consecutive seasons.  [ERRATUM:  This was actually Eric Gagne 2003‑04.  Smith was the previous such.)
SABR Hint:       He was scouted by Buck O’Neil.
Twint:    He led each league in saves at least once.
A.         Lee Smith (400th S 17-Sep-1903; RRMA; Led the league in S for the Cubs, Cards and Orioles.)
FCR -    Elijah Kaplan, New York

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to win a Cy Young Award in a season when he played for two teams?
Hint:     They were in separate leagues too.
Hint:     He had won a Rookie of the Year Award for a third team.
SABR Hint:       His nickname derives from his abundance of pheomelanin.
Twint:    His home run in LCS play couldn’t save his team from elimination.
A.         Rick Sutcliffe (CYA 1984 Indians and Cubs; ROY 1979 Dodgers; Red hair; HR NLCS 02‑Oct‑1984)
FCR -    Randall Chandler, Germantown, TN

Q.         Who clinched a division title for his team with a no-hitter?
Hint:     In his next game, against the same team, he notched his 300th strikeout for the season.
SABR Hint:       He capped that off by winning the League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award two weeks later.
Twint:    His team didn’t even win that series.
A.         Mike Scott (No-hitter 25-Sep-1986 vs. the Giants; 300th K 02-Oct-1986; NLCS MVP 15‑Oct‑1986, series won by the Mets)
FCR -    Randall Chandler, Germantown, TN

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to earn forty saves in the year he won the Cy Young Award?
Hint:     It was the only time in his fourteen year major league career that he reached that level and the only time he received even one Cy Young Award vote.
Hint:     It was also his only All-Star year.
SABR Hint:       His team had a losing record that year.
Twint:    He was a Charger.
Twint:    His contribution in that All-Star game is a key to this week’s theme.
A.         Steve Bedrosian (40 in 1987; ASG, University of New Haven)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         What pitcher has more career saves than any other lefty in history?
Hint:     It’s also the National League record.
SABR Hint:       His 1,119 career pitching appearances are a National League record, third overall.
Twint:    He once wore a bright orange sanitation department t-shirt under his jersey in honor of his late father, a NYC-based sanitation engineer.
A.         John Franco (422 S)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Washington, DC

Q.         Whose stat of 5.71 hits allowed per nine innings pitched at age 22 ranks eighth all time?
Hint:     His 1.35 ERA in three World Series games helped his team to a championship.
SABR Hint:       Although a mainstay of the rotation, he only won 14 games in that championship year.  No teammate won more.  [ERRATUM – This was true for the 1989 Mets, not the ’86 team.  Sorry about that.]
SABR Hint:       He pitched a no-hitter in his first start in high school.
Twint:    His last name is not a good clue for knowing where he was born.  His uniform number, however, is.
Twint:    One of his rotation mates was born there too.
A.         Sid Fernandez (1986 Mets; #50 for the 50th state; Ron Darling)
FCR -    Randall Chandler, Germantown, TN

Q.         What pitcher once entered the game in the 13th inning and had the game-winning-RBI in the bottom of the inning to earn the win?
Hint:     His bother also pitched in the majors.
SABR Hint:       He’s one of the few pitchers to surrender a home run to each of Bonds & fils.
Twint:    His four career triples belied his nickname.
A.         Rick Reuschel (28-Jul-1977; Brother Paul; Nickname “Big Daddy” for his ovate appearance, but it appears that he carried most of his weight in his jowls.)
FCR -    Bob Muse, San Diego

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers who combined to shutout the American League in the 1987 All‑Star Game.

Pitcher              IP
Scott                2.0
Sutcliffe            2.0
Hershiser          2.0
Reuschel           1.1
Franco              0.2
Bedrosian         1.0
Smith                3.0
Fernandez         1.0

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Gregg Gaylord, Chicago (after the Sutcliffe question)

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