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October 3-9, 2011 Pitchers in the Hall of Fame class of 1946

Q.         What pitcher holds the 20th century record for victories in a season?
Hint:     He was a coach on the World Series champion Senators.
SABR:  He lost his coaching job, literally, to a clown.
Twint:    Before coming to the majors, he worked for the state mental hospital in Middletown, New York.
Twint:    He also played baseball for them and the team was called The Asylums.
A.         Jack Chesbro (41 W in 1904; WS 1924; Al Schaact replaced him as coach mid-1924; Asylums in 1894)
FCR -    Michael Frank, New York

Q.         Which Hall of Fame pitcher has the lowest career ERA?
Hint:     No pitcher in the 20th century ever pitched more innings in a single season.
SABR:  As a batter one season he had 156 plate appearances without ever drawing a walk.
Twint:    He was a Ram but his son, also a major leaguer, played for the Fighting Irish.
A.         Ed Walsh (Career ERA 1.82 [not a typo]; 464 innings in 1908; 0 BB 1907; Fordham University & Notre Dame.)
FCR -    Will McCracken, Bradenton, FL

Q.         Who managed the Chicago White Sox to their first pennant?
Hint:     He has more career pitching victories than Hall of Famers Waite Hoyt, Catfish Hunter or Jim Bunning.
SABR:  His close relationship with President Roosevelt greatly assisted in enabling major league baseball to continue during the war.
Twint:    Bobo Newsom called him, “… the greatest humanitarian who ever lived.”
A.         Clark Griffith (1901; 237 W;   WWII “Green Light Letter”)
FCR -    Peter Beagle, Oakland

Q.         What pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in a season by an American League lefty?
Hint:     He once entered the first game of a double header in relief, recorded the last two outs then tossed a twenty-inning complete game win in the nightcap.
Hint:     He did cartwheels after the victory, not only because he had won, but because he had defeated Cy Young.
SABR:  He was once involved in a trade that included five Hall of Famers.
Twint:    He played for George Stallings, Ollie Beard, Tony Mullane and Frank Graves in his lone season as a Tiger.
A.         Rube Waddell (349 Ks in 1904 w/ the A’s; Double header 04-Jul-1905; 08-Dec-1899 Traded by the Louisville Colonels with Fred Clarke, Honus Wagner and others to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Jack Chesbro & others along with $25,000; Minor league Detroit Tigers of 1898)
FCR -    John Shiffert, Morrow, GA

Q.         What pitcher is the only 300 game winner to have never played minor league ball?
Hint:     No lefthander has more career shutouts.
SABR:  A week after losing his last major league decision to Walter Johnson, going down 1-0 in 11 innings, he announced his retirement.
Twint:    His brother Ira was the baseball coach at Gettysburg College for 35 years.
A.         Eddie Plank (Ira Plank)
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD

Q.         Who won 207 minor league games after accumulating 207 National League wins?
Hint:     By the way, he also had 39 American League wins.
SABR:  All this was after winning an additional 24 games in the minors.
Twint:    He won more games in a season than any other major league Baltimore Oriole in the 20th century.
A.         Joe McGinnity (26 W for the 1901 Baltimore Orioles)
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers in the Hall of Fame class of 1946

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