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November 7-13, 2011 Color pictures from the cover of the SABR's Fall 2011 BRJ

Q.         Who saved baseball on 06-Sep-1995?
Hint:     He owns the third highest percentage votes for Hall of Fame induction.
Twint:    His father coached the Baltimore Orioles for 15 years.
A.         Cal Ripken (Broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive-games-played record that night [Of course, he didn’t save anything, but the media thought that was a catchy headline.]; 98.53%; Cal Ripken, Sr.)
First Correct Respondent - Jeff Bergida, Albany, NY

Q.         The structure of which major league stadium was inspired by Ebbets Field?
Hint:     A structural steel "bridge" motif throughout it reinforces the connection to New York's five boroughs.
Twint:    The park was designed by architects Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum.
A.         Citi Field
FCR -    Andy Peikon, Chappaqua, NY

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to appear in All-Star games in the decades of the 1970s, 80s and 90s?
Hint:     He’s regularly seen on television as a baseball commentator.
Twint:    He was history’s first to pitch 100 career complete games while earning 100 career saves.
A.         Dennis Eckersley (ASG 1977, 1982, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992; Appears on TBS, particularly in conjunction with LDS and LCS games; 100th CG in 1986—had on 3 save at the time.  Never got another CG [only 2 more starts], but had 387 more Saves.)
FCR -    Dave Mason, Ottawa

Q.         Who was the most recent player to have a uniform number greater than 50 retired?
Hint:     The Marlins selected him with the 8th pick overall in the 1993 expansion draft.
Twint:    He started his career as an infielder, but ended his career with the record for most career games finished by a pitcher.
A.         Trevor Hoffman (#51 retired by the Padres 21-Aug-2011; 856 games finished, passed by Mariano Rivera in 2011) [N.B.  Gregg Gaylord has put forth credible evidence that Hoffman was actually the 7th pick in that draft.]
FCR -    Matt Dicker, Arlington, VA

Q.         Where did Mike Cameron hit four home runs in one game?
Hint:     It got the nod for construction after the owner threatened to move the team to Florida.
Twint:    The park where the team played before now was named by a Hall of Famer for a Hall of Famer.
Twint:    The current iteration is now named for a phone company.
A.         Comiskey Park II (4 HR 02-May-2002; Comiskey Park named by Charles Comiskey; Name changed to U.S. Cellular Field in 2003)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         Which stadium is home to the statues of six Hall of Famers and one of a community organizer?
Hint:     Brian Moehler was the winning pitcher in both the first game at this park and the last game at its predecessor.
Twint:    It is one of only two current major league stadiums with a keyhole.
A.         Comerica Park (statues of Ty Cobb, Al Newhouser, Charlie Gehringer, Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, Ernie Harwell and Willie Horton; The dirt strip between the pitching mound and home plate is called a “keyhole”.)
FCR -    J. R. Richardson, Clarksville, MD

Q.         Who played the most career major league games without ever batting, pitching or fielding?
Hint:     He served his franchise well but also served well in his franchises.
Hint:     A former Spartan, his largesse was not spartan.
Twint:    He held the world record in both the 50 and 60 yard dashes.
Twint:    He was caught stealing in both his League Championship Series games.
A.         Herb Washington (105 G, 0 PA; Owned five McDonald’s franchised restaurants and became known for his philanthropy and community work; 5.0 seconds in the 50 5.8 seconds in the 60; Attended Michigan State University; CS 1974 ALCS G 2 & 3)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         Which stadium was the fastest to reach 50,000,000 in total attendance?
Hint:     It was the only stadium at which Tim Raines Sr. and Jr. played together in the Major Leagues.
Twint:    At the time it was built, the warehouse behind right field was the longest building in the United States.
A.         Oriole Park at Camden Yards (19-Aug-2008 50 millionth fan, just 17 years after opening; Raines & Raines played together 3, 4, 5 and 06-Oct-2001)
FCR -    J. R. Richardson, Clarksville, MD

Q.         What player promoted the amazing benefits of flax seed oil?
Hint:     He is fourth all-time in career home runs for a 130-year-old franchise.
Hint:     It was his first team.
Twint:    He is second all-time in home runs for a 129-year-old franchise.
Twint:    His National League record of reaching base in fifteen consecutive PLATE APPEARANCES [NOT games] was tied by John Olerud in 1998.
A.         Barry Bonds (He claimed that flax seed oil supplements were the source of his increase in performance after age 35; 176 HR behind Stargell 475, Kiner 301 & Clemente 240; 586 HR for the Giants; )
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, Danville, CA

Q.         What future MVP was traded cross-town for a former MVP?
Hint:     They were both raised in the same small town.
Hint:     He hit his first career home run off of Roger Clemens, and his last one he hit 19 years later off of Joe Saunders.
Twint:    Family and friends call him “Mikey.”
A.         Sammy Sosa (traded for George Bell 30-Mar-1992; raised in San Pedro de Marcoris, DR; 1st HR 21-Jun-1989, 609th HR 26-Sep-2007)
FCR -    Judah Kaplan, Silver Spring, MD

IN MEMORIAM (Not theme-related)
Q.         Who is the only native of France ever to be a major league All-Star?
Hint:     He was the starting pitcher in his only All-Star appearance.
Hint:     He was also the winner.
Hint:     Three seasons before that, he threw a no-hitter.
Twint:    He was a minor league star for three years in his home town of Memphis before going to the majors.
Twint:    The Memphis Redbirds have a statue of him outside AutoZone Park, the AAA stadium.
A.         Charlie Lea (b. 25-Dec-1956 in Orléans; 1984 ASG; No hitter 10-May-1981)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

WEEKLY THEME – Color pictures from the cover of the SABR's Fall 2011 The Baseball Research Journal—40 Years of SABR

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Russ Lake, Champaign, IL (after the Thursday question)

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