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May 28-June 3, 2012 NL batters who have had more than 10 World Series base hits this century.

Q.         Who was the first player to hit thirty home runs in each of his first ten major league seasons?
Hint:     He didn’t have 100 RBI every one of those years, but almost.  [Actually he did, but  finally missed in his 11th year, when he ended at 99 RBI.)
Twint:    He is one of the few players to win both the Rookie of the Year Award and Most Valuable Player Award unanimously.
A.         Albert Pujols (2001-10; ROY 2001, MVP 2009)
FCR -    Jim Casey, Savannah

Q.         Who held the switch-hitter record for doubles in a season until Brian Roberts broke it in 2009?
Hint:     The year he was the National College Player of the Year, he led his traditionally academic school to their first College World Series appearance.         
Twint:    On the wings of a Zephyr, this Owl became a Killer B.
A.         Lance Berkman (55 in 2001, Roberts got 56 in 2009; NCPOY 1997 for Rice University; Played briefly with the New Orleans Zephyrs, then with Bagwell & Biggio on the 1999-2005 Houston Astros.)
FCR -    Mike Stock, East Alton, IL

Q.         What former Dodger is the son of an Olympian?
Hint:     He represented his country also, but in the Pan Am Games.
Hint:     He is one of only a handful of major leaguers whose grandfathers played in the majors.
Twint:    He represents his country today by playing for a team based in the nation’s capital.
A.         Jayson Werth (Played with the Dodgers 2004-05, Mother, Kim Schofield Werth, competed in the US Olympic Trials in the long jump and 100 meters; Junior Pan Am Games in 1995; Grandfather Dick Schofield; Washington Nationals)
FCR -    Stuart Levin, Sarasota

Q.         Who hit at least ten home runs a season for seven consecutive seasons for seven different National League teams?
Hint:     He broke up Pedro Martinez’ perfect game by being hit by a pitch then charging the mound.
Hint:     Jerome Walton promptly pinch-ran for him and reached third on a wild pitch.
Twint:    He boasted that he could easily steal against Randy Johnson if he could only get on base.
Twint:    In nine such career opportunities, he only stole once.
Twint:    In each of the National League seasons where he had ten home runs, he also had at least ten stolen bases.
A.         Reggie Sanders (10+ HR for CIN 1998, SDP 1999, ATL 2000, ARI 2001, SFG 2002, PIT 2003, STL 2004; Brawl 13-Apr-1994)
FCR -    Dave Williams, Glastonbury, CT

Q.         Whose ninth-inning home run at Shea Stadium won the National League Championship Series for his team?
Hint:     He and his two brothers are the first since the Cruzes all to play the same position at the same time in the majors.
Hint:     He is contracted to make $14,000,000+ for each of the next six seasons, eclipsing each year the total he made in his first six years.
Twint:    He is the only person with his first name in the history of the majors.
A.         Yadier Molina (NLCS G 6 19-Oct-2006; Brothers Bengie and Jose, [Jose, Hector and Tommy Cruz)
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD

Q.         Whose deft fielding play assured the majors’ second-ever postseason no-hitter?
Hint:     In 2011, he was ranked as the most underrated at his position in the majors by Jayson Stark, of ESPN.
Twint:    Chooch
A.         Carlos Ruiz (No-no by Roy Halladay 06-Oct-2010, who benefitted from Ruiz’ well-played assist on a dribbler from the speedy Brandon Phillips to end the game; “Chooch” is his nickname)
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, Danville, CA

Q.         Who is the only player to win multiple Gold Glove Awards in each league as a first baseman?
Hint:     His finest defensive move on a baseball field, however, was not as a first baseman.
Twint:    His uniform number in his final season was 84, worn to honor the recent passing of his father.
A.         J.T. Snow (GG w/Angels 1995-96, w/Giants 1998-2000; He snatched 3-year-old batboy Darren Baker out of harm's way while scoring in G 5 of the 2002 WS; Father was NFL Pro Bowler Jack Snow.)
FCR -    Andy McCue, Riverside, CA

Q.         What player received his native land’s highest honor, the "San Carlos Cross of the Order of the Great Knight"?
Hint:     He was also voted his country’s Man of the Year by "El Espectador".
Hint:     Both honors came well before he won his highest baseball honor.
Twint:    Because of his boyish features, he is sometimes called “The Barranquilla Baby”.
A.         Edgar Renteria (Colombia awards in 1997; WS MVP 2010; native of Baranquilla)
FCR -    Gregg Gaylord, Chicago

WEEKLY THEME –      National League batters who have had more than ten World Series base hits this century.

Berkman  16      (5 w/Houston in 2005; 11 w/St. Louis in 2011)
Molina     15      (7 w/St. Louis in 2006; 8 in 2011)
Pujols      14      (5 w/St. Louis in 2004; 3 in 2006; 6 in 2011)
Renteria   12      (5 w/St. Louis in 2004; 7 w/San Francisco in 2010)
Ruiz         12      (6 w/Philadelphia in 2008; 6 in 2009)
Sanders   12      (7 w/Arizona in 2001; 5 w/San Francisco in 2002; 0 w/St. Louis in 2004)
Snow       11      (11 w/San Francisco in 2002)
Werth       13      (8 w/Philadelphia in 2008; 5 in 2009)

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

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