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August 6-12, 2012 AL pitchers w/a hit after the advent of the DH in 1973 & before Interleague Play in 1997

Q.         Which pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in the American League?
Hint:     In 1997, he became the first American League pitching Triple Crown winner since World War II.
Hint:     He is the only starting pitcher in either league to win a Most Valuable Player Award between Vida Blue and Justin Verlander.
Twint:    Not only was he the first Blue Jays pitcher to win fefteen consecutive decisions, he was the first Red Sox pitcher to win the fourteen starts at the beginning of a season.
A.         Roger Clemens (4,167 K in AL; 1997 21 W, ERA 2.05, K 292; 1986 AL MVP; 15 W for Toronto 1998, 14 W for Boston 1986)
FCR -    Phil Heffler, Frederick, MD

Q.         Who is the winningest black pitcher in major league history?
Hint:     He is the last pitcher to string together six consecutive twenty-win seasons.
Hint:     In none of the six years did his team reach the postseason.
Twint:    No Texas Ranger has won more games in a season.
Twint:    He is the only pitcher to give up home runs to all three Alou brothers.
A.         Fergie Jenkins (284 W; 20 W 1967-72; 25 W for Texas 1974; Felipe 25-Apr-1968, Matty 05‑Sep‑1971, Jesus 23-Jul-1967 & 31-May-1973)
FCR -    Michael Daponde, Sacramento

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter against the Minnesota Twins?
Hint:     He was also the first pitcher to shut out the Kansas City Royals.
Hint:     His Hall of Fame manager once opined, "He's the Robin Roberts of the generation. He's a grinder. He's got a tremendous ERA. He's consistent.  He's great to play behind because he gets rid of the ball."
Twint:    He was shot in the foot by his brother while duck hunting.
A.         Catfish Hunter (No-no 08-May-1968; ShO 11-Apr-1969; HOF Mgr Dick Williams)
FCR -    Dan Silverberg, Aventura, FL

Q.         What pitcher set a record when he homered in four consecutive starts?
Hint:     He claimed it was really five and that a blown call turned his homer into a double
Hint:     He is still the youngest pitcher ever to appear in a World Series game.
Twint:    At age 15, he helped the El Segundo All-Stars capture the 1964 Babe Ruth League national championship.  In that tournament, he no-hit a team from New Orleans.  Although he walked seven, he struck out ten and did not allow a ball to be hit out of the infield.
Twint:    His brother was elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.
A.         Ken Brett (HRs 09-, 13-, 18- & 23-Jun-1973;19 yrs 2 mos in the 1967 WS; Brother George)
FCR -    Bob Bogart, Glen Rock, PA

Q.         What pitcher’s first two major league home runs were off Hall of Famers?
Hint:     He had played for both the Mineral Area College and the Arkansas Razorbacks.
Hint:     His career batting average of .238 was as impressive as his 4.27 ERA over 199 games in “The Show”.
Twint:    His first World Series was also the first World Series of the franchise he played for.
A.         Tim Lollar (Seaver HR 28-Apr-1981, Niekro HR 23-Apr-1982; Mineral Area College, U. of Arkansas; 1984 WS, San Diego Padres)
FCR -    Ken Auerbach, Bronxville, NY

Q.         What pitcher attended Ohio University shortly after Mike Schmidt had played there?
Hint:     He helped them reach the College World Series in 1970.
Hint:     He ended his professional playing career in 1989 in the Senior Professional Baseball Association, playing for the St. Lucie Legends.
Twint:    He accumulated 68 wins and 59 saves during the twelve years of his major league career.
A.         Tom Murphy (OU; Col. WS 1970; Sr Pro Baseball Assn, Legends)
FCR -    Randall Chandler, Germantown, TN

Q.         What quarterback led his Division One football team to a 7-1 record as a sophomore before being sidelined for the season?
Hint:     The team went 1-4 without him, but he was still named second-string all-conference quarterback.  He was also second team all-conference in baseball.
Hint:     He practiced Mondays and Tuesdays with football, then spent the remainder of the week with baseball during the spring.
Twint:    Having retired from athletics, he sells healthcare to incarcerated prisoners.
A.         Ryan Hancock (BYU 1992; Regional mgr for Conmed Healthcare Management)
FCR -    No one

Q.         Who is the only major leaguer besides Torii Hunter to graduate from Pine Bluff (Arkansas) High School?
Hint:     His ten years in the majors are balanced by twelve years in the minors.
Hint:     He also played college ball for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.
Hint:     He twice blew saves that would have resulted in Nolan Ryan wins.
Twint:    He has been the head coach at Texas Wesleyan University since 2002.
A.         Mike Jeffcoat (Pine Bluff HS; LA Tech; Blown saves 11-May-1990, 19-Sep-1990; Texas Wesleyan U., Ft. Worth, TX)
FCR -    Damian Begley, New York

Q.         Who capitalized on his only career plate appearance to hit a triple?
Hint:     He had six more years in the majors, but never got a chance to prove it wasn’t a fluke.
Hint:     According to, he is the only player ever to retire with an OPS+ above 1,000.
Twint:    He played for the Caguas Creoles and the Mayagüez Indians of the Puerto Rican Winter Baseball League.
A.         Eduardo Rodriguez
FCR -    Stephen Roney, Ladera Ranch, CA

Q.         Who is the only remaining player who qualifies for this week’s theme?
Hint:     He was born in Hamilton, Ontario but went to high school in Houston, Texas.
Hint:     He split his childhood between two countries before his family moved to Houston when he was a teen.
Hint:     The two major league teams he played for were also in those two countries.
Hint:     He was drafted by the Padres in 1985, but never played for them in the majors.
Twint:    Although he lists himself as being on the staff of the Proway Baseball Academy, his name does not appear on their web site.
A.         Matt Maysey (Alief Hastings High Schoool; He lived in Hamilton & Buffalo; 7th round in 1985; Proway)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO

WEEKLY THEME – American League pitchers who got a hit in a game played after the advent of the Designated Hitter in 1973, but before Interleague Play started in 1997.

Pitcher/Batter         Date             Off
Brett                 20-Aug-1976*    Wayne Garland
Clemens           23-May-1996     Norm Charlton
Hancock           09-Jun-1996      Julian Tavarez
Hunter               24-Sep-1973*    Bill Hands
Jeffcoat            02-Aug-1991      Edwin Nunez
Jenkins             02-Oct-1974      Jim Hughes
Lollar                12-Aug-1986      Dan Quisenberry
Maysey             24-Aug-1993      Kelly Downs
Murphy             12-Jun-1974      Marty Pattin
Rodriguez         03-Sep-1973      Jerry Johnson

*Pinch-hitter—did not pitch that day

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Gregg Gaylord, Chicago

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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