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September 10-16, 2012 Last active players of a franchise after relocation

N.B.  This week’s questions, hints and theme come to us from Mark Pattison, resident of the nation’s capital.  (No, not Ottawa.)
Q.         Who was “The Killer”?
Hint:     He was the first player to clear the left-field roof at Tiger Stadium.
Twint:    He was an All-Star at three different positions.
A.         Harmon Killebrew (Tiger Stadium HR:  03-Aug-1962 off Jim Bunning; ASS pos. 1b, 3b, OF)
FCR -    Arieh Siegal, Austin, TX

Q.         Disney’s famous VW was adorned with a certain number because it was the uniform number of which player?
Hint:     A fellow Hall of Famer once said of his preferred approach when at the plate against him, “Hit him before he hits you.”
Twint:    One of his high school baseball teammates was actor Robert Redford.
A.         Don Drysdale (“Herbie” of The Love Bug, 53; Quote from Orlando Cepeda; Van Nuys HS)
FCR -    Jim Casey, Savannah, GA

Q.         Which Hall of Famer was the first rookie to hit three home runs in one game?
Hint:     He is one of only a handful of Hall of Famers to retire as a World Series champion.
Twint:    His on-field, in-game fight with Frank Robinson was noted for its mano-a-mano viciousness.
A.         Eddie Mathews (3 HR 27-Sep-1952; HOF ret. WS champs: Joe DiMaggio, Johnny Mize; Fight w/Robinson 15-Aug-1960)
FCR -    Bill Garrod, Edgewood, WA

Q.         What pitcher won 318 major league games primarily as a knuckleball artist?
Hint:     He is the only pitcher to hurl a shutout for his 300th big-league win.
Twint:    He gave up the only homer that his brother, also a knuckleball specialist, ever hit in the majors.
A.         Phil Niekro (ShO 06-Oct-1985; HR to Joe 29-May-1976)
FCR -    Steven Young, Middletown, MD

Q.         Who succeeded Bobby Thomson in centerfield?
Hint:     Many believe he might have broken Babe Ruth’s career home run record were it not for the conditions in the ballpark he called home over 12 seasons.
Twint:    In the 1960s he made a TV public service announcement warning kids against blasting caps. “Remember now, don’t touch them.”
A.         Willie Mays (Candlestick Park 1960-72; PSA)
FCR -    Fred Brillhart, Mechanicsburg, PA

Q.         Who was the first of the tandem who hit back-to-back inside-the-park homers in an American League game?
Hint:     He once played an entire doubleheader at shortstop without a single fielding chance.
Twint:    He can be considered the best palindromic position player in big-league history. (Yes, better than Robb Nen.)
A.         Toby Harrah (Consec. IPHRS w/Bump Wills off Mike Torrez, 27-Aug-1977 off the Yankees’ Mike Torrez [Done in the NL 23‑Jun‑1946 by Marv Rickert and Eddie Waitkus both off Nate Andrews, Thanks to Blake Sherry for that one.] ; Double-header: 25-Jun-1976a & 25-Jun-1976b; Palindrome)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO

Q.         Who captained his team to five consecutive division titles?
Hint:     His kid brother also played in the majors and though their careers were of sixteen and nine years respectively, they only overlapped by 53 days.
Twint:    He is now the CEO of Middleton Doll Co., makers of hand-painted collectible dolls.
A.         Sal Bando (Oakland, 1971-75; Overlap with Chris 13-Aug through 03-Oct-1981; Middleton)
FCR -    Arieh Siegal, Austin, TX

Q.         What nephew of All-Star Larry Bowa is on a team with two other players with his same last name?
Hint:     He was selected 3rd in the 1996 draft by the Yankees, right after they took Eric Milton and Jason Coble.
Twint:    His on-base percentage is in the top ten among active players.
A.         Nick Johnson (Bowa, 2012 Orioles: Steve Johnson, Jim Johnson; Milton, Coble; .3989 OBA)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Washington, DC

Q.         Who was the first player to lead each existing major league in triples?
Hint:     His record of 27 triples as a rookie has stood for over a century.
Twint:    He should not be confused with the manager of the same name who concluded his managerial career more than a decade before our mystery man’s playing career began.
Twint:    He should also not be confused with the manager of the same name who seemed to be missing an “m”.
A.         Jimmy Williams (Pittsburgh, NL, 1899, 28; Baltimore, AL, 1901-02, 21 each year; Mgr. Jimmy Williams; Jimy Williams; )
FCR -    Bill Garrod, Edgewood, WA

Q.         Who twice in a three-week period spoiled the Indians’ Mike Garcia’s no-hit bids?
Hint:     He was his team’s lone representative in the 1957 All-Star Game.
Hint:     It was the only All-Star selection in his eleven-year career and he never got in the game.
Twint:    It was inevitable that he got caught up in the A’s-Yankees trade winds of the late 1950s.
A.         Joe DeMaestri (Garcia’s one-hitters: 16-May- & 05-Jun-1954; ’57 Kansas City A’s; Trade 11‑Dec‑1959: Traded by Kansas City with Kent Hadley and Roger Maris to New York for Hank Bauer, Don Larsen, Norm Siebern and Marv Throneberry)
FCR -    Wayne McCombs, Claremore, OK

Q.         Who is part of the only father-son set who respectively led their major league in losses in a season?
Hint:     He is the only starting pitcher in major league history to have a 3-foot-7-inch tall teammate.
Twint:    He is one of only six major leaguers with the middle name Xavier.
A.         Duane Pillette (Father Herman, 19 L 1923, Duane 14 L 1951; Short teammate the day he started:  Eddie Gaedel on 19-Aug-1951; Middle name w/X: Fran Healy, Francis Healy, Jeff Pfeffer, Carney Flynn, Jimmy Myers)
FCR -    Tom Zocco, Rocky Hill, CT

Q.         Who, with seeming gladness, traded in his birth name of Claude for the moniker he was known by throughout his professional career?
Hint:     After he retired, he earned a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, only the second ex-big leaguer ever to do so.
Twint:    He made his major league debut as a third baseman.
Twint:    In a dozen subsequent seasons after a position shift, he never bettered his third base fielding percentage, but equaled it three times.
A.         Skip Lockwood (Ret. 1980, MIT 1983, Art Merewether, 1925; Fldg % @ 3b 1.000)
FCR -    Jason Carbone, Newark, DE

Q.         Who led the American League in stolen bases in Ty Cobb’s first full season in the majors?
Hint:     His last at-bat in the majors was the groundout that capped Addie Joss’ perfect game.
Twint:    He should not be confused with the pitcher of the same name in the early 1960s.
Twint:    Nor should he be confused with the 1980 independent presidential candidate nor the 1980s country singer who share the same name.
A.         John Anderson (39 SB in 1906; Joss’s perfecto 02-Oct-1908; John Anderson; John B. Anderson, John D. Anderson)
FCR -    Damian Begley, New York

WEEKLY THEME – Last active players of a franchise after relocation

Anderson     06-Oct-1903      1901 Milwaukee Brewers->St. Louis Browns
Bando          19-Nov-1976      (breaks three-way tie of November 1) free-agency granting with Joe Rudi and Bert Campaneris by virtue of his later signing with a different team)
DeMaestri     11-Dec-1959      1954 Philadelphia->Kansas City A’s
Drysdale      05-Aug-1969      1957 Brooklyn->Los Angeles Dodgers
Harrah          08-Dec-1978      1971 Washington Senators->Texas Rangers
Johnson       31-Jul-2009       2004 Montreal Expos->Washington Nationals
Killebrew      16-Jan-1975      1960 Washington Senators->Minnesota Twins
Lockwood    22-Oct-1973      1969 Seattle Pilots->Milwaukee Brewers
Mathews       31-Dec-1966      1952 Boston->Milwaukee Braves (Was still with team when it transferred from Milwaukee to Atlanta)
Mays            11-May-1972     1957 New York->San Francisco Giants
Niekro          07-Oct-1983      1965 Milwaukee->Atlanta Braves
Pillette          08-Jul-1955       1953 St. Louis Browns->Baltimore Orioles
Williams       11-5-1907          1902 Baltimore Orioles->New York Highlanders->Yankees

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Arieh Siegal, Austin (after the Harrah question)

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