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February 25-March 3, 2013 - Assorted baseball progressions

Q.         Al Spalding
Hint:     Bobby Mathews
Hint:     Pud Galvin
Twint:    Cy Young
A.         Progressive career wins record (Spalding [held record 1871-84 @ 252], Mathews [1885-87 @ 297], Galvin [1888-1902 @ 365], Young [1903-])
FCR -    No one

Q.         Lou Piniella
Hint:     Dallas Green
Hint:     Bucky Dent
Hint:     Stump Merrill
Hint      Buck Showalter
Hint:     Joe Torre
Twint:    Joe Girardi
A.         Yankees managers since Billy Martin was last fired.
FCR -    Neil Cohen, Brooklyn, NY

Q.         Yankees, Pirates, Phillies
Hint:     Dodgers, Cardinals, Orioles
Hint:     Tigers, Royals, Mets
Twint:    Twins
A.         World Series winners from 1978-87, the last time 10 different teams won the World Series in a 10-year span.
FCR -    Herb Whalley, Houston, TX

Q.         Rynie Wolters, Al Spalding, Bobby Mathews
Hint:     Tommy Bond, Bobby Mathews, Pud Galvin
Hint:     Cy Young, Hoyt Wilhelm, Dennis Eckersley
Twint:    Jesse Orosco
A.         Progressive record holders for career games pitched (Wolters [32 W, set record in 1871], Spalding [held record from 1872-78 w/347], Mathews [1879 w/353], Bond [1880-81 w/3878], Mathews again [1883-87 w/578], Galvin [1888-1904 w/705], Young [1905-67 w/906], Wilhelm [1968-97 w/1,070], Eckersley [1998 w/1,071], Orosco [1999-  w/1,252])
FCR -    Kevin Epstein, San Antonio, TX

Q.         66, 162, 300, 388, 531, 669, 694, 764, 869
Hint:     900; 1,037; 1,163, 1,290; 1,449; 1,593; 1,780; 1,944
Hint:     2,121; 2,298; 2,455; 2,612; 2,764; 2,889; 3,022; 3,181
Hint:     3,314; 3,435; 3,453; 3,664; 3,821; 3,900; 4,075; 4,189
Twint:    4,204; 4,256
A.         Progressive record for career hits (Cal McVey [66], Ross Barnes [162-694], McVey again [764-869], Cap Anson [900-3,435], Ty Cobb [3,453-4,189], Pete Rose [4,204-4,256])
FCR -    Barry Nelson, Guilderland, NY

Q.         Jason Giambi / Ken Griffey Jr.
Hint:     Jim Thome / Nomar Garciaparra
Hint:     Carlos Pena / Dmitri Young
Hint:     Cliff Lee / Brad Lidge
Hint:     Aaron Hill / Chris Carpenter
Hint:     Francisco Liriano / Tim Hudson
Hint:     Jacoby Ellsbury / Lance Berkman
Twint:    Fernando Rodney / Buster Posey
A.         Comeback Player of the Year Award winners (as awarded 2005-2012)
FCR -    Gregg Gaylord, Chicago, IL

Q.         Rynie Wolters, Denny Mack, Candy Cummings, Johnny Ryan
Hint:     Herman Dehlman, Lew Brown, Charlie Jones, Pud Galvin
Hint:     John Morrill, Tom Brown, Jimmy Sheckard, Babe Ruth
Twint:    Mickey Mantle, Willie Stargell, Reggie Jackson
A.         Record holders for career strikeouts by batters (Wolters [1871 w/8], Mack [1872-73 w/25], Cummings [1874-75 w/42], Ryan [1876 w/48], Dehlman [1877 w/67], L. Brown [1878-79 w/120], Jones [1880 w/130], Galvin [1881-84 w/392], Morrill [1885-94 w/656], T. Brown [1895-1911 w/781], Sheckard [1912-27 w/849, Ruth [1928-63 w/1,330], Mantle [1964-77 w/1,710], Stargell [1978-81 w/1,912], Jackson [1982- w/2,597]  N.B.  Jim Thome could take over the all-time lead w/50 K in 2013.)
FCR -    John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN

Q.         Cap Anson, Ross Barnes, Cal McVey
Hint:     King Kelly, Ned Williamson, Tip O’Neill
Hint:     Ed Delahanty, Tris Speaker, George Burns
Twint:    Earl Webb
A.         Progressive single-season doubles record holders (Anson [1871 w/11], Barnes [1872-74 w/31 ], McVey [1875-81 w/36], Kelly [1882 w/37], Williamson [1883-86 w/49], O’Neill [1887-98 w/52], Delahanty [1899-1922 w/55], Speaker [1923-25 w/59], Burns [1926-30 w/64], Webb [1931- w/67])
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD

Q.         Danny Murtaugh, Sparky Anderson, Yogi Berra
Hint:     Walter Alston, Sparky Anderson, Sparky Anderson
Hint:     (Not Danny Murtaugh—typo), Tommy Lasorda, Tommy Lasorda, Chuck Tanner
Twint:    Dallas Green, Tommy Lasorda
A.         NL managers who won 11 consecutive All-Star Games from 1972-1982
FCR -    Barry Kramer, Reisterstown, MD

Q.         Joe Battin
Hint:     Jim Britt
Hint:     Piggy Ward
Twint:    Joe Nuxhall
A.         Youngest players (Battin [17y 273d on 11-Aug-1871], Britt [16y 66d on 02-May-1872], Ward [16y 57d on 12-Jun-1883], Nuxhall [15y 50d on 10-Jun-1944])
FCR -    Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA

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