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July 1-7, 2013 Hall of Fame players who were on 8 or more different major league teams

Q.         Who was the last pitcher to throw a complete game no hitter against the Yankees?
Hint:     His career earned run average is second only to Mariano Rivera’s for relief pitchers with a minimum 1,000 innings pitched.
Hint:     He retired sixteen days short of his 50th birthday.
Twint:    He was later a coach in the Yankee organization.
A.         Hoyt Wilhelm (No-no 20‑Sep‑1958, Astros used 6 pitchers in 2001 no-no; ERA/IP 2.52/2,254 Mo ERA/IP 2.21/1,244; Final game 10‑Jul‑1972)
FCR -    John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN

Q.         Who played the longest in the majors among players born in Colorado?
Hint:     He once accused his team’s owner of “…poisoning the world with hamburgers”.
Hint:     His final career win came in his 1,000th appearance though he only pitched one-third of an inning.
Twint:    Four days later he earned his final save going three innings in a 14-4 blowout.
A.         Rich Gossage (1972-94: 22 yrs [Did not play in 1990.]; SDP [and McDonalds] owner Joan Kroc banned beer in the clubhouse to which he said “She is poisoning the world with hamburgers, and we can’t even get a lousy beer”; 124th W 04‑Aug‑1994; 310th SV 08‑Aug‑1994)
FCR -    John Wilson, Mesa, AZ

Q.         Who lasted only 2.2 innings in his major league debut, and then was relieved by Don Larsen who finished the game to garner a 13-6 victory.
Hint:     The loss went to Sammy Ellis who also debuted the same day.
Hint:     That same year his team won a three-game playoff to make it to the post-season with a 103-62 record, but he was not included on the post-season roster.
Twint:    He holds the post-dead ball era record for most strikeouts in a season without issuing a single walk.
A.         Gaylord Perry (114‑Apr‑1962 debut with Sammy Ellis; 1962 SFG won a 2-1 playoff vs. LAD; 47K, 0BB in 1970)
FCR -    Stanley Cohen, Washington, DC

Q.         Who was Nolan Ryan’s 5,000th strikeout victim?
Hint:     His first major league at bat was a 1st-inning lead off double, but he was then thrown out at home to end the same inning.
Hint:     He has been quoted saying “If my uniform doesn’t get dirty, I haven’t done anything in the baseball game.”
Twint:    He turned 31 the Christmas day Billy Martin died in a truck crash.
A.         Rickey Henderson (1989-Aug-22 5,000th K top 5th inning; 24‑Jun‑1979 debut v TEX; Uniform quote; B 25‑Dec‑1958, Martin died 1989)
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, San Diego, CA

Q.         Who earned the most major league batting titles in the 19th century?
Hint:     During his five years as a Bison, he won the slugging title every year.
Hint:     He also had the highest adjusted OPS of any 19th century player.
Hint:     John McGraw said he “really was a great hitter, one of the most powerful batters of all time”.
Twint:    He was the first player to lead his league in OPS+ five times.
Twint:    His career batting average noses out Babe Ruth’s for 9th all-time.
A.         Dan Brouthers (5 titles, NL 1882, 1883, 1889, 1892, AA 1891; 1882-1886 BUF; OPS+ 208 in 1886; McGraw quote on Brouthers Hall of Fame page; Led in OPS+ 6 consecutive years, 1882-87; BA .342125 to Ruth’s .342065)
FCR -    PJ Shelly, Louisville, KY

Q.         Who was the first player to get a hit in the National League?
Hint:     He was also the oldest player to appear in a National League game.
Hint:     In the latter game, he went 1 for 4, becoming the oldest player to get a hit in the major leagues.
Hint:     It was the title clinching game for the 1904 John McGraw led New York Giants.
Twint:    His loquacious volubility gained him his nickname.
A.         Jim O’Rourke (22‑Apr‑1876 BSN vs. ATH; Age 54 on 22‑Sep‑1904—McGraw put him in as a catcher winning 7-5 over CIN and finishing the 1904 season 13 games ahead of the CHC); Nicknamed “Orator Jim”)
FCR -    John Robertson, Cambridge, ON

Q.         Who is credited with having the first hit in the history of major league base ball:  a double?
Hint:     Hearing he was sold to Pittsburgh, he once famously quipped “No man is going to sell my carcass unless I get half.”
Hint:     Bill James named him “the most admirable superstar of the 1870s.”
Twint:    He was the lone player inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013.
A.         Deacon White (04‑May‑1871 CLE vs. KEK of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players; sold to PIT 1889 for $3,500; SABR excerpt from Bill James Historical Abstract; Elected by the Veterans Committee)
FCR -    Frank DiPrima, Morristown, NJ

WEEKLY THEME – Hall of Fame players who were on eight or more different major league teams.

Player               No. of teams
Brouthers            10
Gossage               9
Henderson            9*
O’Rourke               8
Perry                     8**
White                    9
Wilhelm                 9

*Includes 4 separate stints w/OAK and 2 w/SDP.  Total could be 13. If figured differently
**Only player of the group to spend 10 years with one team:  SFG.

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara, CA

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