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November 25-December 1, 2013 Bulldog Alumni

Q.         What MVP-winner won Gold Glove Awards for his play at third base with the Braves and Cardinals?
Hint:     He was a candidate to replace Frank Robinson as manager of the Washington Nationals, but he withdrew himself from consideration.
Twint:    He was the hitting coach for the Braves from 2002-2010.
A.         Terry Pendleton (1991 MVP, GG 1987, 89 for STL & 1992 for ATL)
FCR -    Matthew Repplinger, Denver, CO
Most common incorrect answers:  Joe Torre, Ken Boyer

Q.         Which modern era pitcher has the highest career winning percentage with an amazing .7171?
Hint:     He had the fewest number of innings pitched (253) for a starting pitcher who won a league MVP until Justin Verlander won the award with 251.
Hint:     He holds the Yankee team record for single season ERA.
Twint:    He doesn’t look like a potato.
A.         Spud Chandler (Al Spaulding’s .7950 was prior to 1900; 1943 MVP; 1.64 ERA 1943; Spurgeon Ferdinand Chandler nickname “Spud”.
FCR -    Don Harrison, Fairfield, CT
Most common incorrect answers:  Whitey Ford, Ron Guidry, Roger Clemens, Bobby Shantz, Pedro Martinez, Mike Mussina

Q.         Who caught the final out of the 1969 World Series?
Hint:     Gil Hodges successfully argued that this player was hit by a pitch, pointing to a black mark on the ball as proof.
Q:         As a result, he scored the first run for the team in what proved to be a comeback from a 3-run deficit.
Twint:    He also scored the go-ahead run on a Ron Swoboda double that would clinch the team’s first World Series championship.
A.         Cleon Jones (box Game 5 1969 WS; Shoe-polish incident was controversial as the ball skipped into the dugout prior to Hodges emergence, prompting some to say that Gil Hodges had scuffed the ball.  Replays were inconclusive.)
FCR -    Christopher Bell, New York, NY
Most common incorrect answers:  Ron Swoboda, Al Weiss, Tommy Agee, Ed Charles

Q.         What former Blue Hose hurler made his major league debut in Yankee Stadium on Babe Ruth Day?
Hint:     The encouraging letters he received from Connie Mack during recuperation from a near-lethal wound in Italy during World War II were what made him know he could make it to the majors.
Hint:     It took him a year just to be able to walk again, but he began playing catch while still on crutches.
Hint:     Even with all the other service men returning, he still signed a professional contract and promptly won the pitching Triple Crown in the South Atlantic League.
Twint:    He was as famous for something a baseball did to him as what he ever did to a baseball.
A.         Lou Brissie (Attended Presbyterian College, 28‑Sep‑1947, Ruth passed the following year; On Opening Day 1948 in Fenway Park, Ted Williams lined a pitch off the metal plate in Brissie’s leg.  Concern by all ensued and although he won the game, Brissie spent the night in a Boston hospital.)
FCR -    Tim Doherty, Los Angeles, CA
Most common incorrect answers:  Bert Shepard, Monty Stratton

Q.         Who broke Mariano Rivera’s record of being the quickest to reach 200 career saves?
Hint:     He did it against the team’s dreaded rival—the New York Yankees.
Hint:     He struck out Seth Smith to end the 2007 World Series.
Twint:    Ever outspoken, he declared that Yasiel Puig’s making the All-Star team as a rookie was “a joke” and “and injustice”.
Twint:    He commented on his current team’s struggles, saying, “I didn’t come here for this.”
A.         Jonathon Papelbon (200th save in 359th appearance vs Moe needing 382; 07-Jun-2011; Game 4 2007 box; Smith K 28‑Oct-2007; Comments)
FCR -    Jerry Miller, Thousand Oaks, CA
Most common incorrect answer:  [None]

Q.         Who finished second to teammate Kevin Mitchell in the National League MVP voting?
Hint:     That same year he lost the batting crown to Tony Gwynn by less than one point on the last day of the season after leading much of the year.
Hint:     The outgoing message on his home answering machine begins, “The Thrill is gone… “
Addint: He was in the first class of players inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame.
A.         Will Clark (1989 MVP vote; Gwynn went 3 for 4 to get to .3361 over Clark’s .3333; Nickname “Will the Thrill”; 2006 College HOF)
FCR -    Charlie Vascellaro, Baltimore, MD
Most common incorrect answers:  Jeff Kent, Matt Williams, Keith Hernandez

Q.         Who played the most major league games in the 1990s?
Hint:     He was the first Texas Rangers player to receive an hundred bases-on-balls in three consecutive seasons.
Hint:     He was also the first to do it in two consecutive seasons. [NOT SO!  Reader Clem Comly pointed out that the first two such Texas seasons are owned by Mike Hargrove 1977-78.  Sorry to mislead.]
Addint: He should never be confused with Raffy Mercedez.
A.         Rafael Palmeiro (1,526 G 1990-99; 100+ BB 2000-03)
FCR -    Matt Adams, Mundelein, IL
Most common incorrect answers:  Juan Gonzalez, Will Clark, Brian Downing

Q.         Which pitcher was credited with winning the clinching game of the 2006 World Series?
Hint:     He shouldered his team’s only team loss in that series.
Hint:     His high school is just ten miles from the Reagan presidential library.
Hint:     In a different World Series, he gave up a 12th inning walk-off homer to Alex Gonzalez.
Addint: In his first two seasons with the Tigers, he led the league in hitting batters with pitches.
Addint: After the 2003 season, he was traded for Kevin Brown.
A.         Jeff Weaver (STL over DET 4-1 2006 WS; Game 4 2003 WS; HBP 17 and 15 1999-2000; 2003 NYY trade Weaver plus cash and two players to the Dodgers for Brown)
FCR -    Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA
Most common incorrect answers:  Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright 

Q.         Who started Game 7 of the 1986 World Series for the winning New York Mets?
Hint:     He also won Game 4 after having lost the Series opener.
Hint:     He the final post-season game in his National League career, a result that would lead to one of the most famous walk-off homers in World Series history.
Addint: He won the pitcher’s Gold Glove the year prior to Greg Maddux’s 13 consecutive-year GG streak.
A.         Ron Darling (1986 WS stats; lost G7, 1988 NLCS that sent the Dodgers to the WS where Kirk Gibson hit the G1 walk off; GG 1989
FCR -    Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA
Most common incorrect answers:  Sid Fernandez, Dwight Gooden

Q.         Who broke Rolando Arrojo’s record for pitching wins in a season?
Hint:     Soul patch goatee.
Addint: He pitched the only no hitter in the history of the Tampa Bay Rays.
Addint: He faced the minimum of 27 batters when the one walk in the game was eliminated by a double play.
Addint: He was the 2008 American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player.
A.         Matt Garza  (Arrojo was tied with teammates Edwin Jackson and James Shields with 14 W for Devil Rays season record, Garza got 15 W in 2010; Beard; No-no 26-Jul-2010; 1998 Orlando Arrojo 14W, Garza 15W, Price 19W)
FCR -    Jimmy Goggin, Williamsburg, VA
Most common incorrect answer:   David Price

Q.         Who holds the Kansas City Royals career pitching record for strikeouts?
Hint:     He also holds the team record for most consecutive scoreless inning in one season.
Hint:     He was Rookie Pitcher of the Year in 1990.
Addint: No American League Rookie pitcher in the past 22 seasons has had a better ERA than his 2.76 ERA.
Addint: He was once pulled on opening day by his manager after pitching 6.2 innings of no-hit ball because the manager “had no interest in letting his pitcher throw too many pitches” that early in the season.
A.         Kevin Appier (1458K; 33 scoreless in 1993, while Greinke split 38 over the 2008-9 season; Sporting News RPOY history; pulled by Bob Boone 25-Apr-1995 strike delayed opening day, 0 H,  2BB, 98 P)
FCR -    Jim McCoy, Melrose, MA
Most common incorrect answers:  Mark Gubicza (2nd), Dennis Leonard (3rd), Bret Saberhagen (4th), Paul Splittorff (5th)

Q.         What BLTR giant was born in California’s city of mercy?
Hint:     In separate years, he was drafted by the Giants, Yankees and Mariners.
Hint:     He is in a starting rotation that features two Cy Young Award winners.
Addint: He was a Blue Devil before he was a pro.
A.         Doug Fister (6’8”, b. Merced, California; SFG 49th round in 2003 draft, NYY 6th round in 2005 draft, SEA 7th round in 2006 draft; 2013 DET teammates Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer; Merced College Blue Devils)
FCR -    Mark Hayne, Dumfries, VA
Most common incorrect answers:  Barry Zito, Madison Bumgarner, Cole Hamels

Q.         Who was the last pitcher to face Reggie Jackson in the majors?
Hint:     He also threw the last pitch in Toronto's Exhibition Stadium.
Hint:     Most people don’t know that he managed the White Sox.
Addint: K-Rod broke his record.
A.         Bobby Thigpen (Jackson AB 04‑Oct‑1987 [Jackson singled.]; TO last P 28‑May‑1989 [Gave up a walk-off HR to George Bell in the 10th.]; Manage the 2007 & 2008 Bristol White Sox of the rookie-class Appalachian League; Set the record for S in a season @ 57 in 1990, Francisco Rodriguez had 62 in 2008.)
FCR -    Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA
Most common incorrect answers:  Don Cooper, Ron Schueler

Q.         Who set an opening day record when he was hit by pitches three times?
Hint:     He was the first gaijin to hit a sayonara grand slam.
Hint:     Ironically, he holds the record for the most home runs by someone who never hit a grand slam in the majors.
Addint: Although he’s not a pitcher, many Baltimoreans believe should be compared to Ray Sadecki and Doyle Alexander. What post-expansion player once left his mitt on the field between innings to share with his opposite number during a major-league game?
Hint:     He was born in Kansas City because that’s where his father was employed at the time.
A.         Glenn Davis (3 HPB 09‑Apr‑1990; Japanese League walk-off GS for the 1985 Hanshin Tigers; 190 MLB HR; Sadecki and Alexander on the bad side of lopsided trades—he underperformed for BAL, after being traded for Curt Schilling, Pete Harnisch and Steve Finley)
FCR -    Larry Creeden, Boulder City, NV
Most common incorrect answers:  Tuffy Rhodes, Randy Bass

Q.         What post-expansion player once left his mitt on the field between innings to share with his opposite number during a major-league game?
Hint:     He was born in Kansas City because that’s where his father was employed at the time.
Addint: His only seasons with the Mets were impaired with labor difficulties.
A.         David Segui (Shared equipment with Mark Grace in Canada 12‑Jul‑1995; Father Diego Segui, played for KCA 1962-65, 67; NYM 1994-95)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Most common incorrect answers:  John Mayberry Jr., Brian McRae

Q.         Who, with Sam Mertes, made the first duo of teammates in the 20th century each to collect fifty stolen bases in the same season?
Hint:     Lou Gehrig’s biographer called him "the greatest third baseman ever to wear a Giant uniform".
Hint:     He served as a basketball coach at the Naval Academy.
Addint: He’s one of only six District of Columbia natives with 1,000 games in the major leagues.
A.         Art Devlin (1905 Giants: Devlin had 59 SB, Mertes 52; Sportswriter Frank Graham with quote; Played football at Georgetown)
FCR -    Bob Wilber, Spokane, WA
Most common incorrect answers:  Fred Lindstrom, Buck Herzog

Q.         What future member of the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame was given a three-week tryout by the Senators without pay so he could retain his amateur status?
Hint:     In the season immediately following his major league career, he won both the Canadian-American League's Most Valuable Player and Manager of the Year awards.
Hint:     His ancestors were, among others, Basque.
Addint: He owned restaurants and clubs in Missouri’s largest metropolitan areas.
A.         Frenchy Bordagaray (1931 Sacramento Senators; 1946 Trois-Rivieres Royals of the Class C Can‑Am League; He also had, as you might expect, French ancestry; Restaurateur in St. Louis and Kansas City)
FCR -    Al Blumkin, Brooklyn, NY
Most common incorrect answers:  Sal Maglie, Rusty Staub

WEEKLY THEME – Selected Bulldog alumni

Appier                Fresno State
Chandler            Georgia
Clark                    Mississippi State
Darling                Yale
Davis                   Georgia
Devlin                 Georgetown
Garza                  Fresno State
Jones                  Alabama A & M
Palmeiro            Mississippi State
Papelbon           Mississippi State
Pendleton         Fresno State
Segui                   Louisiana Tech
Thigpen              Mississippi State
Weaver              Fresno State

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Makoto Ozawa, Scarsdale, NY (after the Jones question)

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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