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February 24-March 2, 2014 Players who scored the World Series-winning run in extra-innings

Q.         Who was the first Hall of Famer to go in as a Toronto Blue Jay?
Hint:     He began his pro career as a Rainbow.
Hint:     He was involved in a trade that some call the biggest ever.
Twint:    His early baseball tutors included Thurman Munson and Graig Nettles.
A.         Roberto Alomar (1985 Charleston Rainbows; He and Joe Carter were traded from the Padres to the Blue Jays for Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez 05‑Dec‑1990; His father Sandy, when playing for the Yankees 1974-76, would let his sons into the club house and onto the field to learn from the best.)
FCR -    Darrell Jarvis, Royal Oak, MI
Incorrect:  Nolan Ryan, Joe Carter, Paul Molitor, Pat Gillick, Roy Halladay, Dave Stieb

Q.         Who is the only player to collect 500 career RBI while hitting fewer than five career home runs?
Hint:     He turned more double plays in a season than any other catcher in Boston Red Sox history.
Hint:     He played for St. Louis as a rookie then again eighteen years later then fourteen years later was the manager of that same franchise.
Twint:    He was General Manager of the Detroit Tigers 1954-56 and later special advisor to the owner.
A.         Muddy Ruel (536 RBI, 4 HR; 17 DP in 1922; Rookie in 1915 for SLB, as a veteran for them in 1933 and Mgr in 1947)
FCR -    Kenny Fink, Ocala, FL
Incorrect:  Rick Ferrell, Bill Carrigan, Mike Tresh, Luke Sewell, Birdie Tebbetts, Roger Clemens, Billy Southworth, Darrell Johnson

Q.         Who was the inaugural member of the National League’s 500-Home-Run Club?
Hint:     He was the only player to receive exactly 100 bases-on-balls for three consecutive seasons.
Hint:     None of those was enough to lead the league.
Twint:    He played his first pro baseball was as a left-handed catcher.
A.         Mel Ott (500th HR 01‑Aug‑1945, the next was Willie Mays, 20 years later; 100 BB X3 1939-41
FCR -    Frank DiPrima, Morristown, NJ
Incorrect:  Jimmie Foxx, Hack Wilson, Willie Mays, Rogers Hornsby, Ernie Banks, Babe Ruth

Q.         Who collected 22 World Series paychecks during his baseball career?
Hint:     He was once suspended for the first thirty days of a season for shoving an umpire during the previous year’s World Series.
Hint:     Few people remember him with the Pilots.
Twint:    No one wore Yankee pinstripes longer than he.
A.         Fankie Crosetti (7 WS as a player:  1932, 36, 37, 38, 39, 42 & 43 Then 15 as a coach1947, 49, 50, 51; 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63 & 64; 3rd base coach for the Seattle Pilots 1969; Yankee for 37 consecutive seasons 1932-68
FCR -    Dean Kloner, New York, NY
Incorrect:  Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, Leo Durocher, Whitey Ford, Billy Martin, Lou Piniella, Casey Stengel,, Don Zimmer, Fred Stanley, Eddie O’Brian, Ted Williams

Q.         What BL-TR UND infielder co-holds the dubious modern record for consecutive hitless at-bats in a single season?
Hint:     He won the NLCS MVP as his team overcame ATL.
Twint:    He played for five teams in his sixteen-year major league career.
Twint:    His father played for four seasons in the Twins farm system.
Twint:    After removing players who benefited from PEDs, in 2009 The Onion proclaimed him "the best player of the past 15 years".
A.         Craig Counsell (44 hitless AB July-August 2011 [Record over 2 seasons is 46, held by Eugenio Velez 2010-11.]; 2001 NLCS MVP where he slugged .524; Father was John Counsell.)
FCR -    Walt Cherniak, Dayton, MD
Incorrect:  Al Weis, Ken Oberkfell, Sid Bream, Terry Pendelton

Q.         Who is the only player to hit a grand slam in World Series competition with golden tresses flowing down to his shoulders?
Hint:     He played for the Giants in two countries.
Hint:     His first professional team was in the same city where he played college baseball.
Twint:    He is the color commentator for the Minnesota Twins baseball radio broadcast network.
Twint:    His daughter Ashley married the son of his former Twins teammate Gary Gaetti.
A.         Dan Gladden (GS w/hair on 17‑Oct‑1987; San Francisco Giants 1983-86—Yomiuri Giants 1994; Fresno State 1978-79, Fresno Giants 1979)
FCR -    Mark Hayne, Dumfries, VA
Incorrect:  Kevin Mitchell, John Bowker, Chuck Hiller, Oscar Gamble, Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Kent Hrbek, Monte Irvin, Tom Haller, Cory Snyder, Jason Werth, Eric Byrnes

Q.         Which player had the most hits and total bases in Fenway Park’s inaugural game?
Hint:     He also scored the winning run in the 11th on a Tris Speaker RBI, beating the NY Highlanders 7‑6.
Hint:     He was often slated in the order between Hall of Famers Harry Hooper and Tris Speaker.
Hint:     A childhood accident left him with burns on his face and mouth, but it didn’t hinder his career.
Twint:    Despite what was described as “syrupy footwork”, he was one of the Speed Boys.
A.         Steve Yerkes (5 H, 7 TB, 20‑Apr‑1912 Fenway Opener; SABR BIO -1912 Red Sox were called The Speed Boys and though his slow footwork hindered him, moving him to second base resulted in him having a career year.)
FCR -    Leonard Levin, Providence, RI
Incorrect:  Larry Gardner, Duffy Lewis, Harry Hooper

Q.         Who is the only player to score the winning run in the College World Series and the World Series?
Hint:     When he did it in the majors, it was the second year in a row he won a World Series ring.
Hint:     He drove in the winning run that gave the Cubs their 10,000th franchise victory.
Twint:    In that game, he singled home Mike Fontenot, so the Cubs benefitted from three things that ended in O-T.
A.         Ryan Theriot (NCAA WS w/LSU in 2000, w/SFG in 2012; WS w/STL in 2011; CHC H 23‑Apr‑2008)
FCR -    Les Weber, Fort Wayne, IN
Incorrect:  Joe Girardi, Kip Wells, Mike Fontenot

WEEKLY THEME – Players who scored the World Series-winning run in extra-innings.

Scored            Year                       Game                Opponents               Driven in by
Yerkes            16‑Oct‑1912        8, 10th Inn.       BOS over NYG         Larry Gardner
Ruel                 10‑Oct‑1924        7, 12th Inn.       WAS over NYG        Earl McNeely
Ott                   07‑Oct‑1933        5, 10th Inn.       NYG over WSH        His own self - HR
Crosetti          08‑Oct‑1939        4, 10th Inn.       NYY over CIN           Joe DiMaggio
Gladden         27‑Oct‑1991        7, 10th Inn.       MIN over ATL          Gene Larkin
Alomar           24‑Oct‑1992        6, 11th Inn.       TOR over ATL           Dave Winfield
Counsell         26‑Oct‑1997        7, 11th Inn.       FLA over CLE            Edgar Renteria
Theriot           28‑Oct‑2012        4, 11th Inn.       SFG over DET           Marco Scutaro

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara, CA (after the Ott question)

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  1. you're right about Theriot scoring the winning run in 2012, but in 2011 for STL it was Allen Craig,

  2. The question did not state that he scored the winning run in 2011, only that he got a ring in consecutive years.