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August 4-10, 2014 First overall draft picks who played in the World Series

Q.        Who is second only to Hank Aaron in hits, singles, doubles, RBIs, games played, at bats, runs scored, extra-base hits, times on base, offensive WAR, OPB, total bases, runs created, adjusted batting runs, adjusted batting wins, plate appearances and sacrifice flies for the Braves franchise?
Hint:     He is the National League career leader for home runs by a switch hitter.
Twint:  He was the first player to have more than one multi-home run game against Randy Johnson.
A.         CHIPPER JONES (468 HR, Mantle and Murray with 536/504 respectively; Johnson HRs: 05-Sep-1999, 05-Sep-2000 [The only times they faced each other on 05-Sep])
FCR -  Larry Creeden, Boulder City, NV
Incorrect answers:  Andruw Jones, Eddie Mathews, Dale Murphy

Q.        Who is the youngest player to reach 300 career home runs?
Hint:     He is also the youngest to reach 400.
Hint:     … and 500
Twint:  … and 600.
A.         ALEX RODRIGUEZ (Home runs by age records Baseball Almanac)
FCR -  Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Ken Griffey, Jr., Jimmie Foxx, Eddie Mathews, Mel Ott, Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth

Q.        Who did David Wright surpass to become the career New York Mets leader for RBIs, strikeouts, bases on balls and extra base hits?
Hint:     Wright is second behind this player for career homers as a Met.
Hint:     He was named National League Rookie of the Year the same year Cal Ripken won his first MVP award.
Twint:  After his rookie award winning year, he was an All Star 8 consecutive seasons, but in the following 8 years he wasn’t selected even once.
A.         DARRYL STRAWBERRY (Mets team batting records; Straw’s 252 HR to Wright's 230; 1983 ROY; ASG 1984-91, ended career 1999)
FCR -  Morris Buenemann, Florissant, MO
Incorrect answers:  Ed Kranepool, Mike Piazza, Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez

Q.        Who spent the first three years of his career on the "restricted list", but then won the AL MVP in his fourth active season?
Hint:     He led his team to its first World Series appearance that MVP season, as well as going back to the Fall Classic the following year.
Hint:     He was an All Star every year he was with the Rangers, but not prior to or since.
Twint:  After leaving the Rangers, he commented that Texas was "not a true baseball town".
A.         JOSH HAMILTON (Restricted list for substance abuse 2003-05, AL MVP 2010; Texas Rangers WS 2010-11; AS 2008-12; Perhaps reacting to being booed at the end of his final season as a Ranger, he made disparaging remarks about the State of Texas, especially about Dallas being a "football town".)
FCR -  Wayne Strumpfer, Sacramento, CA
Incorrect answers:  Juan Gonzalez, Adrian Beltre, Gary Matthews, Jr., Alex Rodriguez    

Q.        Who edged out Justin Verlander by one first place vote and 2% of the overall total votes for the Cy Young Award?
Hint:     Two years prior he had finished 2nd to King Felix for the coveted honor.
Hint:     His junior year at Vanderbilt he went 11-0 and was Pitcher of the Year in the SEC and won Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year, the Dick Howser Trophy and the Golden Spikes Award.
Twint:  He is now part of a rotation that features three different Cy Young Award winners of the past three seasons.
A.         DAVID PRICE (2012 AL CYA vote; 2010 AL CYA vote; SEC POY,CB POY, The Golden Spikes Award, Dick Howser Trophy, 2014 DET previous AL CYA winners: Scherzer 2013, Price 2012 and Verlander 2011)
FCR -  Tommy Garber, Austin, TX
Incorrect answers:  Zach Greinke, King Felix

Q.        What sinister ex-Devil turned angelic hero on 25-Apr-1976?
Hint:     A Hall of Famer even suggested that he might have been at the Last Supper.
Hint:     A winged angel, the Emmy Award, was nearly his.
Hint:     In 2008, he was elected to the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
Twint:  He hit the last home run ever surrendered by a Seattle Pilots pitcher.
A.         RICK MONDAY ("Sinister meaning left-handed; Attended ASU, the Sun Devils, Prevented an on-field flag burning; Tommy Lasorda, in reference to his and Manny Mota's ages, said, "They're so old they were waiters at the Last Supper! "; SoCal HOF; HR off pitcher George Brunet 01‑Oct‑1969)
FCR -  Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Vin Scully, Al Michaels

Q.        Which player was the captain of the baseball, football & basketball teams at Notre Dame High in Sherman Oaks, CA in the 1960s?
Hint:     Known as a free swinger, in 1982 he established a post-deadball era record for the fewest bases-on-balls with fourteen in 150 games.
Hint:     Ozzie Guillen broke the record three years later with twelve in 150 games.
Twint:  He led the NL in fielding percentage in 1980 and then the AL in 1982.
Twint:  In 1980 tied five other players for the National League lead in hit-by-pitch.
A.         TIM FOLI (NDHS; 1980 .981 NL leader, 1982 .985 NL and Majors leader; walks/GP confirmed by Play Index though Dave Robertson achieved the identical stat in 1916; 6 HBP tied with Pete Rose, Andre Dawson, Dan Driessen, Greg Luzinski and Elliott Maddux)
FCR -  Charles Saeger, Minneapolis, MN
Incorrect answers:  Reggie Jackson, Benito Santiago, Rob Deer, Rickey Henderson

Q.        Which Devil Rays rookie, in his home debut, threw out Ichiro Suzuki at 3B trying to go from first to third on a Chris Snelling single?
Hint:     He was named Minor League Player of the Year and was rated #1 prospect by Baseball America.
Twint:  He finished second to Dustin Pedroia for Rookie of the Year.
A.         DELMON YOUNG (Outfield assist:  01-Sep-2006; 2007 ROY vote; Minor’s POY and BA rank)
FCR -  Tucker Warner, Spottsylvania, VA
Incorrect answers:  Rocko Baldelli, Carl Crawford, Josh Hamilton, B.J. Upton, Ben Grieve, Wil Meyers

Q.        Who is the only player to win World Series rings with both the 2008 Phillies and the 2010 Giants?
Hint:     He was named the Most Outstanding Player of the 1996 College World Series despite being on the team that lost the final game.
Hint:     Two years later he won the Golden Spikes award.
Twint:  Despite hitting only .209, the worst full season of his career, he made a little history by having the last hit in Veterans Stadium.
FCR -  Alex Kaufman, Cleveland, OH
Incorrect answers:  Hunter Pence, Kevin Frandsen, Rocco Baldelli, Aaron Rowand, Randy Winn

Q.        What pitcher has more career complete games than any other in Seattle Mariners history?
Hint:     He started and won two games of the 1989 World Series.
Hint:     In that same Series, he broke a ten-year hitless streak for American League pitchers with a two-RBI double.
Twint:  In his only All Star Game appearance he faced three batters and put down, in order, Mike Scioscia, Ozzie Smith and Tony Gwynn.
A.         MIKE MOORE (56 CG 1986; 1989 WS; Game 4 double, prior hit 1979 WS Tim Stoddard b7 triple; t5 1989 ASG)
FCR -  Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Randy Johnson, Dave Stewart, Mark Langston, Chris Bosio, Jamie Moyer, Rick Honeycutt, Chris Young, Dave Stieb

Q.        Whom did David Ortiz pass to become the all-time leader for hits by a designated hitter?
Hint:     He was first White Sox player to hit over 100 RBI at age 23 (or younger).
Hint:     He hit an historic walk-off homer against the Brewers in 1984.
Twint:  He was the right fielder for the 1983 "Winning Ugly" Chicago White Sox.
A.         HAROLD BAINES (Ortiz with 1,689 H 10-Jul-2013; 1982 105 RBI age 23, later matched by the Big Hurt and Robin Ventura in 1991; 25th inning HR to end the longest [by time/8h 6m] game in MLB history 8-May-1984; 1983 CWS “Winning Ugly” for their style of play)
FCR -  Stephen Meyerson, Brooklyn, NY
Incorrect answers:  Frank Thomas, Jim Thome, Edgar Martinez, Hal McRae, Don Baylor

Q.        Who did Andre Dawson say was the toughest competitor he ever saw in baseball?
Hint:     A Pirate scout once said that only he and Roberto Clemente had an arm rated the "absolute best".
Hint:     Despite his arm and excellent defensive prowess, he never won a Gold Glove in his seventeen years in the majors.
Twint:  He was drafted out of high school in New York City at age nineteen, acted as his own agent and negotiated a very handsome contract.
Twint:  He’s a Double-Unique.
A.         SHAWON DUNSTON (Ratings according to PIT scout Howie Haak in 1997; He and Ozzie Smith had considerable career overlap, perhaps explaining his lack of a GG; $100,000 salary in his rookie season; D-U means no one in major league history has ever had his first name OR his last name.)
FCR -  Scott Schleifer, Suffern, NY
Incorrect answers:  Dave Parker, Jose Guillen, Ellis Valentine

Q.        Who is the only Los Angeles Dodger pitcher to lead the league in both shutouts and complete games but never make the All-Star Game?
Hint:     In his one season with the Detroit Tigers he led the American League in games started, and led the majors with fifteen losses.
Hint:     In game four, he out-dueled Dave Stewart to secure the Dodgers' (not the A's) third (Not only) victory in the 1988 World Series.
Twint:  He was drafted as the first overall pick in two drafts – the second with the Yankees.  But they forgot to put his name on the "protected players list" and he was taken by the A's in the free agent compensation draft.
Twint:  As a result, a livid George Steinbrenner fired general manager Murry Cook.
A.         TIM BELCHER (8SHO/10CG 1989; 1994 7-15 stats; Game 4 1988WS; draft and protected players mix up story)
FCR -  Jim Bigham, North Riverside, IL
Incorrect answers:  Johnny Podres, Rick Honeycutt, Bob Welch, Claude Osteen, Mike Moore

Q.        Who is the head coach of the University of Nebraska baseball team?
Hint:     The city that is home to the university is almost twenty times larger than his home town.
Hint:     Since 1930, only Ichiro has had more hits in a season.
Hint:     He won three Gold Gloves in the big leagues.
Twint:  According to ESPN, his 2000 season was 15th in the top "Angels Moments".
Twint:  He’s also a Double-Unique.
A.         DARIN ERSTAD (Lincoln, NE pop. 268,738, Jamestown, ND pop. 15,427 [but houses the world’s largest statue of a buffalo]; U. of Nebraska achievements; AL GGs 2000,2002, 2004; 240 H in 2000, Wade Boggs had 240 in 1985; ESPN story)
FCR -  Cody Christie, West Fargo, ND
Incorrect answers:  Carney Lansford, Ellis Valentine, George Sisler, George Kell, Wade Boggs

WEEKLY THEME – First overall draft picks who played in the World Series.

Player            Drafted #1        WS
Monday         1965      WS Ring 1981 LAD v NYY
Foli                 1968      WS Ring 1979 PIT v BAL
Baines            1977      No Ring WS loss 1990 OAK vs CIN
Strawberry     1980      3 WS Rings 1986 NYM v BOS, 1996 NYY v ATL, 1999 NYY v ATL
Moore            1981      WS Ring 1989 OAK v SFG (lost 1990 OAK vs CIN)
Dunston           1982    No Ring 2002 WS SFG v ANA
Belcher          1984      WS Ring 1988 LAD v OAK
Jones             1991      WS Ring 1995 ATL v CLE (lost vs NYY 1996, 1999)
Rodriguez      1993      WS Ring 2009 NYY v PHI
Erstad            1995      WS Ring 2002 ANA v SFG
Burrell            1998      2 WS Rings 2008 PHI  TBR, 2010 SFG v TEX
Hamilton        1999      No Ring 2010 and 2011 Rangers vs SFG and STL
Young            2003      No Ring WS lost 2012 DET v SFG
Price              2007      WS No Ring 2008 TBR v PHI

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday  -  Players with 400 home runs and more walks than strikeouts
               -  Third basemen who were league MVPs

               -  #1 overall draft picks who have won major year-end awards
               -  #1 overall draft picks who have played on the All-Star team
               -  Building a team, position by position with first round draft picks
               -  #1 overall draft picks- how about becoming a post-season series MVP

Sunday   -  First-overall draft picks to win a World Series

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