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March 9-15, 2015 Pitchers with 400 career hits as batters

Q.         Which pitcher holds the record for most wins without ever winning the Cy Young Award?
Hint:     He was the first ever to pitch in the World Series.
Hint:     He was also the first to ever lose a World Series game.
Twint:    He is the only pitcher to achieve double-digit number of seasons with 25 wins.
A.         CY YOUNG (All-time wins leader [511], Young died in 1955. The award that bears his name was introduced the following year.; 1903 WS G 1 Boston Americans lost to PIT’s Deacon Phillippe 7-3; 12 seasons with 25 wins, Pud Galvin is next with 9.)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Juan Marichal, Mike Mussina, Joe Wood

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to win a regular season major league Most Valuable Player Award?
Hint:     He was the last pitcher to win more than 35 games in a season.
Hint:     It was once said of him - ". . . he knows where he is throwing, because if he didn't, there would be dead bodies all over Idaho."
Twint:    Among the many career records he holds, the most unbreakable is surely 110 career shutouts.
A.         WALTER JOHNSON (1913 Chalmers Award which was the first to recognize the "most important and useful player to the club and to the league"; 36 W in 1913; He pitched in the Southern Idaho League before coming to the majors, quote by Joe Cantillon; 110 complete game shut outs [not a typo!])
FCR -    Will McCracken, Bradenton, FL
Incorrect answers:  Jack Chesbro, Hal Newhouser Jim Konstanty, Christie Mathewson, Lefty Grove, Denny McClain

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to strike out over 400 batters in a single season?
Hint:     Still the National League record, 131 years and counting…
Hint:     He holds another record that most knowledgeable baseball savants consider even further out of reach.
Twint:    He pitched in all three games of the first-ever major league postseason series.
Twint:    That was the only postseason series sweep of the nineteenth century.
Twint:    Not only did win all three, he pitched every inning of every game.
A.         OLD HOSS RADBOURN (441 K 1884, [tied w/3 who did it that year] others Major league leader is Matt Kilroy 513 K 1886 in the American Association; His 59 W season in 1884 is considered unbreakable; 1884 World Series)
FCR -    Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Jack Chesbro, Matt Kilroy, Nolan Ryan, Cy Young, Hugh Daily, Dupee Shaw, Charlie Buffington, Kid Nichols, Toad Ramsey, Tim Keefe, Walter Johnson, Christie Mathewson

Q.         Who is the only big league pitcher to win twenty games in each of ten different seasons yet never play on a pennant-winning team?
Hint:     He ended Hoss Radbourn’s record eighteen-game consecutive wins streak.
Hint:     His many nicknames included those that recognized his calm and kind demeanor, his short height and “squat” body, and his ability to get batters to bend at the knee.
Twint:    He once intentionally walked a player, then proceeded to pick him off just to goad Cap Anson.
A.         JAMES “Pud” GALVIN (Young, Spahn, Mathewson, Johnson and Kid Nichols were the others to win 20 games a minimum of 10 seasons and all were on pennant winning teams; This also ended a Providence Grays 20 G win streak 09-Sep-1884; Nicknamed Gentle Jeems, The Steam Engine and, most commonly “Pud” [Pronounced “pood” as in “could” or “wood” as in “Puddin-head”] for his ability to turn batter’s legs into pudding; Cap Anson was a vocal critic of Galvin’s highly effective pickoff move.  According to SABR BIO: Galvin apparently asked Anson, “Do you want to see me catch a man?” Anson dared him to do it, so Galvin strutted to the pitcher’s box and walked Jimmy Ryan on purpose. After Ryan arrived at first base, Galvin picked him off almost immediately. Anson was furious, while “Galvin almost split his side laughing” after his successful demonstration.)
FCR -    Andrew Distler, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Chief Bender, Christy Mathewson

Q.         Whose 88-year-old franchise’s record for Giants’ Opening Day Wins did Juan Marichal break when he shutout the Padre 5-0 on 06-Apr-1971?
Hint:     The fellow in question once posted a season of 44-11 with an ERA of 1.66 only to finish second in both categories.
Hint:     He did, however, take the winning percentage title that year.
Twint:    He was known to play in the outfield between pitching starts.
A.         MICKEY WELCH (1885 John Clarkson 53 W, Tim Keefe 1.58 ERA; 1885 W-L% .8000, Clarkson .7681; 119; 59 G in OF)
FCR -    Rick Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Tim Keefe, Amos Rusie, Christy Mathewson, Joe McGinnity, Jack Chesbro, Grover Cleveland Alexander, John Montgomery Ward, Kid Nichols

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to lead the league in strikeouts and bases on balls five times each over the span of six seasons?
Hint:     In his second season he lost over thirty games but then went on to win thirty games the next four consecutive seasons.
Hint:     He will forever be linked with “60 feet, 6 inches” in part as a result of his beaning a future Hall of Famer.
Twint:    Despite the change, he still managed to take three more strike out crowns.
A.         AMOS RUSIE (Rusie led K’s 1890-91 and 1893-95, BBs 1890-94 a feat later exceeded by Nolan Ryan; 34L 1890, 32/33/32/36W 1891-1894; Because of his tremendous fastball which put Hughie Jennings into a four day coma, as well as the “pop” of Cy Young’s fire, the mound was moved in 1893 back to its present distance)
FCR -    Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY
Incorrect answers:  Kid Nichols, Carl Mays

Q.         Who, during his AL MVP year, missed the triple-crown finishing second in batting average by .0016?
Hint:     Had he not missed the bag at first, he would have had a hit in his final at bat that may have given him the batting title and triple crown.
Hint:     However, the Senators players were rumored to have intentionally made outs to prevent the eventual batting title winner from getting a final at bat.
Hint:     Bill James called his MVP season the greatest ever by a third baseman.
Hint:     During his short career, he hit more homers than anyone else that played for only one AL team.
Hint:     During the 1950’s, only he and Mickey Mantle won the AL MVP by a unanimous vote.
Hint:     In fact, he was the only unanimous AL MVP since Hank Greenberg – an irony not lost on either man.
Hint:     He and Greenberg not only had the same award, but they also encountered the same type of prejudice during their careers.
Twint:    An excellent boxer, he said he had a trick for dealing with anti-Semitic players and fans: “You flatten them!”
Twint:    One might say of his mother “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose”.
Twint:    Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner said, “He was the leader of the team and the best all-around player I ever played with.”
A.         AL ROSEN, SABR Bio (1953 Won HR [43] and RBI [145] titles, but finished 2nd to the Senators Mickey Vernon (.3372 to .3356): He admitted he missed the bag and thus provided his own excuse for losing the title; It was rumored that Vernon didn’t bat in his final inning due to fellow players intentionally making outs in order to award him the crown;  MVP 1953 Vote;  1950-1956 HR 192, Yogi 191, Gus Zernial hit 193 but for two different teams; Greenberg unanimous AL MVP 1935; Like Greenberg, Rosen was Jewish; Jew or Not Jew? quote; Mother Rose Rosen)
FCR -    Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY
Incorrect answers:  Harmon Killebrew, Ted Williams, Ralph Kiner

Q.         Who is the last Braves franchise pitcher to win the triple crown?
Hint:     He is also the last pitcher to win fifty games in a season.
Hint:     In only his seventh full season, he topped the mark for most career homers allowed.
Hint:     He added to the total his final four seasons, and held the high water mark for 39 years.
Twint:    Only he and Christy Mathewson entered the 300 Club prior to pitching in 500 games.
A.         JOHN CLARKSON (1889 BSN 49-19 (1 SV), 2.73, 284 SO, Tommy Bond achieved it in 1877; 53W 1885 with Radbourn and Guy Hecker the only others to have a 50 W season both in 1884; 1890-1928; 116 HR 1890, his final total 159 HR eclipsed in 1929 by Pete Alexander; He passed 300 in 1892, Mathewson during 1912 season)
FCR -    Rick Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Babe Ruth, Al Spalding

Q.         Which pitcher had the most wins in the last decade of the 19th Century?
Hint:     It is the most wins in any decade by any pitcher.
Hint:     He also had the highest win-loss% of that decade.
Hint:     He holds the record for most homers hit in a season by a switch-hitting pitcher.
Twint:    He held the career record for most homers hit by a switch hitting pitcher for sixty seasons.
Twint:    He is the only Hall of Fame member from the Capital of Wisconsin.
A.         KID NICHOLS (297 W 1890-99, Cy Young (267) and Amos Rusie (234) the only others over 200; W-L% .663 ahead of Cy Young by .024%; 3HR 1897, tied by Early Wynn 1953; His career 16 HR achieved 1901, Broken by Wynn (17 HR) 1960; B. 14-Sep-1869 Madison, WI)
FCR -    Barry Nelson, Guilderland, NY
Incorrect answers:  Cy Young, Jack Stivetts, Mickey Welch, Christy Mathewson

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to win 20 games and lose 40 games the same season?
Hint:     The next season, he accounted for 96% of his team’s victories.
Hint:     Two of his teammates had a single win apiece.
Hint:     He was the first pitcher to lose four consecutive Opening Day games.
Twint:    Four different colours highlighted his major league teams.
A.         JIM McCORMICK (20-40 in 1879; 45-28 in 1880; ODGs 1879-82; He played for the Indianapolis Blues 1878, the Cleveland Blues 1879-84, the Cincinnati Outlaw Reds 1884, the Providence Grays 1885 and the Chicago White Stockings 1885-86Thanks to reader Dave Serota for pointing out that Tony Mullane would have satisfy the question as originally posted.
FCR -    Andrew Distler, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Juan Marichal

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers with 400 career hits as batters (played 80% as P, NL era)

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday   -  Pitcher with the most career wins
               -  Pitchers to lead their league in wins with over 40 and innings pitched with over 400
               -  Pitchers to lead their league in wins while pitching more than 400 innings
               -  Original hall of famers
               -  Career progressive strikeout leaders

Wed        -  Pitchers with multiple years of at least 10 WAR

Thursday  -  Pitchers with the most lifetime victories
               -  Pitchers who won over 300 games who also pitched in 19th century
               -  300-game winners who also carried a sub-3.00 career ERA while yielding over 4,000 hits

Friday      -  300 game winners born in the 19th century

Sunday    -  Pitchers who pitched more than half their team's games in a season
               -  Pitchers who played at least one game on the moved-in-mound

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

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