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Apr 27-May 3, 2015: Yankees who have appeared on "Saturday Night Live"

Q.         Who called Dave Winfield “Mr. May”?
Hint:     He is also quoted as saying "Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next."
Hint:     Ironically, he also said: “I will never have a heart attack.  I give them.”
Twint:    It turns out “The Boss” was, sadly, wrong about that statement.
A.         GEORGE STEINBRENNER (The two men later reconciledQuote in reference to how he ran the NYY; Heart attack quote was supposedly his “favorite line”;Steinbrenner passed away from a heart attack July 13, 2010 from NY Times Obit )
FCR -    Brad Sherry, Dublin, OH
Incorrect answers:  Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin

Q.         Whose clutch-catch of a Jackie Robinson pop-up is credited as the series-saving play of a World Series?
Hint:     The next year he led the World Series by batting .500 in 24 a-bats, claiming the “unofficial” MVP crown.
Hint:     Though he was only 20 years old, he was still one of the “Nine Old Men”.
Twint:    He wasn’t too friendly with marshmallow salesmen.
A.         BILLY MARTIN (1952 WS Game 7, b7 bases full catch preserving NYY 4-2 win; There was no official WS MVP until 1955; Casey Stengel managed the Minor League Oakland Oaks, known as the Nine Old Men, to a PCL Championship.  The next year he was ascended to NYY skipper; he “sucker punched” a marshmallow salesman who kept quiet until Martin was fired by Steinbrenner in 1979)
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo MI
Incorrect answers:  Bobby Richardson, Yogi Berra, Dusty Rhodes

Q.         Who has the most career hits by an American League player who played for only one team in that league?
Hint:     His career ended when his manager made a slashing motion at his throat.
Hint:     He once missed 91-games spanning two parts of different seasons with a fractured ankle, missed another 17 days with a quad sprain, and then hit a home run on the first pitch thrown to him.
Hint:     It was the only homer he hit that season.
Twint:    “Seeing Home” was a goal he certainly achieved.
A.         DEREK JETER (3,465 H, all with the NYY, Musial has more hits for one team (STL) at 3,630 in the NL; Mgr. Girardi made the motion after Jeter finished his career hustling out an infield single; HR on return 28-Jul-2013; Jeter Publishing put out Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story.  A true story soon to be a “major motion picture”.)
FCR -    Arieh Siegal, Austin, TX
Incorrect answers:  Carl Yastrzemski, Ty Cobb, Nap Lajoie, Paul Molitor, Kirk Gibson, George Sisler

Q.         Whose perfect game set the mark for the team with the most perfect games?
Hint:     It was the last perfect game of the 20th Century.
Hint:     He appeared in six games in five World Series and pitched in over 29 innings without yielding a home run.
Twint:    He took a strike and converted it into a Cy Young Award.
A.         DAVID CONE (NYY three perfect games Larsen (‘56WS), Wells 17-May-1988, Cone 18-Jul-1999; It would be five years (2004) before Randy Johnson threw the next perfecto; WS ’92, ’96, 98, 99, 2000 went 2-0; 1994 work-stoppage year AL CY winner)
FCR -    Victor Piacentile, Yorktown Heights, NY
Incorrect answers:  Greg Maddux, David Wells, Sandy Koufax, Catfish Hunter, Felix Hernandez

Q.         Who replaced Donny Baseball at first base?
Hint:     Later he replaced Big Mack at the #3 position.
Hint:     The Machine then took over.
Twint     Despite not being on the winning team, he was the first MVP of the Baseball World Cup.
A.         TINO MARTINEZ (Mattingly retired 1995, with Tino joining the NYY 1996; He joined the Cardinals in 2002 to replace an aging Mark McGwire, and by 2004, he was gone and Pujols moved full time from the outfield to first base; Up, it was known as the Amateur World Series.  USA finished 2nd to Cuba)
FCR -    Dean Kloner, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Will Clark, Paul O’Neill

Q.         Who was the first Blue Jays pitcher to earn fifteen victories in a season before the All-Star break?
Hint:     He and Jack Morris are the only Blue Jays to win twenty games in a season with an ERA over 4.00.
Hint:     He is the last of two Pointer Dogs to pitch perfect games in the majors.
Twint:    He and Marge had their issues.
A.         DAVID WELLS (15th W 8-Jul-2000, 2000 ASG 11-Jul-2000; 1992 Morris 21-6 w/4.04 ERA, 2000 Wells 20-8 w/4.11; Don Larsen also attended Point Loma High School in San Diego; Wells, a known free spirit, Wells bristled under the tight, autocratic misguided leadership of Reds owner Marge Schott)
FCR -    Judah Kaplan, Teaneck, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Mark Buehrle, Dave Stieb, Roy Halladay, Dennis Martinez, Pat Hentgen, Juan Guzman, Roger Clemens

Q.         Who led the Twins in games, homers, doubles, RBIs, on-base percentage, walks, OPS+ and strikeouts the last season they won the World Series?
Hint:     When he retired, only two switch-hitters had more career home runs.
Twint: He is the first native of Jamaica to play in the majors.
Twint:    He is currently the hitting coach for the Red Sox.
A.         CHILI DAVIS (1991 Twins, with Puckett leading in BA, hits and runs; 350 HR, Mantle & Murray led the pack.  Davis retired in 1999.  Since then, switch-hitters Lance Berkman, Chipper Jones, Carlos Beltran & Mark Teixeira have passed him on the list. Debut 10‑Apr‑1981)
FCR -    Charles Saeger, Minneapolis, MN
Incorrect answers:  Paul Molitor, Kirby Puckett, Harmon Killebrew, Kent Hrbek, Chuck Knoblauch. Tony Olivia, Joe Mauer, Gene Larkin

Q.         Who was the pitcher in the first All-Australian battery in the majors?
Hint:     No other left-handed pitcher ever made more appearances in a season for the Montreal/Washington franchise.
Hint:     In the middle of his career in the majors, he once had an ERA of 17.47.
Hint:     That same year, he gave up no runs and only one hit with no walks over eight post-season games to help his team capture their first World Series in 18 years.
Hint:     In thirteen career postseason appearances involving seven series, he gave up NO runs and only two hits.
Twint:    He ended up with two rings, but then the bombers gave him up with a homer and a boomer to get a rocket.
A.         GRAEME LLOYD (1st Aussies: 14-Apr-1993; 84 G in 2001; Bad ERA/good postseason w/1996 NYY; WS Rings NYY of 1996 & 98, traded with David Wells and Homer Bush for  Roger Clemens)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Grant Balfour, Mark Hutton

WEEKLY THEME – Yankees who have appeared on Saturday Night Live

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Dave Washburn, Marietta, GA

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  Biggest gas bags in BB history
               -  Baseball figures who were convicted felons
               -  Native Clevelanders who owned successful sports franchises in other cities.

Tuesday   -  Yankees to appear in commercial
               -  People with a plaque in Yankee Stadium Monument Park

Wed        -  leading characters of The Evil Empire! (George as the Emperor, Billy as the Mini-Darth Vader, Jeter as a Storm Trooper)
               -  Baseball figures who have hosted Saturday Night Live

Thursday  -  New York Yankees who have appeared in TV commercials

Saturday  -  Players who ended up playing for the New York Yankees in the 1990s
               -  People affiliated with the New York Yankees during perfect games with multiple WS rings and are not yet in the HOF

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