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June 15-21, 2015 Batters with 6 strikeouts in a single game

Q.         Whose 219 are more hits than any other Milwaukee Brewer has ever hit in a season?
Hint:     Of those, 157 were singles, also a franchise record.
Hint:     That same season he had three hitting streaks of at least 15 games.
Twint:    He broke even as the Houston Astros manager.
Twint:    He is the only player to collect 200 hits in consecutive seasons for the Milwaukee Brewers.
A.         CECIL COOPER (Big year 1980; .501 in 3 yrs as Astros mgr; 200 H 1982-83)
FCR -    Douglas Sher, Charleston, SC
Incorrect answers:  Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Craig Counsel, Ichiro Suzuki, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez

Q.         Who was the first visiting player to hit ten career home runs at Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark?
Hint:     Four Hall of Famers played at the same school where he played college ball.  (Not at the same time.  That would be a record.)
Hint:     He broke the 20-home-run barrier seven times in the majors and was named to the All‑Star team in the fourth of those seasons.
Hint:     He played for the same team for his first ten years in the majors, then joined another team for his last year and won a World Series ring.
Twint:    He was Team USA's top hitter in the 1994 Baseball World Cup.
A.         GEOFF JENKINS (Attended & played @ USC as did Ralph Kiner, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton & Randy Johnson; AS in 2003 [DNP]; 10 yrs with MIL, 2008 with PHI)
FCR -    Kevin Winstanley, Eatontown, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Lance Berkman, Sean Casey, Prince Fielder, Craig Biggio, Mark McGwire, Bob Horner

Q.         Who hit the first ever home run at Anaheim Stadium?
Hint:     He hit it off (pre-operation) Tommy John.
Hint:     John and the White Sox still won the game.
Hint:     It was the only year of the slugger’s eleven-year major league career when he received MVP votes.
Hint:     Maybe the voters were impressed by his league-leading 13 HBP, his only black ink.
Hint:     He played for the University of Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl for the NCAA football national championship.
Twint:    He was so fast afoot that he forewent baseball in high school so he could focus on track and field.
Twint:    He didn’t even play baseball in college until his junior year.
FCR -    Bob Muse, San Diego, CA
Incorrect answers:  Alex Johnson, Harvey Kuenn, Willie Mays, Leon Wagner, Don Money, Don Baylor, Don Mincher, Bobby Grich, Jim Fregosi, Ted Kluszewski

Q.         Whose error in the 13th inning spoiled Harvey Haddix' perfect game?
Hint:     He was a pro boxer as a teenager, retiring from the ring after suffering seven straight knockouts.
Hint:     While he was a Pirates managerial candidate, he died of a heart attack chasing his brother-in-law's stolen car.
Twint:    He was one of the Cincinnati Redlegs “chosen” by the fans to start the 1957 All-Star Game.
Twint:    City slickers take his memory everywhere.
A.         DON HOAK (E:  26-May-1959 [It was still a no-hitter at that point.]; Death 09-Oct-1969; “City Slickers” clip:
FCR -    Ron Kaufman, Thornhill, ON
Incorrect answers:  Felix Mantilla, Hal Smith, Billy Cox, Joe Adcock, Rocky Bridges

Q.         Who holds the record for most home runs in a season where he played fifty games or fewer?
Hint:     He hit his only career triple off Nolan Ryan.
Hint:     In 389 career times on base, he attempted to steal exactly once.  Ernie Whitt threw him out.
Twint:    His defense was considered so suspect that his entire career boasts of only twelve games in the field.
Twint:    And it wasn’t until his June of his third season in the majors that he even put on a glove and that was as an emergency, extra-inning replacement at first base.
A.         SAM HORN (14 HR, 1987 46 G, several tied at 13 including Ted Williams’ 1953 season interrupted by military duty; 3b 05-May-1992; CS 28-Jul-1987; Debut in the field 04‑Jun‑1989)
FCR -    Jim Turner, Tallahassee, FL
Incorrect answers:  Kevin Maas, Cliff Johnson, George Mitterwald, Steve Balboni, Don Drysdale

Q.         Whose fielding miscue, if played properly, might have eliminated “Bartman” from baseball vernacular?
Hint:     His Venezuelan counterpart at shortstop that game had the exact same name.
Hint:     Unlike his namesake, he led his team in home runs, RBI and doubles for that series, with an OPS of 1.012.
Hint:     That was the only year of his 13 seasons in the majors when he was in postseason play.
Twint:    He is the only Toronto Blue Jay to ever lead the league in sacrifice hits.
A.         ALEX (…ander Scott) GONZALEZ (Had he turned Miggie’s grounder into a DP, the Bartman “incident” may have been forgotten or might never had occurred; Marlins SS Alex Gonzalez3 HR/7 RBI tied with Ramirez, two 2B tied with Randall Simon 2003 NLCS;16 SH 2000)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO
Incorrect answers:  Moises Alou

Q.         Which former Angel has a cult autograph-seeking following for his "angelic" 1972 Topps card (#19)?
Hint:     There is no indication he was aware of the photographers juxtaposition of a landmark symbol at Anaheim Stadium.  (There’s also no indication that he wasn’t.)
Hint:     The Sporting News called him “Clarence Darrow of the clubhouse”.
Hint:     He once confronted Dick Enberg saying “You cost me $200, you son of a bitch.  I ought to take $200 out of your voice.”
Twint:    He was bussed by The Bandit.
A.         BILLY COWAN (Topps Halo card image []—Link is source for other hints.)
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers:  Alex Johnson

WEEKLY THEME – Batters with six strikeouts in a game

Batter               Date                 Pitchers
Hoak*               02-May-1956     A. Worthington, D. Liddle, H. Wilhelm, S. Ridzik, M. Grissom
Reichardt          31-May-1966     S. Siebert, S. Hargan
Cowan              09-Jul-1971       V. Blue, R. Fingers
Cooper             14-Jun-1974      N. Ryan, B. Raziano
Horn**               17-Jul-1991       M. Gubicza, M. Magnante, S. Davis, J. Montgomery, L. Aquino
Gonzalez           09-Sep-1998      D. Gooden, P. Shuey, D. Jones, M. Jackson
Jenkins             08-Jun-2004      K. Escobar, F. Rodriguez, S. Shields, K. Gregg, R. Ortiz

*Also had a walk and a single
**Also had a walk

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX (after Reichardt Q.)

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