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June 29-July 5, 2015 Players who Finished 2nd in Rookie-of-the-Year Voting to a Teammate

Q.         What Hall of Famer won his minor league’s Triple Crown, Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards playing for a last place team?
Hint:     That same year he was called up to the majors halfway through August.
Hint:     In the majors the following year, his first full season in the bigs, he helped his team win the pennant.
Hint:     Three years later, he was overwhelmingly voted American League MVP, playing in more regular-season games in one year than anyone on the Red Sox, before or since.
Twint:    He was elected to the Hall of Fame with a vote barely over the minimum in his fifteenth year on the ballot.
A.         JIM RICE (1974 played for Pawtuckett in the International League w/25 HR, 93 RBI & .337 in 117 G; Debut 19-Aug-1975; 1975 Red Sox; 1978 AL MVP, 163 G; HOF 2009)
FCR -    Judah Kaplan, Teaneck, NY
Incorrect answers:  Fred Lynn, Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Conigliaro, Ted Williams, Joe Cronin, Dustin Pedroia

Q.         Who was the first Seattle Mariners pitcher to win multiple American League strikeout titles?
Hint:     He won five consecutive Gold Glove Awards for the Angels, the only Angel pitcher ever to win even one.
Hint:     In the middle of that run, he was chosen as the starter in the All-Star game.
Twint:    He combined with Mike Witt to pitch a no-hitter in his first appearance as an Angel.
Twint:    Two of his teammates on the 1980 Boulder, Colorado summer league team were Joe Carter and Tony Gwynn.
A.         MARK LANGSTON (K titles 1986, 245 K & 1987, 262 K; GG 1991-95; ASG 1993; No-no 11‑Apr‑1990)
FCR -    Brandon Keys, Moline, IL
Incorrect answers:  Floyd Bannister, Randy Johnson

Q.         Who led the Atlanta Braves in batting average, hits, runs, OBP, OPS and OPS+ in 2014?
Hint:     (Not just because today is Canada Day!)
Hint:     He tied for most regular season games played in the majors last year but certainly won’t in 2015—he’s currently on the disabled list with a wrist sprain.
Twint:    He is a sixth-generation “Salvationist”, an active member of the Salvation Army.
A.         FREDDIE FREEMAN (His parents were both born in Canada—he has dual U.S./Canadian citizenship; 162 G in 2014 [Tied with Evan Longoria, Hunter Pence & Alcides Escobar])
FCR -    Kellen Nielson, Blanding, UT
Incorrect answers:  Jeff Francoeur, Chris Johnson, Melvin (“B.J.”) Upton

Q.         Who had the most overlooked 46-home-run season in history?
Hint:     Even though it was accompanied by a league-leading 141 RBI.
Twint:    He hit five of his six career grand slams that season.
Twint:    He was the first American League slugger with that many grand slams in one year.
A.         JIM GENTILE (1961 when the whole world was focused on Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris)
FCR -    Frank DiPrima, Morristown, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Orlando Cepeda, Davey Johnson, Ryan Howard, Norm Cash, Ken Griffey, Jr., Prince Fielder, Lou Gehrig, Andre Dawson, Alfonso Soriano, Rocky Colavito, Jose Canseco, Tony Armas, Luis Gonzalez, Albert Belle, Carlos Pena, Walt Dropo, Tino Martinez

Q.         Who was traded with a Hall of Famer for a Hall of Famer after only eight games with his original team?
Hint:     Another player was involved on each side of the trade.
Hint:     His father was a star in the NHL for over a decade.
Hint:     He once ran a Beaver farm.
Twint:    He coached for only one season in the majors—for a talented but hapless last-place team.
A.         PETE WARD (14-Jan-1963 traded by the BAL with Ron Hansen, Dave Nicholson and Hoyt Wilhelm to the CHW for Luis Aparicio and Al Smith; Father Jimmy Ward; Managed the AAA 1981 Portland Beavers of the PCL, farm club of CLE; Coach for the 1978 Atlanta Braves)
FCR -    Jim Turner, Tallahassee, FL
Incorrect answers: 

Q.         Who did Andre Dawson say was the funniest player he ever played with?
Hint:     He also had the best pipes—he sang the national anthem before Cubs games many times.
Hint:     He was a 3rd-round pick in the 1984 amateur draft.  His son was a first-round pick 27 years later.
Twint:    Most people thought he was a good person, but a one point he was even a Saint.
A.         DWIGHT SMITH (Dawson’s teammate 1989-92 w/CHI; Drafted by CHI 3rd-round 1984 amateur draft (June Secondary); Played 74 G in 1997 with the independent Northern League St. Paul Saints)
FCR -    Mary Shea Milwaukee, WI
Incorrect answers:  Shawon Dunston, Tom Gordon, Drew Hall, Joe Carter, Delino Deshields

Q.         Who was the first 20th-century Baltimore Oriole pitcher to lead his league in wins?
Hint:     He also was the first Oriole to win the “Sporting News” Pitcher of the Year Award.
Twint:    He won 33 games total his first two seasons in the majors, but that ended up being more than 2/3 of his career victories.
Twint:    After his career ended, he was a coach for the Rangers and Indians as well as on the Padres staff.
A.         CHUCK ESTRADA (18-11 in 1960 [tied with Jim Perry] although Urban Shocker with SLB tied with Carl Mays with 27 W for the first to do it for the franchise; SN POY 1960, the next Oriole to win it was Jim Palmer 1973; Career W-L total 50-44; 1973 TEX coach, 1983 CLE coach, SDP staff 1978-81)
FCR -    Larry Creeden, Boulder City, NV
Incorrect answers:  Dave McNally, Jim Palmer, Steve Stone, Wally Bunker, Mike Cuellar

Q.         Who was the first Montana-born player to receive league MVP and league Rookie of the Year votes?
Hint:     In his Rookie year, he was the Opening Day 1st baseman for the Phillies and played in every one of their games.
Hint:     Among Montana natives, only John Lowenstein has more career hits.
Twint:    His manager that year was out of a job midway through the next season.
Twint:    A decade later, that same manager led the Tigers to their first World Series Championship in 23 years.
A.         ED BOUCHEE (Born Livingston, MT 07-March-1933, debut 19-Sep-1956 MVP 12th, ROY 2nd in 1956 while Steamboat Williams (1914), Johnny Couch (1917), Larry Duff (1922), Jim Tyack (1943) and Herb Plews (1956) preceded him in the majors; 144GP for the 77-77 PHI; Mayo Smith PHI manager from 1955 through mid-1958, then 1967-1970 for the Tigers including the 1968 WS crown)
FCR -    Joe Haardt, McLean, VA
Incorrect answers:  Del Ennis, Eddie Waitkus

WEEKLY THEME – Players who finished 2nd to teammates in Rookie-of-the-Year voting

2nd Place             Rookie of the Year       Year               Team
Bouchee            Jack Sanford                   NL 1957        Phillies
Estrada               Ron Hansen                    AL 1960         Orioles
Gentile              Ron Hansen                    AL 1960         Orioles
Ward                   Gary Peters                    AL 1963         White Sox
Rice                     Fred Lynn                        AL 1975         Red Sox
Langston            Alvin Davis                      AL 1984         Mariners
Smith                  Jerome Walton             NL 1989        Cubs
Freeman            Craig Kimbrel                 NL 2011        Braves

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Merrill, Montpelier, VT (after the Langston Q.)

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