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August 17-23, 2015 Players with at least twenty stolen bases in a season where they turned 40

Q.         Who is the only member of the original Hall of Fame class not to win the World Series?
Hint:     This despite the fact that he played in three consecutive Fall Classics.
Hint:     He had the highest percentage of Hall of Fame votes until surpassed more than 50 years later by Tom Seaver’s 98.8%.
Twint:    It’s hard to think of a certain rose without thinking of this peach.
A.         TY COBB
- Ruth, Wagner, Johnson & Mathewson all got “rings”
- WS 1907, 08, 09
- 98.2%
FCR -    Jim Casey, Savannah, GA
Incorrect answers:  Cy Young, Ted Williams, Walter Johnson, Tris Speaker, George Sisler, Craig Biggio

Q.         To what slugger did Warren Spahn surrender the most home runs during his major league career?
Hint:     In addition, this player hit more of his career homers off Spahn than he did off any other pitcher.
Twint:    He was selected for the All-Star game every full season after his Rookie Year during the 1950's, and every year in the 60's.
A.         WILLIE MAYS
- Mays homered off Spahn 18 times
- 1971, 112 BB, .425 OPB, 19th in MVP voting
- 1st H, 28-May-1951
- Tied with Stan Musial with 24 ASG appearances
FCR -    Duncan Crowl, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Incorrect answers:  Gil Hodges, Roberto Clemente, Stan Musial, Ralph Kiner, Hank Aaron

Q.         Before 2014, who was the Hall of Fame’s most recent first-round-ballot inductee?
Hint:     In his final major league appearance, he was hit by a pitch and scored a run, but was then replaced by a Canadian pitcher.
Hint:     He made the All-Star team ten times yet played eleven years after the last one without making it once.
Twint:    The only other player voted into the Hall by the writers the same year, was in his last year of eligibility.
- 2009 HOF only 1st ballot inductee (BBWAA) 94.8% vote, 2014-15 multiple 1st round inductees.  None in between
- Final game 19-Sep-2003, he was HBP, advanced to 2nd on a bunt, then scored on a grounder to center field, replaced the next inning by Paul Quantril.
- No ASG 1992-2003 after making it in 1991
- Jim Rice 76.4%, 15th year of eligibility
FCR -    Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Dave Winfield, Barry Larkin, Roberto Alomar, Kirby Puckett, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Ernie Banks, Tom Seaver

Q.         Who is the only modern era shortstop with more than two seasons with a batting average of at least .350? (Reasonable minimums apply)
Hint:     In his final such season, he fell two home runs short of winning the Triple Crown.
Hint:     He was never named MVP.
Twint:    His record as a major league manager was 1-7.
- 1901 .353
- 1903 .355*
- 1905 .363
- 1907 .350*
- 1908 .354*
and just missed in 1904 w/ .349
- 1908 also led with 109 RBI, but his 10 HR were second to Tim Jordan’s 12
- First MVP’s of any kind were in 1911 and he’d already played 15 years.  He did win the batting title that year with a .334 avg, but the NL award went to Frank Schulte of the Cubs.  Wagner tied for 3rd in the voting.
- Managed the Pirates for 8 games in 1917, his last year as a player
FCR -    Victor Piacentile, Yorktown Heights, NY
*Led the NL
Incorrect answers:  Arky Vaughn, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, Frankie Frisch, Nomar Garciaparra, Hughie Jennings, Troy Tulowitzki, Arky Vaughan, Vern Stephens,

Q.         Who was the first player to bat in a regular season game in Canada?
Hint:     He is the first of only two players in MLB history to be caught stealing 300 times.
Hint:     Unable to catch a glimpse of Maury Wills’s “little black book” on pitchers, he decided to film pitchers moves with his own camera.
Hint:     As a result, Don Drysdale once said to him “I don’t want to be in your ___ ____ movies” and, to no one’s surprise, threw at him the next time up.
Twint:    He was the first player to hit five home runs in his team's first four games of a season.
A.         LOU BROCK
- Montreal Expos first home opener 14-Apr-1969 against SL – he lined out to Gary Sutherland 2B.
- CS 307, with Henderson caught 335 times.
- Wills refused to show his log book to Brock – as one could understand – so Brock bought an 8mm camera  to “record the league’s pitchers” from SABR BIO.
FCR -    Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, RI
Incorrect answers:  Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tim Raines, Joe Morgan, Rickey Henderson, Tommie Agee

Q.         What former Pirate holds the record for career stolen bases in the postseason?
Hint:     He is the last American Leaguer with 75 steals in a season.
Hint:     One of his college teammates just won a ring.
Twint:    He is in the Hall of Fame of the franchise he played for the most.
Twint:    He had three different tours of duty with them forming parts of 10 seasons.
Twint:    He led them to the post season six times.
- 34 postseason SB; Played for PIT in 2003
- 75 SB in 1996
- Steve Kerr, basketball teammate at the University of Arizona, coached the champion Golden State Warriors to this year’s NBA title
FCR -    Mike Massaroli, Staten Island, NY
Incorrect answers:  Miguel Dilone, Omar Moreno, Maury Wills, Johnny Ray

Q.         After Dan McGann in 1904, who was the next National Leaguer to collect five stolen bases in one game?
Hint:     He swiped Max Carey's long-standing consecutive stolen base record with his 32nd consecutive steal.
Hint:     He taught another well-known base stealer how to tie a necktie.
Twint:    The only natives of his state with more career hits are Hall of Famers or Paul Konerko.
A.         DAVEY LOPES
- 5 SB 24-Aug-1974
- CS after 32 straight SB, 1 year later:  24-Aug-1975
- Taught Rickey Henderson the proper way a gentleman wears silk
- Rhodes Islanders with more H:  Nap Lajoie, Hugh Duffy, Gabby Hartnett & Paul Konerko
FCR -    John Michael Pierobon, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Incorrect answers:  Lou Brock, Clyde Milan, Maury Wills, Eddie Collins, Jackie Robinson, Martin Dihigio, Monte Ward, Edd Roush, Honus Wagner

Q.         Who has the most career stolen bases for someone who has never appeared in an All‑Star game? (In the All-Star era.)
Hint:     Not even in the season when he stole more than 70 and helped his team get to the postseason for the first time in a decade.
Hint:     Had he been on the postseason roster that year, it might have made a difference.
Hint:     That franchise hadn’t won a postseason game in over 30 years.
Hint:     Also might be partly because, in his seventeen years in the majors, his OPS+ never cracked the century mark.
Twint:    He still owns Ozone.
A.         OTIS NIXON
- 620 SB, 16th all-time
- 72 SB in 1991; His Braves made it to the WS, but they lost to MIN;
- Previous postseason win 05-Oct-1958
- Highest OPS+ was 94, also in 1991
- Ozone Entertainment Systems, Inc., Alpharetta, GA, opened by Nixon during the MB work stoppage of 1994-95
FCR -    Michael Remillard, Harrisburg, PA
Incorrect answers:  Juan Pierre, Herb Washington, Maury Wills, Tom Goodwin, Omar Moreno, Ralph Garr, Scott Podsednik

WEEKLY THEME – Players with at least twenty stolen bases in a season where they turned 40 (or more)

Player            SB     Year     Age   Team
Brock........... 21      1979     40      STL
Cobb............ 22      1927     40      PHA
Henderson.... 37      1999     40      NYM
.................... 36      2000     41      NYM/SEA
.................... 25      2001     42      SPD
Lofton.......... 23      2007     40      TEX/CLE
Lopes........... 47      1985     40      CHC
.................... 25      1986     41      CHC/HOU
Mays............ 23      1971     40      SFG
Nixon............ 26      1999     40      ATL
Wagner......... 23      1914     40      PIT
.................... 22      1915     41      PIT

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Rick Fink, Edison, NJ

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday   -  Hall of Famers with the highest % of hall of fame votes
               -  Players with the most hits for one team

Wed        -  Led league in caught stealing
               -  Top all time combined home runs and stolen bases lifetime

Friday      -  Hall of Famers with a lot of stolen bases
               -  HOFers who have led their league in steals
               -  Players with over 500 SBs

Saturday  -  Stolen base leaders by the decade

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