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October 5-11, 2015 Major League managers who played for the 1900 St. Louis Cardinals

Q.         Who is the only manager to defeat the Yankees in consecutive World Series?
Hint:     He has more career wins than any other National League manager.
Hint:     The impressive career on-base percentage (OBP) he achieved as a player, has been eclipsed only by Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.
Twint:    He made his sole All-Star Game appearance seven months before his death.
A.         JOHN McGRAW
-  NY Giants beat NY Yankees in 1921 and 1922 WS
-  2,583 NL wins as a manager
1933 NL AS manager, died 25-Feb-1934
FCR -    Rick Zucker, St. Louis, MO
Incorrect answers:  Sparky Anderson, Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial, Frankie Frisch, Mel Ott, Tommy Lasorda

Q.         For whom was the Brooklyn franchise named from 1914-31?
Hint:     He played for, took over as manager from and coached for, his friend, John McGraw.
Twint:    He committed the fourth-most career errors as a catcher.
-  Brooklyn Robins 1914-31
-  Played for McGraw on 1901 Orioles, took over as manager for 1902 Orioles, coached for McGraw with 1911-13 Giants
FCR -    Frank Workman, Lake Forest Park, WA

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to win 200 games in the AL?
Hint:     He was the first player to be elected to the Hall of Fame with less than 80% of the vote.
Twint:    He won 286 games in the NL before he earned his first AL win.
A.         CY YOUNG
-  Won 200th AL game in 1909
-  76.1% of BBWAA HOF votes in 1937
-  1st AL win 1901 w/BOS
FCR -    Jim Turner, Tallahassee, FL
Incorrect answers:  Eddie Plank, Sandy Koufax, Jack Chesbro, Chief Bender, Deacon Phillippe, Ed Walsh, Red Ruffing, Herb Pennock

Q.         Which Pittsburgh native tried out for the Pirates in 1894 but was turned away because Connie Mack felt he was too small?
Hint:     Each time they met thereafter, he teased Mack about the decision.
Hint:     His inauspicious major league debut as a pitcher did not foretell his future as a Hall of Fame shortstop.
Hint:     In 1911, Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss called him “The best player in the American League, the only player I would get if I could.”
Hint:     He interrupted his playing career to become a major league umpire in 1915.
Twint:    He disliked umpiring so much that he returned to playing at the end of the season.
Twint:    Having to eject Ty Cobb might have been the final straw.
-  Debut: 6 IP, 13 H, 7 R
AL ump 1915; Ejected Cobb 27-Sep-1915
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo, MI
Incorrect answers:  Honus Wagner, Arky Vaughan, Hughie Jennings, Wee Willie Keeler, Rabbit Maranville, Nap Lajoie, George Davis, Eddie Collins

Q.         Which former player, as the chief scout for the Red Sox, convinced owner Joe Lannin to sign the young George Herman Ruth?
Hint:     He was George H.W. Bush's high school baseball coach.
Twint:    He holds the records for the most games and at-bats by an Irish-born major leaguer.
-  Ruth signed with Bosox 10-Jul-1914
-  Coached at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
-  1,824 G; 7,505 AB
FCR -    Larry Hayes, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Jack Dunn, Joe Wood, Ed Barrow

Q.         Who is the only player in the modern game (1901 =>) to knock in at least 100 runs in a season when he hit no home runs.  None.
Hint:     He remains the only second baseman to have 15 assists in one game.
Hint:     He retired as the all-time leader in hits by a third baseman.
Twint:    He played for four different major league teams in four different leagues, all in the same city.
Twint:    He coached baseball at Branch Rickey’s alma mater.
A.         LAVE CROSS
-  0 HR, 108 RBI in 1902
-  15 assists 15-Aug-1997
-  Approx 2,018 H @ 3rd
Played for      - Philadelphia Athletics of the American Association;
                  - Philadelphia Athletics of the Players League;
                  - Philadelphia Phillies of the National League; and
                  - Philadelphia Athletics (A’s) of the American League.
                        - Also played for major league teams in Louisville, St. Louis, Cleveland, Brooklyn and Washington
-  Coached at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1914; Rickey had attended in 1903-04, 07-08
FCR – Jason Hoagland, Columbus, OH
Incorrect answers:  Pie Traynor, Hughie Jennings, Pete Rose, Jimmy Collins, Frankie Frisch, Joe Sewell, Frank Baker, Tommy Leach, Ryne Sandberg, Brooks Robinson, George Brett

Q.         Who was the first native of Australia to play in the majors?
Hint:     The next Australian to debut in the majors came more than 100 years later.
Hint:     He was inducted into the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013.
Twint:    He was a mortician and owned a funeral home.
A.         JOE QUINN
Quinn’s debut 26-Apr-1884
Craig Shipley’s debut 22-Jun-1986
FCR -    Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR
Incorrect answers:  Dave Nilsson, Sam Agnew, Grant Balfour

Q.         Who holds the modern record for most hits in a season without an extra base hit?
Hint:     Mark Grudzielanek threatened in 2010 but came up three singles short.
Hint:     His major league playing career spanned four decades.
Twint:    As a manager, he ordered third baseman Red Corriden to stand in shallow left field, allowing Nap Lajoie five bunt singles in an effort to beat Ty Cobb in the 1910 batting race.
Twint:    His team lost that game 0-3 and finished the season dead last in the American League an eye-popping 57 games out of first place.
A.         JACK O’CONNOR
-  33 H, 0 EBH in 1906
-  The 1910 batting title garnered huge interest and created a lasting controversy.  The final stats show Lajoie hit .3841 and Cobb .3834.
1910 AL St. Louis Browns w/.305 win-loss %
FCR -    Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR
Incorrect answers:  Manny Mota, Minnie Minoso

Q.         Who was the first St. Louis native to both play for and manage the Cardinals?
Hint:     He was named for one of the greatest jurists in American history.
Hint:     His older brother had a six-year career in the majors.
Hint:     A childhood friend of his became a National League home run champion.
Hint:     Pussy was not his brother—probably.
Twint:    He took his own life at age 53 a short time after his wife left him.
-  B. 05-Dec-1864 in St. Louis; first played and managed for the St. Louis Perfectos in 1899.
-  Full name “Oliver Wendell Tebeau” after Oliver Wendell Holmes.
-  Brother George Tebeau played in the majors 1887-95
-  Friend Bill Joyce led the NL with 13 HR in 1896
-- Pussy Tebeau probably not related in spite of family names matching
FCR -    Larry Hayes, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Ken Boyer, Jimmy Burke, Harry Brecheen, Billy Southworth, Judy Johnson, Whitey Herzog, Rogers Hornsby, Red Scheondienst

Q.         Whose single-season WAR of 9.3 has been topped only by Mike Trout for the Angels’ franchise?
Hint:     He won the Cy Young Award in 1964 at age 23, making him the youngest American Leaguer ever to win the award.
Hint:     It would be another four decades before an Angel would win the Cy Young Award again.
Hint:     Against the pennant-winning Yankees that year, he started five games, threw four complete-game shutouts and had an ERA of 0.13 (not a typo).
Hint:     In his only no-decision, he pitched 14 scoreless innings before being pulled.
Hint:     No Angels’ starting pitcher has ever bettered the 1.65 ERA he had that year.
Hint:     It’s reported that he threw 18 no-hitters in high school.
Hint:     He anticipated and won the Comeback Player of the Year Award.
Twint:    He had scores of offers to play college football and basketball.
Twint:    Mickey Mantle said of him “Every time I see his name on a lineup card, I feel like throwing up”.
A.         DEAN CHANCE
Trout with a 2012 WAR of 10.8
-  Only other Angel with a CYA was Bartolo Colon in 2005
-  No-decision against NYY 06-Jun-1964
CPYA 1967
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo, MI
Incorrect answers:  Jack Hamilton

WEEKLY THEME – Major League managers who played for the 1900 St. Louis Cardinals.

Player                 Managed                       When               G for STL in 1900
Cross          Cleveland Spiders (CLV)         1899                    16

Donovan     Pittsburgh Pirates (PIT)            1897, 99            126
                    St. Louis Cardinals (STL)         1901-03
                    Washington Senators (WSH)   1904
                    Brooklyn Superbas (BRO)       1906-08
                    Boston Red Sox (BOS)            1910-11

McGraw     Baltimore Orioles (BLN)           1899                    99
                    Baltimore Orioles (BLA)           1901-02
                    NY Giants (NYG)                     1902-32
                    NL All-Stars                              1933

O’Connor    St. Louis Browns (SLB)            1910                    10

Quinn          St. Louis Browns (STL)            1895                    22
                    Cleveland Spiders (CLV)         1899

Robinson    Baltimore Orioles (BLA)           1902                    60
                    Brooklyn Robins (BRO)           1914-31

Tebeau       Cleveland Infants (CLE)           1890                      1
                    Cleveland Spiders (CLV)         1891-98
                    St. Louis Perfectos (STL)         1899
                    St. Louis Cardinals (STL)         1900

Wallace       St. Louis Browns (SLB)            1911-12            126
                    Cincinnati Reds (CIN)              1937

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Jim Turner, Tallahassee, FL

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