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June 6-12, 2016 3rd Basemen Who won the World Series MVP Award

Q. Who is the only third baseman to be voted MVP in consecutive seasons?
Hint: He was the Sporting News first-team College All-American shortstop in 1971?
Hint: No National League batter has won more home run titles.
Hint: He was known to rocked his rear end back-and-forth while waiting for a pitch.
- MVP 1980, 81
- HR title 8 times (Ralph Kiner had 7)
FCR - Ira Kotel, Short Hills, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Sal Bando

Q. Who played for the same major league club for 23 years and won a Gold Glove Award in 16 of those seasons?
Hint: He is part owner of the independent minor league team, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs in Waldorf, Maryland.
Hint: He is honored with two life-size, action-pose statues near the stadium where his team now plays.
Hint: On one of the statues, his glove (and only his glove) is cast in what appears to be gold.
- His GG’s were won in 16 consecutive seasons, 1960-75 for the Orioles
FCR - Bob Kimball, Sutton, MA
Incorrect answers:  Sammy Sosa, Cal Ripken, Greg Maddux, Mark Belanger, Ozzie Smith, Willie Mays, Omar Vizquel

Q. Who was the last Blue Jay to triple in the World Series?
Hint: In an earlier game that same series he started at first, instead of that year’s batting and on base percent champ, in order to keep his bat in the game.
Hint: It seems to have paid off as he delivered 3 H, 3 R and 3 RBI, while playing position 3 and batting 3rd in the order in Game 3.
Hint: The only other fielding position he played that series was... you guessed itthird base.
Hint: This, too, was a bold move as he had not played third for three full seasons, and appeared in only two games at third the fourth season prior.
- Game 6 1993 WS, b1 an RBI 3B driving in Devon White
- Game 3 1993 WS he replaced  John Olerud (BA .363, OBP .473) at 1B.  Cito Gaston  
wanted a right handed batter against Philly lefty Danny Jackson.
- Started at 3B Games 4 and 5 in PHI.  No appearances during the season at third from 1991-93, and only twice 1990.
FCR - Adrian Fung, Toronto, ON
Incorrect answers:  Roberto Alomar, John Olerud, Devon White, Kelly Gruber

Q. Who is he only Angels’ batter to have more extra-base hits than singles in a season?
Hint: He did it twice.
Hint: The first time he did it, he led the league in home runs.
Hint: He attended the arch-rival school from what his name would imply.
Hint: The first time he participated in the All-Star Game Home Derby, he hit exactly zero home runs.  In his second try five years later, he did manage a home run...a home run.
- In 2000, 85 EBH, 75 1B;  2001 81 EBH, 66 1B
- 47 HR in 2000
- Attended UCLA instead of becoming a USC Trojan.
- HRD 2001 & 2006
FCR - Arieh Siegal, Austin, TX
Incorrect answers:  Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, Carney Lansford

Q. Who was the first Marlin to hit three home runs in a game?
Hint: He was Randy Johnson's 3,000th career strikeout victim.
Hint: An instance of his defensive stealth has become famous online.
Hint: He hasn’t been clean-shaven since his days as a Yankee.
- 3 HR 21-Apr-2004
- Johnson's 3,000th K 10-Sep-2000
- Hidden ball trick  10-Aug-2005, Top of the 8th
- Yankee policy eschews the hirsute countenance, but once freed, Lowell looks great
FCR - Ray Palen, Clermont, FL
Incorrect answers:  Gary Sheffield, Jeff Conine, Hensely Meulens

Q. Though he has lost some of it, what once-agile star is said to have gained 40 pounds between the end of the 2015 season and 2016 spring training?
Hint: He is currently scheduled to undergo season-ending surgery.
Hint: His absence has not had a negative effect on his team as they have flirted with first place in their division for most of 2016.
Hint: He was named MVP the 2012/2013 Venezuelan League 7-game finals.
- Red Sox barely out of 1st place at this writing
- In the 2012/2013 Venezuelan League finals. Playing for Navegantes del Magallanes, he was named MVP of his team's defeat of Cardenales de Lara in seven games.
FCR - Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Pedro Alvarez, Miguel Cabrera, Josh Hamilton, Jose Abreu

Q. Whose record for career home runs by a Los Angeles Dodger did Eric Karros break?
Hint: He once survived a Goose Gossage beaning, and came back the next game to help his team clinch the World Series.
Hint: He finished his career the same year as teammate Reggie Jackson.
Hint: He was at once a hero and villain, though he never actually appeared in the comics.
         - 228 HR, Karros ended with 270
- A Gossage pitch hit him in the head in Game 5 1981 WS, knocking him out of the game.  He returned three days later for his team’s clinching game going 2 for 3 with an RBI and a run scored.
- He and Reggie both retired in 1987 as Oakland A’s.
- He was a “Batman” and the “Penguin”.
FCR - Richard Marston, Newport Beach, CA
Incorrect answers:  Steve Garvey, Gil Hodges, Pedro Guerrero

Q. Who was the last Yankee third baseman to win a gold glove?
Hint: In his short Yankee career he was in four World Series, and took home three rings.
Hint: He then retired to Oregon and a successful career as a college coach for his alma mater.
Hint: In 2013 he won a national championship for his “Wildcats”.
- 1999 GG winner third base for NYY.  None since.
- NYY 1998-2001
     - Coached his alma mater, the Linfield College (McMinnville, OR) Wildcats, from 2008-2015 taking the NCAA Division III Championship on 2013.  He now works in the Mariners organization as the hitting coach their AAA team under team manager Pat Listach.
FCR - Kellen Nielson, Blanding, UT
Incorrect answers:  Graig Nettles, Wade Boggs, Reed Rolfe, Clete Boyer, Eric Chavez

Q. Since Pat Borders, who has been the only non-pitcher NOT to be an All-Star by the time he was the World Series MVP?
Hint: You have to go back more than 30 years to find an MVP position player with a lower World Series batting average that this guy’s.
Hint: He attended the same high school as the last NL player to win the Rookie of the Year and MVP in consecutive seasons.
Hint: He never received a single vote for either of those awards.
- Freese was WS MVP 2011, but was not an All-Star until the next season.  Borders (1992) was never an All Star.
- He hit .348 in that series.  Darrell Porter hit .286 in 1982.
- Lafayette HS, Wildwood, MO alumni includes Ryan Howard ROY 2005, MVP 2006
FCR - Joe Matocha, Meridan, CT
Incorrect answers:  David Eckstein*, Madison Bumgarner, Gene Tenace, David Conine, Edgar Renteria.
*Retraction retracted.  Only Freese qualifies.

Q. Who once broke out of an 0-for-15 slump by homering twice in the same inning?
Hint: He was the first player ever for his 98-year-old franchise to hit two home runs in one inning.
Hint: He later came back and managed that same team to an 81-81 season
- Slump-breaking HR’s 5th inning 13-May-1980.
- Managed Reds (1996, 97, 2003 .500 in ‘96)
FCR - Jason Hammon, Arlington, TX
Incorrect answers:  Robin Ventura, Carlos Baerga, Terry Francona, Hal McCray

Q. Who holds the career record for reaching base by catcher’s interference?
Hint: He became the first player in the history of his franchise to receive a salary in excess of $75,000 in a season.
Hint: He became the oldest position player to appear in a World Series game.
Hint: Only he compiled multiple 20-consecutive-game hitting streaks for multiple teams.
- 28 times he got to first in a major league game due to catcher’s interference or obstruction
- 1969 salary with the Reds was $85,000
- Oldest in WS: 1983, G 5 16-Oct, was born April 1941, ergo 42½
FCR - Jake Hopper, Houston, TX
Incorrect answers:  Rickey Henderson, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente

THEME FOR THE WEEK - World Series MVP Third Basemen

Player WS Year Team
Cey         1981 LAD

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Kevin Epstein, San Antonio, TX (after Molitor)

Incorrect theme guesses:
Monday   - Players who won the MVP and the World Series MVP in the same season

Tuesday - Multiple Gold-Glove-winning third basemen
- Hall of Fame third basemen
- Hall of Fame, hard-hitting, gifted glove third basemen.
- MVP 3rd basemen
- HOF, first ballot
- Hall of Famers who played in the 1893 World Series
- Hall of Fame third basemen to spend their entire careers with one team

Wed - Members of the 3,000 hits club who were also World Series MVPs

Sunday - winter ball series MVP


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