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July 11-17, 2016 Batters who led their leagues in batting average and stolen bases in the season

Q. Who was the first 20th century player to hit .400 in consecutive years?
Hint: Though he had three seasons over.400, he was not the last from his club to break the .400 mark.
Hint: Est persici
- .420 in 1911 and .409 in 1912.
- Cobb hit .401 in 1922, and Harry Hielmann hit .403 in 1923
- Latin for “he is a peach”... a Georgia Peach to be a little more precise.
FCR - Jake Hopper Houston, TX

Q. Who was the first Louisville Colonel inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?
Hint: His Hall of Fame vote percentage was essentially the same as Babe Ruth’s.
Hint: He once said “There ain’t much to being a ballplayer, if you’re a ballplayer,”
- He played for the Colonels from 1897-1899 and while three other HOF players came from the team, he was the first in 1936
- Ruth and Wagner each garnered 95.1% of the vote.
- Quote from SABR BIO.
FCR - Tie:  Paul Woodson, Cheyenne, WY and Jake Hopper Houston, TX
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Q. Who was the first Oriole franchise player to take the honors for the League MVP Award ?
Hint: It would be 42 years until before another Oriole would win MVP.
Hint: He was the last player in his league to win “MVP” with a BA over .400.
Hint: Opening day of his final season he played in only one inning as a pinch hitter - twice.
- 1922 League Award, St. Louis Browns.  It was called the League Award from 1922-29
- 1964, Brook Robinson took the MVP with the Orioles.
- His .420 BA 1922 was never again matched by another American League MVP.  Cobb took the Chalmers award with .420 BA in 1911.
- 21-Apr-1930 he led off the b9 inning as a PH with a single with his team sending 11 men to the plate.  Thus he had a 2nd at bat as a PH in the same inning.
FCR - Michael Caragliano Flushing, NY
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Q. Who was the first ballplayer specifically featured on a US Postage Stamp?
Hint: Leo Durocher never accused him of “mailing it in”.
Hint: Accomplished in many sports, it took a little help from the World Heavyweight Champs to further his military career.
- 1982, Jackie Robinson.  Another barrier he broke.  There have been many since.
- Durocher quote: "He was a great competitor who could do it all. He was a great player, a manager's dream... If I had to go to war, I'd want him on my side."
- Robinson was friends with Joe Louis when both were stationed at Fort Riley, KS.  Louis used his influence to help Robinson and other African-Americans gain admission to the  Army’s Officer Candidate School - something they were originally denied due to segregation.
FCR - Dave Goss Wind Gap, PA

Q. Who was the first Giant to homer twice in a World Series game?
Hint: He did it in the same game.
Hint: He is the only player to win his leagues batting title in back-to-back seasons while playing each complete season with a different team.
Hint: Though very short, he had a “tall” opinion of himself proclaiming "I'll make them all forget that a guy named Ty Cobb ever pulled on a baseball shoe".
Hint: He might have achieved a lot more had his career not ended in scandal.
- 1917 WS vs CWS, game 4, b4 (IPHR) and b8
- Federal League 1914 .370 Indianapolis Hoosiers, 1915 .342 Brooklyn Tip-Tops.
- Quote and career from SABR BIO.  He was accused of participating in fixing games, and was eventually banned from baseball for “car theft”.
FCR - Larry Hayes  San Francisco, CA

Q. Of the “bats left, throws right” position playe, who has appeared in the most All-Star Games in the 21st century (2001-present)?
Hint: He also has the highest single season batting average for the century.
Hint: In fact, he is tied with two other players for the most seasons batting .300 or greater (eligible for batting title) this century.
Hint: He and his team’s battery mates made the first World Baseball Classic All-Tournament team.
- 10 ASG.  Mauer, Fielder and Cano have 6 each.
- .372 in 2004
- He, Pujols and Miggy each have 10 such seasons.
- 2006 WBC won by Japan.  Daisuke Matsuzaka (P), Tomoya Satozaki (C) and Ichiro (OF) were members of the winning Japanese team.
FCR - Glenn Horowitz NY, NY
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Q. Who was the first Astro to capture a batting title?
Hint: He is the only player of his  “diminutive stature” to collect 225 hits in a season.
Hint: In fact, he is the only modern era player of his height to lead his league in hits twice.  Or even once.
Hint: And yet, he is considered by many to be “Gigante”.
- 2014, batted .341
- At 5’6”, no other modern era player of his height (or less) has ever had 225 hits (2014). The closest is Hack Wilson with 208.
- Led MLB 225 2014 and AL 200 in 2015.
- “Gigante” is his nickname.
FCR - Michael Remillard Harrisburg, PA
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Q. Who is the only Marlin to play fewer than 150 games in a season yet get over 200 hits?
Hint: He achieved this feat with nearly 100 fewer plate appearances than the Marlins single season hits leader.
Hint: His father, a terrific closer, was no comic book character and once was the set up man for the greatest closer of them all.
Hint: He himself was pretty “flashy”.
- 205 H, 145 G, 2015 and 653 PA.  Juan Pierre’s Marlins season record (221) required another Marlins record 748 PA om 2004
- Tom “Flash” Gordon went from closer with BOS to set up man for the Yankees and, of course, Mariano Rivera.
- “Flashy” fast as in NL stolen base leader in consecutive years (2014-15).
FCR - Leonard Levin Providence, RI and Andrew Distler NY, NY
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Q. Who was the first Yankee to win a season batting title but not make the Hall of Fame?
Hint: He was the only NYY to get first place votes each year when the only pitcher in MLB history took consecutive MVPs.
Hint: He was left stranded on third base in the bottom of the 9th when Bob Feller threw his second no hitter.
Hint: He won three rings with the Yankees, the last of which for a single appearance as a pinch runner for Johnny Mize.
- .309 in 1945.  Ruth (1924), Gehrig (1934) and DiMaggio (1939-40) preceeded him.  
- 1944 and 1945, Hal Newhouser was MVP, while Stirnweiss finished 4th  and 3rd with 1.0 and 4.0 first place votes respectively.
- 30-Apr-1946 He reached 1st on a leadoff error on a bunt attempt, made third on sac bunt and ground out. But the game ended when Charlie Keller grounded out.
- Game 2, 1949 WS PR for Johnny Mize b8 in a 1-0 NYY loss to BRO.
FCR - Dan Silverberg  Aventura, FL

WEEKLY THEME – Guys who led their league in batting average and stolen bases the same season

Player Year Club Lge Avg. SB
Altuve 2014 HOU AL .341 56
Cobb 1907 DET AL .350 53
1909 DET AL .377 76
1911 DET AL .420 83
1915 DET AL .369 96
1917 DET AL .383 55
Gordon 2015 MIA NL .333 58
Kauff 1914 IND FL .370 75
1915 BTT FL .342 55
Robinson 1949 BRO NL .342 37
Sisler 1922 SLB AL .420 51
Stirnweiss 1945 NYY AL .309 33
Suzuki 2001 SEA AL .350 56
Wagner 1904 PIT NL .349 53
1907 PIT NL .350 61
1908 PIT NL .354 53

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Jack Sullivan, Louisville, KY

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