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Oct 31-Nov 6, 2016 MLB managers born in Cuba

Q. Who hit the first home run in Three Rivers Stadium?
Hint: He once collected 6 RBI, accounting for all of his team's runs as they won both ends of a doubleheader on his 30th birthday.
Hint: That sort of dominance went a long way to helping his team earn their nickname.
Hint: He and Willie Mays each had more than 1,600 RBI, yet neither ever led the league in RBI.
- 1st HR 16-Jul-1970
- 6-RBI Doubleheader:  14-May-1972 (1) & (2)
- “The Big Red Machine”.  A decisive win over the Cubs once resulted in the the headline “Big Red Machine rolls over the Little Blue Bicycle”.
FCR - Mike McCroskey, Sugar Land, TX
Incorrect answers:  Johnny Bench, Roberto Clemente, George Foster, Dave Parker, Willie Stargell

Q. Who removed pitcher Clay Kirby in the 8th inning, even though Kirby was pitching a no-hitter?
Hint: Four years later he did the same thing to Don Wilson.
Hint: He was the first Padres manager, leading the team to a last-place finish each year he was there.
Hint: He beat Gene Mauch in the 1959 Junior World Series.
- Pulled Kirby 21-Jul-1970
- Pulled Wilson 04-Sep-1974
- Padres manager 1969-72 (fired after 11 games in 1972)
FCR - Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR
Incorrect answers:  Jack McKeon, John McNamara

Q. Who is the only player to have played all 9 defensive positions plus DH during his career, who was also both a National League and American League All-Star?
Hint: He was part of the trade that led Curt Flood to challenge the reserve clause.
Hint: His first hit was a single off of Sandy Koufax.
Hint: He has served as a Spanish language broadcaster for the Marlins.
- First hit 19-Apr-1962
FCR - Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Dick Allen, Bert Campaneris, Leo Cardenas, Tony Gonzalez, Willie Miranda, Willie Montanez, Cesar Tovar

Q. Who, on 31-Mar-2014, became the first manager to successfully challenge an umpire’s call under the expanded video review policy?
Hint: He was a 16th-round Yankee draft pick.
Hint: He succeeded Bobby Cox.
- Successfully challenged Greg Gibson’s “safe” call at 1B
- 16th round pick in 1982 draft (414th overall)
- Succeeded Cox as Braves manager in 2011
FCR - Jim Lovelace, Kent, OH
Incorrect answers:  Freddy Garcia, Joe Girardi, Buck Showalter

Q. Which long-time coach and scout coined the term “good field, no hit”?
Hint: He was the third base coach for Enos Slaughter’s “Mad Dash” in the 1946 World Series.
Hint: He called bright people “smart dummy” and less-intelligent folk “humpty-dumpty.”
Hint: He owned the Havana Reds from 1946 until the team’s dissolution during the 1961 revolution.
- Sent telegram simply stating “good field, no hit” to John McGraw after a 1921 scouting assignment
FCR - Leonard Levin, Providence, RI
Incorrect answers:  Leo Durocher

Q. Who is the only Blue Jays manager with a career W-L percentage of exactly .500?
Hint: He was the first bench coach in Diamondbacks history.
Hint: He was the first manager for the Portland Sea Dogs.
Hint: He never played pro ball and, in fact, was cut from his college team at the University of South Florida.
- 191-191 as Blue Jays manager
- Diamondbacks bench coach 1998-2000
- Portland Sea Dogs manager 1994-96
- Joined & cut from USF team in 1975
FCR - Daniel Wilson, St. Paul, MN
Incorrect answers:  Terry Collins, John Gibbons, Tim Johnson, Torey Lovullo, Bob Melvin, Jimy Williams

Q. Which scout signed Edgar Martinez to a professional contract in 1982?
Hint: As a pitcher for the Marianao Civic Military Institute, he set a record with 23 strikeouts in one game.
Hint: Cal Ermer converted him to a switch-hitter, resulting in a remarkable .160 increase in his batting average.
Hint: He started a community outreach program in Houston in which all of the Astros players visited patients in local hospitals.
- Signed Edgar Martinez (no relation) to $4,000 free agent contract
- 23 K game in 1957
- Converted to switch-hitter Jul-1966
FCR - Adrian Fung, Toronto, ON

THEME FOR THE WEEK - Natives of Cuba who managed in the major leagues.

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Mike McCroskey, Sugar Land, TX

Incorrect theme guesses:
Tuesday   - Cubans
Natives of Cuba
Cuban players with May birthdays
Cuban-born players who played in the major leagues and were part of the Havana Sugar Kings
Havana Sugar Kings
Wednesday - The last Havana team before Castro shut down American baseball

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