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2017-06-05 Batters with multiple 3-home-run games in a season

Q.        Who is the only player to capture a World Series championship for an American League team with a walk-off home run?
Hint:     Few remember him as a Cub, Padre, Oriole or Giant.
Hint:     He was the first 30/30 player for the Cleveland Indians.
Hint:     The year prior, he had led the majors in runs batted in.
A.         JOE CARTER
-  1993 WS, HR 9th inning, G 6
-  W/PDA in 1990; w/CHC in 1983 for 23 G
-  32 HR/31 SB in 1987 w/CLE
-  121 RBI w/CLE in 1986
FCR -  Jeff Kallman, Las Vegas
Incorrect answers:  Chris Chambliss, Grady Sizemore, Aaron Boone

Q.        Which slugger hit a first-inning home run for his career 300th and then proceeded to hit three more in the same game?
Hint:     He is the Toronto Blue Jays franchise career leader in:
- Offensive WAR,
- Slugging %,
- Plates appearances,
- Runs Scored,
- Total Bases,
- Home Runs,
- Runs Batted In,
- Bases on Balls,
- Strikeouts   and
- …almost every other more-recently-developed offensive measure.
Hint:     He was the 4th player in Major League history to hit 30 home runs in each of 10 consecutive seasons.
Hint:     Many of his contemporaries claimed that he had baseball’s best smile, by a mile.
-  4 HR 25-Sep-2003
-  O-WAR 39.1, SLG % .556, 6,018 PA, 889 R, 2,786 TB, 336 HR, 1,058 RBI, 827 BB & 1,042 K.  (Any record he doesn’t hold is owned by Tony Fernandez.)
-  10+ HR 1997-2006.  Preceding him with this feat were Gehrig, Foxx, Bonds & Sosa.  Pujols & A-Rod have done it since.
-  Delgado grin
FCR -  Josh Flowerman, Flanders, New Jersey
Incorrect answers:  Jose Bautista, Shawn Green, George Bell, Fred McGriff, Joe Carter, Vernon Wells, Edwin Encarnacion, Dave Winfield

Q.        Which player hit a career-high 35 home runs for the Tigers, then hit over 50 home runs the next season, after switching teams and leagues?
Hint:     Of all the major leaguers with a season with 50 MLB home runs, he is the only one of them who has a son who also hit 50 homers in a major league season.
Hint:     Bob’s first grand slam is his.
Hint:     He was twice runner-up in league MVP voting.
-  38 HR for the 1989 Hanshin Tigers after parts of 3 seasons w/TOR.  51 HR in 1990 w/DET; Prince Fielder 50 HR in 2007
-  Actually, that’s BOB, the Bank One Ballpark. (Now Chase field.)  GS  09-Jun-1998, off Willie Blair
-  2nd in MVP voting 1990, 1991
FCR -  Adrian Fung, Toronto
Incorrect answers:  Prince Fielder, Luis Gonzalez, Albert Belle

Q.        Which original Marlin was accused, over 7 years after his MLB playing career, by pitcher Jason Grimsley of using anabolic steroids in a federal agent's affidavit?
Hint:     His son plays baseball for the NAIA Indiana Tech Warriors.
Hint:     He was a double unique for exactly 1 year 153 days.
Hint:     He sometimes shouts his own name when cliff-diving.
-  D-U until 18-Sep-2001 when Angel Berroa debuted for KCR
FCR -  Kellen Nielson, Blanding, Utah
Incorrect answers:  Gary Sheffield, Benito Santiago, Bryan Harvey, Cliff Floyd, Jeff Conine Cesar Geronimo

Q.        What slugger is the only member of the 500-home-run club with fewer than 800 career strikeouts?
Hint:     He appeared once on the Home Shopping Network.
Hint:     He was pleased to be in the company of Fred Astaire and Katherine Hepburn.
Hint:     He thrice won consecutive batting titles.
-  521 HR, 709 K
-  He was on HSN in 1991 for Grand Slam Enterprises, led by his son, John-Henry Williams, and Brian Interland.
-  Declined an honorary degree from Harvard because he said he didn't earn it.  When told that Fred Astaire and Katherine Hepburn also turned down Harvard, Ted replied that he was in pretty good company.
-  Won AL batting championships in 1941-42, 1947-48 and 1957-58.
FCR -  Mike Friednash, Denver
Incorrect answers:  Albert Pujols, Joe DiMaggio, Mel Ott, Johnny Mize, Jimmy Foxx

Q.        Whose league-leading 359 total bases vaulted him to second in the 2016 American League MVP voting, behind only MVP winner Mike Trout?
Hint:     He also had more at-bats than any other major leaguer in 2016.
Hint:     He was named the Tennessee boys Bowler of the Year in 2010.
Hint:     His uncle played 14 years in the majors and provided considerable guidance in his baseball development.
-  672 AB
-  Uncle Terry Schumpert
FCR -     Steve Krevisky, Middletown, Connecticut
Incorrect answers:  Jose Altuve

Q.        Who was the first National League player to twice hit 30 home runs before the All-Star break?
Hint:     Instead of using a weighted donut on his bat, he used to warm up in the on-deck circle with a sledgehammer.
Hint:     His team retired his uniform number while he was still an active player.
Hint:     He was the first batter to homer into the 600 level of Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium.
-  In 1971, hit his 30th HR 10-Jul.  ASG 13-Jul; In 1973, hit his 30th HR 22-Jul.  ASG 24-Jul.
Sledgehammer (Weird connection with Sister Sledge, who sang “We Are Family” the Pirates’ theme song in 1979.  Probably no connection with Peter Gabriel.)
-  No. retired 6-Sep-1982.  He played 16 more games then retired at the end of the year.
-  Philly HR 25-Jun-1971 (section 601 exit ramp) off Jim Bunning
FCR -  Lincoln Mitchell, New York City
Incorrect answers:  Ralph Kiner, Willie Mays, Mike Schmidt, Greg Luzinski. Dick Allen, Dave Parker, Gary Sheffield, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa

Q.        Who was the first left-handed hitter in National League history to hit 50 home runs in a season?
Hint:     He was the first player to play in the All-Star Game for one team and then play in the World Series for a team in the other league.
Hint:     He was the first St. Louis Cardinal slugger to lead the NL in homers in back-to-back seasons.
Hint:     He was replaced by Walter Alston.
A.         JOHNNY MIZE
-  51 HR for NYG in 1947
1949 ASG for NYG; 1949 WS for NYY
-  28 HR in 1939; 43 HR in 1940
-  In the final G of Mize’s rookie season on 27-Sep-1936, Mize was ejected and replaced at first base by Alston.  It was the only time Alston ever played in a major league game.
FCR -  Adam Balutis, Arlington, Virginia
Incorrect answers:  Mel Ott, Gil Hodges

Q.        Which Angels scout recommended the team sign his daughter's boyfriend?
Hint:     That boyfriend went on to lead his team to a World Series championship and was named that World Series MVP.
Hint:     That scout hit a home run in HIS first World Series at-bat.23 years earlier.
Hint:     He was brought up on his first team to replace a retiring Hall of Famer then was traded 9 years later to make room for another Hall of Famer.
A.         DOUG DeCINCES
Troy Glaus, recommended by DeCinces in 1997.  Named 2002 WS MVP.
-  DeCinces WS HR 10-Oct-1979
-  Rookie with the 1979 Orioles to replace Brooks Robinson.  Traded to make room for Cal Ripken.
FCR -  Bill Deane, Cooperstown
Incorrect answers:  David Machemer, Tom Kotchman, David Eckstein, Mike Fitzgerald, Lee Lacy, Rick Dempsey, Richie Sexson

Q.        Who is the only player in major league history to hit three home runs in a game three times in one season.
Hint:     His record-setting accomplishment got scant attention at the time because of a contemporaneous home run accomplishment by a different player.
Hint:     He also holds the record for most home run hit in a single month of October in the regular season.
Hint:     He is first among equals in his hometown.
A.         SAMMY SOSA
-  3 HR/G X 3 in 2001, same year Barry Bonds hit 73 HR
-  20 HR in June 1998; York hit 18 in August 1937
-  5 HR in Oct. 2001
-  Hails from San Pedro de Marcoris, Dominican Republic, birthplace and home town of nearly a hundred major leaguers.
FCR -  David Krassin, New York City
Incorrect answers:  Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey, Jr., Joe Carter

WEEKLY THEME – Batters with multiple 3-home-run games in a season

Berroa             22-May-1996         12-Aug-1996
Betts                31-May-2016         14-Aug-2016
Carter              24-Jun-1989          19-Jul-1989
DeDinces        03-Aug-1982         08-Aug-1982
Delgado           04-Apr-2001          20-Apr-2001
Fielder             06-May-1990         06-Jun-1990
Mize                13-Jul-1938           20-Jul-1938
Sosa                09-Aug-2001         22-Aug-2001         23-Sep-2001
Stargell            10-Apr-1971          21-Apr-1971
Williams           08-May-1957         13-Jun-1957

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – David Washburn, Marietta, Georgia (After Berroa)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tues       -  Jays inducted into the team's Level of Excellence
               -  Names on the Level of Excellence at Rogers Stadium (formerly SkyDome)
               -  Blue Jays who hit historic homers
               -  Toronto Blue Jays all-time HR leaders

Wed        -  10+ HR or 30        HR 1997 - 2006? (Answer says 10+)
-        Players who participated in the July 6, 1996 Blue Jays at Tigers game
-        Players who've played first base for the Blue Jays
-        2012 Texas Ranger roster
-        Players attached to the Blue Jays
-        Yankee killers

-   Questions archived here:  http://horsehidetriviA.

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