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2017-07-31 Players who played for both the Cincinnati Reds and A.L. Baltimore Orioles during their careers

Q.        Who was “The Big Bopper from Birmingham”?
Hint:     He bridged the gap between an MVP and a Hall of Famer.
Hint:     Another Hall of Fame teammate said, “I wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame if we hadn’t had players like that.”
Hint:     When he departed from one team, they presented him with an engraved toilet seat.
Hint:     An All-Star slugger, he had 100-RBI seasons for three different teams.
Hint:     He was the first person in major league history to face his younger brother in an All-Star game.
Hint:     He is in team Hall of Fame for two different teams.
-  Replaced Boog Powell at 1st base for the Orioles and ceded it to Eddie Murray.
-  Quote from Jim Palmer.
-  1980 parting gift from Oriole teammates was a toilet seat autographed by his them.  “On the cover, they engraved a plaque that read: For stirring up all of that shit in the clubhouse.” In reference to the fact that he would urge better performance from any underperformer.
-  110 RBI in 1969 for CIN; 105 RBI in 1973 for HOU; 109* RBI for BAL in 1976.
-  Face brother Carlos in the 1969 and 1972 ASG’s.
*Led AL
FCR -  Paul Greenwell, Fort Worth
Incorrect answers:  Eric Davis, Bill White, Lee Maye

Q.        Who is still the only player to win an MVP Award in each league?
Hint:     He also took home MVP honors in a World Series and an All-Star game.
Hint:     His phenomenal total of 586 home runs too often gets overlooked.
Hint:     He continued to successfully manage a major league team even after they changed names and changed cities.
-  MVP’s 1961* w/CIN & 1966** w/BAL
-  WS MVP 1966; ASG MVP 1971
-  HR total now 10th all-time—4th when he retired in 1976
-  Managed the Montreal Expos 2002-04 then moved with them to Washington to become the Nats.  Managed there 2005-06.
*A single vote was cast for teammate Joey Jay which kept Robinson him from winning unanimously.
**Won the award unanimously, becoming the first to be a unanimous ROY and MVP winner.  [Orlando Cepeda matched that feat the very next year.]
FCR -  Bill Suphan, Scottsdale, Arizona
Incorrect answers:  Lou Brock, Felipe Alou

Q.        Who had the most home runs in a season by a player who also had 50 stolen bases in the same season?
Hint:     The year before, he had become the first National League player to hit the most home runs during an 80-stolen-base season.
Hint:     In his major league debut, he sported a uniform with no number attached, the only road uniform available at the time.
Hint:     It was his bat, on loan to teammate Fernando Tatis, that produced the historic two‑grand-slam inning.
A.         ERIC DAVIS
-  In 1987 w/CIN, had 37 HR + 50 SB
-  In 1986 w/CIN, had 27 HR + 80 SB
-  Debut 19-May-1984
Tatis’ GS’s 23-Apr-1999, both off Chan Ho Park in the 3rd inning
FCR -  David Krassin, Los Angeles
Incorrect answers:  Tim Raines, Vince Coleman, Brady Anderson, Mark Whiten, Lou Brock, Rickey Henderson, Bobby Bonds

Q.        What former Trojan replaced Pete at third?
Hint:     After scoring from third, waving both arms in circles, he needed little else to secure his World Series MVP.  Getting 3 hits in game 7 boosted his case too.
Hint:     Although his managerial record was perfect one year, he still needs 12 more wins to bring his career managing record up to .500.
Hint:     He received league MVP votes while playing for each of three different teams.
A.         RAY KNIGHT
-  Alum of Dougherty High School in Albany, Georgia (The Trojans).  After Pete Rose left CIN to play for PHI in 1979, Knight was called on to be the new starting 3rd baseman, even though he had only been a part-time player.
-  He scored the winning run in G 6 of the 1986 WS and played a major part in the NYM victory in G 7.
-  His charges won the only game he managed 28-Jul-2003.  His career W/L record as a manager is 125-137 all with CIN.
- Was 5th in the MVP voting in 1979 w/CIN; 25th in 1982 w/HOU; 14th in 1986 w/NYM
FCR -  David Skelton, Woodway, Texas
Incorrect answers:  Joe Morgan, Paul Molitor

Q.        What American League rookie collected over 140 RBI playing in only 136 games?
Hint:     Amazingly, that wasn’t even his team’s record for rookie RBI production.
Hint:     His 34 home runs that same year, however, are still a franchise rookie record.
Hint:     He once had 12 hits in 12 consecutive at-bats.
A.         WALT DROPO
-  144 RBI in 1950
Ted Williams had 145 RBI in his rookie season, 1939
12 straight H: 14-Jul15-Jul-1952 during an 11-G hitting streak
FCR -  Scott Matteson, Shawnee, Kansas
Incorrect answers:  Mike Trout, Ted Williams, Mark McGwire, Rudy York, Ryan Braun, Joe DiMaggio, Manny Ramirez

Q.        Who was the only All-Star the Orioles traded in order to get Frank Robinson?
Hint:     Later, with the Cubs, he became the first National League to lose a perfect game by issuing a 3-2 count walk with 2 out in the 9th inning.  The pitch was close enough that some believe the call could have gone either way.  The next batter flied out to end the game and secure the no-hitter.
Hint:     In 1961, he surrendered Roger Maris’ 59th home run of the season.
A.         MILT PAPPAS
-  Traded 09-Dec-1965 w/Dick Simpson & Jack Baldschun to CIN for Robinson
Maris’ 59th HR 20-Sep-1961
FCR -  Naftali Greenwood, Kiryat Arba, ISRAEL
Incorrect answers: 

Q.        Who, in less than a calendar year, played for all 3 major league teams with bird mascots?
Hint:     His ratings by scouts in high school and even in the minors, were ones of enormous promise, based mostly on his blazing speed.
Hint:     The high school that he and his major league brother attended is at the site for which MLB’s first commissioner was named.
Hint:     Although he earned a championship ring with one of his avian teams, he never had even an inning of postseason play.
-  2010 played for BAL.  2011 played for TOR, joining STL on 28-Jul.
- Speed he had, but his career OBP .290 impressed few.
-  Corey and his brother Eric Patterson attended Harrison High School, located at the foot of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia.  Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis was named for that site because his father was wounded there in a Civil War battle.
-  Played on the STL 2011 STL WS championship team.
FCR -  Derek Granger, Chandler, Arizona
Incorrect answers:  Tito Landrum, Cesar Izturis, Dan Johnson, Dane Iorg, J.D. Drew, Pat Hentgen

Q.        Who is the only 20-win pitcher the Expos ever had?
Hint:     He made the National League All-Star squad that year, but never got into the game.
Hint:     His coif was representative of his era (not his ERA).
Hint:     His father enjoyed a 7-game career on the South Side.
-  20-11 in 1978
-  Major fro under his cap
-  Father:  Ross Grimsley, 1951 w/CHW
FCR -  Barry Nelson, Guilderland, New York
Incorrect answers:  Bill Gullickson, Steve Rogers, Steve Renko, Dennis Martinez, Bill Stoneman, Randy Johnson

Q.        What hurler with a 20-year major league career, was elected his league’s Pitcher of the Year in his only full year in AA ball?
Hint:     Though he spent the first 9 of his 20 seasons with the team that drafted him out of high school, he toiled for 8 teams over the next 11 seasons (12 years), having racked up playing time in more than 900 big league games.
Hint:     After tying the all-time reliever record of 33 consecutive appearances without allowing a run, the possibility of owning the record outright was spoiled by the redoubtable Raul Ibanez, then with the Phillies, whose double drove in what proved to be that game’s winning run.
Hint:     In his 19th season, he joined a very interesting list of players who first All-Star selection came at age 40 or later.   He never got in the game.
Eastern League Pitcher of the Year for his stellar efforts with the Hagerstown Suns in 1991.
-  Drafted in the 2nd round by BAL out of La Vega High School in Waco, Texas.
AS in 2010.  The other geezer All-Stars were Satchel Paige, Connie Marrero, Jamie Moyer and Tim Wakefield.
FCR -  Stephen Katsoulis, Matthews, North Carolina
Incorrect answers:  LaTroy Hawkins, Orel Hershiser, Bartolo Colon, Jesse Orosco, Jaime Moyer

Q.        Who was the first player in major league history whose grandfather had played in the Negro Leagues and the majors?
Hint:     His pinch-hit single spoiled Milt Wilcox’ bid for a perfect game with 2 out in the 9th inning.
Hint:     No other switch-hitter has more career pinch-hit at-bats.
Hint:     Harold Baines and Ozzie Guillen were major league teammates of his and of his father’s.
-  Grandfather was Sam Hairston, a Negro League star who had a sip of coffee with CHW in 1951.  Sam’s bio.  Jerry’s father Jerry Hairston (Sr.), his uncle John Hairston and his brother Scott Hairston all played in the majors.  (John’s career was as brief as Sam’s.)
-  The Wilcox almost no-no 15-Apr-1983.  The next batter grounded out.  ERRATUM:  This was Jerry Hairston, père, not fils.  Apologies.
-  94 pinch-hit AB’s.
Baines played w/Sr. 1981-88 on CHW and w/Jr. 2000-02 on BAL.  Guillen played w/Sr. 1985-89 on CHW and w/Jr. 1998 on BAL.
FCR -  Barry Nelson, Guilderland, New York
Incorrect answers:  Lenny Harris, Bump Wills, Ross Gload, Julio Cruz,

Q.        Who is the only player to have five League Championship Series hits in a single game?
Hint:     He has been the head baseball coach for Fordham University and later Coppin State College.
Hint:     He has won 8 of the 10 Gold Glove Awards won by players at his position in his franchise’s history.
Hint:     His solitary hit was the only one standing between Rick Wise and a second no-hitter.
A.         PAUL BLAIR           
-  5H: G 3, 1969 ALCS, 1st ALCS ever
Fordham in Bronx, NY; Coppin in Baltimore, MD
- Other OF GG’s won by a BAL player:  Nick Markakis 2010 & 2014
-  Wise’s 1-hitter: 29-Jun-1976, in Blair’s last year as an Oriole
FCR -  Adrian Fung, Toronto
Incorrect answers:  Joe Morgan, George Scott, Steve Garvey

IN MEMORIAM [Unconnected with theme]
Q.        Who was the Philadelphia Phillies first regular-season designate hitter?
Hint:     He won an RBI title and Silver Slugger in the same season,
Hint:     The next year, he led his team to the World Series and there was no question that he was the team’s leader.  “He’s like E.F. Hutton,” said a teammate that season. “When he speaks, everyone listens. He has a presence about him. It’s like he’s the Godfather, and we’re all a bunch of thugs.”
Hint:     World-Series-MVP-winning battery mate Curt Schilling called him, “…the best catcher in baseball.”
Hint:     Schilling, at this catcher’s suggestion, was one of the first to cover his mouth with his mitt during mound conferences.
Hint:     He was awarded a spot on the Phillies’ Wall of Fame.         
-  DH: 16-Jun-1997, in Daulton’s last season
-  109 RBI, SS: 1992
PHI in 1993 WS; Quote by teammate and battery-mate Larry Anderson.
-  Others may have used the mitt-mouth-covering tactic earlier.
FCR -  Charlie Vascellaro, Baltimore

WEEKLY THEME – Played for both Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles

Player                    Reds                       O's                                
Blair.................... 1979...................... 1964-76
Davis................... 1984-91................. 1997-98
Dropo.................. 1958-59................. 1959-61
Grimsley.............. 1971-73................. 1974-77
Hairston............... 2008-09................. 1998-2004
Knight................. 1974-81................. 1987
May..................... 1965-71................. 1975-80
Pappas................. 1957-65................. 1966-68
Patterson.............. 2008...................... 2011
Rhodes................. 2009-10................. 1991-99
Robinson............. 1956-65................. 1966-71
Plus more than 100 others.

First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeJosh Flowerman, Flanders, New Jersey (After Davis)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday  -  Members of 1971 Cincinnati Reds
               -  Reds who became All-Stars elsewhere

Tues       -  Reds-themed week
               -  Cincinnati Reds players who set  HR records in various categories.
               -  Guys who hit more than 35 homers in a season for the Reds and were traded by them
               -  Cincinnati Reds who have hit for the cycle

Wed        -  One-time Reds players who copped a World Series MVP

Thur        -  Players traded to or from Cincinnati Reds

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