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July 2-8, 2012 300-game winners with fewer than 200 losses

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to win the Cy Young Award with four different teams?
Hint:     He was the first baseball player to have his uniform number retired by the University of Texas.
Twint:    He was the first American League pitcher to strike out 100 batters in twenty consecutive seasons.
Twint:    In addition, he was the first American League pitcher to strike out 100 batters in fifteen consecutive seasons.
Twint:    He was also the first American League pitcher to strike out 100 batters in ten consecutive seasons.
A.         Roger Clemens (CYA 1986, 87, 91 for Boston, 1997-98 for Toronto, 2001 for New York & 2004 for Houston; #21 in Feb 1993; 100 K 1986-2006.  He also went over 100 K in 1984.)
FCR -    Kenny Fink, Ocala, FL

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to strike out three hundred batters in each of four consecutive major league seasons?
Hint:     No one has reached that total in a season even once since then.
Hint:     He won the Cy Young Award each of those seasons.
Hint:     He was, before Felix Hernandez in 2010, the only Cy Young Award winner the Mariners had ever had.
Twint:    His collegiate game total was second only to Tom Seaver’s at their school.
A.         Randy Johnson (1999-2002; M’s CYA 1995;
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         Which Hall of Famer headed two literary societies and was class president at Bucknell University?
Hint:     He’s the only former Herring in the Hall of Fame.
Hint:     He was a Phenom in more ways than one.
Twint:    His time spent on the Reds is known, but little heralded.
A.         Christy Mathewson (1899 Taunton Herrings; 1900 Norfolk Phenoms; 1916 Cincinnati Reds)
FCR -    Bill Kreifeldt, Midvale, UT

Q.         Which pitcher led his league in earned run average a record nine times?
Hint:     He also led the league in strikeouts in each of his first seven major league seasons.
Twint:    He was the first pitcher to lead the American League in bases-on-balls and strikeouts in the same season.
A.         Lefty Grove (ERA lead 1926, 29-32, 35-36, 38-39; K lead 1926-31; 1926 131 BB, 116 K)
FCR -    Fred Brillhart, Mechanicsburg, PA

Q.         Whose 69 shutouts are the most in history by a left hander?
Hint:     He was once quoted saying, “There are only so many pitches in this old arm, and I don't believe in wasting them throwing to first base.”
Twint:    He was born very near the site of the bloodiest battle in U.S. history, only twelve years after it took place.
A.         Eddie Plank (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
FCR -    Blake Sherry, Dublin, OH

Q.         Which Hall of Famer pitched so much one season he often could not comb his hair with his pitching hand?
Hint:     He said it was worth it since he had 59 victories (not a typo) and led his team to the pennant.
Twint:    The Washington Post had breathlessly claimed the year before, that he could pitch ambidextrously.
Twint:    He played for the Red Stockings, but not in Boston or Cincinnati.
A.         Charley Radbourn (1884 Providence Grays; 1879 Dubuque Red Stockings)
FCR -    Andrew Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA

Q.         Who is the only National League pitcher to win five consecutive Opening Day games for the same team?
Hint:     Two of his younger brothers pitched in the majors.
Hint:     Confusingly, one of those brothers was nicknamed “Dad”.
Hint:     Two of his younger brothers played baseball for Harvard.
Hint:     Additionally, two of his cousins also played in the majors.
Twint:    It is reported that he once pitched a fresh lemon instead of a ball to encourage an umpire to call the game on account of darkness.
A.         John Clarkson (Opening Day Ws: 1888-92 for the Boston Beaneaters; Brothers Arthur “Dad” Clarkson, Walter Clarkson, Cousins Mert Hackett, Walter Hackett)
FCR -    Al Blumkin, Brooklyn

WEEKLY THEME – 300-game winners with fewer than 200 losses

Pitcher              Career                  Ws       Ls
Clarkson           (1882, 1884-94)     328       178    Bio
Clemens           (1984-2007)          354       184
Grove               (1925-41)              300       141    Bio
Johnson           (1988-2009)          303       166
Mathewson       (1900-16)              373       188    Bio
Plank                (1901-17)              326       194    Bio
Radbourn          (1880-91)              309       194    Bio

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Arieh Siegal, Austin (after the Mathewson question)

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