Monday, July 9, 2012

SABR Trivia - Individual Preliminaries Answers

1-8.  8 Hall of Famers who have worn the uniform of the Minnesota Twins.
Bert Blyleven
Rod Carew
Steve Carlton
Harmon Killebrew
Paul Molitor
Kirby Puckett
Dave Winfield
Early Wynn

9-13.  Active Canadian All-Stars
Jason Bay                            (2004, 06, 09)
Ryan Dempster                 (2000, 08)
Russell Martin                   (2007, 08, 11)
Justin Morneau                (2007-10)
Joey Votto                          (2010-11)
Jeff Zimmerman               (1999)

14-20.  7 managers that have led the Minnesota/Washington franchise to the postseason.
Bucky Harris               1924 (WS), 1925 (AL pennant)
Joe Cronin                   1933 (AL pennant)
Sam Mele                    1965 (AL pennant)
Billy Martin                 1969 (AL West)
Bill Rigney                    1970 (AL West)
Tom Kelly                    1987 (WS), 91 (WS)
Ron Gardenhire        2002 (AL Central), 2003 (AL Central), 2004 (AL Central), 2006 (AL Central),
                                        2009 (AL Central), 2010 (AL Central)

21-23.  Babe Ruth 1920, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29; Ken Williams 1922; Bob Meusel 1925

Jim Thome – Indians, Phillies, White Sox
Darrell Evans – Braves, Tigers
Shawn Green – Blue Jays, Dodgers
Ken Griffey, Jr. – Mariners, Reds
Mark McGwire – A’s, Cardinals

29-30.  Mickey Mantle and Mickey Cochrane

31-34 & 34a.
Tony Pena (Dominican Republic 2003 Royals)
Ozzie Guillen (Venezuela 2005 White Sox)
Felipe Alou (Dominican Republic 1994 Expos)
Bruce Bochy (France 1996 Padres)
Ron Gardenhire (Germany 2010 Twins)

Mike Caldwell, Brewers
Mike Flanagan, Orioles
Mike Willis, Blue Jays

38.  Eleven:  With a 3-2 count and two out, a runner is caught stealing.  Then in the next inning, the count starts over and goes to 3-2.  The next pitch is the 11th the batter has seen.

39.  Polo Grounds 1929

40.  Willie Mays

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  1. I take issue with your explanation of #38. ON a 3-2 count, the next pitch is either the third strike or the fourth ball. If it is a strike, the batter is out. If it is a ball, the batter walks. If a runner gets thrown out stealing in the process, the batter should still get credit for the walk (if the runner was stealing second, it wouldn't be an out anyway on the fourth ball). Either way, the batter does not come up again next inning.

    Are you saying the batter is not credited with a walk on the fourth ball if a runner is thrown out in the process AFTER the fourth ball has already been issued?