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April 29-May 5, 2013 Players who led the Red Sox in steals for three consecutive seasons

- This week’s questions and theme were submitted by reader Joe Ullian of Santa Barbara.

Q.         Who has held the career outfield assists record for an amazing 89 consecutive seasons?
Hint:     The current leader has less than one third of his total.
Twint:    He won all three World Series he played in, one of them as player-manager.
Twint:    He became a left-handed thrower only after breaking his right arm in a fall from a horse.
A.         Tris Speaker (449 OF A, current leader Carlos Beltran has 128; WS in 1912 & 1915 and 1920 as plyr/mgr w/ the Indians)
FCR -    Mark Lewers, Blacksburg, VA

Q.         What Gold Glove winner was posthumously inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame?
Hint:     His fear of flying caused his premature retirement from the majors.
Hint:     His only World Series appearance was as a pinch runner.
Twint:    He played on a College World Series champion where the runner-up included future U.S, President.
Twint:    He co-owned a restaurant in Jack London Square.
A.         Jackie Jensen (1959 GG; College Football HOF 1984—2 years after his death.  He played at Cal, scored a TD in the 1949 Rose Bowl and was 4th in voting for the 1948 Heisman Trophy; Cal 1947, in the 1st College World Series, defeating a Yale team with George H.W. Bush in the Finals; Bow & Bell, with "Boots" Erb, Oakland, CA)
FCR -    Mark Pattison, Washington, DC

Q.         What Kansas City Royal was the only American Leaguer to collect at least ten doubles, ten triples and ten home runs in 2000?
Hint:     Twice that year he had five-hit games.
Hint:     He also had the game-winning RBI for the Yankees in the clinching game of his last League Championship Series.
Twint:    He went three for seven in the 2013 World Baseball Classic qualifying round while playing for his mother's country's team?
A.         Johnny Damon (2000 42 2b, 10 3b & 16 HR [Bobby Abreu, Neifi Perez & Vladimir Guerrero achieved those standards in the senior circuit; GWRBI G 6 ALCS 25‑Oct‑2009; Thailand, losers to the Philippines, 8-2, and New Zealand, 12-2 in November, 2012.  Damon had 3 1b and a BB.)
FCR -    John Michael Pierobon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Q.         What eighteen-year veteran was an All-Star in each league, won the Willie Mac Award and once finished only nine points behind Tony Gwynn for the batting title?
Hint:     His numbers one season would have won the Triple Crown five times during his career yet he never even won a single leg of the TC in any year.
Hint:     Six years earlier, he had won a Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger Award in the same season.
Twint:    He got his only World Series ring playing in his final season, back on the team he had debuted with.
A.         Ellis Burks (AL AS 1990, NL AS 1996 & Willie Mac Award 2000; 1996 stats of .344, 40 HR, 128 RBI would have won NL TC in 1988, 89, 90, 91, Would have won AL TC in 1989; WS 2004 Red Sox)
FCR -    Jack Sullivan, Louisville, KY

Q.         Who is the only player to play on four Boston Red Sox World Series championship teams?
Hint:     He was the first major leaguer to lead off both games of a doubleheader with a home run.
Twint:    His father was born on Prince Edward Island and his mother in Frankfurt, Germany.
Twint:    In his later years he served as Postmaster of his town.
A.         Harry Hooper (WS 1912, 1915, 1916 & 1918; HRs 30-May-1913; Postmaster of Capitola, CA, appointed 1933)
FCR -    Bob Dorrill, Kingwood, TX

Q.         Who might have prevented Slaughter from scoring had he stayed in the game (according to Slaughter himself)?
Hint:     He was the youngest of nine children.
Twint:    He had doubled home the tying runs late in Game 7 of his only World Series.
Twint:    He was one of two players to be replaced due to injury in that same half inning.
Twint:    He was married to his wife Emily for 61 years.
A.         Dom DiMaggio (WS, G 7 15‑Oct‑1946; his 2‑out double to right-center scored Russell and Metkovich to tie the game 3-3; He twisted his ankle on the double and Leon Culberson ran for him.  With next batter [Ted Williams] at the plate, Cardinals' catcher Joe Garagiola split a finger and was replaced by Del Rice.)
FCR -    Mark Lewers, Blacksburg, VA

Q.         Who had two hits, two walks, and scored twice in his big league debut, scoring his first run on a Babe Ruth home run?
Hint:     He was his alma mater's first All‑American basketball player, under a coach whose name lives on there.
Twint:    His three children all graduated from his alma mater.
Twint:    One was a baseball All‑American.
A.         Billy Werber (Debut 25‑Jun‑1930, 2nd game, vs. visiting Browns' George Blaeholder.  It was Ruth's 541st HR.  He added #542 in the same game.  Yankees won 16-4 for a doubleheader sweep; Duke, 1930, coach Eddie Cameron, as in 'Cameron Indoor Stadium'; William Werber, Jr., [1952 All‑America], Patricia, and Susie.
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, Danville, CA

Q.         Who doubled to left as the first batter ever to come to bat for a Seattle major league team?
Hint:     Willie Stargell was a high school teammate.
Hint:     Although many would guess that he was a multi-year All-Star, his only appearance in an All‑Star Game was as a pinch runner.
Twint:    He was inducted into a team's Hall of Fame 25 years after suing that team for wrongfully firing him.
A.         Tommy Harper (At Anaheim, 08‑Apr‑1969, for the Seattle Pilots.  When Mike Hegan promptly homered, Harper scored the first ever Seattle run; Encinal High School, Alameda, CA; 1970 ASG at Cincinnati.  Harper ran for Harmon Killebrew after his 5th inning leadoff single and was caught stealing 2 outs later, Johnny Bench to Glenn Beckert; 1985 suit against the Red Sox, who dismissed him as coach for his reaction to a situation involving racial exclusion during Spring Training.  The suit was settled out of court.  He was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2010.)
FCR -    Dave Pugh, Baltimore, MD

Q.         Who’s dulcet tones bring just the right New England accent to Boston Rex Sox’ broadcasts?
Hint:     He only hit seven home runs in 10 major league seasons, but they were off pitchers with a total of 1,135 career wins.
Twint:    He has written five children‘s books featuring a monstrous mascot.
Twint:    Got an RBI single to left off Steve Busby in his first major league at bat.
A.         Jerry Remy (He grew up in Somersert, MA; HRs off Jim Perry 215, Fergie Jenkins 284, Mike Norris 58, Catfish Hunter 224, Jack Morris 254, Eduardo Rodriguez 42, and Matt Keough 58; The books are in his "Hello, Wally!" series, the “Wally the Green Monster” series published by Mascot Books; Debut hit 07‑Apr‑1975)
FCR -    Herb Whalley, Houston, TX

Q.         Who set a record for triples in the first ever World Series?
Hint:     It has never been broken.
Hint:     He was the last surviving player from the 1903 World Series.
Hint:     He was a mentor to Babe Ruth in Ruth’s professional debut.
Twint:    He was at the plate when a famous spitball went wild and brought in the run that won a second straight pennant for his team.
A.         Freddy Parent (3 triples in a WS by an American Leaguer was, unbelievably, tied by two teammates in the very same Fall Classic: Buck Freeman &  Chick StahlBilly Johnson tied it in 1947 but it has never been bested.  [N.B. in that same 1903 WS, Tommy Leach, third baseman on the opposing Pirates, hit 4 WS triples for the major league record.]; b. 11‑Nov‑1875, d. 02‑Nov‑1972; 10‑Oct‑1904, 9th inning of 1st G at New York.  Jack Chesbro's  wild pitch with 2 out and a 1- 2 count on Parent scored Lou Criger from 3rd with what held up as the winning R in a 3-2 W for the Boston Americans over the Highlanders.  The win clinched the AL pennant on the season's last day.  Boston had of course won in 1903.)
FCR -    Randall Chandler, Germantown, TN

Q.         What infielder threw so hard that his Hall of Fame first baseman was caught illegally padding his first baseman’s mitt?
Hint:     He hit his first professional home run in his first exhibition game.  It was a Grand Slam off Cleveland’s Bob Feller.
Hint:     Nicknamed “Rawhide” for his toughness, he famously dressed down teammates Ted Williams and Lefty Grove for incidents on the field.
Hint:     According to The Sporting News, he once collided so violently with Detroit’s Joe Hoover that the unfortunate Tiger infielder passed a kidney stone on the spot!
Hint:     Further adding to his reputation as a tough guy, he often took the field with the stub of a cigar in his mouth.
Twint:    On 24‑Sep‑1940, he homered after four future Hall of Famers all homered (except the batter just ahead of him who only tripled).
A.         Jim Tabor (Padded glove belonged to Jimmie Foxx; HR string 24‑Sep‑1940 Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx, Joe Cronin, Bobby Doerr)
FCR -    Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA

Q.         Who, at age 22, opened the season in place of an injured Ted Williams?
Hint:     He once replaced Warren Spahn as manager.
Hint:     This rural Illinois native led his minor league with 20 wins and 177 strikeouts and a nine-inning no-hitter at age 18.
Twint:    He was signed as a Rule 5 draftee three times.
A.         Gary Geiger (Played LF for the BOS 12‑Apr‑1959, in place of Ted Williams; Replaced Spahn to manage the 1971 Tulsa Oilers of the American Association; Born Sand Ridge IL 04‑Apr‑1937. Was 20-7 with 1.98 era in 1955 at Hamilton, Ontario, of the PONY League, the no-hitter vs. Erie; Rule 5 signee by the Indians from the Cardinals in 1957, by the Braves from the Red Sox in 1965, and by the Astros from the Cardinals in 1968)
FCR -    Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, MD

WEEKLY THEME – Players who led the Red Sox in steals for three consecutive seasons

Burks                1987-90
Damon             2002-05
DiMaggio          1948-50
Geiger              1961-63
Harper              1972-74
Hooper             1916-19
Jensen              1954-56
Parent               1904-06
Remy                1978-80
Speaker            1912-15
Tabor                1939-41
Werber              1933-36

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Jack Sullivan, Louisville, KY (after the Hooper question)

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