Sunday, May 5, 2013

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Welcome Gregg Gaylord

Scott Brandon and Bruce Brown have been Horsehide Trivia since 1997 and although we’ve had, as we did this week,  guest authors, we’ve never added a third leg to what we had no idea was  a tripod.

Join us in welcoming Chicago physician Gregg Gaylord as part of the team.  Gregg has guest-authored several times and been a daily and weekly FCR many times and has often offered to help when he suspected our schedules were pinched.

Gregg’s presence brings an expert set of eyes while adding geographic balance.  We’re not guaranteeing fewer typos, but we strongly believe that they will be of higher quality.

You will still receive questions and answers from, but it could be any of the three of us.

Welcome, Gregg.

Scott & Bruce

P.S.  Yes, we’re fully aware that Gregg is a New York Yankees fan.  We feel that his qualifications outweigh even that.

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