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August 19-25, 2013 Active players who have pitched an Immaculate Inning

Q.         Who is the most recent National League pitcher to achieve the pitching Triple Crown?
Hint:     That same year, he and Ian Kennedy tied for the most wins in the National League.
Twint:    Unlike his American League counterpart who also won his league’s Most Valuable Player Award, he finished 12th in that category without a single 1st place vote.
A.         Clayton Kershaw (2011 TC; 21 W each, Kennedy; Jason Verlander 2011 MVP and CYA)
FCR -    Arieh Siegal, Austin, TX

Q.         What starting pitcher had the fewest wins and second-most losses the season he won the American League Cy Young Award?
Hint:     Just over a year ago, he pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays.
Twint:    He hit the first home run by a pitcher in his team’s history—a grand slam off Johan Santana.
A.         Felix Hernandez (CYA 2010 13-12 record, Jim Palmer lost 13 in 1976; 2012 Rays; GS 23‑Jun‑2008 SEA vs. Santana of NYM)
FCR -    Doug Wilkins, San Francisco, CA

Q.         Who was the first Red Sox pitcher to throw a no-hitter while a rookie?
Hint:     While a freshman at McNeese State University, he and an accomplice stole laptop computers valued at $70,000 from his neighboring middle school.
Twint:    He transferred to Angelina College.  Only the latter is listed on his Facebook page.
Twint:    His wife Lindsay Clubine has appeared on two television series and a video game.
A.         Clay Buchholz (No-no 01‑Sep‑2007; Arrest report; Facebook page; Wife appearances)
FCR -    Leanne Rohrbach, Minnapolis, MN

Q.         Which former Marlins pitcher joined the New York Yankees the same year as C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira?
Hint:     He was unable to work well with Jorge Posada and so was teamed up with Jose Molina during the 2009 postseason.
Hint:     He was a Marlin in 2003, but failed to make the postseason when he injured his elbow after four starts and then had season-ending Tommy John surgery.
Twint:    In late 2011 he was traded to the Pirates though the Yankees had to pick up $20million of his $33million salary.
Twint:    During Spring training of 2012, he bunted a ball into his face and suffered an eye socket blowout fracture (orbital fracture).
A.         A.J. Burnett (Signed as Free Agent with 2009 NYY; Molina to catch for Burnett ALDS; Inury 2003 after 4 starts; TJ surgery; NYY/PIT trade; Return to the Pirates to start 21‑Apr‑2012 with a 2-0 victory going 7IP and 7K’s; Face bunt)
FCR -    Matt Gibson, Barboursville, WV

Q.         Who won the first game but lost the fifth deciding game of the 2011 American League Division Series between the Yankees and Tigers?
Hint:     He took over Game 1 after it was postponed a day and CC Sabathia had already pitched three innings.
Hint:     In early 2012, the Orioles stopped his 15-consecutive-game regular-season wins streak when they handed him a 5-0 loss.
Hint:     By doing so, he fell one short of the Yankees franchise record 16 consecutive wins, but still topped Whitey Ford by one victory.
Twint:    Though he grew up in a poor Dominican Republic family, he refused to sign with any team but the Yankees even if it mean he could earn more elsewhere.
Twint:    He eventually signed with the Yankees with an $80,000 signing bonus.
FCR -    Mark Hayne, Dumfries, VA

Q.         Who missed his first All-Star Game this year due to a neck injury?
Hint:     He is currently tied for second in the National League with three complete games.
Hint:     In 2012, he was the third member of his team to win Pitcher of the Month honors in the National League.
Hint:     He pitched for Team Canada in the 2003 World Junior Championship and the 2004 WBC.
Twint:    A business administration major, he pitched final season at Division III Wisconsin‑Stevens Point with jaw wired shut after being hit by a line drive during BP.
Twint:    He was still voted Division III Second-team All-American.
A.         Jordan Zimmermann (Adam Wainwright 4 CG; NL POM; UWSP)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Washington, DC

Q.         In 2012, who stepped in for an injured David Robertson—who had replaced an injured Mariano Rivera—and registered 42 saves in 48 opportunities?
Hint      He won the 2010 American League Rolaids Relief Award.
Hint:     He led his league that year with 45 saves.
Hint:     Also in 2010 he achieved an earned run average of 1.73 yielding only 36 hits in 62.1 innings pitched.
Twint:    In 2013 he opted out of his Yankees contract and signed a $28million dollar contract with the Washinton Nationals.
A.         Rafael Soriano (RRA; WSN contract)
FCR -    Arieh Siegal, Austin, TX

Q.         What hurler graduated from Princeton in 2006 with a 3.75 gpa in Operations Research and Financial Engineering?
Hint:     His thesis was about the success of Major League baseball rule IV drafts from 1989-1993.
Hint:     Perhaps not a surprise, he was voted “Smartest in MLB” in a poll of 211 major league players.
Twint:    His high school coach was Keith Moreland, whom he gives full credit for his baseball career.
Twint:    He was part of the trade that sent Randy Johnson to the Yankees.
Twint:    He often helps maintain his family’s Texas Longhorn ranch.
A.         Ross Ohlendorf (Princeton record, thesis and Texas Longhorn ranching article SI Vault 01-Feb-2010; SI poll; St. Stephens Episcopal High School 2001 grad; Trade 11‑Jan‑2005 with Alberto GonzalezSteven Jackson and Luis Vizcaino to the New York Yankees ; See the Ranch)
FCR -    Max Burgess, Houston, TX

Q.         Among active pitchers, who is second only to Mariano Rivera in pitching appearances?
Hint:     He pitched the final inning that sealed Greg Maddux’ 300th win.
Hint::    In 1999 with the Minnesota Twins and his last year as a starter, he led his league in earned runs (the bad way).
Hint:     Following that season, he never started another game.
Twint:    Commenting on his huge number of appearances—and perhaps his own erratic performance—over a 19-year span, he said “Who trusted me to go out there that many times?”
A.         LaTroy Hawkins (928 GP to Mo’s 1,102; 07-Aug-2004, Maddux 300th; 129ER 1999; 824 games with 0 starts 2000-13; full quote "I can't believe that managers have sent me out there that many times, first of all. Who trusted me to go out there that many times? But it's a great accomplishment.")
FCR -    Mike Spatz, Ellicott City, MD

Q.         Who finished a close 2nd to Bryce Harper for the 2012 National League Rookie of the Year Award?
Hint:     He was the sole representative of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2012 All-Star Game.
Hint:     He was the National League’s Rookie of the Month in April of his Rookie year.
Hint:     He was the 43rd pick of the first round in the 2008 amateur draft.
Twint:    He became a starter that season when Daniel Hudson injured his elbow.
Twint:    In his debut, he gave up career home run 182 to Dan Uggla, and in his first start, he gave up career home run 182 to Ryan Braun.
A.         Wade Miley (ROY 7 points behind Harper with 12 1st place votes to Harper’s 16; 2012 ASG roster; NL ROM April-2012; Hudson injury led to Tommy John Surgery; debut Uggla 182 20-Aug-2011, first start Braun 182 30-Jun-2012)
FCR -    Derek Norin, Arlington, VA

Q.         Although undrafted in 1998, who was the Red Sox’ "Minor League Pitcher of the Year" in 1999?
Hint:     He began his Blue Jays  career by pitching 22 consecutive before surrendering an earned run, a franchise record.
Hint:     He was recently placed on the disabled list after giving up five runs on four hits and three walks in a blowout loss to the Oakland A’s.
Hint:     He made his major league debut at the age of 28 after 5 season in the minors.
Twint:    He has appeared in the minors every season of his 14 year career.
A.            Juan Perez (22-inning streak 29‑May‑ through 23‑Jul‑2013; Blew out his arm in a 14-6 loss to OAK 09‑Aug‑2013; debut 07-Sep-2006; Minor league record)
FCR -    Henry Hascup, Lodi, NJ

Q.         Who was the first pitcher in major league history to strike out four batters in an inning after the ninth inning?
Hint:     It was the first time a Blue Jays pitcher had stuck out four in an inning.
Hint:     A serious elbow injury saw him quit baseball in favor of substitute teaching.
Hint:     In 2012 he had the highest strikeout-to-innings-pitched rate in the American League.
Twint:    According to him, his friends and family in Elizabethtown, KY propelled him to the 2013 All-Star Game.
A. -       Steve Delabar (13-Aug-2012, 10th inning; Substitute teacher stint; 12.55 K/9; Won the Final Man vote for the 2013 AL All-Star team)
FCR -    Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD

WEEKLY THEME – Active players who have pitched an Immaculate Inning (faced three batters, threw 9 strikes for three outs).

Pitcher       Date                 For             Vs.            In      Victims   
Buchholz     16‑Aug‑2012      Red Sox       Orioles       6th      Adam Jones
                                                                                      Matt Wieters
                                                                                      Chris Davis

Burnett        20‑Jun‑2009       Yankees      Marlins      3rd      Josh Johnson
                                                                                      Chris Coghlan
                                                                                      Emilio Bonifacio

Hawkins      11‑Sep‑2004       Cubs           Marlins      9th      Jeff Conine
                                                                                      Juan Encarnacion
                                                                                      Alex Gonzalez

Delabar       30‑Jul‑2013        Blue Jays     A’s            8th      Adam Rosales
                                                                                      Coco Crisp
                                                                                      Chris Young

Hernandez   17‑Jun‑2008       Mariners      Marlins      4th      Jeremy Hermida
                                                                                      Jorge Cantu
                                                                                      Mike Jacobs

Miley          01‑Oct‑2012       D-backs       Rockies      3rd      Jonathan Herrera
                                                                                      Drew Pomeranz
                                                                                      Josh Rutledge

Nova           29‑May‑2013*    Yankees      Mets          8th      Ike Davis
                                                                                      Mike Baxter
                                                                                      Ruben Tejada

Ohlendorf    05‑Sep‑2009       Pirates         Cardinals    7th      Khalil Greene
                                                                                      Julio Lugo
                                                                                      Jason LaRue

Perez           08‑Jul‑2011        Phillies         Braves       10th    Jason Heyward
                                                                                      Nate McLouth
                                                                                      Wilkin Ramírez

Soriano        23‑Aug‑2010      Rays           Angels        9th      Erick Aybar
                                                                                      Mike Napoli
                                                                                      Peter Bourjos

Zimm          06‑May‑2011     Nationals     Marlins      2nd     Giancarlo Stanton
                                                                                      Greg Dobbs
                                                                                      John Buck

*LaTroy Hawkins also pitched in this game, for the Mets
N.B.  All strikeouts above were swinging except for those of Jones, Wieters, Jacobs & Buck.

First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeJoe Haardt, McLean, VA

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