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September 2-8, 2013 MLB players who are alumni of the 2013 NCAA preseason Top 10 football teams

Q.         What Hall of Fame batter only struck out 114 times in 8,333 plate appearances in his fourteen-year major league career?
Hint:     In each of his last nine complete seasons, his strikeout numbers were in single digits.
Hint:     He replaced Ray Chapman at shortstop for the Indians following Chapman’s untimely death.
Twint:    He never managed in the majors, but his brother was a successful major league manager for over a decade.
A.         Joe Sewell (SS/CLE 1920, Chapman killed by a pitch 16‑Aug‑1920; Brother Luke)
FCR -    Neil Cohen, Brooklyn, NY

Q.         Who was the first player from the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the Rookie of the Year Award?
Hint:     He was a bench coach for the Tamp Bay Devil Rays for their first two years of existence.
Hint:     He once brilliantly opined, "The distance of every tape-measure home run depends upon your press agent."
Twint:    I once had the privilege of a cordial handshake with him and his fingers wrapped clear around my wrist.
A.         Frank Howard (ROY 1960; TBR coach 1998-99)
FCR -    Jerry Kahn, Queens, NY

Q.         What Hall of Famer was the first to make rookie Larry Doby feel welcome when he joined the American League in 1947?
Hint:     He won a total of five World Series championships with two different teams.
Hint:     In college, he was a standout gymnast and played halfback on the football team.
Twint:    The year he won the American League Most Valuable Player Award, the only categories he led the league in were strikeouts and grounding into double plays.
Twint:    He received MVP votes in eight of his ten years in the majors.
A.         Joe Gordon (MVP
FCR -    Al Blumkin, Brooklyn, NY

Q.         Who is the only American League pitcher to win at least ten games for the first seven years of the 1990s?
Hint:     In the 1990s, no pitcher had more complete games in a season in the Bigs.
Hint:     No White Sox pitcher has won as many games since, as he did in his Cy-Young-Award-winning season.
Twint:    He was and is a well-known musician.
A.         Jack McDowell (10+ W 1990-96; 15 CG in 1991 [tied by Curt Schilling in 1998]; 22 W & CYA in 1993; Has played guitar in various alternative rock groups)
FCR -    Samuel Olken, Chicago, IL

Q.         Which slugger set an opening day record when he was hit by pitches three times?
Hint:     The trade that brought him to the Orioles is still rued in Charm City.
Twint:    Although he is not related to pitcher Storm Davis, they are as close as brothers.
A.         Glen Davis (3 HBP 09‑Apr‑1990; Traded 10‑Jan‑1991 by Houston to Baltimore in exchange for Curt Schilling, Steve Finley & Pete Harnisch, Charm City; G. Davis was unofficially adopted by S. Davis’ family.)
FCR -    Jim Casey, Savannah, GA

A.         Whose franchise records for stolen bases and triples were both broken by Jose Reyes in 2008?
Hint:     Feeling underappreciated by the Mets after ten seasons, he sought solace with another franchise that was on its way to dominance.
Hint:     His nephew once led the National League in RBI.
Hint:     He graduated from college after retiring from baseball.
Twint:    He was married at home plate before a game of the Mets farm team he then played for.
Twint:    His nickname came from his mispronunciation of “milk” when he was a child.
A.         Mookie Wilson (Traded 31‑Jul‑1989 to TOR for Jeff Musselman and a minor leaguer; Nephew [& step son] Preston Wilson 141 RBI in 2003 for COL; Graduated from Mercy College in 1996; Married 22‑Jun‑1978 )
FCR -    Fred Worth, Arkadelphia, AR

Q.         Who became the first National League manager to win at least ninety games in each of his first five seasons?
Hint:     He tied Rogers Hornsby’s record for most home runs in a season by a second baseman.
Hint:     His next team was the Giants.
Twint:    He was the last player to get a hit off Sandy Koufax.
A.         Davey Johnson (Mgr 1984-88 [Won 87 the next year.]; 42 HR in 1973 [N.B. 1 of his 43 HR’s that year was as a pinch-hitter 17‑Jun‑1973]; Played for the Yomiuri Giants 1975‑76; Final Koufax H 1966 WS, G 2, 6th inning)
FCR -    Jared Wexler, Hackensack, NJ

Q.         Who was the second Blue Jays pitcher to earn a win in the All-Star game?
Hint:     He followed Roger Clemens as American League ERA champion.
Twint:    He was the first pitcher to start Opening Day for the Blue Jays in three consecutive seasons.  He won all three games.
A.         Jimmy Key (1991 ASG [Dave Stieb won it in 1983.]; 2.76 ERA in 1987, Clemens’ first such title was in 1986; Opening Day 1987-89)
FCR -    Andy Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA

Q.         Who, along with J.J. Putz and Jeremy Reed, was traded by the Seattle Mariners to the New York Mets in December 2008 as part of a three team deal that included the Cleveland Indians?
Hint:     His name is a homophone for a prominent Jewish slugger who played in the Bigs from 1993-2007.
Hint:     He made it to the big leagues when the Seattle Mariners called him up 29‑Apr‑2006 to replace reliever Julio Mateo.
Twint:    He attended the same high school as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, NBA star Darrell Griffith and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
A.         Sean Green (Three team trade; Louisville Male High School alumni)
FCR -    Mitchell Below, Oakland, CA

Q.         Who passed a former league season triples leader to become the all-time home run leader from his state?
Hint:     He has since been passed on that list by the player who hit the most recent grand slam surrendered by Mariano Rivera.
Hint:     Hit twenty or more doubles for eight consecutive seasons in the majors.
Twint:    There are nine Wikipedia entries of people with his name.
Twint:    He is played by a Jewish school baseball coach in Moneyball.
A.         Mark Ellis (Passed Davey Collins [led AL in 3b w/15 in 1984], passed by Jason Kubel; Kubel GS 16-May-2010; 2b 2003, 2005-11); Played by Brent Dohling of Tarbut V’Torah)
FCR -    Bradley Curtis, Roseville, CA

WEEKLY THEME – MLB players who are alumni of the 2013 NCAA preseason Top 10 football teams

Sewell            Alabama
Howard          Ohio State
Gordon          Oregon
McDowell       Stanford
Davis             Georgia
Wilson           South Carolina
Johnson        Texas A&M
Key               Clemson
Green            Louisville
Ellis               Florida

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Michael Berry, Culver City, CA

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