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December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015 Player who played BEFORE their debuts

A big thanks to David Vincent for the original research that inspired this week.

Q.         What pitcher racked up fifteen victories each season from 1988-2004?
Hint:     He climbed to fourth place on the career games-started list.
Hint:     In his debut season he was the youngest player in the majors.
Twint:    He had two separate stints with each of the Cubs and Dodgers.
Twint:    His brother preceded him to the majors by three months.
A.         GREG MADDUX (740 GS behind only Young, Ryan & Sutton; 20 years old in 1986, 2 weeks younger than Ed Correa, youngest in the AL that year; Cubs 1986-92 & 2004-06, Dodgers 2006 & ’08; Brother Mike debuted 03-Jun-1986)
FCR -    Patrick Roth, Chicago, IL
Incorrect answers: Mike Mussina, Don Sutton, Curt Schilling, Jamie Moyer

Q.         Who held the career saves record for ten months, from 13-Jun-1992 through 13‑Apr‑1993?
Hint:     He holds the Expos/Nationals record for most career saves.
Hint:     He was the first pitcher to save 40 games in a season for three franchises, the Nationals, Twins and Red Sox.
Twint:    He and Tom Henke shared a nickname.
A.         JEFF REARDON (Passed Rollie Fingers 13-Jun-1992, passed by Lee Smith 13-Apr-1993; 152 saves for MON; 41 SV for MON in 1985, 42 SV for MIN in 1988, 40 SV for BOS in 1991; Henke also nicknamed ‘The Terminator’)
FCR -    Adrian Fung, Toronto, ON
Incorrect answers: Lee Smith, Bill Campbell, John Wetteland, Woodie Fryman

Q.         Who was the first player to sign a free agent contract?
Hint:     He was the only player chosen in the first round of the 1966 June Secondary Phase Draft to become an All-Star.
Hint:     He finished in the top-5 in Cy Young balloting the two years before he became a free agent but never received vote after.
Hint:     He briefly used the nickname “Channel”.
Twint:    He served two stints as head coach at another Cabrillo College.
A.         ANDY MESSERSMITH (signed with the Braves 10-Apr-1976; 2nd place CYA 1974, 5th place CYA 1975; Cabrillo College head baseball coach 1986-91 & 2006-09; original Braves uniform back read “Channel 17”, effectively advertising Braves owner Ted Turner’s TV station)
FCR -    Adrian Fung, Toronto, ON
Incorrect answers: Catfish Hunter, Curt Flood, Mike Marshall, Rich Gossage, Tom Seaver, Dave McNally, Rick Monday

Q.         After Roberto Clemente in 1966, who was the next Pirates player to win the NL MVP Award?
Hint:     He was the oldest player on the 1990 Brewers but still led the team in RBI that year.
Hint:     He has committed the most career errors by a right fielder since the statistic was first tracked by outfield position (in 1954).
Hint:     Garry Matthews committed one more error than him in 1980, interrupting what would have been a seven-year run as league leader in errors committed.
Twint:    In three of those years he won Gold Glove awards.
A.         DAVE PARKER (1978 NL MVP; 92 RBI at age 39 for 1990 MIL; 134 E as RF; led NL RF in E 1975-79, 81; GG 1977-79)
FCR -    Gregory Collins, Lehigh Valley, PA
Incorrect answers: Willie Stargell, Andrew McCutchen, Bobby Bonilla, Rob Deer

Q.         Whose Mets record for career wins was broken by Tom Seaver in 1969?
Hint:     He twice had season records of 8-20 for the Mets.
Hint:     He was the winning pitcher in the only two Mets victories over Bob Gibson before 1967.
Twint:    He pitched for the 1967 Cardinals and 1969 Mets but never appeared in the postseason.
A.         AL JACKSON (43 Mets W; 8-20 in 1962 & 1965; beat Gibson 27-Jul-1962 [g1] & 02-Oct-1964, both shutouts)
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers: Roger Craig, Jack Fisher, Jerry Koosman, Gary Gentry, Galen Cisco

Q.         Who was the last player to retire with exactly 200 home runs?
Hint:     He claimed, “When I’m at bat I’m in scoring position.”
Hint:     He made his major league debut one year after being chosen in the 16th round of the draft.
Twint:    The Yankees traded him to the White Sox for Bucky Dent.
A.         OSCAR GAMBLE (Don Mincher [ret. 1972] & Bill Freehan [ret. 1976] also had 200 HR; chosen in 16th round [363rd pick] of 1968 draft, debuted 27-Aug-1969; traded NYA to CHA)
FCR -    Geehoon Hong, Bayside, NY
Incorrect answers:  Billy Williams, Rickey Henderson, Bill Freehan

Q.         Which player, in the last 17 years (10,218 PA) of his career had exactly one sacrifice bunt?
Hint:     He played against 29 teams during his career, missing only the Indians.
Hint:     He faced 606 different pitchers at least 6 times during his career.  Of those, only one retired him every time.
Twint:    The distance traveled in his career bases-on-balls is more than 43 miles.
Twint:    …and that’s just to first base!
A.         BARRY BONDS (1 SH from 1990-2007, on 23-Sep-1998 [P Chris Peters insists Bonds was trying to bunt for a hit but the bunt advanced Rey Sanchez so it counted as a sacrifice]; 0-6 [1 K] vs. Geremi Gonzalez; 2,558 BB = 43.6 miles)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Eddie Murray, Jim Thome, Julio Franco, Hank Aaron, Sammy Sosa, Derek Jeter, Bobby Bonds

Q.         Who was replaced as Dodger manager by one of the most berated skippers in Boston history?
Hint:     He played for Chicago and for the Whales.
Twint:    Was voted manager of the year for a different team in the same division, even though at the helm for just over 70% of that season.
A.         JIM TRACY (Replaced as Dodgers’ manager after 2005 season by Grady Little; Played for the Cubs 1980-81, played for the 1983-84 Yokohama Taiyo Whales; MOY for the 2009 Rockies, his record:  74-42)
FCR -    Andrew Distler, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Grady Little, Casey Stengel, Dave Johnson, Johnny Evers, Wilbert Robinson

Q.         Of the seven players from Miami-Dade College selected in the 1967 draft, who was the only one to reach the Majors?
Hint:     He was nicknamed “Special Weapon,” but the weapon was only twice deployed in 100 games in a season.
Twint:    His 1.327 OPS led all batters (min 5 PA) in the 1984 WS.
A.         KURT BEVACQUA (Other Miami-Dade players drafted: Joseph Arnold, Edgardo Avila, Eddie Bravo, Alfred Crawford, Ronald Hunt and Eugene Rinaldi; 104 G for 1975 Brewers, 114 G for 1979 Padres)
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers:  Bucky Dent, Mickey Rivers, Herb Washington

Q.         Who was the first Boricua to homer in the World Series?
Hint:     In fact, he was the first one to play in the World Series.
Hint:     He was elected to the Caribbean Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004.
Hint:     He was the first manager of the Arecibo Lobos, who played in a stadium named after him.
Twint:    His nickname, El Jibaro, is loosely translated as “The Hillbilly,” but is uttered with reverence in the Caribbean.
A.         LUIS OLMO (Boricuas are natives of Puerto Rico; HR in 1949 WS; Paid $6,750 in 1945, jumped to MX Lg for $10K/yr contract, returned to BRO for $12K/yr; managed Arecibo 1961-62, playing home games in Estadio Luis Rodriguez Olmo)
FCR -    Bob Flynn, Chandler, AZ
Incorrect answers:  Bobby Avila, Vic Power, Jose Santiago, Hiram Bithorn

Q.         Who was the eighth and final second baseman for the San Francisco Giants in 2014?
Hint:     His back-hand flip to start a double play in the World Series, was, many claim, the defensive play of the year.  Wikipedia implies it was “one of the most spectacular plays in World Series history”.
Hint:     It resulted, eventually, in the first appealed-and-overturned play in World Series history.
Hint:     Hosmer should have run through the bag.
Twint:    Although teammate Brandon Crawford stole the show with a grand slam, his three-for-five hitting performance in the NL Wild Card game was a large part of why the Pirates’ season ended that day.
Twint:    His home run in game five of the NLCS help clinch the pennant for San Francisco.
A.         JOE PANIK (SFG 2nd basemen in 2014:  Tony Abreu, Ehire Adianza, Joaquin Arias, Matt Duffy, Brandon Hicks, Marco Scutaro, Dan Uggla; WS DP 29-Oct-2014, Eric Hosmer slid into first on that play; NLWC 01‑Oct‑2014; G NLCS HR 16-Oct-2014)
FCR -    Eric Stone, Los Gatos, CA

WEEKLY THEME – Select players who played in the resumption of a suspended game which started before their debut.  In effect, they played before they debuted.

Player                   Debut                  Susp Game           Resumed             Team
Bob Finley                04-Jul-1943             13-Jun-1943           06-Aug-1943         Phillies
Olmo                       23-Jul-1943             18-Jul-1943           13-Sep-1943         Dodgers
Howie Schultz           16-Aug-1943            18-Jul-1943            13-Sep-1943         Dodgers
Joe Vitelli                 30-May-1944           21-May-1944          05-Jul-1944          Pirates
Frank Drews             13-Aug-1944            02-Jul-1944            14-Aug-1944         Braves
Vince Shupe             7-Jul-1945               17-Jun-1945           04-Aug-1945         Braves
Ed Stevens              09-Aug-1945            20-Jul-1945            15-Sep-1945         Dodgers
Jackson                   31-May-1959           03-May-1959          02-Jun-1959         Pirates
Messersmith            04-Jul-1968             13-Jun-1968          04-Aug-1968        Angels
Bill Harrelson            31-Jul-1968             13-Jun-1968           04-Aug-1968         Angels
Gamble                    27-Aug-1969           15-Jun-1969          02-Sep-1969         Phillies
Joe Lis                     5-Sep-1970             04-Sep-1970          05-Sep-1970         Phillies
Bevacqua                 22-Jun-1971            20-Jun-1971          28-Sep-1971         Indians
Mike Anderson         02-Sep-1971            01-Aug-1971          07-Sep-1971         Phillies
Manny Muniz            03-Sep-1971            01-Aug-1971          07-Sep-1971         Phillies
Parker                      12-Jul-1973             21-Apr-1973           26-Jul-1973          Pirates
Reardon                   25-Aug-1979           17-Jun-1979          27-Aug-1979        Mets
Tracy                       20-Jul-1980             28-May-1980          8-Aug-1980          Cubs
Bud Anderson          11-Jun-1982            09-Jun-1982           24-Sep-1982         Indians
Carmelo Castillo       17-Jul-1982             09-Jun-1982           24-Sep-1982         Indians
Kevin Rhomberg       01-Sep-1982            09-Jun-1982           24-Sep-1982         Indians
Bonds                      30-May-1986           20-Apr-1986           11-Aug-1986        Pirates
Barry Jones              18-Jul-1986             20-Apr-1986           11-Aug-1986         Pirates
Bill Moore                 19-Jul-1986             13-Jul-1986            24-Jul-1986          Expos
Maddux                   03-Sep-1986            02-Sep-1986          03-Sep-1986         Cubs
Ramon Tatis             6-Apr-1997              05-Apr-1997           06-Apr-1997         Cubs
Alberto Castillo         8-Jul-2008               28-Apr-2008           25-Aug-2008         Orioles
Luis Montanez          5-Aug-2008             28-Apr-2008           25-Aug-2008         Orioles
Chris Getz                12-Aug-2008            28-Apr-2008           25-Aug-2008         White Sox
Panik                       21-Jun-2014            22-May-2014          01-Sep-2014         Giants
Brooks Brown           6-Jul-2014               22-May-2014          01-Sep-2014         Rockies
Ben Paulson             21-Jul-2014             22-May-2014          01-Sep-2014         Rockies
Andrew Susac          26-Jul-2014             22-May-2014          01-Sep-2014         Giants
Matt Duffy                01-Aug-2014            22-May-2014          01-Sep-2014         Giants
Terrance Gore           02-Sep-2014            31-Aug-2014          22-Sep-2014         Royals

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               -  Guys with high WAR not in the Hall of Fame

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Friday      -  The names of toy manufacturers

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