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January 19-25, 2015 Players whose college mascot was a reptile

Q.         Who was voted his league’s Most Valuable Player just after his team finished dead last in their division?
Hint:     He was the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner that season too.
Hint:     He won it narrowly, over a player who would end up with him in the Hall of Fame.
Twint:    He hit over 30 home runs in a season three times and stole over 30 bases in a season three times.
Twint:    They don’t synch up, however, and he is now forever denied membership in the exclusive 30/30 Club.
Twint:    He did make the 20/20 Club five times, though.
A.         ANDRE DAWSON (MVP 1987 w/CHC; 2nd place Ozzie Smith)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Sutton, MA
Incorrect answers:  Alex Rodriguez, Steve Carlton, Vladimir Guerrero, Ernie Banks, Dale Murphy, Ryne Sandberg

Q.         Who was the first infielder to accomplish thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases in the same major league season?
Hint:     That very same season, he became the first player to hit thirty home runs from the leadoff position.
Hint:     Playing on a first-year expansion team, he led the entire league with 73 stolen bases.
Twint:    Willie Stargell was a teammate on his high school baseball team.
A.         TOMMY HARPER (31 HR, 38 SB in 1970 while playing; SEP 1969 73 SB; Attended Encinal High School)
FCR -    Blake Sherry, Dublin, OH
Incorrect answers:  Alfonso Soriano, Rickey Henderson, Alex Rodriguez, Chuck Carr, Tim Raines, Maury Wills

Q.         Who was the first National League shortstop to win World Series Most Valuable Player Award?
Hint:     He once had two game winning bunts in a 17-day stretch, the second of which was a walk-off.
Hint:     Sixteen days after that, he hit a walk off grand slam.
Twint:    He is the only Cardinal to get three doubles in a World Series game, the third providing the margin of victory with an 8th inning RBI.
A.         DAVID ECKSTEIN (2006 MVP, other SS to win: Jeter, Trammel & Dent won in the AL & Edgar Renteria won w/the Giants in 2010; 22-Jul-2005 walk off bunt, and game winning bunt 06-Jul-2005 top 9th; 07-Aug-2005 to beat the Braves 5-3; 2006 WS G4 in the 3rd, 7th and 8th 5-4 final)
FCR -    Dave Ramsden, Barcelona, Spain
Incorrect answers:  Cole Hamels, Maury Wills, Marty Marion, Ernie Banks, Juan Uribe, Honus Wagner, Jimmy Rollins, Zoilo Versalles, Dick Groat, Bill Russell, Phil Rizzuto, Ozzie Smith

Q.         During the two-season reign of Cincinnati’s Nasty Boys, which reliever accumulated the most total saves?
Hint:     He was the second Reds pitcher to hurl an immaculate inning.
Hint:     In his lone World Series victory, he handed a future Hall of Fame pitcher the final loss of that pitcher’s 0-2 World Series career.
Twint:    When, on the spur of moment he anointed himself team physician, he managed only to sever all his ties with the franchise.
Twint:    He managed this by opining on live television that a certain #1 overall draft pick should “suck it up” instead of complaining of elbow pain.
A.         ROB DIBBLE (1990-91: 42 SV, Myers 37, Charlton 3; Immaculate Inning:  04‑Jun‑1989, t8th vs SDP, downed Carmelo MartinezMark ParentGarry Templeton, Pedro Borbon had done it 23‑June‑1979; He topped Dennis Eckersley in Game 2 of the 1990 WS; Speaking of ailing Stephen Strasburg in 2010, who not long thereafter needed Tommy John surgery, Dibble was fired as the Nationals color analyst)
FCR -    Terry Alan Martin, Carleton, MI
Incorrect answers:  Randy Myers, Norm Charlton, Will McEnaney, Eric Plunk

Q.         Who was the first player to hit ten home runs during a season in which he collected fewer than fifty hits—and did it twice in his All-Star career?
Hint:     He was the first rookie to homer twice in his first World Series game.
Hint:     He twice led the American League in bases-on-balls and was an All-Star five times.
Hint:     He really did not like his nickname.
Twint:    He was an outfielder on a team that many believe to be the best of all time.
A.         CHARLIE KELLER (10 HR 49 H in 1945, 13 HR 36 H in 1947; Rookie WS HR 07‑Oct‑1939 1st & 3rd Abs;  MiLB POY 1953; Nicknamed “King Kong Keller” because of his power; Members of this [putative] All-time Outfield:  Keller, Joe DiMaggio and Tommy Heinrich.)
FCR -    Douglas Sher, Charleston, SC
Incorrect answers:  Gene Tenace, Andruw Jones

Q.         Who is “Mr. Cub”?
Hint:     No other player played more games in a Cubs’ uniform.
Hint:     He was the first National League player to win back-to-back MVP Awards.
Hint:     He was the first Chicago Cub to have his uniform number retired.
Hint:     He made his professional debut with the Kansas City Monarchs, after being signed to his first contract by future Hall of Famer, Cool Papa Bell.
Hint:     He never played in high school because his Dallas high school did not have a baseball team.
Hint:     He is the only Chicago Cub to amass 1,000 extra-base hits.
Hint:     He was the first player to win a Gold Glove Award for the Cubs.
Hint:     He finished ahead of Hank Aaron in the Rookie-of-the-Year balloting.
Hint:     He was one of only three shortstops named to the All-Century team.
Twint:    He was the first black to play for the Cubs.
Twint:    He was awarded the Presidential of Freedom in 2013 (…and by a White Sox fan no less!).
Twint:    Although he was the only player Sandy Koufax struck out three times on the day of Koufax’ perfect game against the Cubs, he was one of only four players to homer off Koufax seven times in his career.
FCR -    Charlie Vascellaro, Baltimore, MD

Q.         What notable DH had the privilege of managing his son in the majors?
Hint:     He debuted with the Reds, shortly after Johnny Bench did.
Twint:    He learned base running from Pete Rose and passed on his knowledge to George Brett.
A.         HAL McCRAE (Father of Brian McRae; Debut 1968)
FCR -    Bob Kimball, Sutton, MA
Incorrect answers:  Ken Griffey, Tony Perez, Bob Boone, Felipe Alou, Pete Rose

Q:         Who is the only player in MLB history to be caught stealing four times in one game?
Hint:     After Willie Mays, he was the next Giant to lead the league in triples.
Hint:     He was the last San Francisco Giant to lead the league in hit-by-pitch.
Twint:    He spent his entire career with the Giants and was an opening day starter each one of those years.
A.         ROBBY THOMPSON (27-Jun-1986 on 3 hit and runs, though he did have 2 RBI in the victory; 1989 11/3B, Mays 20/3B 1957; 13HBP 1989; Played 2B 86-96)
FCR -    Josh Sullivan, Tomball, TX
Incorrect answers:  Bobby Bonds, Ron Hunt, Willie Kirkland, Ray Durham, Brett Butler

Q.         Who took Larry Doby’s outfield position the first time Doby was traded from the Indians?
Hint:     He and the other player traded for Doby, along with one other, were the last of the original Senators to lead the league in games played.
Hint:     His rookie season saw his only All-Star appearance, and though he didn’t have an at bat, he replaced Ted Williams in leftfield.
Twint:    Eight years later he joined Williams as a Red Sox outfielder.
Twint:    His distant cousin with the same last name threw two no-hitters with the Royals.
A.         JIM BUSBY (25-Oct-1955: Traded by the Cleveland Indians to the Chicago White Sox for Jim Busby and Chico Carrasquel; GP155 in 1954, also Eddie Yost; 1951 ASG top 9th, AL behind 8-3; Traded to BOS for the 1959 season; 4th cousin of KCR  pitcher Steve Busby.)
FCR -    Dave Goss, Wind Gap, PA
Incorrect answers:  Gene Stephens, Jim Lemon

Q.         Which All-Star shortstop hit only seven career home runs (minimum 1,000 games)?
Hint:     He was the first Mets shortstop to win a Gold Glove.
Hint:     It was the only one of his career.
Hint:     A weak hitter, he may be best remembered for his competition with the greatest hitter of all time.
Twint:    As a 19 year old, he had offers from the Yankees but took one with the Mets saying “I figured I could make that club fast.”
A.         BUD HARRELSON (16y career 7 HR, 1,533 G , AS 1970-1; GG 1971; Pete Rose, the hit king, and he had an infamous fight in the 1973 NLCS, the Rose-Bud Incident; SABR BIO quote, he wanted more playing time so he thought the Mets, coming off their 40-120 inaugural season in 1962, offered him the best shot)
FCR -    Greg Kelminson, Dallas, TX
Incorrect answers:  Walt Weiss, Ray Ordonez, Elio Chacon

Q.         After Mark McGwire, who was the next Cardinal to lead the National League in bases‑on‑balls?
Hint:     The prior year he led the majors in runs, hits and doubles.
Hint:     In fact, he obliterated the franchise record for doubles in a season by a middle infielder.
Hint:     It was held in a tie by no less than Rogers Hornsby, Frankie Frisch and Sparky Adams.
Hint:     No player, active in the majors today, has ever had more doubles in a season.
Twint:    His high school team, with his dad as his coach, won a National Championship.
Twint:    His father also won the High School Baseball Coach of the Year Award.
A.         MATT CARPENTER (95 BB 2014; 2013 126R/199H/552B; He tied the three at 46 2B on 04-Sep-2013 and finished with 55; 2002 USA TODAY National Prep School Championship guided by his father Rick Carpenter)
FCR -    Jimmy Goggin, Williamsburg, VA
Incorrect answers:  David Eckstein, Albert Pujols, Tommy Herr, Edgar Renteria, Lance  Berkman

Q:         Who held the record for most hits in a World Series for over 50 years?
Hint:     His Hall of Fame manager said of him “I hate his guts, but I want him on my team”.
Hint:     He played nearly equal numbers of games at second base, shortstop and third base accounting for nearly all of his more than 1400 career games.
Twint:    If not for his error in Game 5 of the World Series against the White Sox, it might have been 100 years between World Series Championships for the Southsiders.
Twint:    The only categories he ever led the league in were caught stealing and hit-by-pitch.
A.         BUCK HERZOG (12 h 1912 WS topped by Bobby Richardson’s 13 in 1964; Joe McCarthy and he were known for their mutual antagonism; 490 G @ 2B, 473 G @ 3B & 459 G @ SS G in 1,471 G 1908-20; Series tied 2-2, NYG leading 5-4 bottom 7th, his error tied the game and let Game 4 slip away.  CHW took the next game to win the series 4-2 in 1917.  Their prior WS victory was 1906, and their next not until 2005; 28 CS in 1915 & 14 HBP in 1919.)
FCR -    Michael Berry, Culver City, CA
Incorrect answers:  Pete Rose, Gil McDougald, Bobby Richardson, Frankie Frisch, Eddie Collins, Mark Koenig, Yogi Berra, Babe Ruth                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

WEEKLY THEME – Players whose college mascot was a reptile

Carpenter          TCU                           Horned Frogs
Coleman           Florida A & M             Rattlers
Dawson            Florida A & M             Rattlers
Dibble              Florida Southern         Water Moccasins
Eckstein           Florida                       Gators
Harper              San Francisco State   Gators
Herzog              Maryland                    Terrapins
Keller                Maryland                    Terrapins
McCrae             Florida A & M             Rattlers
Stanley             Florida                       Gators
Thompson        Florida                       Gators

Also available:       Jake Arrieta, Ron Swoboda, Mark Ellis, Pete Donohue, Marquis Grissom, Danny Heep, Les Fleming, Lance Niekro, Mike Stanley plus a few lesser lights.

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

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