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January 18-24, 2016 Hall of Fame Players Drafted After the 3rd Round


Q.Which pitcher holds career records for most strikeouts and bases on balls?

Hint:He has the second highest Hall of Fame vote percentage for any pitcher.

Hint: He never led the league in wins and he never won a Cy Young Award.

- 5714 K, 2795 BB.  Randy Johnson second with 4875 K, Steve Carlton second 1833 BB

- Tom Seaver 98.837%, Nolan 98.79%.  Griffey Jr overtook Seaver this year with 99.32%

FCR - Dean Kloner, New York, NY

Incorrect answers:  Steve Carlton, Walter Johnson, Tom Seaver, Cy Young


Q. Who is the only pitcher in Major League Baseball history to have a season with more than 20 wins and another season with more than 50 saves?

Hint: He has led the Majors in each of those categories.

Hint: He won a WS ring though he only started one game going giving up 4 runs in 2.1 innings then watching as his team lost in 11 innings.

- 24 W led the league 1996, 55 SV led in 2002

- 1995 WS Game 3, lost to CLE though the Braves took the series 4-2.

FCR - Mark Jones, Birmingham, AL

Incorrect answers:  Dennis Eckersley, Dave Righetti, Hoyt Wilhelm


Q. For relief pitchers (minimum 75% games as reliever) with career 300 saves and 100 wins, who is the only one with a winning record?

Hint:He is the only pitcher to win the AL Rolaids Relief Award despite having double digit losses that season.  

Hint: He is the only Hall of Fame player from the Centennial State.

- Only Fingers (341 SV, 114-118 W-L% .491) and Gossage (310 SV, 124-107 W-L% .537) reached the 300/100 mark.

- 1978 AL Rolaids Relief Award with 10-11 record.

- Born July 5, 1951 in Colorado Springs, CO.

FCR - Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY

Incorrect answers:  Dennis Eckersley, Rollie Fingers, Tom Gordon, John Hiller, Trevor Hoffman, Hoyt Wilhelm


Q.Who was the last player to receive five bases-on-balls in one game in the 20th century?

Hint:He is the only player in the modern era to sign on and play with a team on four separate occasions.

Hint:Nonetheless, those accumulated seasons allowed him to finish his career in that 115-year-old franchise’s Top Ten in career games played, hits, doubles and strikeouts.

- 5 BB 30-Jul-2000 playing for SEA

-Played for OAK1979-84; 89-93; 94-95; 98

-2nd in G (1,704); 3rd in hits (1,768); 6th in  doubles (289); and 6th in K’s (915).  BTW he’s also 1st on their career list in Offensive WAR, Runs, Bases-on-balls and Stolen Bases.

FCR - Andrew Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA

Incorrect answers:  Barry Bonds, Andre Dawson, Jimmie Foxx, Minnie Minoso


Q.What player made more assists at shortstop than any other major leaguer ever?

Hint:No one who played only shortstop ever received more Hall of Fame votes.

Hint:He is the only shortstop ever to win a Gold Glove while playing for the Padres.

Hint:...and he did it twice!

-8,375 assists

-433 HOF votes (91.7%) in 2002

-SDP GG 1980, 81

FCR - Tom Zocco, Rocky Hill, CT

Incorrect answers:  Luis Aparicio, Rabbit Maranville, Cal Ripken Jr., Honus Wagner


Q. Which Rookie of the Year, after ten full years with his team, became a free agent and signed a blank contract with the Cubs?

Hint: The move paid off for him, at least, as he was the MVP that season.

Hint: With the blank contract he took a 33% pay cut though he did got a raise the next season as well as yearly increases the next six seasons.

Hint: If not for his constant struggle with knee injuries, perhaps exacerbated by his first 10 seasons playing on artificial turf, he might have even achieved greater feats.

Hint:Despite this, he was the second player to hit 400 homers and steal 300 bases.

- 1977 ROY, in 1987 told the Cubs to pay him what he was worth.  They paid him $700,000 for that season - down from $1,047,000.

- Though NL MVP, the Cubs finished in last place.

- He went from a low of $1,850,000 in 1988 to a high of $4,875,000 in 1994.

-“Hawk” had 12 knee surgeries, which probably prevented him from reaching 600 HR and 500 stolen bases.  Stade Olympique had artificial turf.

-Willie Mays (of course) was the first to reach 400HR/300SB.

FCR - Alex Poterack, Providence, RI

Incorrect answers:  Lou Brock, Gary Matthews


Q.Who was the first player whose 3,000th hit was a home run?

Hint:It  is likely that no player ever had a stricter game-day and at-bat routine.

Hint:In the minors, he lost the International League batting title in the last game of one season, only to win the title on the last day of the next season.

Hint:He was the final out in Dave Righetti's no-hitter.

- 3,000th H/HR off Chris Haney 07-Aug-1999
- He had a pre-game exercise, clothing and chicken meal routine.  He stepped into the batting cage at 5:17 before a night game.  Before every at-bat he scrolled a Hebrew character in the dirt and some other stuff too.
- Lost IL BA title in 1980 w/.306 avg; won in 1981 w/.335.

FCR - Adrian Fung, Toronto, ON

Incorrect answers:  George Brett, Roberto Clemente, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Pete Rose, J.T. Snow, Dave Winfield, Carl Yastrzemski


Q. Among Cub NL MVP’s, who had the highest batting average in the past 70 seasons?

Hint: He is the only Manager in the Hall of Fame that lasted more than one season for the team with the most losses in baseball history (player-managers excluded).

Hint: He was let go as manager after less than two full seasons,

Hint: Charlie Hustle said that he “...worked harder than any player I’ve ever seen” and that he “worked his butt off because he knew it was wrong not to”.

- Ryne 1984 with .314 topped Sosa (.308), Dawson (.287) and Banks twice (.313/.304). Phil Cavaretta hit .355 in 1945, 71 years ago.

- Inducted as a player for the Cubs, he managed parts of two seasons, and one full
season with a losing record in each season or part thereof.  Bucky Harris managed one season (1943).  Hugh Duffy was player-manager 1904-1906.

- He managed 278 games from late 2013 through mid-2015 going 119-159.

-Pete Rose quote is from Ryne’s Hall of Fame page.

FCR - Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC

Incorrect answers:  Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Phil Cavarretta, Andre Dawson, Rogers Hornsby


Q. Who is the only catcher to hit 40 HR and lead his league in GIDP (ground into double plays) in the same season?

Hint: Two Hall of Fame pitchers yielded the most homers in their career to him, and these same two were victims of the most career homers he hit against any pitcher.

Hint: He hit a homer to start a 5-run 9th inning rally against their crosstown rival in the World Series - though not off starting pitcher Roger Clemens.

Hint: His hometown origins are almost certainly the reason he made it to the majors, and yet he earned Rookie of the Year as well as being 12 times an All Star and winning 10 Silver Slugger Awards.

- 40 HR and 27 GIDP 1999 with NYM

- 6 HR each against Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine.  The same applies to Jason Schmidt who is not in the Hall.

- He and Roger Clemens were not exactly “friendly”.  They still lost Game 3 2000WS` 6-5.

- From Norristown, PA - the same birthplace as Tom Lasorda - his father was friendly with the eventual Hall of Fame manager who, as a favor, brought in Piazza as a batboy and later drafted Mike. Piazza was famously drafted in the 62nd round of the 1988 amateur draft.  Reportedly, no other team was interested.  From SABR BIO.

FCR - Matt Blacklaws, Newmarket, ON

Incorrect answers:  Johnny Bench, Gary Carter


First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme - Bruce Didriksen, Park Ridge, NJ

Incorrect theme guesses:

Tuesday - 100 strikeouts in their rookie year
Pitchers to lead the league with over 200 strikeouts by age 25
Hall of Fame pitchers to debut under 20 and finish after 40

Sunday -Players who got into the Hall on their 5th ballot

Questions archived here:


NOLAN RYAN          12TH ROUND 1965 NYM    HOF 1999

OZZIE SMITH            4TH ROUND 1977 SDP    HOF 2002

WADE BOGGS           7TH ROUND 1976 BOS    HOF 2005

RICH GOSSAGE         9TH ROUND 1970 CWS   HOF 2008

RYNE SANDBERG     20TH ROUND 1978 PHI     HOF 2008


ANDRE DAWSON      11TH ROUND 1975 MON   HOF 2010

JOHN SMOLTZ         22ND ROUND 1985 DET    HOF 2015

MIKE PIAZZA          62ND ROUND 1988 LAD     HOF 2016

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