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January 4-10, 2015 Players who have hit 300 home runs and have stolen 300 bases. Junuary 4-10, 2016 - Players who hit 300 homes and stolen 300 stolen bases in each of their careers,

Q.      Who is the only player with 3 triples in one game and 4 home runs in another?
Hint: He was the first black baseball player to be named captain of a major league team.
Hint: He is the only player to play every inning of eleven different All-Star games.
Twint: The  first time a major league team fielded a starting line-up where all three outfielders were black, he was the center fielder.
Twint: It happened in the World Series.
- 3 triples = 15-Sep-1960; 4 HR = 30-Apr-1961
- Named captain of the San Francisco Giants
- Hank Aaron and Stan Musial are tied for 2nd with 9 each.  Joe D. had 8.
- 1st OF with all African-Americans = Mays in CF; Monte Irvin in RF; Hank Thompson in LF happened in the 1st game of the 1951 World Series 04-Oct-1951
FCR - Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers: Joe Morgan, Ernie Banks, Mike Cameron, Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron
Q.      When Alex Rodriguez was awarded the league MVP in 2003 while playing for the last-place Texas Rangers, whose unlikely achievement did he match?
Hint: He’s third all-time in WAR for the Washington/Montreal franchise.
Twint: Only Tim Raines had more triples in Expo history.
Twint: Only Tim Wallach had more career total bases or RBI..
- MVP for last-place CHC in 1987
- 7.9 WAR in 1982 and 48.1 career WAR 1976-86 in 6,138 plate appearances
- Raines had 82 triples.  Dawson had 67 by the time he left for the Cubs.
- Wallach had 2,728 total bases in his Montreal days, 1980-92.  Dawson had 2,679 from. 1976-86.  Wallach also edged him in RBI 905-838.
FCR - Mike Massaroli, Staten Island, NY
Incorrect answers: Hank Sauer, Ernie Banks, Vlad Guerrero, Tim Raines, Joe Carter, Cal Ripken, Billy Williams, Gary Carter
Q.      After 1990, what American League player was the next to appear in more than 140 games in a season where he turned 20?
Hint: Among currently active players,only Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera have a higher career slugging percentages.
Hint: Among active players, only Ichiro has more career singles.
Twint: He received the costliest suspension in the history of  professional baseball.
Twint: Some think his middle name is a subtle way of saying how he feels about his importance to his team.
- 146 G in 1996 w/SEA
- Current slugging:  Pujols .580; Cabrera .562; A-Rod .555
- Suspended for entire 2014 season costing him over $20,000,000
- Enmanuel, var. of Emmanual = “God is with us.”
FCR - Joe Merth, Grove City, OH
Incorrect answers: Ken Griffey, Jr., Victor Martinez, Pudge Rodriguez, Mike Trout, Adrian Beltre, Edgar Renteria, Bryce Harper
Q.      Who led his league in bases-on-balls 11 times out of his final 14 years in the majors, all of them with the same team?
Hint: He led the league in home runs twice; the second time with 59% more home runs than he did he first time.
Hint: His salary increase, however, was 128%.
Hint: His brother played professional baseball for 11 seasons in the minors.
Twint: Terry Pendleton prevented him from being the first player to be named league MVP for four consecutive seasons.
Twint: He went ahead and did it anyway.
- From 1994, his 2nd year w/SFG,  through 2007, his last year played, only in ‘98, ‘99 & 2005 did he NOT lead the NL in BB.  In 7 of he 11 NL-leading years, he also lead the majors.
- NL HR leader with 46 in 1993 then 73 in 2001.
- Made $4,516,666 in ‘93 and $10,300,000 in 2001
- Bobby Bonds, Jr. played for 13 teams over 11 years in the minors, from A-Rookie to AAA.
- Bonds was NL MVP 1990, 92, 93, losing in 1991 by 5% to Pendleton.
- Bonds was NL MVP 2001-04.
FCR - Paul Vastola, Fanwood, NJ
Incorrect answers: Luis Gonzalez, Hank Aaron, Jose Canseco, Eddie Yost, Babe Ruth, Jeff Bagwell, Frank Thomas, Ted Williams
Q. Of the Kansas City Royals named Rookie of the Year, who had the highest batting average his award year?
Hint: He is the only one of them to hit more than 200 career home runs--or even 103.
Hint: He is the first and only Royal to hit 20 HR and steal 40 bases in a season.
Twint: He has been called, and earned, “Señor Octubre”.
- .293 BA ROY 1999.  The other three KCR ROY Lou Piniella 1969 , Bob Hamelin 1994, and Angel Berroa 2003.
- 392 career HR
- 2003 = 26 HR; 41 SB
- Beltran is among the leaders in post-season hitting statistics including single postseason homers (8) and runs scored (21).
FCR - Bruce Didriksen, Park Ridge, NJ
Incorrect answers: Amor Otis, Alex Gordon, George Brett, Hal McRae, Lou Piniella, Bo Jackson, Mike Sweeney
Q.     Who was the last Giants player to twice lead the National League in runs scored?
Hint: Only three other Giants accomplished this, two being Hall of Famers.
Hint: He never won an MVP, but finished in the top 5 twice.
Twint: He did, however, manage to enjoy the MVP award vicariously.
- Led NL R 1969 (120) and 1973 (131)
- HOF Willie Mays and HOF Mel Ott 2x each; George Burns led 5X.
- NL MVP Finished 4th in 1971 and 3rd in 1973.
- His son Barry won 7 NL MVP awards, though Bobby died during the 2003 season, missing his son’s final two awards.
FCR - Dave Serota, Kalamazoo, MI
Incorrect answers: Brett Butler, Willie Mays, Jeff Kent
Q.     Which Diamondback scored the most runs in the franchise’s only World Series?
Hint:  It was his only year with the team.
Hint:  In his only All-Star Game plate appearance, he was the first to ever face Kenny Rogers in the Mid-Summer Classic.  He struck  out.
Twint: He holds the record for most RBIs hit in a single National League Division Series game.
- 6 R, 2001 WS won 4-3 over NYY
- Signed for the 2001 season as a free agent, it was the only season with the team in his 17-year career.
- 1995 ASG, t7, Rogers got two K’s but also blew a save by giving up a home run to (now) Hall of Famer Mike Piazza. NL won 3-2.
- 6 RBIs, NLDS Game 1, 04-Oct-2005 STL 8-5 over SDP
FCR - Dave Goss, Wind Gap, PA
Incorrect answers:  Steve Finley, Mark Grace, Luis Gonzalez, Craig Counsell

Q.    Who is the only player to hit 300 career home runs and 100 career triples, yet not be elected to the Hall of Fame?
Hint: Perhaps this is because he is the only one of the group with a career batting average under .300.
Hint: He was dropped from the Hall of Fame ballot when he only garnered 4 votes his first year of eligibility.
Twint:   He got the hit and RBI that resulted in the only All-Star Game run (though unearned) ever managed against Mariano Rivera.
- 304 HR, 124 3b.  The 9 others who did this:
Brett, and
Hornsby  (All 10 had at least 120 triples)
- Career average .271.  The other 9 range .302 (Mays) to .358 (Hornsby)
- In the 2000 ASG, b9, he drove in Mike Lieberthal - who reached second on a single and an error - with his own single to center.
FCR - Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers:  Vada Pinson, Jim Edmonds, Hal McRae, Jim Thome
WEEKLY THEME – Players with at least 300 career home runs and 300 stolen bases* (Aslo known as “The Thunder and Lightning Club”)
Player HR SB
Mays 660 338
Barry 762 514
Bobby 332 461
A-Rod 687 326
Dawson 438 314
Sanders 305 304
Finley 304 320
Beltran 392 311

*Lowering the minimum to 290 HR and 290 SB would have permitted Rickey Henderson (297/1,406) and Craig Biggio (291/414) into the “club”.

N.B.  Barry Bonds is the only member of the 400/400 club.  He is also the only member of the 500/500 club.

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY (After Dawson)
Incorrect theme guesses:
Tuesday   - Hall of fame outfielders who have won at least 8 gold gloves and been mvp
- 40/40 club
- Outfielders who played 20 years

Wed - Hall of Fame caliber players who did PEDs
- Cheaters

Friday -  Home run leaders who also led in stolen bases

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