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2017-03-27 (Theme not revealed and continued into next week) Week's answers listed here.

Q.        Who was the first pitcher to strike out 18 batters in a 9-inning game?
Hint:     He was the first to throw the same number of strikeouts in a game as years in his age.
Hint:     In the first 11 All-Star games, he was the only American league starting pitcher to use his given name.
Hint:     He incorporated himself to decrease his tax burden.
A.         BOB FELLER
-  18 K 02-Oct-1938
-  17 K @ age 17 13-Sep-1936
-  Incorporated as Ro-Fel, Inc.
FCR -  Madison McEntire, Bryant, Arkansas
Incorrect answers:  Charlie Sweeney, Roger Clemens, Mel Harder

Q.        Who was the first catcher to win the Most Valuable Player Award in the League Championship Series and World Series in the same year?
Hint:     Besides Mickey Cochrane, no other catcher has ever had 100 runs, 100 base-on-balls and 100 RBI in the same season.
Hint:     He caught no-hitters in each league.
-  NLCS MVP & WS MVP 1982
-  1979 = 101 R, 121 BB*, 112 RBI
-  No-hitters (AL = Jim Colborn of KCR vs. TEX 14-May-1977NL = Bob Forsch of STL over MON 26-Sep-1983)
*Led league
FCR -  Richard Tepedino, Hillsborough, New Jersey
Incorrect answers:  Buster Posey, Ivan Rodriguez, Johnny Bench, Joe Mauer, Gene Tenace

Q.        Who was the first Los Angeles Dodger pitcher to win a Gold Glove?
Hint:     He once surrendered a home run to Willie Stargell that sailed completely out of Dodger Stadium.
Hint:     He and Dave McNally made baseball history.
-  GG’s 1974, 75
-  Messersmith and McNally were two early key forces in erasing MLB’s reserve clause, eventually leading to true free agency for players.
FCR -  Bob Kimball, Sutton, Massachusetts
Incorrect answers:  Bill Singer

Q.        Who won the first-ever League Championship Series MVP?
Hint:     His most recent LCS was tainted by a play by a fan.
Hint:     He was voted Manager of the Year after his very first season as a manager.
Hint:     Hint middle name is merely an initial.
A.         DUSTY BAKER
-  Managed CHC at the time of the “Bartman incident” in the 2003 NLCS.
-  Won 103 games, but not the division, with SFG in 1993.
-  Full, given name = Johnnie B. Baker
FCR -  Rick Steinheiser, Gilbert, Arizona
Incorrect answers:  Dave Roberts, Davey Johnson, Moises Alou

Q.        What journeyman relief pitcher, with over 300 mound appearances on his MLB résumé, vaulted to prominence with his 6th team in the postseason of his 11th year?
Hint:     He never led the league in any category, but the brain trust at MLB’s television channel ranked him as the most coveted reliever in the game.
Hint:     His WAR on his last team ranked him 12th with them.
Hint:     “FanGraphs” reveals that one of the league’s top 3 offensive players insisted on being on his team so as not to have to face him.
-  W/CLE as of 01-Aug-2017
-  Edwin Encarnacion made the comment about not wanting to face him anymore.
FCR -  Jeff Fink, Howell, New Jersey
Incorrect answers:  Moe Drabowski, Roberto Hernandez, Stu Miller

Q.        What Hall of Famer was once sold for $200 and another player?
Hint:     Contemporaries considered him to be the best National League shortstop after Honus Wagner.
Hint:     His twin sister died at an early age, leaving him an only child.
Hint:     If he was ever going to be the best, he left nothing to chance. (You should need no hint beyond this one.)
A.         JOE TINKER
George Tebeau, the manager of the Denver Grizzlies of the Western League sold Tinker to the Great Falls Indians of the Montana State League in June of 1900.  Great Falls then sold Tinker to the Helena Senators, also in the Montana State League, for $200 later in the season due to the team's financial insolvency.
-  Had a key role in the classic poem “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon”.
FCR -  Charles P. Riordan, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Incorrect answers:  Johnny Evers, Frank Chance, Ernie Banks

Q.        What former Penn State quarterback had a rookie season characterized by 152 straight games played without a home run, then in the season’s penultimate game, homered for the last round-tripper ever hit by his franchise in that city?
Hint:     He played 5 more years in the majors only to end up with a lackluster career batting average that exactly matched the one in his rookie season.
Hint:     After he retired as a Tiger, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of his old team.
-  Was briefly on the football team at Penn State in 1948 in spring practice. Rookie year with SLB was 1953 and homered on 26-Sep in a loss.
-  .219 for 1953; .219 for career 1953-58.
-  Finished his baseball career as the coach for the Towson University Tigers in suburban Baltimore.  Per Wiki: “He was a 1996 honoree into the Orioles Hall of Fame, inducted with Jerry Hoffberger and Cal Ripken, Sr. These three men were so well thought of in Baltimore that a crowd of 400 showed up at the luncheon at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel.”
Note:  MCCV = TGIF (Merci cieux c’est vendredi)  Also often rendered DMCV (Dieu merci c’est vendredi)
FCR -  Nobody
Incorrect answers:  Jim Leyland, Robert Fick, Tom Brookins, Burt Hooton, Dave Bancroft, Ernie Banks

Q.        Which future World Series-winning manager hit a home run on the first pitch of his first major league at-bat?
Hint:     He managed a victory against a manager who was also his team’s owner.
Hint:     As a player, he and a teammate, a Hall of Famer to be, each hit a solo, inside-the-park home run in the same game.
Hint:     As a manager, he was once traded for an active player.
-  Led PIT over BAL in 1979 WS; MLB debut HR 12-Apr-1955 w/MLN off Gerry Staley of CIN.
-  ATL, managed for 1 G by owner Ted Turner on 11-May-1977, lost to Tanner’s PIT 2-1.
-  Tanner and Ernie Banks w/IPHR’s 18-Jul-1957.
-  Traded by OAK to PIT for Manny Sanguillen + $100,000 on 05-Nov-1976.
FCR -  Kevin Johnson, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Incorrect answers:  Casey Stengel, George Stallings

Q.        In the not-quite-yet-great pitching history of the Colorado Rockies, who is their all-time leader in innings pitched, games started, batters faced, and… yes, losses?
Hint:     So dominant a pitcher was he as a teenager, that in his entire high school pitching career, he surrendered exactly one home run.  It was future major league All-Star Kevin Youkilis who did the honors.
Hint:     He played in the Futures Game then later was selected to the NL All-Star team.
Hint:     He finished his decade-long career above league average in spite of pitching in the majors’ least friendly park to pitchers, averaging just shy of 200 innings per season.
A.         AARON COOK
-  Cook was also the Rockies' career win leader until passed by Jorge De La Rosa in 2015.
-  Cook played for Hamilton High School in Hamilton Ohio; Youk played for neighboring Sycamore High School both schools in the northern Cincinnati suburbs.
-  Career ERA+ = 103
-  Career IP 162-game average =      199
FCR -  Chaunce Venuto, Tooele, Utah
Incorrect answers:  Jorge de la Rosa, Jeff Francis, Ubaldo Jimenez


First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one

Incorrect theme guesses:

Wed        -  Debuted as teens, became All Stars and played in the WS.

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