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January 16-22, 2012 Players with under 5 HR and over 100 RBI in the same season

Q.         Prior to Eddie Mathews, who was considered the greatest third baseman in baseball history?
Hint:     He broke up Herb Pennock’s 1927 World Series perfect game bid with an eighth inning single.
Twint:    As a child he took a job checking railroad cars loaded with explosives.
A.         Pie Traynor (Perfect breakup 07-Oct-1927)
FCR -    Gene Rudzinski, Buffalo [Don Harrison, Fairfield, CT the second go-around]

Q.         Who was the first player to have two hits in one inning in a World Series game?
Hint:     John McGraw called him “my greatest outfielder.”
Twint:    His customary avoidance of water during workouts in the Texas heat may have contributed to the kidney troubles which eventually took his life.
A.         Ross Youngs (2 H [2B & 3B] in 7th inning 07-Oct-1921)
FCR -    J. R. Richardson, Clarksville, MD

Q.         Which player, known for his keen batting eye, struck out only 114 times in his 14-year career?
Hint:     He only struck out 48 times in 5,540 plate appearances (0.87%) over his last nine major league seasons.
Twint:    He won the Southeastern Conference title as head coach at the University of Alabama in 1968.
A.         Joe Sewell
FCR -    Peter Beagle, Oakland

Q.         Who was the first first baseman to turn an unassisted triple play?
Hint:     He won the American League MVP Award in his 13th Major League season, while setting the single-season doubles record.
Hint:     He led the league in errors (most, not least) among first basemen four times during his career.
Twint:    He gave one of his bats to Joe Sewell on the day Sewell replaced Ray Chapman, and Sewell used the bat (which he nicknamed ‘Black Betsy’) throughout his 14-year career.
A.         George Burns (UTP 14-Sep-1923; 1926 AL MVP, 64 2B [later broken by Earl Webb])
FCR -    Steve Bonfield, Calgary

Q.         Which Hall of Famer holds the record for most putouts in a season by a National League second baseman?
Hint:     After singling in his first major league at-bat, he knocked himself out by fouling a ball off his head in his second time up.
Hint:     Footsie Blair replaced him and hit a home run.
Hint:     He got the only hit in the first of Mort Cooper’s back-to-back one-hitters in 1943.
Twint:    His granddaughter is the first lady of Indiana.
Twint:    He was named after a thrice-defeated Democratic Presidential candidate.
A.         Billy Herman (466 PO in 1933; Knockout-to-HR 29-Aug-1931; H [2B] vs. Cooper 31-May-1943 [g1]; granddaughter Cheri Herman Daniels, wife of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels; given name William Jennings Bryan)
FCR -    Bill Lewers, McLean, VA

Q.         Who hit the first home run of the 1912 World Series, in the second inning of Game Seven?
Hint:     His tenth inning sacrifice fly (NOT double) in Game Eight clinched the Series.
Hint:     He was the first American League player to attend the University of Vermont.
Hint:     He forewent his final year of eligibility to sign with the Red Sox after leading the school to the New England Championship.
Twint:    He was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2000.
A.         Larry Gardner (Bounce HR in the ’12 WS; 1908 New England Champions)
FCR -    Tom Kennedy, Houston

Q.         Whose throw in the 1934 World Series knocked pinch runner Dizzy Dean unconscious?
Hint:     According to the headlines that followed, “X-Rays of Dean’s Head Revealed Nothing”.
Hint:     In perhaps a bit of payback, he was released by the Cubs when Dizzy Dean was recalled from Tulsa in August 1940.
Hint:     He and his infield-mates combined for 462 RBI in 1934.
Twint:    He set an American League record (later tied by Jose Canseco) when he received seven consecutive BB in 1938.
Twint:    His arm went dead after a late-1938 handball injury.
A.         Billy Rogell (Dean knockout 1934 WS Game 4, 4th inning; released by Cubs 28-Aug-1940; 1934 Tigers IF: Greenberg 139 RBI, Gehringer 127 RBI, Rogell 100 RBI, Owen 96 RBI; 7th consecutive BB 18-Aug & 19-Aug-1938 G1)
FCR -    Dave Wise, Hyde Park, NY

Q.         Who was the last player to get a hit in three games in one day?
Hint:     His son played briefly for the Pirates during WWII.
Twint:    He moved to the outfield to make way for Pie Traynor.
A.         Clyde Barnhart (triple header 02-Oct-1920: game 1, game 2 and game 3; father of Vic Barnhart; moved to OF in 1922)
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo

Q.         Who was the first modern player to collect seven extra-base hits in two consecutive games?
Hint:     He led American League first basemen in fielding in 1926, and led National League first basemen in fielding in 1929.
Hint:     He was an inaugural inductee into the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame.
Hint:     His son, Bud, played just over 100 career games for the White Sox.
Twint:    He had 3,659 combined major league and minor league hits.
A.         Earl Sheely (3 2B 20-May-1926, 3 2B & HR 21-May-1926 [Ed Delahanty, 1896, is the only prior player w- 7 EBH in 2 games]; 1943 PCL HOF inductee; Bud Sheely 101 games for 1951-53 White Sox; 1,340 ML hits, 2,319 ml hits)
FCR -    John Michael Pierobon, Ft. Lauderdale

WEEKLY THEME – Player since the end of the Dead Ball Era (1920) with 100 RBI seasons who also hit fewer than five home runs that year.

Player       HR        RBI       Year
Barnhart      4         114       1925
Burns          4         114       1926
Gardner      3         118       1920
Gardner      3         120       1921
Herman       2         100       1943
Rogell         3         100       1934
Sewell         3         109       1923
Sewell         4         106       1924
Sheely        3         103       1924
Traynor       2         103       1931
Traynor       3         124       1928
Traynor       4         108       1929
Youngs       3         102       1921

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara

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