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January 23-29, 2012 Rent-A-Yankee

Q.         Who was the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season?
Hint:     He was the first Oakland A’s player to win the Rookie of the Year Award.
Twint:    He bashed teammates.
A.         Jose Canseco (40/40 1988; ROY 1986; Member, with Mark McGwire, of the “Bash Brothers” and tattled on many past teammates [including McGwire] about performance- enhancing drugs.)
FCR -    Bob Savoy, Philadelphia

Q.         Who threw the first postseason shutout in the state of Florida?
Hint:     Candy Maldonado hit a line drive off his elbow, ending his major league debut in the fourth inning and sending him to the DL.
Hint:     His 100th career victory was the first time the Colorado Rockies had thrown consecutive shutouts.
Twint:    He donated $100 for each of his strikeouts to the Society for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.
A.         Denny Neagle (PSShO 11-Oct-1997 @ Pro Player Stadium; Debut 27-Jul-1991; 100th W 14-Apr-2001, Mike Hampton had turned the trick the day before, both games in San Diego; PSP)
FCR -    Brian Wood, Pacific Grove, CA

Q.         Who is the only player to appear more than ten times as a pinch-hitter in the World Series?
Hint:     He led the American League three consecutive seasons in caught stealing.
Hint:     Jesse Barfield once misplayed a hit of his into an inside-the-park grand slam.
Hint:     Barfield did the same favor for Mike Greenwell just a few weeks later.
Hint:     Incredibly, there was a third such hit in the time between those two events.
Twint:    He was the last American League player to score five runs in one game in the 1980s.
A.         Luis Polonia (11 WS PH Abs; AL CS 1991-93; IPGS 14-Aug-1990; Greenwell’s 01‑Sep‑1990; Ron Karkovice’s IPGS 30‑Aug‑1990; 5 H 09-Sep-1988)
FCR -    Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara

Q.         Who was the first regular-season designated hitter in National League history?
Hint:     He’s been the Colorado Rockies first base coach for the past five seasons.
Hint:     He hit three pinch-hit home runs off the same All-Star relief pitcher. (Not in one game‑that would be a record.)
Twint:    He struck out on the only major league pitch every thrown by Kevin Seitzer.
Twint:    Because he replaced a batter who already had two strikes, he was not charged with a strikeout.
A.         Glenallen Hill (1st NL DH 12-Jun-1997; PH HRs off John Franco05-Sep-1993, 01‑Sep‑1995, 25-Jul-1998; Seitzer K 02-May-1993; Replaced Carlos Martinez at bat.)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         What active player played in three consecutive World Series teams, but on three different teams?
Hint:     He played in the postseason the next year for yet another team.
Hint:     A Razorback, drafted by the Cubs, he went on to beat out Carlos Pena for Rookie of the Year.
Twint:    He was the first player ever acquired by Blue Jays General Manager J.P. Ricciardi.
Twint:    His back tattoo is legendary.
A.         Eric Hinske (WS w/2007 Red Sox, 2008 Rays, 2009 Yankees; 2010 Braves; ROY 2002; Ricciardi; Tat)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         Who is the only pitcher to record ten-win seasons for all seven teams he played for?
Hint:     He surrendered one of the most famous home runs of the 1970s.
Twint:    He unintentionally beaned Dickie Thon in 1984, effectively ending Thon’s career.
A.         Mike Torrez (1. 10-4 for the 1969 Cards, 2. 16-12 for the 72 Expos, 3. 20-9 for the 75 Orioles, 4. 16-12 for the 76 A’s, 5. 14-12 for the 77 Yankees, 6. 16-13 for the 78 Red Sox and 7. 10-17 for the 83 Mets; HR to Bucky Dent in the 1978 AL playoff game 02‑Oct‑1978; Thon beaning 08-Apr-1984)
FCR -    Russ Lake, Champaign, IL

Q.         Which pitcher amassed the most innings pitched in a season in the 1930s?
Hint:     He was the only pitcher to suffer 20 losses in a season for the Detroit Tigers in the 1940s.
Twint:    He was involved in consecutive Opening Day games with scores of 1-0.
A.         Bobo Newsom (329.2 IP in 1938 for the Browns; 12-20 in 1941; 16-Apr-1935, 14‑Apr‑1936)
FCR -    Peter Mitchell, Mission Viejo, CA

Q.         Who, though he was born in Des Moines, he represented Mexico in the 2009 World Baseball Classic?
Hint:     He was the last American League player to be caught stealing two times in a game in the 20th Century.
Hint:     His uncle had a cup of coffee with the Cubs.
Twint:    Even though he has played eight teams during fourteen seasons in the majors, he has also played parts or all of ten seasons in the minors for a total of twelve teams.
Twint:    His father has the most career pinch-hit at bats for a switch hitter.
A.         Jerry Hairston, Jr. (2X CS 03-Sep-2000; John Hairston)
FCR -    Al Blumkin, Brooklyn

Q.         Who was the first National League batter to collect a ninth-inning, two-out game-tying pinch-hit in the World Series?
Hint:     In his first game with the Cubs, he became the 1,500th player to appear in a game for them.
Hint:     Mirroring Casey Stengel and Darryl Strawberry, he has worn the uniforms of the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Giants.
Twint:    He was the first Met to collect a hit in nine consecutive plate appearances.
A.         Jose Vizcaino (WS H 23-Oct-2005; Cub debut 16-Apr-1991; Hit streak 23-25‑Apr‑1996)
FCR -    Peter Mitchell, Mission Viejo, CA

Q.         Whose major league career ended with a strike out against, pinch-hitting for Whitey Ford, against Sal Maglie in 1956 World Series?
Hint:     He led the National League in pinch-hitting appearances in 1952.
Hint:     After returning from military service, he was such an admirer of Ted Williams that his teammates began calling him “Teddy”.
Hint:     He went so far as to copy Williams’ batting stance.
Twint:    He led the American Association in home runs in 1953 with 34 in 118.
A.         George Wilson (WS G 1 03-Oct-1956 4th inning; 48 PH PA)
FCR -    John Michael Pierobon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Q.         Who was given a special furlough from the U.S. Army to participate in the 1943 World Series?
Hint:     He held, for two years, the record for career home runs surrendered.
Hint:     He fought in the D-Day landing in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.
Twint:    His manager nicknamed him “Thomas Edison” for his inventiveness.
A.         Murry Dickson (12-Jun-1956 HR by Duke Snider, passing Red Ruffing’s 254.  He was passed the following 08-Jun-1958 [HR by Joe Cunningham] by Robin Roberts.
FCR -    Ray Luurs, Blaine, MN

Q.         Who hit the first major league home run with a Rawlings baseball?
Hint:     He played games at four different positions for eight consecutive years in the majors before going to Japan.
Twint:    When he signed with the Giants in 1981, was granted the largest contract ever offered in the history of NPB.
Twint:    During the first year of that contract, he was nicknamed “The Giant Human Fan”, so frequently did he strike out that year.
A.         Gary Thomasson (07-Apr-1977 off Don Sutton; LF, CF, RF, 1b:  1973-80; Nippon Professional Baseball $1,200,000, spread over three seasons, played only 1981-82)
FCR -    Ray Luurs, Blaine, MN

Q.         Which Stanford grad had John Elway as the best man at his wedding?
Hint:     He was part of a (very) recent World Series champion team.
Twint:    He and the Secretary of Defense attended the same high school.
FCR -    No one

WEEKLY THEME – Players who joined the New York Yankees part-way through a season, won a World Series with them then never played for them again.  Aldrete, Polonia and Wilson never played again in the majors.

Name            Year
Aldrete           1996
Canseco        2000
Dickson         1958
Hairston         2009
Hill                 2000
Hinske           2009
Neagle           2000
Newsom        1947
Polonia          2000
Torrez            1977
Vizcaino         2000
Wilson           1956

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara

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