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January 2-8, 2012 Pitchers who surrendered career home run #600 to a batter


Q.         Who is the only pitcher to win a Cy Young Award after his brother had won one?
Hint:     In a true sample of sibling rivalry, he went on to win another one.
Hint:     He further topped his brother by winning 300 games and being elected to the Hall of Fame.
Twint:    He was the first to win a Cy Young Award in each league.
A.         Gaylord Perry (Jim Perry CYA 1970; Gaylord CYAs 1972 for the Indians and 1978 for the Padres, HOF 1991)
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo, MI

Q.         What former All-Star pitched his last inning of the 2011 season with a broken leg?
Hint:     He was hit by a line drive, but was able to pitch to four more batter before collapsing.
Hint:     He won a World Series ring in the same season he led the league in losses.
Hint:     Taking the safe route, his team didn’t even let him make a postseason appearance that year.
Twint:    He has appeared 34 times as a pinch-hitter.
A.         Jason Marquis (14-Aug-2011; WS 2006)
FCR -    Mike McCroskey, Sugar Land, TX

Q.         Who succeeded Roy Halladay as Opening Day starter for the Toronto Blue Jays?
Hint:     He had not appeared at all in the majors the previous season.
Hint:     He did in five minor league games that year.
Hint:     In five games in his first season in the bigs, he did not allow a single run.
Twint:    Tommy John surgery caused him miss 2009.
Twint:    His only major league home run was a grand slam on the Fourth of July.
A.         Shaun Marcum (05-Apr-2010; Debut season 2005; HR 04-Jul-2011)
FCR -    Bob Stuart, Scarborough, ON

Q.         Who played for four teams for four seasons in the National Basketball Association, but had an even longer major league career?
Hint:     He gave up five runs in a third of an inning in his first major league appearance.
Hint:     He pitched a shutout for the Devil Rays after teammates, 349 games earlier, had thrown back-to-back shutouts.
Hint:     It was the second and final shutout of his career.
Twint:    He ranks second in Cougar history in rebounds.
Twint:    He was drafted six times for baseball but only once in basketball.
A.         Mark Hendrickson (Played for four NBA teams, Played for 5 teams in the majors over 10 seasons; MLB Debut 06-Aug-2002; ShO 06‑Apr‑2006;
FCR -    Robert Workman, Ashburn, VA

Q.         Who was the architect for Toronto’s SkyDome?
Hint:     Yes, I know.  They’ve re-named it the Rogers Centre.
Hint:     He also designed the Canadian Government Pavilion at Expo ’67 in Montreal.
Twint:    His daughter Caroline said the creation of SkyDome almost killed him while driving his company to the edge of bankruptcy.
Twint:    He also collaborated on the well-known Sharp Centre for Design, Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.
A.         Rod Robbie, who passed away on Wednesday.  (Story; Rogers Centre; Expo Pavilion; Sharp Centre)
FCR -    Mike McCroskey, Sugar Land, TX

Q.         Who was on the roster at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas but never played a game for them because of a medical red shirt for Tommy John surgery?
Hint:     He is one of only ten major leaguers born in his state.
Hint:     His father played for the three Super Bowl champions.
Twint:    He owns the longest run from scrimmage in Highlands Ranch High School football history.
Twint:    He also owns the record for strikeouts in a game for the school.
A.         Daniel Schlereth (UNLV 2005, b. 09-May-1986 in Anchorage, AK; Father Mark Schlereth; HS run 96 yds., 19 K)
FCR -    Paul Hirsch, Danville, CA

Q.         Who struck out Bobby Bonds to give Bonds the season strikeout record?
Hint:     In the seventh inning of the same game, he surrendered a home run to George Foster’s pinch hitter.
Hint:     Five of his first ten home runs given up were to Hall of Famers.
Twint:    He threw a minor league no-hitter before coming to the majors.
A.         Mike Corkins (22-Sep-1969, Bonds’s 176th K, passing Dave Nicholson; Willie Mays PH for Foster; HR log; No-no for Elmira 12-Aug-1969)
FCR -    No one

Q.         Who surrendered Chris Carpenter’s first major league home run?
Hint:     When he wasn’t drafted until the 58th round of the MLB draft, he accepted a baseball scholarship at Baylor University where he went 21-14 and had 288 strikeouts in three seasons.
Twint:    He led his high school baseball team to the Texas 5A state championship.
Twint:    He has been a Warthog, a Hillcat, a Bat and a Duck.
A.         Kip Wells (HR 01-Oct-2009, N.B. Carpenter is stuck at 2; HS Sr. yr 1995)
FCR -    John Michael Pierobon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Q.         Who surrendered more career home runs anyone else in the 53-years history of the St. Louis Browns?
Hint:     He is the only one with 100 in that category.
Hint:     He once led the American League with shutouts without a winning record that year.
Hint:     Jimmie Foxx considered him the toughest pitcher to hit in the American League.
Hint:     He won ten or more games for seven consecutive seasons, but never had a winning record in that time.
Twint:    He perfected the “nickel curve”, which later became known as the “slider”.
A.         George Blaeholder (142 HRs; 1929 4 ShO, 14-15)
FCR -    Larry Creeden, Boulder City, NV

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers who surrendered career home run #600 to a batter.  This week’s theme and data were supplied by loyal reader David Vincent.

Pitcher                 Batter                  Date                 Venue
Blaeholder        Babe Ruth            21-Aug-1931      Sportsman’s Park III, St. Louis
Corkins             Willie Mays          22-Sep-1969      San Diego Stadium, San Diego
Marcum            Alex Rodriguez     04-Aug-2010      Yankee Stadium III, New York
Marquis*           Sammy Sosa       20-June-2007     Ameriquest Field, Arlington, TX
Perry                Hank Aaron          27-Apr-1971      Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, GA  
Schlereth          Jim Thome           15-Aug-2011      Comerica Park, Detroit, MI     
Wells                Barry Bonds         09-Aug-2002      Pacific Bell Park, San Francisco, CA
*Marquis wore Sosa’s old number for the Cubs that day.

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Joe Ullian, Santa Barbara (after the Tuesday question)

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