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May 16-22, 2016 Rookies of the Year born in New Jersey

Q.       What star, with a contract that runs through the 2020 season, has unexpectedly been the subject of trade rumors this week?
Hint:   He has an All-Star hitting streak that is as long as every All-Star Game he has played in.
Hint:   That number matches the number of full seasons he has played in the majors.
Hint:   He has long been known as the Millville Meteor.
- The Atlanta Braves have most often mentioned in these rumors.   
- Four All-Star games, 2012 (single), 2013 (double), 2014 (triple) & 2015 (HR), his same four seasons in MLB.  Also hit a single in the 2013 game.
- Starred in basketball and baseball at  Millville Senior High School in Cumberland County, NJ
FCR - Josiah Goodson, Raleigh, NC
Incorrect answers:  Ryan Braun

Q.       Who had 744 more hits in a Yankee uniform than Lou Gehrig?
Hint:   Baseball memorabilia of his sell for as much as $75,000 on eBay.
Hint:   He was Mike Trout’s model of a player and Trout adopted his uniform #2 in high school.
- Perhaps not a fair comparison since Jeter was able to play out his full career, but he had 3,465 hits to Gehrig’s 2,721.
- Check the listings: (Must have an eBay account.)
FCR - Lee Dembart, Hollywood, CA
Incorrect answers:  Frank Crosetti, Joe DiMaggio

Q.       Who caused Tommy John surgery?
Hint:   He played under managers named Pinsky, Kress, Charnofsky, Skaff, Stubby, Metro, Scheffing, Swift, Mayo and Houk among others.
Hint:   He played on what can be called the most stable major league team ever since he and eight teammates were on the same roster for ten consecutive seasons.
Hint:   Once on a crucial at-bat, he hit into his first double play in two years.  It ended the game, the season and kept his team from postseason consideration.
Hint:   He homered in each of his postseason appearances.
- Had brawl on the mound with pitcher Tommy John that left John needing medical care, ergo, he cause Tommy John [to have] surgery.          
- His managers with diverse names:
            Leo Pinsky on Connecticut’s Farmington High School team
            Stubby Overmire on the 1958 Valdosta Tigers
            Stanley Charnofsky on the 1958 Augusta Tigers
            Johnny Pesky on the 1959 Knoxville Smokies
            Charlie Metro on the 1961 Denver Bears
            Bob Scheffing on the 1961, 62 & 63 Tigers
            Bob Swift on the 1966 Tigers
            Mayo Smith on the 1967- 70 Tigers
            [Did not play for Houk in 1974.  Had been traded to BOS for Ben Oglivie.]
- 1964-73 McAuliffe, Gates Brown, Norm Cash, Bill Freehan, Willie Horton, Mickey Lolich, Al Kaline, Jim Northrup & Mickey Stanley were mainline players for the Detroit Tigers.
- DP at-bat 01-Oct-1967, DET finished 1 G back of BOS for AL pennant
- HR in G 3 of the 1968 WS; G 4 of the 1972 ALCS
FCR - Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Tommy John, Davey Lopes, Al Kaline, Bill Freehan

Q.       In 2011, Justin Verlander completed the rare trifecta of winning the Rookie of the Year, MVP and Cy Young awards, but he wasn’t the first to garner all three.  Who was?
Hint:   He (not Verlander) set a record for National League pitchers with 7 home runs in a season.  He hit the 7th in his 20th win that year.
Hint:   After the majors, he played baseball in Japan, but only had one game on the mound.  The rest, a full season, were at first base.  A future Cooperstown Hall of Famer was a teammate.
Hint:   He was on hand to help celebrate Jackie Robinson Day last week.
- 1949 ROY; 1956 MVP & CYA (First Cy Young Award ever given out.  Cy Young had died just the year before.)
- 7 HR in 1955; Pitching record that year was 20-5.  His .800 W-L pct led the majors.  His NL single-season HR total has been tied, but not surpassed.  The all-time best is 9 HR hit by pitcher Wes Ferrell in 1931.
- Now a special advisor to the LAD, he was there for Jackie Robinson Day
FCR - Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD
Incorrect answers:  Vida Blue, Fernando Valenzuela, Earl Wilson, Bob Gibson

Q.       Who broke Ron Cey’s career team record for home runs by a Los Angeles Dodger?
Hint:   Who was the first Dodger to hit a grand slam on Opening Day.
Hint:   Who was the last 20th century major leaguer to hit two home runs in one inning.
Hint:   He is now occasionally seen with a microphone in his hand, breaking down a playoff game.
- Cey had 228 LAD HR’s, Karros finished.  He passed Cey with his 229th 13-Jun-2000 and is interestingly still the LAD career HR leader by a wide margin at 270, although he trails Snider (389) and Hodges (361).
- Opening Day GS 03-Apr-2000
- 2 HR/inning 22-Aug-2000, 6th inning--only one out when he hit the 2nd one
- Seen here interviewing a bearded closer     
FCR - Doug Pepper, Tulsa, OK
Incorrect answers:  Steve Garvey, Mike Piazza, Shawn Green

Q.       Who was the first black pitcher to start a World Series Game 7?
Hint:   He scattered 6 hits and beat the Yankees in a complete-game win a week earlier in the  first World Series game he ever played in.
Hint:   He attended, played baseball for and graduated from Morgan State University in Baltimore in 1950 before entering the service.
Hint:   After his career in the majors, he received a Master’s degree from Rutgers University and was granted an honorary doctorate by Shaw University.
Hint:   Vin Scully said, “His heart was bigger than his body.”
Hint:   The Washington Nationals give out an award in his name every year.
A.       JOE BLACK
- G 7 1952 WS 07-Oct-1952
-  “Joe Black Award” first given in 2010
FCR - Walt Cherniak, Woodbine, MD
Incorrect answers:  Bob Gibson, Don Newcombe, Mudcat Grant, Dock Ellis, Juan Marichal

Q.       What rookie pitcher got into pitch his first day in the majors, within hours of joining the team, inherited a base-loaded, no-out situation then proceeded to retire the side in order, striking out 7 in a 7-inning effort, adding (in his first at-bat) his first major league home run?
Hint:   He learned to throw a sinker from pitching coach Frank Funk days before he threw a no-hitter against the Braves.
Hint:   The count of paying customers that day was exactly 1,369.
Hint:   He was so sick before the game that he had to beg his manager to start.  Persuaded that his pitcher could  be counted on, the manager gave the OK and never regretted it.
- Impressive debut 03-Sep-1974.
- No-no 29-Sep-1976 (Coach Funk as a player; coached in the majors for 11 years.  His manager was Bill Rigney.)
- Nicknamed “The Count”
FCR - Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Hoyt Wilhelm, David Clyde

Q.       Who was the only (non-Ivy League) player selected in the 1965 August Legion Phase draft to ever play in the majors?
Hint:   This was before the  advent of the designated hitter and he was called a slugger without a position.
Hint:   He once led off both the 2nd & 3rd innings with home runs only to have both erased by a rainout in the 4th.
Hint:   We remember his mostly as a catcher and he did play 51% of his games there, the remainder being played at 1st, 3rd & DH.
Hint:   He was the first player to win the “Baseball Digest” Rookie-of-the-Year Award.
- The other player selected was Pete Varney, a Harvard alumnus.  The 1965 August Legion Phase draft
- From RetroSheet:  “6/2/1976: Atlanta’s Earl Williams lost two home runs to rain in a game at Fulton County Stadium. He led off both the second and third innings with homers to left off the Padres’ Alan Foster. The game was called in the bottom of the fourth with the Braves ahead 5-0.”
FCR - Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Cliff Johnson, Ray Fosse, Willie Montanez, Ted Simmons, Gene Tenace

Q.       Who broke Bo Jackson’s franchise rookie home run record?
Hint:   He still holds that record.
Hint:   In his other three seasons with the Royals, his combined HR total fell short of that single season’s.
Hint:   One of his baseball cards has been called “the worst of all time” by
Hint:   His career was a short six seasons, perhaps suffering from a “curse”.
- 24 HR 1994 surpassing Bo Jackson’s 22 in 1987
- Total 42 HR with KCR, 1993-1996   
- The KCR “star curse” of 1990’s and 2000’s of young Royals’ talent not living up to expectations has hit others including former ROY’s Angel Berroa and All-Stars Ken Harvey and Mark Redman.  They all never lived up to expectations.  Additional curses are mentioned here.
FCR - Steve Cardella, Sacramento, CA
Incorrect answers:  Steve Balboni

Q.       Who holds the rookie saves record for the Oakland Athletics?
Hint:   That same season he was the only A’s player to make the All-Star team.
Hint:   The next year he did pitch in the ASG (He was DNP as a rookie.), while the only other A’s player in the Summer Classic didn’t step on the field.
Hint:   The first home run he ever yielded was the last an Oakland pitcher gave up a home run to Johnny Damon.
- 26 SV 2009, topping Huston Street’s 23 SV in 2005.
- 2009 ASG, he did not play.
- 2010 ASG he faced two batters.  Trevor Cahill (in his only AS selection) didn’t play.
- Damon’s 185th HR on 21-Apr-2009.
- The Damon HR, a solo shot, came in Bailey’s 7th game.
FCR - Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Nathan Street, Dennis Eckersley, Ken Harvey

THEME FOR THE WEEK - New Jersey natives who won the Rookie of the Year Award

Rookie                     ROY           Born in                                      On
Bailey                2009       Voorhees, NJ           31-May-1984
Black                1952       Plainfield, NJ            08-Feb-1924
Hamelin            1993       Elizabeth, NJ            29-Nov-1967
Jeter                 1995       Pequannock, NJ      26-Jun-1974
Karros               1991       Hackensack, NJ      04-Nov-1967
Montefusco      1974       Long Beach, NJ       25-May-1950
Newcombe       1949       Madison, NJ             14-Jun-1926
Trout                 2012       Vineland, NJ            07-Aug-1991
Williams           1970    Newark, NJ     04-Jul-1948

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Jack Sullivan, Louisville, KY (after Karros)

Incorrect theme guesses:
Monday   - Players from NJ who are MVPs

Tuesday  - Mvps who wore #2

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