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May 2-8, 2016 Players who had an 0-7 game in 2015

Q. Who is the ony 30/30 player in the history of the Boston Red Sox franchise?
Hint: He was the last major  leaguer to steal 70 bases in a season.
Hint: He hasn’t reached even 50 since he changed teams.
Hint: His old university’s team has twice won the College World Series since he left for the pros.
- 39 HR, 32 SB in 2011
- 70 SB in 2009
- High of 39 SB with the Yankees
- Oregon State University NCAA champs in 2006 & 2007
FCR - Chuck Hilty, Reston, VA
Incorrect answers:  Tommy Harper, Carl Crawford

Q. Who became the first player since Dwight Evans in 1984 to complete a cycle with a walk-off home run?
Hint: The first 7 hits of his major league career were doubles, becoming the first player since Johnny Mize in 1936 to record the first seven hits of his career as extra base hits.
Hint: He has won multiple Gold Gloves, multiple Silver Slugger Awards and been an All-Star multiples times.
Hint: In his best season, he finished a strong 3rd in the MVP voting.
- Walk-off HR in cycle 31-Jul-2010
- 7 doubles 30-May, 01-Jun & 04-Jun-2008
- GG = 2010, 12, 13; SS = 2010, 15; AS = 2012, 13
FCR - Jeff Freedman, Westwood, CA
Incorrect answers:  Adrian Beltre, David Ortiz, Chipper Jones, Chase Utley, Nomar Garciaparra, Vladimir Guerrero

Q. Who is the only player to have double-digit-home-run seasons for the Mets each of the past 5 years?
Hint: He broke Ron Hunt’s New York Mets half-century-old franchise record for being hit by a pitch the most times in a season.
Hint: He abides! (♫“Somebody bet on the gray”.♫)
- 10+ HR 2011-15:  10, 15, 15, 30, 27
- 14 HBP in 2015; Ron Hunt had 13 in 1963 and was tied in 1997 by John Olerud
- Duda’s nicknames on the Mets are “The Big Lebowski” referencing the 1998 Coen brothers’ movie of the same name. He is also called “The Dude”, referencing (obviously) his last name and the only name given to a character in that movie.  It’s a cult classic and rates 8.2 out of 10 on IMDB (the same rating given “Gone With the Wind”).  ♫“Somebody bet on the gray”♫ = Referencing the 1850 Stephen Foster song, “Camptown Races”, where Duda’s names, seemingly, is repeated in the refrain.
FCR - Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA
Incorrect answers:  David Wright, Daniel Murphy

Q. What utility player was featured last year on MLB TV’s Plays of the Week with plays at four different positions?
Hint: His online bio claims that he played tee ball when he was 3 years old.
Hint: He hit his first home run of 2016 less than a week ago.
Hint: His uncle (not cousin) won World Series championships with the Orioles and Dodgers.
- Made sparkling plays @ 2B, 3B, LF, RF [Question from SABR 45 in Chicago.]
- HR Friday, 29-Apr-2016 off CIN’s Dan Straily.
FCR - Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA
Incorrect answers:  Steve Pearce, Brock Holt, Ben Zobrist, Munenori Kawasaki

Q. Who is tied with David Ortiz for the most World Series RBI among active players?
Himt: He had 500 games at catcher then moved to first base and, just last week, passed the 500-game mark there.
Hint: He homered in his first at-bat in the majors off a future MVP.
Hint: His best offensive day came against a former ALCS and World Series MVP.  In a postseason elimination game, he homered twice off this pitcher, the second time tying the score.  In extra innings he then knocked in the winning run to keep his team alive.
- 14 WS RBI
- 539 G @ C (Last played C in 2012); 500th G @ 1st last Tuesday
- Big day = G 3 2008 ALDS, HRs vs. Josh Beckett
FCR - Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, RI
Incorrect answers:  Buster Posey, Eric Hosmer, Victor Martinez, Joe Mauer

Q. Who was called up last year after playing all four infield positions in AAA?
Hint: He has already played multiple games at each infield position since being called up.
Hint: Ironically, it was an injury to an outfielder that made space for him on the roster.
Hint: His father was involved in one of the most unpopular trades in Philadelphia baseball history.
Hint: His first major league home run came 4 years after his debut, but he hit another 2 days later.
Hint: He went to high school outside the U.S., even though it was named American Military Academy.
- Called up to the Reds 03-Jun-2015 from the Louisville Bats.
- His father, also named Ivan De Jesus, was traded by the Cubs to the Phillies in exchange for Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg on 27-Jan-1982.  De Jesus Sr. went on to 3 seasons of adequate service for the Phillies while Sandberg would win an MVP and later be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.
- Debuted with the Dodgers 01-Apr-2011; First HR 08-Jun-2015 off Cole Hamels; Second HR 10-Jun-2015.  He’s only hit 3 since then.
FCR - Terry Walters, Mechanicsburg, PA
Incorrect answers:  Lenny Dykstra, Brock Holt, Kiki Hernandez

Q. Whom do his Pirates teammates refer to as “El Coffee”?
Hint: He knocked a former ALCS MVP off the Double-Unique list.
Hint: Highly touted by scouts for years, he finally became a starter last year.
Hint: Both his parents are police officers.
- Placido Polanco was the 2006 ALCS MVP
- Polanco's discipline can be traced to his mother and father, both of whom are police officers in Santo Domingo. He calls them every night from his apartment.
FCR - Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Starling Marte, Josh Harrison, Arquimedes Caminero

Q. What versatile switch-hitting infielder is trying to work his way back onto the Dodgers roster, where he was before they placed him waivers a decade after they first signed him?
Hint: He was picked up by the Brewers, but could only manage a WAR of -0.1 in 152 games over two seasons with them, so they released him.
Hint: The very definition of a utility player, his positions in his 11 years of professional games break down like this by position:
2nd  -  38%
LF  -  19%
3rd   -  14%
CF  -  10%
SS  -  7%
CF  -  7%.
Hint: Hitting 8th in the lineup, he had 5 hits in one game, becoming only the 6th batter to do so in the past 20 years.
- He’s already played 4 different position this year in Oklahoma City.
- 5-hit game 13-Jul-2014
FCR - Phil Ross, Denver, CO
Incorrect answers:  Rickie Weeks, Bill Hall

Q. Who is the only remaining player to qualify for this week’s theme?
Hint: He is only the 16th of the 17 natives of his home country ever to play in the majors.
Hint: ...and there are only two natives of that country active in 2016.
Hint: Of the 17, 11 are from the same city and it’s only the 6th largest in that nation.
Hint: He is likely to stay on the Double-Unique list for some time to come.
- (see theme)
- Colombia, South America
- Only pitchers Jose Quintana of CHW & Julio Teheran of ATL are currently on active MLB rosters
- Typical spelling of his first name ends in “i” not “y”.  The name is Italian and  corresponds to John in English.
Incorrect answers:  Andrelton Simmons, Yoenis Cespedes, Jurickson Profar, Ehire Adrianza, Ugueth Urbina, Xander Bogaerts

THEME FOR THE WEEK - Players who each went 0 for 7 in a game in 2015

Batter For Vs. Date Innings
*0 for 8 (but scored a run, unlike everybody else on this list)
Note:  Ellsbury and Urshela did this in the same game!

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Nobody

Incorrect theme guesses:
Monday   - Baseball players who are native Americans
- Natural born Indians who played MLB
- Native Americans who were major league All-Stars
- The starting lineup for the Seattle Pilots

Sunday - Players who had 5 hits in a game batting 8th in the order

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