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2023-05-28 Batters who homered thrice in one game on June 24.

 MONDAY  —29-My

Q.  Who replaced Casey Stengel as manager of the Mets?

Hint: #1  He is the masked catcher gracing the cover of the first issue of Sport Illustrated.

Hint: #2  He was traded for another team’s coach, completing the only coach-for-coach swap in major league history.


-  Ans.  Halfway through the 1965 season Stengel had to retire after his hip operation.  Westrum took over on 24-Jul as NYM beat PHI 8-1 at Shea.  Westrum managed the team through the end of  the 1967 season with a 142-237 record, at .375, an improvement over Casey’s .302 there.

-  #1  SI of 16-Aug-1954, with Eddie Mathews at the plate & umpire Augie Donatelli.  More here.

-  #2  He was traded from SFG to NYM for coach Cookie Lavagetto.  After the 1963 season, Mets 1B coach Cookie Lavagetto was recovering from an operation & asked to be moved closer to his home near Oakland, California.  After mutual discussions with their teams, he & Westrum agreed to the trade that accommodated Lavagetto, who went to the cross-bay San Francisco Giants.  That brought Westrum back to New York with the Mets after he had played his entire 11-year MLB career with the New York Giants.

FCR -  Nick Loret de Mola, Sacramento

Incorrect guesses:  Yogi Berra, Manny Sanguillen Gil Hodges, Ralph Houk




Q.  Who caught the first no-hitter for the San Francisco Giants?

Hint: #1  He was one of the best at throwing out would-be base stealers but set a mark of futility of his own on the base paths.

Hint: #2  As a six-time All-Star, he had any offers within the game at the time of his retirement, but he chose to return home to Tennessee and get involved in community affairs.


-  Ans.  On 15-Jun-1963, Juan Marichal threw a 1-0 no-hitter at the Houston Colt 45s.

-  #1  In 1959, Bailey threw out 60.4% of base stealing attempts (29 of 48), but 4 years later, he attempted to steal 6 times and was thrown out 6 times.

-  #2  He served for 12 years on the Knoxville, Tennessee city council from 1983 to 1995 and, worked for United States Congressman Jimmy Duncan.  The Lonas (Bailey’s middle name) family had long been active in the politics of Knox County.

FCR -  Andy McCue, Riverside, California

Incorrect guesses:  Dick Dietz, Bob Schmidt, Tom Haller, Buster Posey




Q.  Who was the first National League player to walk six times in one game?

Hint: #1   Very few players have won the Rookie of the Year Award and been voted Most Valuable Player unanimously.  He missed being in that small group by a single vote.

Hint: #2  He was the first Thirty/Thirty man for his franchise.


-  Ans.  On 20-Aug-1999, in a 16-inning G, Bagwell had 6 BB (2 of them IBB) in 8 PA.

-  #1   In 1994, Bagwell was a unanimous NL MVP, w/28 1st-place votes.  In 1991, his NL ROY year, he missed a unanimous vote by the 1 cast for PIT’s promising rookie, Orlando Merced.  According to Jack Lang, the then executive secretary of the BBWAA, the lone vote for Merced was cast by trailblazing (sic) sportswriter Toni Ginnetti of the Chicago Sun Times.  Only Frank Robinson, Orlando Cepeda, Albert Pujols & Mike Trout have been both ROY & MVP unanimously.

-  #2  In both 1997& 1999, Bagwell exceeded 30 HR & 30 SB.

FCR -  Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Barry Bonds, Dick Allen, Willie Mays, Bryce Harper, Walt Wilmot, Andre Dawson, Frank Robinson, Eric Davis




Q.  Who is the only player to win the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award, the Championship Series MVP Award and World Series MVP Award in the same season?

Hint: #1  He remains the only player to hit two home runs completely out of Dodger Stadium.

Hint: #2  He was the two hundredth member of the Hall of Fame.


-  Ans.  In 1979 Stargell ran the MVP table

-  #1   Willie Stargell’s Chavez Ravine HRs for distance:  05-Aug-1969 & 08-May-1973.  The 1969 HR was not only the 1st ever hit by anyone out of Dodger Stadium.  It remains the farthest ever hit there.  The ball cleared every part of Dodger Stadium & some of the parking lot.

-  #2  HOF in 1988.

FCR -  Adrian Fung, Toronto

Incorrect guesses:  Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Kirk Gibson, Mike Trout




Q.  Whose power hitting was called “The Laser Show” if he did say so himself?

Hint: #1  He sequenced his first two major awards much as did Cal Ripken, Willie Mays, Ryan Howard, et al.

Hint: #2  Although he was once named the Wilson Sporting Goods Overall American League Defensive Player of the Year, the league’s Platinum Glove (awarded by Rawlings Sporting Goods) that year went to Manny Machado.


-  Ans.  Laser Show

-  #1   These all followed their ROY as the MVP within the next 325 G.  Also on that list are Kris Bryant, Buster Posey, Jackie Robinson, Shohei Ohtani, Johnny Bench, Jose Canseco, Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger & of course Fred Lynn & Ichiro Suzuki.

-  #2  DPOY for 2013; Platinum Gloves.  Pedroia is a 4-time Gold Glove winner.

FCR -  Jaime Aron, Dallas

Incorrect guesses:  Julio Rodriguez, Mike Trout



FRIDAY — 02-Jun

Q.  Who was the first player to hit a pinch-hit grand slam on Opening Day?

Hint: #1  He was once famously traded for a player with his same first name.  It was hailed as “baseball's first even swap of superstars”

Hint: #2  He finished his seventeen-year career in the majors with the same team he had played for before his two years of military service.


-  Ans.  Pinch-hitting for NYY DH teammate Dennis Werth on 09-Apr-1981, Murcer homered with the bases full.

-  #1   On 22-Oct-1974, after 8 years with the NYY, Murcer was traded to SFG for Bobby Bonds.  The trade was all the more notable because each was among the highest-paid players in MLB.  Indeed, it was the first swap of players who were both earning $100,000+. (Murcer-$110,000; Bonds-$100,000.)

-  #2  Although offered a larger signing bonus by LAD, Murcer signed with NYY.  He had light duty for them in 1965-66 then had 2 years of military duty.  When he returned, he was a Yankee regular for 6 years, 4 X an All-Star & winning a GG.  He returned to NYY for his final 4½ seasons, only one which was as a regular player.

FCR -  Lincoln Mitchell, New York City

Incorrect guesses:  Ron Northey




Q.  Which one-time Oriole hit into a triple play on 8/8/88?

Hint: #1  That was the only season in nine straight he did not reach 100 RBI.

Hint: #2  Over a stretch of twelve seasons, he averaged 107 RBI, most in the majors in that period, yet only once did he lead the majors in a single year.


-  Ans.  Playing for CLE on the symmetrical date of 08-Aug-1988, with nobody out and Ron Washington & Willie Upshaw on base, Carter came to bat against MIN’s Allan Anderson.  Carter drove a fly to deep eft field that must have looked difficult to catch, but fleet-footed Dan Gladden raced to the wall, leapt, made the catch & threw to Steve Lombardozzi at 3rd B to retire Washington before he could get back.  Lombardozzi then threw to Gene Larkin at 2nd B to retire Upshaw & complete the triple play.  The focus of that day was to have been on the Chicago Cubs who were scheduled to play the first night game in their 102 years operating as a major league franchise.  Weather intervened so they made history the following night, beating the Mets 6-4.  Carter played for BAL for 85 G in his last year, 1998, briefly reunited with Roberto Alomar from the 1992-93 TOR championship team.

-  #1  Carter ended the 1988 season with 98 RBI.  That set the pace for CLE, by 23, but 11 players in MLB had 100+ that season.

-  #2  With 121 RBI in 1986, Carter led the majors.  With 1,281 RBI between 1986 & 1997, his total led all comers over that span of seasons.

FCR -  Susan Nelson, Moscow, Tennessee

Incorrect guesses:  Eddie Murray, Albert Belle, Justin Turner, Ken Phelps, Gary Alexander



Q.  Who broke up a no-hitter with two outs in the 9th inning with a pinch-hit home run?

Hint: #1  He provided sparks in preventing his team from setting history.

Hint: #2  He took out a full-page ad in his team’s hometown newspaper to thank the fans for their support.


-  Ans.  On 27-Sep-1998, in the last G of the season for both teams, Higginson broke the heart of rookie Roy Halladay (who had just turned 21 & was making just his 2nd MLB appearance) by going "oppo taco” on the first pitch he saw.  Halladay’s reaction.

-  #1  In DET's infamous 119-loss season, 2003, they had 2 games left in their season & with defeats in either of them, they would have either tied or exceeded the 1962 Mets’ team record for the most losses in the Modern Era.  In game 161, Higginson helped the Tigers roar back from an 8-1 deficit by scoring runs in both the 7th & 8th innings of their eventual walk‑off win.  In their season finale, Higginson homered in the 1st inning for their 1st run.  He then ripped a lead-off double to ignite a 7-run uprising in the 7th on their way to avoiding infamy.

-  #2  After enduring several late-career surgeries, fan favorite “Higgy” formally bid adieu to his many Motown fans upon his retirement via the Detroit Free Press.

FCR -  Michael Berry, Culver City, California

Incorrect guesses:  Gary Alexander, Juan Samuel, Cookie Lavagetto


SUNDAY  — 04-Jun

Q.  Whose batting average is the highest ever for a rookie season?

Hint: #1  In Babe Ruth’s final game, he patrolled the same piece of outfield turf.

Hint: #2  He was the first player to produce the margin of victory in a World Series Game Seven by hitting a home run.


-  Ans.  In 1930, as a 30-year old rookie, Watkins mounted a BA of .373.  Only 14 NL/AL freshmen have hit .350+ in their debut year.  Note:  Many of us were under the impression that Shoeless  Joe Jackson held this distinction.  However, when Jackson hit .408 in 1911, it was his fourth season in the majors and he was no longer a rookie.


-  #1   The Babe’s farewell G was 30-May-1935.  Ruth played LF only for the bottom of the 1st inning for BSN that afternoon before retiring for good.  Watkins was LF for PHI that day.

-  #2  In G7 of the 1931 WS, Watkins’ 2-R HR proved to be the difference in STL’s 4-2 clincher.

FCR -  Bill Deane, Cooperstown

Incorrect guesses:  Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner, Wally Berger, Joe Medwick, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Jackson, Roberto Clemente, Oscar Charleston, Casey Stengel, Al Kaline, Heinie Manush, Bob Johnson



Q.  Who didn’t play baseball at his high school, yet was signed to a professional contract primarily on the basis of hitting six home runs in the only nine games he played in junior college?

Hint: #1  Playing in a ballpark so spacious that no player hit 100 career home runs while playing there, he was that franchise’s first-ever home run champion.

Hint: #2  Never esteemed for his glove work, he made his most memorable catch at… home.

A.  BILL MELTON   [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  Growing up, Melton needed to work after school &during summers instead focusing on sports.  After he gave up high school football & graduated, he turned to baseball & was discovered by former MLB-pitcher-turned-scout “Sloppy" Thurston.  Thurston had an eye for long ball hitters (He had previously signed Ralph Kiner.), & inked Melton to a pro contract after Melton displayed his prodigious power playing at Citrus College (Glendora, CA).

-  #1  The design & dimensions of roomy Comiskey Park were strongly influenced by former White Sox superstar pitcher Ed Walsh.  The original dimensions of 365’ down each line, 395' to both power alleys & 455' to dead center, made it one of the most difficult parks to homer in.  With more reachable distances in place during Melton’s time on the South Side, he went deep 33 X in both 1970 & 1971, the latter total being more than those of Reggie Jackson or Norm Cash & leading the AL that season.

-  #2  While putting up shingles on his wet patio roof in 1972, Melton slipped & fell from the top of an 8'‑ladder while trying to break his 4-year-old son's fall from the same roof.  Melton saved his son from serious injury, but ruptured a pair of disks in the accident.  He would never be the same as a power hitter again.  Melton finished regularly in the top 10 in the AL for errors by a 3rd baseman almost every year.

FCR -  Tom Cleary, Macungie, Pennsylvania

Incorrect guesses:  Kevin Mitchell, Roy Sievers, Joe DiMaggio, Frank Howard, Harmon Killebrew


WEEK’S THEME – Batters who homered thrice in one game on June 24.


24-06 of:   Batter                        Career WAR

1931 — Watkins........................................ 10.4

1950 — Westrum........................................ 12.6

1956 — Bailey............................................ 27.2

1965 — Stargell.......................................... 57.6

1969 — Melton.......................................... 18.7

1970 — Murcer.......................................... 32.1

1989 — Carter............................................ 19.5

1994 —Bagwell.......................................... 79.9

2000 — Higginson..................................... 23.1

2010 — Pedroia.......................................... 51.9

June 24 is the most prolific date on the entire calendar for 3-HR games.

 First Correct Respondent identifying themeJoe Cohen, Holden, Massachusetts (after Bailey)


Incorrect theme guesses:


Mon     -  Catchers who had an inside-the-park home run 

Tues    -  Pre-expansion era catchers who hit 3 Home Runs in a game

            -  Catchers who hit three homers in one game


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Sunday, May 28, 2023

2023-05-22 First BBWAA MVP at each position

MONDAY  —22 May

Q.  Which pitcher has the highest career WAR for any Hall of Famer in the Modern Era who was born east of the Mississippi River?

Hint: #1  He was the first pitcher to lead the American League in bases on balls and strikeouts in the same season.

Hint: #2  He is the only Red Sox pitcher to hit a grand slam in a game he lost.


-  Ans.  WAR of 113.3, [MD] trailing only Johnson (152.4 [KS]) & Alexander (116.2 [NE])

-  #1  In his rookie season of 1925 he matched his 116 K w/131 BB.

-  #2  Grove accounted for ⅔ of his team’s runs when he hit George Blaeholder’s pitch over the fence in Shibe Park on the sunny (I’m guessing) Saturday afternoon of 27-Jul-1935.  Three other BOS pitchers have hit grand slams:  Babe Ruth on 20-May-1919, Wes Ferrell on 12-Aug-1936(1) & Ellis Kinder on 06-Aug-1950(1), They, however, were each victorious.

FCR -  Jason Winston, Riverside, California

Incorrect guesses:  Babe Ruth, Josh Beckett, Roger Clemens, Christy Mathewson, Cy Young, John Clarkson, Smokey Joe Wood




Q.  Which slugger hit thirty home runs in twelve straight seasons?  (Yes.  I know that in some of those seasons he hit even more!)

Hint: #1  He was the youngest player ever to play catcher in more than one major league game.

Hint: #2  He retired with the highest slugging career average for a right-handed batter.


-  Ans.  Hit 30+ HR 1929-1940.  (Only in 1931 did he hit only 30.)  Later this mark was bettered by Alex Rodriguez & Albert Pujols who had 13 straight 30-HR years.

-  #1  On 26-May-1925, in his 3rd major league G, Foxx replaces Bill Lamar (LF) playing C batting 3rd but did not come to bat.  He would  not turn 18 until October of that year.

-  #2  Foxx’s career .609 SLG was eclipsed by Mule Suttles’ .620 when MLB finally recognized the legitimacy of the statistics of the Negro Leagues.

FCR -  Sean Moore, Hollis, New Hampshire

Incorrect guesses:  Hank Greenberg, Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, Johnny Bench, Babe Ruth, Gary Carter




Q.  Which former Oakland A’s coach sat on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Orioles?

Hint: #1  As a player and by the slimmest of margins, he beat Al Simmons’ record for the most RBI in a major leaguer’s first ten seasons.

Hint: #2  He led the majors in triples as a rookie, but he changed his uniform number the next year and never led again in triples, not even the league.


-  Ans.  DiMaggio coached the A’s in hitting for 2 seasons, 1968-69.  He was on the BAL board during the ownership period of Edward Bennett Williams, 1977-88.

-  #1  From 1936 through 1948 DiMaggio racked up 1,277 RBI.  He missed three years of play due to military service, 1943-45.  Simmons had 1,276 RBI 1924-1933.

-  #2  Had 15 3b in 1936.  He even averaged double figures per season, but never led again.  He wore #9 as a rookie then #5 for the rest of his career.

FCR -  Lou Charlip, Rockville, Maryland

Incorrect guesses: 




Q.  Who was the first player to appear as the designated hitter in a World Series game for two different teams?  (Not in the same year.  That would be a record!)

Hint: #1  He hit the first double in the history of Seattle’s Kingdome.

Hint: #2  He was once thrown out stealing twice in the same inning.


-  Ans.  Baylor DH’ed for BOS in the 1986 WS & for MIN in 1987.

-  #1   Doubled in Seattle on 07-Apr-1977, 5th batter.  It was also that stadium’s 1st H of any kind.

-  #2  In the 9th inning of a tie G on 15-Jun-1974 in Memorial Stadium, playing for BAL, Baylor was put in to pinch run.  He was thrown out attempting  to steal 2nd base.  He was called out, however … he stayed on 2nd due to an error by future Hall of Fame infielder Ron Santo.  Baylor promptly stole 3rd.  Then in a perhaps foolish attempt to put the Birds ahead, he broke for home & was thrown out again, this time for good.  Extra innings ensued.  Research found no other parallel instance.

FCR -  John Michael Pierobon, Fort Lauderdale

Incorrect guesses:  Reggie Jackson, Nelson Cruz, Roberto Kelly, Paul Molitor, Gene Tenace, Dave Winfield, Edgar Martinez, Reggie Sanders




Q.  Who was an AA in 1918?

Hint:  #1  He lamented BBs.

Hint:  #2  The last team he ever managed were the CCs.

Hint:  #3  His most famous pitching duo were both DDs.

Hint:  #4  He never made EEs in the post-season.

Hint:  #5  The initials of his full name and nickname are FFF & FF.

Hint:  #6  One of his most memorable teams was the GG.


-  Ans.  Assuredly one of Fordham College’s finest all-around athletes, Frisch was a slashing half-back in football, named a College All-American his senior year.

-  #1  Derived from his complaints as a manager, one of his signature lines as a radio broadcaster was, “Oh, those bases on balls!”

-  #2.  A player-manager for STL, Frisch then skippered the Pirates & finally the Chicago Cubs.

-  #3.  The only WS champion team Frisch skippered were led in 1934 by the pitching brothers Dizzy & Daffy Dean.

-  #4  Frisch is the only non-Yankee to appear in 50 pre-Expansion Era WS games in history.  Over those pressure-packed games, the slick-fielding Frisch never committed more than one error in any single one of them.

-  #5  Christened Frank Francis Frisch, his nickname was The Fordham Flash.

-  #6  His rough-and-tumble 1934 World Champion Cardinals were The Gashouse Gang.

FCR -  Eric Savage Short Hills, New Jersey

Incorrect guesses:  Branch Rickey, Fat Freddie Fitzsimmons, Fats Fothergill, Ferris Fain, Ford Frick, Casey Stengel



FRIDAY — 26-May

Q.  Which backstop won a Most Valuable Player Award before and after the baseball writers took over the voting process?

Hint: #1  A Hall of Fame umpire called him, “…a shortstop with shin-guards and a chest protector.”

Hint: #2  In college, he boxed and played football and the saxophone.


-  Ans.  Won MVP in 1928 w/PHA & in 1934 w/pennant-winner DET.  Lou Gehrig (1927 and 1936) is the only other player to be so honored.

-  #1  Umpire Billy Evans (HOF 1973) was the author of that assessment.  Few people, then or now, disagree with him.

-  #2  Cochrane played the most major league games (1,482) of anyone who attended Boston University.  His career G played total is exactly half of all of the other BU alumni’s G combined.

FCR -  Terry Sloope, Cartersville, Georgia

Incorrect guesses:  Roy Campanella, Ernie Lombardi



Q.  Whose record for the most hits in a player’s first five full seasons did Ichiro Suzuki break?

Hint: #1  He was the first player to hit a home run in the All-Star game and in the World Series during the same season.

Hint: #2  His beaning inspired Larry McPhail to investigate the use of batting helmets.


-  Ans.  Medwick had 1,064 from 1933 thru 1937.  From 2001-05, Ichiro had 1,130.

-  #1   Hit a HR off Lefty Gomez in the 1st inning of the 1934 ASG (his 1st) then again in the 1934 WS (also his 1st) in G 1.

-  #2  Medwick was hit in the head with a pitch on 18-June-1940.  Helmets came into use on gradually well before it was a requirement.  It was not until December 1970 that MLB enforced strictly mandatory use of the batting helmet for all batters.  Veteran players, however, were allowed some discretion.  Some researchers credit Roger Bresnahan for using a protective headpiece as early as 1908.

FCR -  Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Lou Gehrig, George Sisler, Dizzy Dean, Pete Reiser, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra



SUNDAY — 28-May

Q.  Who holds the National League’s single-season record for most bases on balls by a third baseman?

Hint: #1  He was once one of two ejectees in the same at bat.

Hint: #2  He was the second third baseman to have 100 RBI in six seasons in the majors.


-  Ans.  Elliott ambled his way to first on free passes 131 times in 1948.  It is more than 40 walks more than his next highest total and is the only official black ink on his stat page.

-  #1  Elliott was ejected by umpire Augie Donatelli for arguing a strike call during a 7th inning at-bat against the Cardinals at Sportsman's Park on 23-Aug-1952.  Teammate Bobby Hofman was sent up to complete Elliott's at-bat, but after Hofman took exception to the single pitch he saw get called for strike three, he too was given the thumb by Donatelli.

-  #2  Elliott matched Pie Traynor’s mark with 100+ RBI in 1943-1945, 1947-1948 & 1950.  Traynor actually did Elliott 1 better with 7 such seasons.

FCR -  Mike Sparks, Sarasota

Incorrect guesses:  Eddie Mathews, Pie Traynor, Mike Schmidt, Jeff Bagwell, Home Run Baker, Chipper Jones, Ron Santo, Ken Boyer



Q.  Who is the sole senior circuit slugger in history to record three seasons of four hundred total bases each?

Hint: #1  His assists one year are still the most ever in a single season by an outfielder in the Modern Era.

Hint: #2  No National  Leaguer has ever had more extra base hits in a single season.


-  Ans.  Klein had 445 TB in 1930 [4th highest all time]; 420 in 1932; & 405 in 1929 (Hornsby had 409 that year.) 

-  #1   Including leading the majors in 1930 in R, 2B & TB, Klein had 44 OF assists.  No one else in the 20th or 21st centuries has had even 40.

-  #2  His NL mark of 107 XBH in 1930 was tied by  Barry Bonds in 2001.  The left-handed hitting Klein’s home park in 1930 was Baker Bowl, which featured a cozy right field with a 60’ high tin fence only 281 feet down the line & barely 300' to the power alley.  Those dimensions helped Klein set records both offensively & defensively.  Few question, however, the Hall of Fame worthiness of this super star.

FCR -  Terry Sloope, Cartersville, Georgia

Incorrect guesses:  Stan Musial, Ron Santo, Willie Mays, Larry Walker



Q.  Who beat out a fellow St. Louis player for an equally-appropriate nickname?

Hint: #1  Among White Sox managers since the Black Sox scandal, he has posted the highest career winning percentage.

Hint: #2  Shohei Ohtani broke one of his long-standing records, but probably wishes he hadn't.


-  Ans.  Marion played for both the St. Louis Cardinals and Browns for 13 seasons and was dubbed “Mr. Shortstop” for his fielding prowess.  Ozzie Smith, he of 15 remarkable seasons with the Cardinals had to settle for “The Wizard of Oz”.

-  #1   With a record of 179-138 over 2+ seasons (1954-56), Marion’s W-L% of .565 ranks behind only Fielder Jones (.592 / 1904-1908), Clark Griffith (.581 / 1901-1902) and Pants Rowland (.578 / 1915-1918).

-  #2  In 1944, Marion posted the lowest batting average (.267) among position-player MVPs during their winning year until Ohtani hit just .257 in his 2021 MVP season.

FCR -  Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Al Lopez




WEEK’S THEME – First BBWAA MVP at each position


Pos  MVP               Year                Team           Yr WAR     WAR

P – Grove.......... 1931 AL......... PHA............ 10.0.. 106.8

1B- Foxx........... 1932 AL......... PHA............ 10.4.... 93.0

CF- DiMaggio.... 1939 AL......... NYY.............. 8.3.... 79.1

DH- Baylor........ 1979 AL......... CAL.............. 3.7.... 73.8

2B- Frisch.......... 1931 NL.......... STL............... 4.0.... 71.8

C – Cochrane..... 1934 AL......... DET.............. 4.5.... 55.4

LF- Medwick...... 1937 NL.......... STL............... 8.4.... 54.4

3b- Elliott.......... 1947 NL......... BSN.............. 9.3.... 50.9

RF- Klein.......... 1932 NL.......... PHI............... 7.5.... 46.7

SS- Marion........ 1944 NL.......... STL............... 4.6.... 31.9


First Correct Respondent identifying themeSarah Grynpas, Toronto (after DiMaggio)



Incorrect theme guesses:


Mon     -  Pitchers with multiple immaculate innings

            -  Pitchers with 100 wins for two franchises


Tues    -  Hall of Famers on the 1928 A's

            -  All players played for both Athletics and Red Sox franchises

            -  All Triple crown winners for every team from Philadelphia


Wed     -  First AL MVP (BBWAA era) for each position


Wed     -  Hall of Famers in the starting lineup for Ted Williams' first game (BOS vs NYY, April 20, 1939)


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