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2022-11-14 Players at least 35 years old when the season started with 20 HR & 20 SB that year

MONDAY  —14-Nov

Q.  Who has had the longest consecutive game hitting streak since Pete Rose?

Hint: #1 That same year, hitting streak records were set and even though he didn’t set any of them, he had a longer streak.

Hint: #2  A man who would not be deterred, he once stole three bases in one inning and on another occasion had five hits in a World Series game. 


-  Ans.   Pete Rose had a streak of 44 G in 1978.  Molitor had 39 G in 1987 that garnered so much attention, it started to be called “the Mollie Watch”.

-  #1   Benito Santiago’s 34 straight G set records that season for a.) Longest consecutive-game hitting streak by a catcher; b.) Longest consecutive -game hitting streak by a rookie; and c.) Longest consecutive-game hitting streak by a San Diego Padre.

-  #2  3 SB in 1 inning = 26-Jul-1987; 5 H in a WS G = 12-Oct-1982 (G#1)

FCR -  Kevin Epstein, San Antonio

Incorrect guesses:  John McGraw, Casey Stengel, Luis Castillo, Benito Santiago, Jackie Bradley, Jr., Derek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, Robin Ventura, Rickey Henderson


TUESDAY  —15-Nov

Q.  Whose bat speed put a lump in the throats of many major league pitchers?

Hint: #1  He hit at least twenty-five home runs for each of six major league teams.

Hint: #2   He was the first player to hit a home run in a 1-0 game three times in a season.

Hint: #3  His uncle was a National League Cy Young Award winner.


-  Ans.  Sheffield’s batting stance waggle itself was something to behold.  He explains.

-  #1  He hit as many as  43 HR for LAD in 2000;

42 HR for FLA in 1996;

39 HR for ATL in 2003;

36 HR or NYY in 2004;

33 HR for SDP in 1992; &

25 HR for DET in 2007.

-  #2  On 02-Apr-, 07-May- & 12-May-2001, Sheffield won the G for LAD w/solo HR that constituted all the scoring in each G.

-   #3  Uncle Dwight Gooden won the CYA unanimously in 1985.

FCR -  Frank Stephenson, Rome Georgia

Incorrect guesses:  Reggie Sanders, Fred McGriff, Paul Molitor, Don Baylor, Davey Lopes, Dick Allen, Duke Snider, Julio Franco




Q.  Who was the first player with a 30/30 season for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Hint: #1  He was also the second.

Hint: #2  He is the only South American to win the Home Run Derby.

Hint: #3  He shares an impressive statistical mash-up with Barry Bonds, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Craig Biggio, Honus Wagner and Paul Molitor.


-  Ans.  In 2001 Abreu’s stats were 31 HR & 36 SB.

-  #1  In 2004 his numbers were 30/40.  Jimmy Rollins is the only other player in the Phillies’ 140-year history with a 30/30 season.

-  #2  He won the HRD in 2005, soundly defeating Ivan Rodriguez in the final round. Abreu is from Venezuela.

-  #3  These players each own 900 career extra-base hits & 400 stolen bases.

FCR -  Mike Kositch, Portland, Oregon

Incorrect guesses:  Jimmy Rollins, Juan Samuel,




Q.  Who was the first Angels player to switch-hit home runs in a game?

Hint: #1  He is the only player to hit three grand slams in the space of a week and a half in the last season of his major league career.

Hint: #2  He played in three World Series and took home a ring every time.

A.  DEVON WHITE  [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  HR from each side in Pittsburgh 23-Jun-1987.  White played for CAL 1985-1990.

-  #1  Playing for MIL in the month of May 2001, Devo hit a grand slam on each of the 10th, 15th & 20th(1).  They came off the pitching of Felix Heredia, Amaury Telemaco & Terry Mulholland, respectively.  [Heredia & Telemaco had been teammates of White’s.]

-  #2  Won the WS w/TOR in 1992, 1993 & w/FLA in 1997.

FCR - Adam Balutis, Arlington, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Chili Davis, Tori Hunter, Tim Salmon



FRIDAY  —18-Nov

Q.  Whose major league career lasted seventeen seasons during which he took home five World Series rings?

Hint: #1  His batting title came in the only season he got enough votes for MVP to put him in the top five.

Hint: #2  He is the only player on the winning team in three perfect games.


-  Ans.  Was on the teams that won the WS in 1990 w/CIN, & w/NYY in 1996, 1998, 1999 & 2000.

-  #1  He hit .359 in strike-shortened1994 and was 5th in AL MVP voting.

-  #2  A.) He was in RF for CIN for Tom Browning's perfect game in 1988;

B.) He caught the RF fly ball to seal the deal for David Wells’s perfecto in 1998;

C.) he made a diving catch in RF & doubled in service of David Cone's gem in 1999.

FCR -  Michael Schneider, Wilmington, Delaware

Incorrect guesses:  Paul Householder, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Yogi Berra, Tommy Davis, David Cone




Q.  Which future Cleveland Indian batter was once hit by pitch twice in the first inning?

Hint: #1  He set the record when he hit twelve leadoff home runs in one season.

Hint: #2  He remains the only player to hit leadoff homers in four consecutive games.


-  Ans.  HBP X2 = 1st inning, 23-May-1999, both thrown by pitcher Mike Morgan who was promptly relieved of his duties after the second one.  Anderson finished his playing career with CLE in 2002.

-  #1  Anderson hit 12 leadoff HR in 1996, passing Bobby Bond’s 11, set  23 years prior.  Alfonso Soriano passed Anderson w/13 in 2003 and is now the record holder.

-  #2  Leadoff HR in 4 straight G = 18-21-Apr-1996.

FCR -  Jeff Orner, York, Pennsylvania

Incorrect guesses:  Marquis Grissom, Ian Kinsler, Kenny Lofton, Rickie Henderson, Alfonso Soriano



SUNDAY  —20-Nov

Q.  Who was the first player to collect ten RBI in one National League Division Series?

Hint: #1  He was Barry Bonds’s teammate when they each hit a home run in both the first and second games of a World Series.

Hint: #2  He was hit by a pitch from Pedro Martinez, spoiling the pitcher’s chance for a perfect game.


-  Ans.  Ten years after the LDS playoffs were introduced, Sanders drove in 10 for STL in 2005, helping the Cards end SDP’s season.

-  #1  Paying for SFG in the 2002 Fall Classic, Sanders & Bonds both went deep in G #1 on 19‑Oct‑2002 and in G #2 the next day.  This had never happened before in WS history.

-  #2   On 13-Apr-1994 in Montreal, Pedro Martínez hit Anderson with a pitch with 1 out in the 8th inning, ending the Pedro’s bid for a perfect game.  Sanders responded by charging the mound, igniting a bench-clearing brawl.  Many thought Sanders foolish for believing that a pitcher would abandon an attempt at a perfect game to intentionally hit a batter.  Martinez did lead MLB in HBP that season.

FCR -  Dave Williams, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Jeff Kent, Rich Aurelia, Will Clark



WEEKLY THEME – Players at least 35 years old when the season started with 20 HR & 20 SB that year


Player                 Age          Season          SB/HR          WAR/Yr     WAR/Career

Abreu............ 36........ 2010......... 24/20............ 1.9.......... 60.2

Anderson...... 35........ 1999......... 36/24............ 5.9.......... 35.0

Molitor........... 36........ 1993......... 22/22............ 5.6.......... 75.7

O’Neill........... 38........ 2001......... 22/21............ 4.9.......... 38.9

Sanders........ 36........ 2004......... 21/22............ 1.5.......... 21.5

Sheffield........ 38........ 2007......... 22/25............ 3.0.......... 60.5

White............ 35........ 1998......... 22/22............ 3.8.......... 47.3


First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme –  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Incorrect theme guesses:


Monday  -  MLB Managers who were never a Player/Manager with the most MLB Hits


Tues       -  First round draft picks of the Milwaukee Brewers who were All-Stars

               -  Brewers, (or maybe 1st round draft choices by the Brewers) who played over 20 years in the majors

               -  First-round draft picks of the Brewers

               -  Is this week's theme highest career WAR by a player who played his first major league game with the Milwaukee Brewers


Wed        -  Most stolen bases by a designated hitter in a season

               -  Players with more than 20 Stolen Bases in a season as a Designated Hitter




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2022-11-07 Hall of Famers who hit 3 triples in one game

MONDAY  —07-Nov

Q.  Before Barry Bonds did it in 2002, who was the last Giant to lead the National League in batting?

Hint: #1  He found out he was being called up to the majors between features at a movie theater.

Hint: #2  In his youth, he was trained in the cleaning and pressing skills needed in a laundry.


-  Ans.  Mays led the NL and MLB in batting average, hitting .345 in the season of his first MVP, 1954.

-  #1  In May 1951, Mays's team, the AAA Minneapolis Millers, had an off day before playing an exhibition G in Sioux City, Iowa.  At the movies, between films of a double feature, the house lights went on & the theater manager announced, “If Willie Mays is here, would he please immediately report to his manager at the hotel.”

-  #2  His family needed income from all sources so his extended family worked together and helped each other make it during the immediate aftermath the Great Depression.

FCR -  Bob Trostler, Norwich, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Bill Madlock, Kevin Mitchell, Buster Posey, Will Clark, Mel Ott, Bill Madlock, Freddy Sanchez, Matty Alou



TUESDAY  —08-Nov

Q.  Who secured the highest qualifying single-season batting average of the twentieth century?

Hint: #1  He had a solid season that year, winning the Triple Crown and leading the majors in nine offensive categories.

Hint: #2  He was also the first American League player to hit for the cycle.


-  Ans.  He hit .426 in 1901 for his new manager at PHA in the AL’s inaugural season.

-  #1  In 1901, he had 14 HR & 125 RBI.  He led the majors in R, H, 2B, hit .426, OBPB SLG, OPS, OPS+, TB & SLG.

-  #2  During his fantastic season, he hit for the cycle on 30-Jul-1901.  His teammate Harry Davis is listed as having done the trick 3 weeks earlier on 10‑Jul‑1901.  However, a thorough check of multiple box scores does not credit Davis with a cycle… ever.

FCR -  Anthony Hughes, Woodbridge, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, George Sisler, Sam Crawford, Ted Williams, Miguel Cabrera




Q.  Who was the first Latin American player to win a National League batting title?

Hint: #1  He had a base hit in every World Series game he played in.

Hint: #2  He suffered from an arthritic neck, wrenched spine and insomnia throughout his career, all resulting from a car accident.


-  Ans.  NL batting title = 1961 w/.351.  The next 3 he won 1964, 65 & 67, all led the majors.  He didn’t lead the majors in 1961, however, because DET’s Norm Cash, with a BA 75 points higher than his own next-best year, batted an amazing .361, the highest BA of the 1960s.

-  #1  Had 9 H in 1960 & 12 H in 1971.  The top WS hitting streak is 17 games by Hank Bauer of NYY (7G-1956, 7G-1957, 3G-1958).

-  #2  Imagine if he’d played free of pain!

FCR -  Jeff Fink, Howell, New Jersey

Incorrect guesses:  Matty Alou, Bobby Avila, Ted Williams, Lew Fonseca




Q.  Who was the first player to reach base in a modern All-Star Game?

Hint: #1  He is the last American League player to hit sixty doubles in a season.

Hint: #2  He was the first player in the Modern Era to hit an inside the park home run and grand slam in the same game.


-  Ans.  He got a base on balls from NL starter Bill Hallahan in the bottom of the 1st in the inaugural All-Star Game in 1933.  Gehringer stole 2nd, but was stranded.

-  #1  Had 60 2b in 1936 to lead the AL.  60 doubles in a season is rare (only done 6 times).  Joe Medwick set the NL record that same season w/64 to lead the majors.

-  #2  IPHR and GS = 04-Aug-1930, both off Hall of Fame pitcher Ted Lyons.  The GS was a 12th inning walk off.

FCR -  Michael Schneider, Wilmington, Delaware

Incorrect guesses:  Lou Gehrig, Luke Appling




Q.  Who trails only Yogi Berra in number of World Series rings won?

Hint: #1  In his first MVP season, he drove in more runs than the number of games he played in.

Hint: #2  He married an actress Dorothy Arnold after meeting her during the filming of a bit part in a Hollywood-produced movie that, in spite of its name, was filmed in the Bronx.


-  Ans.  Yogi got 10 WS rings.  Joe DiMag won 9 = 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1947, 1949, 1950 & 1951.  Only in 1942 did he play in a WS that NYY lost.

-  #1  In 1939, DiMaggio had 126 RBI in only 120 G and he won the AL MVP by a comfortable margin.  In 3 additional seasons, he had more RBI than G played: 1937 (151/167); 1940 (132/133); & 1948 (153/155).

-  #2  Joltin’ Joe turned his lonely eyes to 21-year old Dorothy Arnold, singer, dancer & actress, after they met on the 1937 set of the long-forgotten film Manhattan Merry-Go-Round.  In it, DiMaggio plays himself, but is mistaken for a famous singer, propped up in front of a microphone & forced to croak out the song "Have You Ever Been Lonely? All agreed that Joe had, in fact, not, missed his calling.  Arnold’s part was barely more than his as she was only an uncredited dancer.

FCR -  Jerry Miller, Liberty Hill, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Mickey Mantle, Phil Rizzuto, Lou Gehrig, Bill Dickey




Q.  Whose record for most grand slams in a season did Don Mattingly break with only four games left in the season?

Hint: #1  The Texas native Hall of Famer did not play baseball at high school for the simple reason that his school did not have a baseball team.

Hint: #2  He set a record one day when he recorded twenty-two putouts in a single National League regular season game.


-  Ans.  On 29-Sep-1987, Mattingly took Bruce Hurst deep for his 6th GS that year*, moving ahead of Banks’s 5, hit in 1955.  In 1961, BAL’s Jim Gentile tied Bank’s mark, hitting 5 GS**.  Travis Hafner/CLE tied Mattingly’s record in 2006.

-  #1  Banks attended Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas, now the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.  The building was built in 1922 as the first African American high school in Dallas.  In 1955 additional space was added.  Banks did play baseball (semi-pro) during his HS years but just not for his school.  During that time, he also played fast-pitch softball for a church team where he was discovered.

-  #2  On 09-May-1963, playing 1st base, Banks recorded 22 putouts behind the 1-R CG pitching of future All-Star Dick Ellsworth.  Banks was tied 20 years later by another Cub, Bill Buckner.

FCR -  Brett Moore, Studio City, California

*In no other season of his 14-year major league career did Mattingly hit even one (1) grand slam.

**Adding some panache, Gentile hit 2 of his slams in the same game!  09-May-1961

Incorrect guesses:  Will Clark, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Johnny Mize, Frank Robinson, Dale Long, Jim Northrup, Willie McCovey, Gil Hodges



FRIDAY  —11-Nov

Q.  Which outfielder made it to the majors on a team that had what many baseball historians still consider to be the one of the best outfields of all time?

Hint: #1  The Detroit Tigers offered Ty Cobb in a trade for him but his team was not interested.

Hint: #2  It took more than a half century after his retirement for him to be voted into the Hall of Fame.


-  Ans.  Flick was a rookie on the 1898 PHI.  From 1891-1895 PHI had 3 HOF players in the outfield:  Ed Delahanty (LF), Sam Thompson (RF) & Billy Hamilton (CF).  Hamilton was gone by ’98 and Flick filled in for the injured Thompson and became a starter right way.

-  #1  DET HOF manager Hughie Jennings tried to trade Cobb for Flick in 1907, the year of their first pennant.  “No deal,” snapped the Naps.

-  #2  Flick’s last season = 1910.  Induction = 1963 at age 87, the oldest living player ever voted into the HOF.

FCR -  Phillip Ross, Denver

Incorrect guesses:  Ross Youngs, Billy Hamilton, Harry Heilmann, Harry Hooper, Tris Speaker, Kiki Cuyler, Earle Combs




Q.  Who is still the only player to hit forty doubles, twenty triples and thirty home runs in the same season?

Hint: #1  He was the first player to emerge from a team's minor league farm system to win a major league MVP playing for that team.

Hint: #2  He was the antepenultimate player/manager of the St. Louis Browns.


-  Ans.  In 1928, Sunny Jim had 42 2B, 20 3B & 31 HR. It earned him the NL MVP.

-  #1  After signing with Cardinals’ scout Charley Barrett in 1919, Bottomley played for D-level Mitchell Kernels & the A-level Sioux City Packers in 1920; for the A-level Houston Buffaloes in1921; and the AA-level Syracuse Stars and major league STL in 1922.  He was the NL MVP in 1928.

-  #2  Bottomley ended his major league career as player/manager for the 1937 Browns.  Luke Sewell  then performed player/manager duties for 6 G in 1942 and Marty Marion was the Browns’ player/manager in their years just before moving to Baltimore.

FCR -  John Salvino, Denver

Incorrect guesses:  Rogers Hornsby, Luke Sewell, Al Simmons, George Sisler, Ken Williams 




Q.  Whose record for most hits in a season for the Yankees did Don Mattingly break in 1986?

Hint: #1  He is the first Hall of Famer from his state.

Hint: #2  He was one of the few to pinch-hit for Lou Gehrig during Gehrig’s famous streak.


-  Ans.  Combs had 231 H in 1927 for NYY.  Mattingly had 238 in 1986.

-  #1  First Hall of Famer elected from Kentucky:  1970.  3 other HOFers from KY = Happy Chandler (1982); Pee Wee Reese (1984);  & Jim Bunning (1996).

-  #2  PH = 15-Sep-1932.  Gehrig had already played 4 innings of that G, the 1,189th of his streak.  5 others pinch-hit for Lou before the streak was over:  Aaron Ward, Fred Merkle, Myril Hoag, Ernie Johnson and Ben Paschal (3 different times).  Combs was actually the 5th to do it.

FCR -  Jason Winston, Riverside, California

Incorrect guesses:  Joe DiMaggio, Tony Lazzeri,




Q.  Which second baseman, a Hall of Famer and a Double Unique, hit more than ten percent of his career home runs off Christy Mathewson?

Hint: #1  He is the last Hall of Famer with 1,000 or more career hits to have over 85% of them be singles.

Hint: #2  He was the Yankees’ manager in the three seasons prior to winning their first pennant.


-  Ans.  Of Huggins’ 9 career HR, the one on 19-Jun-1907 was off Mathewson.  It was also a lead-off HR.  All 9 HR were of the inside-the-park variety. Miller Huggins has been a Double Unique since his debut on 15-Apr-1904.

-  #1  1,269 of 1,474 career H were singles, 86.1%.  Willie Keeler was higher at 85.7% (2,513/2,932 H).  Only those 2 HOFers stopped at 1st base that frequently.

-  #2  Huggins managed NYY 1918-1920.  He continued managing them for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th pennants 1921-1928.  Included therein were their 1st, 2nd & 3rd WS championships.

FCR -  Benjamin Chase, Huron, South Dakota

Incorrect guesses:  Roger Peckinpah, Rabbit Maranville, Eddie Collins, Johnny Evers, Frank Chance



SUNDAY  —13-Nov

Q.  Who is the first player to record two hits in the same inning in a World Series Game?

Hint: #1  He is often credited with teaching Mel Ott the finer points of playing right field at the Polo Grounds

Hint: #2  Legend has it that he gave the nickname "Smokey Joe" to Negro League star Joe Williams after Williams no-hit hm and him in 1917.  Other theories explain it differently.


-  Ans.  Playing for NYG in G3 of the 1921 WS, Youngs hits a double and a triple in the bottom of the 7th inning, setting a WS record 8-run inning, later broken

-  #1  Apparently Ott was Aptt, student-wise… what.

-  #2  No-hitter = Sorry  Such apocryphal events are difficult to document.  (Just play along if you know what’s good for you.)

FCR -  Leonard Epstein, Dallas

Incorrect guesses:  Casey Stengel 




WEEKLY THEME – Hall of Fame players who hit three (3!) triples in a single game.


HOFer                             Date                          WAR

Banks......................... 11-Jun-1966.................. 67.7

Bottomley................... 15-May-1923................. 35.8

Clemente.................... 08-Sep-1958.................. 94.8

Combs........................ 22-Sep-1927.................. 44.7

DiMaggio.................... 27-Aug-1938................. 79.2

Flick........................... 06-Jul-1902................... 52.7

Gehringer................... 05-Aug-1929................. 84.8

Huggins...................... 08-Oct-1904.................. 35.4

Lajoie......................... 13-Jul-1904................. 106.9

Mays........................... 15-Sep-1960................ 156.1

Youngs....................... 11-May-1920................. 32.7


First Correct Respondent identifying themeWarren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan (after Flick)



Incorrect theme guesses:


Wed     -  First players to get 3000 hits

            -  Players with at least 3000 hits and 140 triples lifetime


Thur     -  Former League MVP winners voter Greatest of all time at their position

-   League Batting Champions voted MVP


Fri        -  Hall of Fame inductees elected by different methods (ballot #, committee, posthumously, etc.)


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