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2024-05-13 Non-Hall of Famers who played in the majors in 4 different calendar decades and pitched at least once

MONDAY  — 13-May

Q.  Who is the only pitcher who has surrendered home runs to more different major leaguers than has Bartolo Colon?

Hint: #1  He won the Branch Rickey Award, Lou Gehrig Memorial Award and was named The Sporting News #1 Good Guy.

Hint: #2  He was released by six different teams and granted free agency another 7 times.


-  Ans.  Colon was taken deep by 307 different major leaguers.  Moyer?  332 !

-  #1  [Multiple references]

-  #2  Ref.  BB-Ref.

FCR -  Michael Craig, Gilbert, Arizona

Incorrect guesses:  Hoyt Wilhelm, Mike Morgan, Carl Hubbell , Frank Tanana, Jim Kaat, George Brunet, Todd Stottlemyre, Bill Dickey



TUESDAY  — 14-May

Q.  Who kept Cal Ripken from joining a special “club” currently  occupied by only Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson?

Hint: #1  He is one of only seven people at his position to be named World Series Most Valuable Player.

Hint: #2  His seasons with the Yankees, Dodgers and Brewers were unremarkable, at best.

Hint: #3  His once thriving brew pub was no match for the Covid Pandemic.


-  Ans.  Only Brooks and Frank Robinson have been a.) MVP; b.) WS MVP; & c.) ASG MVP.  Cal Ripken has 2 of the 3, but Dempsey was WS MVP of the only WS Cal ever played in.  (In reality, Cal did not distinguish himself and a dozen other Orioles would have won it before he would have even been considered.)

-  #1  WS MVP catchers:

1972    OAK    Gerne Tenace

1976    CIN      Johnny Bench

1981    LAD     Steve Yeager

1982    STL     Darrell Porter

1983    BAL     Dempsey

1992    TOR    Pat Borders

2015    KCR    Salvador Perez

-  #2  Played for NYY 1973-76 OPS+ 89; For LAD 1988-90 OPS+ 95; For MIL 1991 OPS+ 60

-  #3  Located within the Camden Yards complex, Dempsey’s Brew Pub opened in 2012 & was a favorite pre- & post-game spot.

FCR -  Barry Gogel, Baltimore

Incorrect guesses:  Boog Powell




Q.  Who is the only pitcher aside from Walter Johnson to win a season strikeout title for the Washington Senators?

Hint: #1  Four times in a row he led the majors in Games Started.  In four different seasons, he led his league in pitching losses.

Hint: #2  He is the only pitcher with a season of an ERA above 5.00 and a strikeout total above 225.


-  Ans.  In a tie with BOS’s Tex Hughson, Newsom had 113 K.  Johnson led the  AL in K 12 X, including 8 in a row 1912-19.

-  #1  Newsom led the majors in GS in 1936 w/38; in 1937 w/37; in 1938 w/40; & in 1939 w/37.

He led the AL in losses in 1934 w/20; in 1935 w/18; in 1941 w/20; in 1945 w/20.

-  #2  In 1938 for the next-to-last place St. Louis Browns, Newsom struck out 226 & had an ERA of 5.08.

FCR -  Tal Smith, Montgomery, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Camilo Pascual, Pedro Ramos, Early Wynn, James McJames, Max Scherzer, Juan Pizarro, Joe Dobson, Wes Farrell




Q.  Who was the first left-handed pitcher to win two hundred career games without ever winning twenty games in a season?

Hint: #1  The year he led the majors in shutouts, he got the only Cy Young Award votes of his twenty-two year career.

Hint: #2  He was the only pitcher to play for all four 2005 LCS teams before 2005.


-  Ans.  From 1969 to 1990, Reuss amassed 220 pitching wins.  His highest total for a single season was 18 which he accomplished in 1975, 1980 & 1982.

-  #1  In 1980, Reuss finished 2nd to Steve Carlton in the CYA voting.

-  #2  Reuss pitched for STL in 1969-71; HOU in 1972-73; CAL in 1987; & CHW in 1988-89.

FCR -  Dylan Meek, Collinsville, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Orel Hershiser, Jamie Moyer, Jim Kaat, ,Tom Glavine, Kenny Rogers, David Wells,


THURSDAY  — 16-May

Q.  Not regarding the National Association as a major league, which catcher’s record for most years in the majors did Nolan Ryan break?

Hint: #1  He (not Ryan, ironically enough) inserted a slab of round steak into his mitt whenever he had to catch a certain fastballer.

Hint: #2  He managed a team that was eliminated by the National League.


-  Ans.  McGuire played in 26 major league seasons: 1884-1908, 1910& 1912.*  Nolan Ryan’s MLB career covered 27 seasons.

-  #1  McGuire caught Hank O’Day when they were both rookie teammates on the 1884 Toledo Blue Stockings.  McGuire later said, “He threw the heaviest and hardest ball I ever caught!”

-  #2  The 12-team NL decided it had spread itself too thin & in 1899 erased the franchises in Baltimore, Cleveland, Louisville & McGuire’s Washington Senators.

*Horsehide Trivia regards the N.A. to be a major league and its records to be legitimate.  This would have made Cap Anson the longest tenured major leaguer at 27 years.

FCR -  Steve Riach, Southlake, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Wilbert Robinson, Jim O’Rourke, Muddy Ruel, King Kelly, Alan Ashby, Buck Ewing, Jeff Torborg, Connie Mack




Q.  Who was the manager of baseball’s most notorious team?

Hint: #1  He got his appellation from the Appalachians.

Hint: #2  His first manager was baseball’s first manager.

Hint: #3  He was well regarded everywhere he played and managed.


-  Ans.  In Gleason’s rookie season of management, he guided the 1919 Chicago White Sox to the AL pennant.  He was never suspected of being involved in the plot of some of his players to purposely lose the WS that they were favored win.

-  #1  Gleason had spent time in Pennsylvania’s coal mines and was still slight of build (5’7”, 150#) by the time he threw his 1st pitch in the majors at age 22.  Gleason’s father and brothers all were employed in the coal mines.  His brother Harry played in parts of 5 seasons in the majors.

-  #2  HOF  Harry Wright managed the 1888 Phillies where Gleason began his major league playing career.

-  #3  Among the five thousand who attended his funeral were managers John McGraw & Connie Mack in addition to Commissioner Landis.

FCR -  Barry Gogel, Baltimore

Incorrect guesses:  Miller Huggins, Casey Stengel, John McGraw, Al Spalding, Harry Wright, Gabby Hartnett.



FRIDAY — 17-May

Q.  Who pitched in more major league games than any other person?

Hint: #1  He was very generous at spreading the wealth around.

Hint: #2  He got rings from teams on each coast.


-  Ans.  Orosco holds the career mark for pitching appearances at 1,252.

-  #1  He pitched for nine teams in his 24 MLB seasons.

-  #2  Orosco famously was the Mets pitcher on the mound at the end of  the 1986 WS.  He played an important part for the Dodgers in their WS winning campaign of 1988.

FCR -  Michael Schneider, Wilmington, Delaware

Incorrect guesses:  Dan Plesac, Cy Young




Q.  Who is both the oldest pitcher to start a World Series game and the oldest pitcher ever to finish a World Series game?

Hint: #1  The country he was born in is a different country today, notwithstanding the fact that his natal country still exists.

Hint: #2  He played the real-life role of when corny announcers say, ”Give that fan a contract!”  He signed his first professional contract when a manager saw him return a foul ball hit into the stands.


-  Ans.  Quin started G 4, of the 1929 WS at 45 years, 3 months, 7 days old.  The following year,  he came into G 3 of the 1930 WS at _(even older)_.

-  #1  Born in Stefuró, Hungary (modern-day Štefurov, Slovakia), Quinn emigrated to the an infant with his parents Michael Pajkos & Maria Dzjiacsko in 1884.

-  #2  While watching a semi-pro game in Connellsville, the 14-year-old Quinn threw a foul ball back from the stands to the catcher, hitting his mitt right in the middle.  The visiting manager, from the nearby town of Dunbar, was impressed by the throw & offered Quinn a contract.

FCR -  Mary Hums, Louisville

Incorrect guesses:  Rex Barney, Satchel Paige



SUNDAY — 18-May

Q.  Who was the first first-round draft pick to make his major league debut for a his team the same year he was drafted?

Hint: #1  His leg was broken by a foul ball in a dugout in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Hint: #2  He surrendered a record-tying, home run of considerable significance.

A.  MIKE MORGAN  [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  Morgan was drafted 4th overall in the 1978 draft and debuted in the majors 11-Jun-1978 w/OAK.

-  #1  Morgan did some coaching in the small central Utah town of Peasant Grove.

-  #2  Morgan surrendered Mark McGwire’s 61st HR of the season in 1998.

FCR -  Victor Piacentile, Yorktown Heights, New York

Incorrect guesses:  David Clyde, Jack Billingham, Ariel Prieto, Mike Adamson, Randy Johnson



SUNDAY  — 19-May

Q.  Whose last name could be intuited by listening to the music of R.E.M., Radiohead, The Cure, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers and similar bands?

Hint: #1  He pitched for a team that won its World Series in only its sixth season of existence. 

Hint: #2  He handled thirteen fielding chances in one game


-  Ans.  These popular bands specialized in a genre referred to as “Alt Rock”.

-  #1  Altrock played for the 1906 CHW.  The team originated with the AL in 1901.

-  #2  On 06-Aug-1904, pitching for CHW, he handled the ball on defense 13 X.  He also went 9 innings & only gave up 1 R.

FCR -  Jim Williams, West Allis, Wisconsin

Incorrect guesses:  Hunter Cervenka , Pat Rapp, Livan Hernandez


WEEK’S THEME – Non-Hall of Famers who played in the majors in 4 different calendar decades and pitched at least once.


Player                   MLB career                WAR

Altrock................. 1898-1933...................... 9.1

Dempsey............... 1969-1992.................... 25.1

Gleason................ 1888-1912.................... 41.8

McGuire............... 1884-1912.................... 24.5

Morgan................ 1978-2002.................... 26.2

Moyer................... 1986-2012.................... 49.8

Newsom................ 1929-1963.................... 47.8

Orosco.................. 1979-2003.................... 23.2

Quinn................... 1909-1933.................... 58.7

Reuss.................... 1969-1990.................... 35.1



First Correct Respondent identifying themeChaunce Venuto, Tooele, Utah (after Morgan)



Incorrect theme guesses:


Mon     -  Pitchers who gave up a lot of home runs

            -  Oldest players to have an RBI


Tue      -  World champions who played on more than 7 teams

-   Played in four decades

-   Players who played for the most teams over four decades

Wed     -  Players NOT in the HOF who played for four decades

-   Players NOT in the HOF who played for four decades since 1900


Fri        -  Pitchers and catchers who played 20+ years and had WARs under 60 played in both leagues and for 6 or more teams


Sun      -  Pitchers and catchers who played in four decades and are not in the Hall of Fame

-   Pitchers and catchers that played in four decades and are not in the Hall of Fame and had a WAR of under 40

-   4-decade non-HOFers who played for 7 or more teams

-   A's pitchers

-   20+ years in the majors with 6 or more teams





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Monday, May 13, 2024

202r-05-06 Mems of the 300/300 club (HR/SB)

MONDAY  — 06-May

Q.  Which avian-nicknamed five-tool player stayed and starred on the team that drafted him for eleven seasons then left to join a less successful team but won the league Most Valuable Player in his first year with the new team?

Hint: #1  In spite of a career that included being Rookie of the year, MVP, eight times an All-Star, eight times a Gold Glove winner, four times a Silver Slugger and a Home Run Derby winner, he was not elected to the Hall of Fame until his ninth (9th!) year on the ballot.

Hint: #2  He once received five (5!) intentional bases-on-balls in a single game.


-  Ans.  Dawson played for MON 1976-86; CHC 1987-92; BOS 1993-94; & FLA 1995-96.  NL MVP in 1987 w/CHC.

-  #1  Elected to the Hall in 2010 receiving 77.1% of votes possible after not having the 75% required each year 2002-2009 with percentages ranging from 45.3% in 2002 to 67.0% in 2009.

-  #2  In a 16-inning G on 22-May-1990, CIN manager Lou Piniella chose to put Dawson on 5 X &.  Neither Ted Williams, nor Barry Bonds nor anyone else ever received that many in 1 G.  Excellent write-up here.

FCR -  D.J. Kuzma, Alpharetta, Georgia

Incorrect guesses:  Joe Medwick, Chick Hafey, Birdie Tebbetts, George Crowe, Robin Roberts, Frank Robinson



TUESDAY  — 07-May

Q.  Who, in his thirteenth season as a major leaguer, hit two home runs in one inning, the second one a grand slam, against the team he would be playing for the very next season?

Hint: #1  He was the batter hit by pitch to end the possibility of  a perfect game for Pedro Martinez.

Hint: #2  He was the first player to collect ten RBI in a National League Division Series.

A.   REGGIE SANDERS   [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  In a G on 20-Aug-2003, PIT embarrassed STL in St. Louis 14-0, Sanders hit a solo HR after the 1st 2 batters had done the same.  Then with those same 2 teammates plus another on base, Sanders homered again.  Watch it here.  Sanders played for  STL 2004 & 2005 helping them reach the postseason both years.

-  #1  In the 8th inning on 13-Apr-1994, Pedro Martinez’ bid for a perfect game was ended when a pitch struck Sanders.  Wrongly thinking the HBP had been intentional, Sanders charged at Martinez on the mound.

-  #2  Sanders had 10 RBI in his career’s last LDS in 3 G in 2005.

FCR -  David Ramsden, Barcelona, Spain

Incorrect guesses:  Paul Molitor, Jim Thome Bip Roberts, Gary Sheffield




Q.  Which batter struck out more times in one season than anyone else in the history of the Giants franchise?

Hint: #1  In the Expansion Era, for a single Giants season, he tops the lists for most runs scored, not to mention at-bats and plate appearances.

Hint: #2  By the time he had racked up his fifth thirty/thirty season, only four other players had even done it once.


-  Ans.  Bonds. Sr. had 189 K in 1970.  He’s also in 2nd, 4th, 10th (tied with himself) & 12th place on that list.

-  #1  In spite of spending only 7 of his 14 major league seasons w/SFG, Bonds Sr. had 134 R in 1970, & had 663 AB & 745 PA the same season

-  #2  Stealing 30 bases & hitting 30 HR in the same season was first done in 1922 by Ken Williams of the Browns.  Willie Mays did it twice.  Hank Aaron & Tommy Harper each added one.  Bonds Sr did in 1969, 1973, 1975, 1977 & 1978.

FCR -  Chris Betsch, New Albany, Indiana

Incorrect guesses:  Barry Bonds, Willie Mays




Q.  Who is the only player to win MVPs in consecutive seasons playing for different teams?

Hint: #1  He is the only player to homer in six consecutive games twice in one season.

Hint: #2  He was the third runner out in Mickey Morandini’s unassisted triple play.

Hint: #3  Few remember that he won the Gold Glove award eight times.


-  Ans.  Bonds was NL MVP for PIT in 1992 then for SFG in 1993.

-  #1  In 2001, Bonds hit 6 HR on April 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 & 18 then on May 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22.  (Looks like it was shaping up to be pretty good year for him, eh?)

-  #2  On 20-Sep-1992 in Philadelphia in the 6th inning, PIT’s Jeff King lined out to 2B Morandini who tagged 2nd base to get Andy Van Slyke and then Bonds as he arrived from first.

-  #3  Won NL OF GG 1990-1994, 1996-1998.

FCR -  Rich Lerner, Silver Spring, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Eddie Murray, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Robinson



THURSDAY  — 09-May

Q.  Tony LaRussa, Robin Yount and who played shortstop at eighteen years old for an American League team in the Expansion Era of the 20th century?  [Played all Gs @ SS.]

Hint: #1  He is the only American League shortstop to hit more than forty home runs in a season.

Hint: #2 After his playing career he (and a partner) attempted to purchase a franchise in the WNBA.


-  Ans.  LaRussa played for KCA in 1963; Yount played for MIL in 1974; A-Rod played SS for SEA in 1994.

-  #1  He hit 42 HR in 1999 & 41 in 2000 for SEA.  He hit 57 HR for TEX in 2002.

-  #2  Rodriguez & billionaire Marc Lore attempted to purchase the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx and the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves.  After extended negotiations Rodriguez & Lore each now own 20% of the Timberwolves franchise with 60% remaining with the original owner.

FCR -  Tom Nealis, Baltimore

Incorrect guesses:  Rico Petrocelli, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken



FRIDAY — 10-May

Q.  Whose legacy has special places for Joe Nuxhall, Warren Spahn, Jack Curtis, Curt Simmons, Dob Nottebart and Mike Corkins?

Hint: #1  Of the seventeen players with more than 1,835 career runs batted in, he is the only one who never led his league in RBI for a season.

Hint: #2  He is the only player ever traded for Charlie Williams.


-  Ans.  These 6 pitchers were, in order, the ones who surrendered Mays’s 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th & 600th career HRs.

-  #1  Although finishing in the Top Ten in RBI production in the majors 11 X, he never was #1 in any year.  He did, however, lead the Giants in RBI in 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958t, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965 & 1966.

-  #2  11-May-1972: Traded by SFG to NYM for Charlie Williams & $50,000.

FCR -  David Skelton, Woodway, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Rafael Palmeiro




Q.  Which one-time Angel twice led the Senior Circuit in triples, but for different teams?

Hint: #1  Only he and Willie Mays have 120+ career triples, 2,500+ hits and five or more Gold Gloves in centerfield.

Hint: #2  Bell’s Palsy nearly derailed his athletic career.

Hint: #3  He has twice been the coach of the Brazilian National Baseball team.


-  Ans.  Finley led the NL in 3B in 1993 for SDP w/13 & in 2003 for ARI w/10.  He played for LAA in 2005.

-  #1  Finley = 124 3B; 2,548 H & CF GG in 1995, 96, 99, 2000 & 2004.  Mays = 141 3B; 3,293 H & beaucoup CF GG.  Only Mays & Tris Speaker played more G in CF.

-  #2  In spring training of 1993, Finley was diagnosed with Bell's palsy, a viral infection of a nerve in his upper neck, resulting in numbness that prevented him from closing his left eye.

-  #3  Finley coached the Brazilian national team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers and managed them in the 2023 WBC Qualifiers.

FCR -  Fred Worth, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Incorrect guesses:  Fred Lynn, Jim Edmonds, Ken Griffey Jr, Devon White, Don Baylor




SUNDAY  — 12-May

Q.  Who followed his father’s advice and gave up a promising volleyball career to focus on baseball?

Hint: #1  The year he played for the Rangers, he was a teammate of a player with whom he was (and is) often confused.

Hint: #2  He is listed as one of the twenty wealthiest baseball players of all time, based on his net worth.


-  Ans.  Beltran was 17 years old when he began to focus on baseball.

-  #1  Playing for TEX in 2016, he was a teammate of Adrian Beltre.  Both are very likely candidates for HOF induction.

-  #2  Figures from Celebrity Net Worth, Forbes & The Richest, created a compilation that included Beltran.

FCR -  Tony Monti, Whitestone, New York

Incorrect guesses:  Scott Servais!




WEEK’S THEME – Members of the Career 300/300 “Club”, 300+ HR & 300+ SB.


Player                 HR      SB                    Joined

Beltran........... 435..... 312........... w/SB 15-Jun- 2012


Bonds Jr......... 762..... 514........... w/HR 27-Apr-1996


Bonds Sr......... 332..... 461........... w/HR 02-May-1979


Dawson.......... 438..... 314........... w/SB 23-May-1991


Finley............. 304..... 320........... w/HR 14-Jun-2006


Mays.............. 660..... 339........... w/SB 08-Apr-1969


Rodriguez....... 696..... 329........... w/SB 14-Aug-2010*


Sanders.......... 305..... 304........... w/HR 10-Jun-2006

*Pitcher also hit a HR in that G.



First Correct Respondent identifying theme – Warren Kent, Whitehall, MI (after Sanders)


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