Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 18-24, 2013 Players with 10 stolen bases in World Series play

Q.         Who was “The Freshest Man on Earth”?
Hint:     He is the career leader for errors at third base.
Hint:     He was the first man from New Hampshire to make it to the majors.
Hint:     As third base coach, he would run up and down the baseline hurling invectives at the pitcher.
Twint     Because of this, the rules were changed and the coaching box created.
Twint:    He once turned a somersault to evade a tag, landing perfectly on the base.
A          Arlie Latham (SABR BIO; 822 E, Billy Nash 2nd with 615; Somersault multiple versions of the story including pulling the trick over Cap Anson, scoring the winning run by evading the tag at home plate, and pulling off a bunt single)
FCR      Makoto Ozawa, Scarsdale, NY
Most common incorrect answer:  Red Rolfe

Q.         Who is the career National League stolen base leader?
Hint:     He made his major league debut in the same game as did teammate and future Rookie of the Year Ken Hubbs.
Hint:     Ten days later, he became the last pinch-runner in a game at the Los Angeles Coliseum.
Twint:    He is one of the very few players to win the Roberto Clemente Award, the Lou Gehrig Award and the Hutch Award.
Twint:    He became the first active player to have an award named after him.
A.         Lou Brock (938 NL SB; Debut 10‑Sep‑1961; PR 20‑Sep‑1961 for Cuno Barragan; MLB Awards:  Clemente, Gehrig, Hutch;  Lou Brock Award for annual NL SB leader, begun in 1974)
FCR -    Blake Sherry, Dublin, OH
Most common incorrect answers:  Maury Wills, Vince Coleman

Q.         Who was the starting first baseman for the first team in the modern era to win back-to-back World Series?
Hint:     He also managed the team.
Hint:     He argued that Merkle had committed a boner, and that the winning run hadn’t scored.
Twint:    He and his teammates essentially won the argument, and the game was replayed with his team beating the Giants and eventually winning the pennant by one game over them.
Twint:    He was the final man in a famous poem about a gonfalon bubble.
FCR -    Matt Repplinger, Denver, CO
Most common incorrect answers:  Rogers Hornsby, Bill Terry, Fred Clarke, Connie Mack

Q.         What Hall of Famer had a broadcasting career that lasted more than three times longer than his playing career?
Hint:     He was the mystery guess of the first-ever episode of “What’s My Line?”
Twint:    In 1999, the minor league Staten Island Yankees named their mascot "Scooter the Holy Cow" after him.
A.         Phil Rizzuto (13 years playing: 1941-42, 1946-56, 40 years broadcasting: 1957-96; WMY episode 02-Feb-1950 [the day I was born])
FCR -    Tim McCarthy, Washington, DC
Most common incorrect answers:  Ralph Kiner, Dizzy Dean, Herb Score, Joe Garagiola, Waite Hoyt, Harry Heilman, Jerry Coleman

Q.         Who was the first Columbia University graduate elected by the writers to the Hall of Fame?
Hint:     He holds the career record for sacrifice hits—an astonishing 512.
Hint:     At Connie Mack’s suggestion, he made his major league debut under the name of “Eddie Sullivan” in order to help him keep his amateur status.
Twint:    The ruse failed, and he was disqualified from playing ball his final year of college.
Twint:    He and owner Tom Yawkey were responsible for the Red Sox becoming the last team in the majors to integrate.
A.         Eddie Collins (Columbia undergrad 1903-07, HOF BBWAA 1939, beating Lou Gehrig by a few months and Monte Ward by a few years; Jack Daubert second at 392 SH; He and Yawkey had a sham tryout for Jackie Robinson and other black player in 1945.  Robinson would later call Yawkey “One of the most bigoted guys in baseball”, which hurt the Red Sox who were the last to integrate in 1959)
FCR -    Dave Johnson, Swarthmore, PA
Most common incorrect answer:  Lou Gehrig

Q.         Who replaced Don Fehr as the Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association?
Hint:     He will be succeeded by for former Tigers slugger Tony Clark.
Hint:     He received his law degree from Harvard Law School.
Hint:     He negotiated the deal that insured 21 years of labor peace in the majors.
Twint:    He spoke out against players whose PED use was well-documented.
Twint:    He was arbitration counsel for the National Hockey League Players Association.
A.         Michael Weiner (Obit; Clark’s career; NHLPA)
FCR -    Andy Milner, Bryn Mawr, PA

Q.         Who holds the record for the most major league home runs hit in the 19th century?
Hint:     He was a key part of the Gothams becoming the Giants.
Hint:     As a left-handed rookie third baseman, he committed 60 errors in 83 games.
Hint:     That was not the most errors he had in a season.
Twint:    His career home run record stood until Babe Ruth eclipsed it in 1921.
Twint:    He was the career home run record holder for 26 years.
A.         Roger Connor (138 HR hit 1880-97; 6’3” a giant in his day; 71 E in 1884)
FCR -    Dave Johnson, Swarthmore, PA
Most common incorrect answer:  Ed Delahanty

Q.         Who stole Max Carey's long-standing consecutive stolen bases record with his 32nd consecutive steal in 1975?
Hint:     He added six more before he was caught.
Hint:     He’s the last Rhode Island native to receive a Hall of Fame vote.
Twint:    He is currently a coach with his sixth major league team (although his continuing there is anything but certain).
Twint:    He has a record of 144-195 in his three years as a major league manager.
A.         Davey Lopes (32nd SB 09‑Aug‑1975, Carey’s record was set in 1922, Four others have since passed that mark and Vince Coleman is the current record holder at 50 in a row; 2 HOF votes in 1993; Coach for TEX, BAL, SDP, WAS, PHI, LAD; Managed MIL 2000‑02.)
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Most common incorrect answers:  Tony Womack, Jerry Remy

Q.         What Hall of Famer and Penn State alumnus ended his career just after the pitching mound distance was increased to 60’6”?
Hint:     He had a hand in the birth and demise of two separate major leagues.
Hint:     The three major league teams he managed finished in second place half the years he managed, but never won a title.
Twint:    After an appropriate interval off 84 years, Jim Bunning matched a feat of his.
A.         Monte Ward (Retired after the 1894 season, mound distance increased for the 1893 season; Famously managed BWW of the Players League in 1890 and was business manager of BTT of the Federal League in 1914; Pitched a National League perfect game 17‑Jun‑1880, Bunning’s perfecto 21‑Jun‑1964.)
FCR -    Jason Hoagland, Columbus, OH
Most common incorrect answer:  Harry Wright

WEEKLY THEME – Player with ten World Series stolen bases

Thief                  SBs    World Series
Brock                 14       1964, 67, 68
Chance               10       1906, 07, 08, 10
Collins                14       1910, 11, 13, 14, 17, 19
Connor*              12       1888, 89
Latham*              28       1885, 86, 87, 88
Lopes                10       1974, 77, 78, 81
Rizzuto               10       1941, 42, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 55
Ward*                 16       1888, 89

*Pre-modern era

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Makoto Ozawa, Scarsdale, NY

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 11-17, 2013 Pirates who received Cy Young Award votes

Q.         Who was the first Cy Young Award winner not to win more than twenty games in his award-winning season?
Hint:     Sixteen years in the majors and he only played for one team.
Hint:     His son, also a former major leaguer, was baseball coach at a NCAA D-1 university.
Hint:     His nickname was “The Deacon” but he was really an elder.
Twint:    He was the only pitcher in the 1950s to throw 18 innings in a single game.
Twint:    The MLB ELO rater has him just ahead of Mike Boddiker.
A.         Vern Law (CYA 1960, 20-9; Pittsburgh Pirates; Head baseball coach at Brigham Young University, Son Vance served as from 2000 to 2012; Elder is a priesthood rank in the Mormon church; ELO rating #253 among pitchers)
FCR -    Steve Bonfield, Calgary, AB
Most common incorrect answer:  Tom Seaver

Q.         Who was the losing pitcher in the game where Bream slid safely into home?
Hint:     You know full well what game I mean!
Hint:     His son has been a major league pitcher for four seasons with Toronto.
Twint:    He is currently the pitching coach for the Single-A Hillsboro Hops.
A.         Doug Drabek (1992 NLCS, G 7, Son Kyle Drabek; Hillsboro Hops)
FCR -    Mark Pattison, Washington, DC
Most common incorrect answer:  Stan Belinda

Q.         Off which pitcher did Pete Rose get the first of his 4,256 hits?
Hint:     He got more hits than Rose did that day.
Hint:     He played for the Yankees when they finished last and the Mets when they had an even worse record.
Hint:     He once led the league in ERA pitching for a last-place team.
Twint:    He was a Boilermaker in his own home town and was inducted into the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979.
A.         Bob Friend (Rose hit, a 3b, 13‑Apr‑1963; 1966 NYY 70‑89, 1966 NYM 66‑95; 2.83 ERA for the 60-94 1955 Pirates; Purdue Boilermakers, West Lafayette, IN; IBBHOF0
FCR -    Makoto Ozawa, Scarsdale, NY
Most common incorrect answers:  Eric Show, Lindy McDaniel

Q.         What 6’ 7” hurler led the National League in winning percentage in his third full year, but also led in home runs surrendered?
Hint:     He owns the record for the most pitching wins AND losses at Three Rivers Stadium.
Hint:     He attended La Salle Academy in lower Manhattan and led his team to a basketball championship in 1971.
Twint:    He was the “Candy Man”, but he wasn’t John Candiotti or Sammy Davis, Jr.
A.         John Candelaria (W-L % .800 in 1977, 29 HR; 60‑47 @ Three River Stadium; La Salle Academy)
FCR -    Ira Kotel, Short Hills, NJ
Most common incorrect answers:  Bruce Kison, Kent Tekulve, Jim Bibby

Q.         Who led the National League in win-loss percentage in “the year of the pitcher”?
Hint:     Two years after he was a World Series hero, he set a record for the worst pitching WAR in history.
Twint:    He had a condition so pronounced that subsequent victims were said to have had his “disease”.
A.         Steve Blass (18-6, .750 [Bob Gibson was .710.] in 1968; 2 W in 1971 WS followed by WAR of ‑ 4.00 in 1973; His “disease” was the sudden and persistent inability to throw straight.)
FCR -    Dan Silverberg, Aventura, FL
Most common incorrect answers:  Bob Gibson, Nelson Briles, Juan Marichal, Bob Moose

Q.         Whose record for career National League pitching appearances did John Franco break?
Hint:     Franco also broke his record for appearances without ever starting a game.
Hint:     He had a sixteen-year major league career, but only one All-Star Game.
Hint:     He never got into the game.
Twint:    Ban Johnson, Jim Tracy and Terry Mulholland attended the same college he did.
Twint:    His coach at that college became the winningest baseball coach in NCAA III history.
A.         Kent Tekulve (1,050 G to Franco’s 1,119; AS 1980; Marietta College, Marietta, OH; Coach Don Schaly)
FCR -    Tony Nicolo, Portsmouth, VA
Most common incorrect answer:  Elroy Face

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to toss a no-hitter for the Texas Rangers?
Hint:     He was a rookie when he did it.
Hint:     He was traded to the Rangers from the Cardinals just six weeks prior.
Twint:    His nephew played football against my son in high school in Phoenix.
Twint:    This same nephew fourteen years in the NBA, leading it three times in games played.
A.         Jim Bibby (No-no 07‑Jul‑1973; Nephew Mike Bibby)
FCR -    Frank Workman, Lake Forest Park, WA
Most common incorrect answer:  [none]

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to win three consecutive Silver Slugger awards?
Hint:     He was the first pitcher to start a game as designated hitter on an American League team.
Hint:     As a child, he developed a debilitating osteomyelitis after being impaled by a pair of rusty scissors while on a slip and slide.
Twint:    After his career in the majors, he became a very good professional golfer, and won the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic eight times.
Twint:    He earned over a million dollars on various golf tours.
A.         Rick Rhoden (Consecutive SS 1984-86, Mike Hampton won 5 1999-2003; 11-Jun-1988 DH start batted 7th; He wore a brace until age 12; 8 ACCGC wins; golf history and earnings)
FCR -    Makoto Ozawa, Scarsdale, NY
Most common incorrect answers:  Don Robinson, Rick Reuschel

Q.         Who had twenty saves in each of four straight seasons, right after the save became an official stat?
Hint:     He became the 5th starting pitcher for the Houston Astros when Don Larsen was traded to Baltimore?
Hint:     Though he had some success as a starter, it wasn’t until his skipper Danny Murtaugh put him in as a reliever that he started to thrive in the majors.
Twint:    His mastery of the palm ball was largely responsible for his longevity in the Bigs.
A.         Dave Giusti (20+ saves 1970-73); 1965 trade of Larsen near the end of his career back to the franchise he broke in with)
FCR -    John Rickert, Terre Haute, IN
Most common incorrect answers:  Roy Face, Kent Tekulve, Dick Radatz, Bruce Kiso006E

Q.         Who was named as an injury replacement for Jose Contreras for the 2006 AL All-Star team?
Hint:     He was once traded in a poof with Boof for the least liked man in baseball.
Hint:     Seven years later, he no-hit the team with that the disliked player played on.
Hint:     He won Rookie of the Month honors in consecutive months in his first complete season in the majors.
Twint:    He was the AAA International League Rookie of the Year in 2005.
Twint:    He and Mariano Rivera were named the Comeback Players of the Year this season.
A.         Francisco Liriano (2006 ASG; Traded w/Boof Bonser & Joe Nathan for A.J. Pierzinski 14‑Nov‑2003; No-hit CWH 03‑May‑2011; AL ROM Jun & Jul 2006; IL MVP with Rochester; CBPOY)
FCR -    Jared Wexler, Hackensack, NJ
Most common incorrect answer:  Jason Schmidt

Q.         Who was the first pitcher to win a game for the Pirates in their last World Series appearance?
Hint:     In that game, he relieved Burt Blyleven in the seventh inning and proceeded to load the bases with three walks.
Hint:     He gave up Mike Schmidt’s 500th career home run.
Twint:    In 1990 he became the first pitcher in twenty years to hit a pinch-hit homer.
Twint:    He was the loser in the first nine-inning no-hitter ever pitched at Veteran’s Stadium.
A.         Don Robinson (Game 2, 1979 WS vs. BAL; 18-Apr-1987 500th homer; pinch hit 19-Jun-1990 vs SDP; Terry Mulholland no-no 15-Aug-1990 vs SFG;
FCR -    John Read, Shaker Heights, OH
Most common incorrect answers:  Kent Tekulve, Bruce Kison

Q.         After being traded to the New York Yankees, what pitcher was named American League Comeback Player of the Year?
Hint:     He tied Catfish Hunter for the second most wins on the team that year.
Hint:     Unusual for a pitcher in the modern era, he pinch-ran 43 times in his time with the Pirates, fifteen times for Hall of Famers.
Hint:     His first name is not a nickname, contrary to popular belief.
Twint:    He was traded after being suspended the prior year for refusing to pitch from the bullpen.
Twint:    The Yankees were forced to accept him in the trade, but as a result were able to acquire Willie Randolph.
FCR -    Terry Alan Martin, Wyandotte, MI
Most common incorrect answer:  Doc Medich

Q.         Who was the last left-handed pitcher to earn twenty victories in a season for the Pirates in the twentieth century?
Hint:     He appeared in 63 games in his rookie season.
Hint:     He was converted to a starter the next year and his ERA dropped from 5.76 to 3.25.
Hint:     He surrendered the only home run of Tom Glavine’s career.
Twint:    He broke his pitching arm while warming up to start a game in 1997.
Twint:    He was traded shortly thereafter.
A.         John Smiley (20-8 in 1991; 63 G in 1987; Glavine’s HR 10‑Aug‑1995; Broken humerus 20‑Sep‑1997 Esteban Loaiza started in his place)
FCR -    Steve Bonfield, Calgary, AB
Most common incorrect answer:  John Candelaria

Q.         What pitcher was awarded the win in the game that ended Pete Rose’s 44-game hitting streak?
Hint:     Though Gene Garber is best remembered for striking Rose out in the 9th, it was this pitcher’s fantastic snag of a Rose line drive in the second inning that was a key to ending the streak.
Hint:     It was his rookie year with the Braves and he started with seven consecutive victories in games where he got a decision, finishing the season 9-3.
Twint:    He finished with nine or more wins only three other times in his thirteen-year career, ending with a 78-90 record.
Twint:    He was drafted by Atlanta as the sixth pick of the 1st round of the 1974 amateur draft.
A.         Larry McWilliams (01-Aug-1978 Gene Garber struck Rose out in the 9th; 1978 game log; career stats;
FCR -    Damian Begley, New York, NY
Most common incorrect answers:  Bob Walk, Rick Mahler, Pascal Perez

Q.         What lefty lost a no-hit bid with two outs in the ninth inning by the first home run of Joe Ferguson’s career?
Hint:     He led the Southern League in strikeouts before being called up to begin a nine-year major league career.
Hint:     Ferguson hit 121 more.  (Not that day.  That would be a record.)
Twint:    His middle name is not “Sky”.
A.         Luke Walker (Ferguson HR 18‑Jul‑1971; 197 K in the Southern League in 1965)
FCR -    David Girdany, Somerset, PA
Most common incorrect answer:  Bob Veale

WEEKLY THEME – The only Pittsburgh Pirate pitchers who have ever received Cy Young Award votes.  Only Law and Drabek have won the award and no Pirates received even a token vote between 1992 and 2013.  (That might help explain a certain drought.)

Pitcher           Year    Vote Pts    1st-Pl vts    Pos      Winner        Team
Bibby             1980         28            0          3rd                  Carlton        PHI
Blass              1972         35            0          2nd         Carlton        PHI
Candelaria      1977         17            1          5th         Carlton        PHI
Drabek           1990       118          26          1st                  Drabek        PIT
                     1992           1            0          5th                  Maddux      CHC
Ellis                1971           9            0          4th         Jenkins        CHC
Friend             1958           3            3          3rd         Turley         NYY
Giusti             1974           1            0          9th         Marshall      LAD
Law               1960           8            8          1st        Law            PIT
Liriano           2013           3            0          9th         Kershaw      LAD
McWillliams    1983           7            0          5th                  Denny         PHI
Rhoden          1986           2            0          5th                  Scott           HOU
Robinson        1978           1            0          8th         G. Perry       SDP
                     1970           8            0          4th         Gibson         STL
Smiley            1991         26            0          3rd                  Glavine        ATL
Tekulve          1979         14            1          5th         Sutter          CHC
                     1978         12            0          5th         G. Perry       SDP
Walker           1970           1            0         10th         Gibson         STL

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Andrew Pregler, Syracuse, NY (after the Candelaria question)

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 4-10, 2013 Boston Red Sox players who hit a home run off Mariano Rivera

Q.         On 18‑May‑2013, who eclipsed Ted Williams’ Boston Red Sox record of 37 multi-home run games?
Hint:     He was originally signed by the Mariners, but came to the majors with Twins where he played for six seasons.
Hint:     Recent activities bolstered his chances for making the Hall of Fame.
Twint:    In 2007 he reached base 17 times in his first 19 postseason plate appearances.
Twint:    In 2006 he led his league with 54 homers despite being hospitalized with heart palpitations on two separate occasions that year.
A.         David Ortiz (38th multi-HR G 18‑May‑2013; 10AB/8H/9BB/ALDS 3G and ALCS G1 and 2 plus 1st 2 PA in G 3; 2013 World Series MVP; 2006 hospitalization)
FCR -    Mel Williams, Elkhart, IN
Most common incorrect answer:  None

Q.         Who holds the record for most career postseason home runs?
Hint:     His 21 grand slams puts him third on the career list.
Hint:     His total of 165 runs batted in one season remains the highest such total since Jimmy Foxx had 175 in 1938.
Twint:    No American League outfielder has won more Silver Slugger Awards.
A.         Manny Ramirez (29 HR postseason; career grand slam leaders; 165 RBI in 1999; 8 AL SS)
FCR -    Glenn Horowitz, New York, NY
Most common incorrect answer:  Alex Rodriguez

Q.         Other than Carl Yastrzemski, who served the longest as Boston Red Sox Captain?
Hint:     He holds the record for catching the most no hitters in the majors.
Hint:     When he retired at age 39, only Wally Schang and Gregg Zaun had played to that age as switch-hitting catchers.
Twint:    Both he and teammate Nomar Garciaparra were (wore?) Yellow Jackets.
Twint:    At 6 ft 2 in tall, one might say he was “Hi-Tek”.
Twint:    A confused Boston Mayor Thomas Menino claimed that this player had “split the uprights”.
A.         Jason Varitek (Yaz 15 years, Varitek 6 years; 4 no-nos Ray Schalk notwithstanding; Schang retired age 41, Zaun age 39; alumni of Georgia Institute of Technology; nickname Tek; Menino’s comment)
FCR -    Bill Carle, Lee’s Summit, MO
Most common incorrect answer:  Carlton Fisk

Q.         Who coined the term “Cowboy Up” that inspired the team that fell an Aaron-Boone-extra-inning homer short of the World Series?
Hint:     He almost became a Chunici Dragon, but in a controversial move, he ended up staying in the majors when the Red Sox claimed him off waivers.
Hint:     A speedy Japanese-born teammate was brought in to pinch run for him after he drew a timely postseason lead-off walk.
Hint:     That pinch runner then proceeded to make one of the most famous steals in postseason history.
Twint:    His presence in the clubhouse was a key factor in uniting a team that had not won a World Series in 86 years.
Twint:    He’s an idiot.
Twint:    On air, he refers to himself as “One-Five”.
A.         Kevin Millar (“Cowboy up” rallying cry story; He was about to join the Dragons in Japan in 2003, when BOS claimed him off waivers, violating an unwritten rule between the Japanese and American leagues; PR Dave Roberts steal of 2nd 17‑Oct‑2004, other than the Jackie Robinson steal of home, considered one of the most famous in baseball history; The Idiots story; Wore uniform number 15 and co-hosts “Intentional Talk” on the MLB TV channel.)
FCR -    Howard Levine, Los Angeles, CA
Most common incorrect answer:  Johnny Damon

Q.         Who is the only Pittsburgh Pirate to win major league baseball’s Rookie of the Year Award?
Hint:     He broke the Pirates rookie record for home runs in a season.
Hint:     In each of successive seasons, he batted in eight runs in a single game.
Hint:     In 2005, MLB chose entrants who were natives of eight different countries for the Home Run Derby preceding the All-Star Game at Comerica Park in Detroit.  He represented Canada poorly as he failed to hit even a single home run.
Twint:    As part of a three-team deal the sent Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers, he was traded to the Red Sox.
A.         Jason Bay (2004 ROY; 26 HR in rookie season; 8-RBI games 09-Sep-2003 and 02-Jul-2004; 2005 ASG, HR Derby history, b. 20‑Sep‑1978 Trail, BC; 6 player deal 31-July-2008)
FCR -    Matthew Yaspan, Scarsdale, NY
Most common incorrect answers:  Dick Groat, Bill Virdon

Q.         Who is the only player in major league history to hit grand slams from opposite sides of the plate in the same game?
Hint:     He also had a solo shot home run in the same contest.
Hint:     Only Mark Whiten, among switch-hitters, ever had more RBI in a single game.
Twint:    He won the batting title the same season year.
Twint:    In his first postseason game he hit a home run off Kevin Brown who was also making his first postseason start.
Twint:    Out of 36 games with 160 plate appearances, it was the only postseason homer he ever hit.
A.         Bill Mueller (Opposite side GSHR achieved 29-Jul-2003; Whiten 12 RBI 07‑Sep‑1993, Mueller tied with Eddie Murray w/9 26‑Aug‑1985; Mueller hit .326 in 2003; NLDS FLA vs SFG 30-Sep-1997; stats page
FCR -    Henry Hascup, Lodi, NJ
Most common incorrect answers:  Carlos Baerga, Robin Ventura, Tony Lazzeri, Fernando Tatis, Eddie Murray, Mickey Mantle

Q.         Who replaced Kevin Youkilis at third base when Yuke hurt his back early in the 2012 season?
Hint:     He performed so well that Yuke was eventually traded to the White Sox.
Hint:     His first major league homer was a grand slam over the Green Monster off of Tommy Hunter.
Twint:    Some think his unintentional obstruction cost his team a World Series game.
Twint:    It wasn’t his fault.
A.         Will Middlebrooks (Debut 02‑May‑2012; GS 06‑May‑S2012; 26‑Oct‑2013 G 3 WS walk-off on STL obstruction call, though Craig would almost certainly have scored the game ending run due to Saltalamacchia’s throwing error)
FCR -    Mike Brandyberry, Grafton, OH
Most common incorrect answer:  Tom Middleton

Q.         Which of his players did Blue Jays manager John Gibbons challenge to a fight after the player wrote, “The ship is sinking,” and “Play for yourself,” on a clubhouse bulletin board?
Hint:     A few days later, he was traded to the Giants later confessing that he “… didn’t handle it professionally at all”.
Hint:     He is the last player to qualify for this week’s list of answers, this week’s theme.  No one else will ever qualify.
Twint:    While with the Blue Jays, he led the majors in hit by pitch.
Twint:    The year before, he led the Diamondbacks in batting average.
Twint:    He was “Everyday”.
A.         Shea Hillenbrand (Gibbons incident; 2005 HBP 22; 2004 ARI;  Nickname is “Everyday Shea”.)
FCR -    Mike Brandyberry, Grafton, OH
Most common incorrect answer:  Alex Rios

WEEKLY THEME – Boston Red Sox players who hit a home run off Mariano Rivera, all regular season.

Player                      Date of HR
Jason Bay                24-Apr-2009
Shea Hillenbrand       13-Apr-2002
Will Middlebrooks     08-Sep-2013
Kevin Millar               27-May-2003
Bill Mueller                24-July-2004
David Ortiz               18-Aug-2006 (G 2)
Manny Ramirez         04-Jun-2001
Jason Varitek           05-Apr-2005

Notes:  No Red Sox player ever hit a 2nd HR off Mo.  It wasn’t until Mo’s 7th season (2001) that he gave up a HR to a Red Sox player (See Manny’s above).  Will Middlebrooks is not only the last BOS player to hit a HR off Mo, he is the last player who will ever hit a HR off him.  Middlebrooks’ HR was the first by a BOS player since Bay did it early in the 2009 season—nearly 5 full seasons.  Only Bill Mueller’s was a walk-off.  Only BAL had more HRs with 12, and SEA also had 8.

First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeJohn Michael Pierobon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Horsehide Trivia blog has the questions and answers from this week as well as from previous weeks: