Monday, July 26, 2021

2021-07-19 Players who doubled twice in an All-Star game.

 MONDAY  —19-Jul

Q.  Who has won the Silver Slugger Award the most times?

Hint: #1    He was only three years old when the first time he was in a major league clubhouse.

Hint: #2    He has won more Gold Gloves than any other National League outfielder with five hundred career stolen base.


-   Ans. Bonds won the SS 12 times, the most of any player at any position.

-   #1   Visited with the SFG clubhouse in Candlestick Park when he dad Bobby had already formed a friendship with teammate Willie Mays.

-   #2   Has 514 SB and 8 GG.

FCR -  Morris Buenemann, Florissant, Missouri

Incorrect guesses:  Ken Griffey, Jr., Tony Gwynn


TUESDAY  —20-Jul

Q.  Who hit the most home runs of anyone born in the Dominican Republic?

Hint: #1    He became the fourth member of a very elite group, joining Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Alex Rodriguez.

Hint: #2    He was voted MVP of the Midwest League the season he played there.


-   Ans. Has 675 career HR as of 20-Jul-2021.  Pujols had 620 HR when he stroked his 3,000th hit on 4-May-2018.

-   #1   All 4 players have at least 600 career HR and 3,000 hits.

-   #2   MVP in the Class A Midwest League playing for the 2000 Peoria Chiefs.

FCR -  Steven Coleman, Belleville, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Alfonso Soriano, Orlando Cepeda, Miguel Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Rafael Palmeiro, Carlos Delgado



Q. Who was elected to the Hall of Fame by the thinnest possible margin?

Hint: #1    He was the King’s penultimate victim.

Hint: #2    He and a teammate each scored twice in a single World Series inning.

Hint: #3    In his second full season, he was edged out for league MVP by player who had barely a third of his WAR that year.


-   Ans.     Was included on 75.38% of the ballots in 1953, the lowest of all players voted in by the BBWAA. The next lowest percentages belonged to Ferguson Jenkins (75.4%), Ralph Kiner (75.41) and Willie Keeler (75.55).

-   #1   In the 1934 All-Star game, “King” Carl Hubbell struck out 5 batters in a row, all of whom would be elected to the Hall of Fame.  Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Simmons & Joe Cronin.

-   #2   In the 7th inning of G 4 in the 1929 WS, Simmons homered off Cubs’ ace Charlie Root to open the onslaught.  Foxx singled and scored when 2 successive teammates singled.  After 2 pitching changes & only 1 out, Simmons & Foxx singled in succession and each scored when Jimmy Dykes doubles.  2 K’s closed out the inning but not before the A’s had racked up a WS-record 10 R in the inning, wiping out an 8-run CHC lead.

-   #     Simmons’ hefty WAR of 6.6 plus major-league-leading 253 H & 392 TB still left him 4 voting points behind WSH’s SS Roger Peckinpaugh (124 H, 160 TB, 2.7 WAR) in the AL in 1925.

FCR -  Matt Dicker, Chicago

Incorrect guesses:  Nellie Fox, Larry Walker, Al Kaline, Joe Medwick



Q.  Who won back-to-back MVPs for a team that finished in the second division each year?

Hint: #1    The same pitcher surrendered both Willie Mays’s and his 400th career home runs.

Hint: #2    He didn’t play baseball in high school.


-   Ans.     MVP in 1958 & 1959, finishing ahead of 8 eventual Hall of Famers each time.  The NL had 8 teams before 1962 and Banks’s CHC finished 5th, i.e., in the 2nd half of the teams, or “second division” in the baseball parlance of the day.

-   #1   Simmons (Not Al) allowed the 400th to Mays on 27-Aug-1963 and on 02-Sep-1965 to Banks.

-   #2   His high school, Booker T. Washington HS in Dallas, didn’t have a baseball team when he attended.

FCR -  Richard Lerner, Silver Spring Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Hal Newhouser, Dale Murphy, Steve Carlton, Sandy Koufax



Q.  Whose record for the most hits in his first five full years in the majors did Ichiro break?

Hint: #1    In his MVP year, he led the majors in hits and doubles, but led his league in an additional ten offensive categories.

Hint: #2    He was an all-state football player in high school and Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne had made arrangements for him play football for them.


-   Ans.     Medwick had 1,064 H 1933-37; Ichiro had 1,130 2001-05.  Ichiro had the 40 more G (770 for Joe; 810 for Suzuki), but still beat Medwick over his 1st 770 games with 1,093 H.

-   In 1937, Medwick led MLB in H (237) & 2b (56).  He led or tied the NL in G (156), AB (633), R (111), HR (31), TBI (154), BA (.374), SLG (.641), OPS (1.056), OPS+ (182) & TB (406).

-   #2   Medwick chose baseball over football when he signed with the Cards at age 17.

FCR -  Michael Temple, Chicago

Incorrect guesses:  Ty Cobb, Chuck Klein, Rogers Hornsby, George Sisler, Lou Gehrig, Paul Waner, Al Simmons, Willie Wilson


FRIDAY  —23-Jul

Q.  Who was the last batter to hit six home runs off the same pitcher in a single season?

Hint: #1    The year he led the majors in home runs and runs batted in, he was only nineteen points from taking his league batting title and therefore the Triple Crown.

Hint: #2    He has ten letters in his last name and hit forty home runs in a season.  Only five other players can claim that distinction.


-   Ans.     Max Surkont surrendered HRs to Klu on 27-Apr (twice), 25-Jun (twice), 24‑Jul & 27‑Aug-1954.  Kluszewski’s slugging percentage against Surkont in ’54 was 1.130.  2 other MLB batters have dominated a pitcher w/6 HR in the same year: George “Highpockets” Kelly of 1923 NYG vs. Vic Aldridge* of CHC’s & Ted Williams of 1941 BOS vs. CHW’s Johnny Rigney.

[NOTE:  Bryant, Arkansas’ Madison McEntire confirmed that Jim Thome has passed Kluszewski, Aldridge & Williams because in the 2002 season, 7 of his 52 HR that year were off MIN’s righty starter Rick Reed:  10-Apr, 21-Apr, 04-Jun (X2), 17-Jul & 25-Sep-2002 (X2), 2 in Cleveland & 5 in Minnesota.]

-   #1   In 1954 Klu led MLB in HR (49) & RBI (141) but his .326 BA was only good for 5th best in the NL behind Willie Mays’s only career batting title.  He also finished 2nd behind Mays in NL MVP voting.

-   #2   Big Klu did it thrice as did C. Yastrzemski.  C. Granderson and E. Encarnacion (twice ea.), R. Campanella and R. Petrocelli (once ea.) are the others.

*Aldridge only gave up 17 HR in 1923, more than ⅓ of which were off the HOF bat of Kelly.  Rigney’s luck against Williams wasn’t anything to brag about at 29%, but very few moundsmen got the better of Teddy Ballgame in ’41.

FCR -  Michael McCroskey, Sugar Land, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Jim Thome, Carl Yastrzemski, Roy Campanella, Rico Petrocelli



Q.  Who hit the grand slam that helped his team win its first title in more than eighty-five years?

Hint: #1    At the beginning of the following season, he was made team captain.

Hint: #2    He presented a sitting U.S. president with a jersey from his team with the president’s name on the back.

Hint: #3    He was ranked the #1 catcher in the nation during his senior year in high school.

Hint: #4    He was taken right before and right after Yellow Jackets.


-   Ans.     GS was hit in G 2 of the 2005 WS.  CHW hadn’t won WS since 1917

-   #1   He was made team captain for the 2006 season and held that title through the end of his career in 2014.

-   #2   The 2005 WS champ CHW were invited to the White House where Konerko presented President George W. Bush with a White Sox jersey.

-   #3   Didn’t play a single G at C in the majors.

-   #4   Was chosen 13th overall in the 1994 Draft.  Georgia Tech alumni Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek were taken at #12 & #14.

FCR -  Mark Hayne, Dumfries, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Scott Podsednik, Jason Varitek, Johnny Damon, Anthony Rizzo, Jason Varitek, Bill Mazeroski, A.J. Pierzynski, David Ross, Carlton Fisk, Johnny Damon, Kent Hrbek


SUNDAY —25-Jul

Q.  Who holds the record for most doubles in a season by a catcher?

Hint: #1    He played for nine major league franchises.

Hint: #2    He was the first catcher to win the Fielding Bible Award following the last time of Yadier Molina’s string of wins.


-   Ans.     Lucroy hit 53 2B in 2014.  No other catcher has ever even hit 50.

-   #1   Lucroy has suited up in MLB for MIL, TEX, COL, OAK, LAA, CHC, BOS, WSN & is still active, playing for ATL.

-   #2   Molina was awarded the FBA 6 times, his last in 2013.  Lucroy was the honoree in 2014.

FCR -  Evan Wologodzew, New Milford, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Ivan Rodriguez, J.T. Realmuto



Q.  Who was the first catcher in the Expansion Era to be the throwing half of three “strike‑‘im‑out‑throw-‘im-out” double plays in one game?

Hint: #1    He was the National League record-tying ninth player on his squad to collect 100 hits in the same season.

Hint: #2    He was the first player to get a hit in an All-Star game in a park which shared his last name.


-   Ans.     Catching Randy Johnson on 25-Ma-1999 at the BOB, Miller threw out would-be base stealers on The Big Unit’s 1st, 5th & 8th Ks in the 1st, 4th & 7th innings respectively.

-   #1   In their WS championship season of 2001, ARI had 9 w/100 H, from Luis Gonzalez w/198 to Miller who got his 100th with just 4 G to play in the regular season.

-   #2   [See week’s summary below.]

FCR - Elliott Frankfother, Rock Falls, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Dale Murphy, Ed Bailey, Gary Carter



WEEKLY THEME – Players with two doubles in a single All-Star game.


Player                        Date                            Venue              (Career) WAR

Banks................... 7-Jul-1959(1)................ Forbes Field............... 67.7

Bonds.................... 13-Jul-1993................ OPACY..................... 162.7

Kluszewski............ 10-Jul-1956................ Griffith Stadium.......... 31.5

Konerko................. 9-Jul-2002*................. Miller Park.................. 28.1

Lucroy................... 15-Jul-2014................ Target Field................ 17.7

Medwick................. 7-Jul-1937................. Griffith Stadium.......... 54.6

Miller...................... 9-Jul-2002*................. Miller Park.................... 8.9

Pujols.................... 13-Jul-2004................ Minute Maid Park....... 99.6

Simmons............... 10-Jul-1934................ Polo Grounds............. 68.1

* Game ended in a tie.  Broadcasters Buck and McCarver stated that if the NL won, Miller would be named MVP.  If the AL won, Konerko would be named.



First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeWarren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan (after Simmons)



Incorrect theme guesses:


Monday  -  Players with the most home runs after age 40


Wed        -  The nine players with at least 12 seasons of 100+ runs batted in



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Monday, July 19, 2021

2021-07-12 Hall of Fame batters struck out by Nolan Ryan at least 10 times each


Q.  Who is the only third baseman to win multiple MVP awards in the twentieth century?

Hint: #1    Besides the years he won, he received MVP votes in an amazing nine additional seasons.

Hint: #2    Announcers often referred to him by his whole given name.


-   Ans. Won MVPs in 1980, 1981 & 1986.

-   #1   Got MVP votes in 1974, 75, 76, 77, 79, 82, 83, 84 & 87.

-   #2   Michael Jack Schmidt” did give a ring of serious authenticity.

FCR -  Russ Walsh, Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Incorrect guesses:  Brooks Robinson, Michael John Schmidt, George Brett


MONDAY   —12-Jul

Q.  Whose record for the highest qualified batting average in the expansion era did Tony Gwynn break in 1994?

Hint: #1    The year he led the league in total bases was not his MVP season, even though the total bases total was identical.

Hint: #2    He was the first player to appear in twenty-five career ALCS games.


-   Ans. Brett hit .390 in 1980.  Gwynn hit .394 14 years later.

-   #1   Had 298 TB in 1976 & repeated in 1980 although that total was only good for 8th place in the AL then.  His career high in TB was in 1979 when he had 363.

-   #2   Played in 27 ALCS G, all with KCR.

FCR -  Frank Prisuk, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Rod Carew, Chipper Jones, Alex Rodriguez, Norm Cash, Joe DiMaggio



Q.  Whose consecutive-game hitting streak became a daily national media sensation?

Hint: #1    He is the only player over the age of 38 to have at least 210 hits in a season.

Hint: #2    No other member of his original team’s expansion franchise has ever had more runs, triples or a higher batting average in a single season.


-   Ans.     Molitor had a hit in 39 straight G in 1987, 4th-best all-time for an AL’er.  Once his skein hit 30 G, it began to be the lead story in local newscasts nationwide and not just in the sports segment.  Many heard his nickname “Polly Molly” for the first time as we were encouraged to join in the “Molly Watch”.

-   #1   In 1996, Molitor’s 39-year-old season, he had 225 H and turned 40 during the year, on 22-Aug.

-   #2   Molitor’s 136 R in 1982 are the Brewers’ standard as are his 16 triples in 1979.  Even more impressive, however, might be his 1987 BA of .353

FCR -  Matt Dicker, Chicago

Incorrect guesses:  Pete Rose, Ichiro Suzuki, Joe DiMaggio, Tony Gwynn


TUESDAY  —13-Jul

Q.  Who was the first batter since WWII to win an American League batting championship while playing for a last-place team?

Hint: #1    He was the first player to knock in seven teammates in a postseason game.

Hint: #2    His career home run total was matched by the contestants in last night’s MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby in Denver.


-   Ans.      Hit .343 in 1992 for SEA.

-   #1   7 RBI = 1995 ALDS, G 4.  Note:  Actually, only 5 of the RBI were teammates.  2 were himself!

-   #2   Martinez’ 309 lifetime homers were matched in just a few hours at Coors Field by Pete Alonso (74), Trey Mancini (59), Juan Soto (46), Trevor Story (32), Salvador Perez (28), Shohei Ohtani (28), Matt Olsen (23) and Joey Gallo (19).

FCR -  Michael Temple, Chicago

Incorrect guesses:  Ferris Fain, Mickey Vernon, George Kell, Carney Lansford, Miguel Cabrera, Tony Gwynn


TWO’S-DAY  —13-Jul

Q.  Who is the only batter with at least 525 career home runs who never had a sacrifice bunt in his career?

Hint: #1    He did have, however, more than fifty career sacrifice flies, including once leading the league.

Hint: #2    His college team sometime gets votes for the Yotes.


-   Ans.     573 career HR; 0 SH

-   #1   Had 77 SF.  Led the AL w/8 in 1967.

-   #2   Attended the Albertson College of Idaho (Now College of Idaho) whose mascot is a coyotes, shortened on their jerseys to “Yotes”.

FCR -  Nels Johnston, St. Thomas, Ontario

Incorrect guesses:  Jim Thome, Barry Bonds, Eddie Mathews, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron



Q. Who is the only American League shortstop to lead the majors in hits and total bases in the same season?

Hint: #1    He the only player to collect four hits in a World Series game twice in the same Series.

Hint: #2    Born in Illinois, he attended a high school named after the same U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice who gave Willie Mays his name.


-   Ans.     In 1982 Yount led MLB w/210 H & 367 TB.  He also led in doubles (46), slugging (.578), OPS (.957) & OPS+ (166), all of which led quite naturally to his being voted MVP,1 vote shy of unanimous.  He also led his team to their 1st pennant.

-   #1   In the 1982 WS, Yount had 4 H in each of G 1 & G 5.

-   #2   B. in Danville, Illinois.  Family moved to SoCal when he was yet an infant.  Attended William Howard Taft HS in Woodland Hills, California.  Mays’s father (& as a result Mays) was named Willie Howard Mays in deference to the then president.

FCR -  Madison McEntire, Bryant, Arkansas

Incorrect guesses:  A-Rod, Lo,  Boudreau, Derek Jeter, Nomar Garciaparra, Bobby Richardson, Tom Tresh


ESPYs BONUS  —14-Jul

Q. Who was the first player to DH in back-to-back MVP seasons?

Hint: #1    He was the first player to hit a home run off the catwalk at Tropicana Field.

Hint: #2    He once set a record by taking Randy Johnson deep because it was the first major league regular season home run ever hit in the month of March.


-   Ans.     MVPs = 1993*, 1994

-   #1   Inside moonshot = 04-Apr-1998.  It was his 1st HR that year.  In just the 5th major league game ever played at Tropicana Field, Thomas crushed a ball high into its domed canopy.  The drive struck the “B” ring of the catwalk in fair territory and descended into foul territory, causing confusion on the field.  Tropicana Field’s ground rules at the time stated that any ball that hit a catwalk in fair territory but caromed into foul territory was a foul ball, but the umpire, Jim McKean, incorrectly ruled it to be a home run.  McKean’s reasoning for the home run call was simple:  “If you hit a ball that far, you deserve a home run, rules be damned.”  McKean advised Tampa Bay Manager Larry Rothschild, who vehemently complained and played the game under protest, “OK, why don’t you walk over there and tell Frank Thomas that ball he hit is not a home run?”

-   #2   1st March HR = 31-Mar-1996


FCR -  Jeffrey Fink, Howell, New Jersey

Incorrect guesses:  Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Edgar Martinez, Albert Pujols



Q.  Who holds the record for Gold Glove awards won by a second baseman in the most consecutive seasons?

Hint: #1    He is the most recent second baseman to win a home run title.

Hint: #2    He was the first second baseman to win the Home Run Derby, hitting 60% of all the HR hit in the contest.

Hint: #3    His high school’s baseball team now plays on a field named in his honor.


-   Ans.     Won 9 consecutive GG, 1983-91.

-   #1   Led the NL w/40 HR in 1990.

-   #2   Won the HRD in 1990, besting a quartet of combatants from the AL composed of Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey, Jr., Jose Canseco & Cecil Fielder in his home stadium, Wrigley Field.  Sandberg had 3 HR.  Rules for HRD have evolved.

-   #3   The baseball diamond at North Central High School in Spokane, Washington was named "Ryne Sandberg Field" in 1985.

FCR -  Madison McEntire, Bryant, Arkansas

Incorrect guesses:  Robinson Cano, Bobby Grich, Jeff Kent, Alfonso Soriano



Q.  Who became only the second member of the 400 home run 300 stolen base “club”?

Hint: #1    He was the first player with 340 total bases for a National League expansion team.

Hint: #2    The year he had that total was the second time he finished runner-up in the National League MVP voting.


-   Ans.     Dawson joined Willie Mays when he hit his 400th HR 15-Apr-1993.  They have since been joined by Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez & Carlos Beltran.

-   #1   Led the NL w/341 TB for MON in 1983.

-   #2   Was 2nd in MVP voting to Mike Schmidt in 1981 and 2nd to Dale Murphy in 1983.

FCR -  Willis Kern, Bloomington, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Joe Morgan, Dave Winfield, Moises Alou, Bobby Bonds, Reggie Sanders, Ken Griffey, Jr.


FRIDAY  —16-Jul

Q.  Who is the only batter in either league to have a qualifying season’s batting average above .385 between 1958 and 1979?

Hint: #1    His Rookie of the Year counterpart in the other league won his 300th game on the same day that our guy recorded his 3,000th hit.

Hint: #2    The record for his career in the majors over the first twelve years is liberally sprinkled with black ink, not to mention black ink.  He was then traded to a team in a different market and for the last seven seasons of his career, never again led the league in any category.


-   Ans.     Ted Williams hit 388 in 1958 and George Brett hit .390 in 1980, but the highest average chronologically between those 2 was Carew’s .388 in 1977.

-   #1   Carew won AL ROY in 1967.  Tom Seaver won NL ROY in 1967.  Seaver got his 300th win 04-Aug-1985 in Yankee Stadium.  Carew’s 3,000th H was the same day, but 3,000 miles away in Anaheim against his former team MIN.

-   #2   Played for MIN 1967-1978; & CAL 1979-1985.  Although he was productive with the Angels, regularly finishing in the team’s top 5 in WAR, he put up no league-leading numbers during those 7 seasons.

FCR -  Steven Harmon, Sacramento

Incorrect guesses:  Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski


FRIDAY #2  —16-Jul

Q.  Which one-time Florida Marlin became the first player since Ty Cobb to have a season with seventy steals and seventy RBI?

Hint: #1    He was the last player to wear a batting helmet without ear flaps.

Hint: #2    He was the first player to have two teammates follow his home run with homers of their own, in succession, in the postseason.


-   Ans. In 1983, Raines stole a career-high 90 bases and had a career-high 71 RBI.  Rickey Henderson & Eric Davis reached those levels subsequently.  Cobb, in 1915, was the last to do it before Raines.  FLA was Raines’s final MLB team.  He played 98 G with them in 2002.

-   #1   Even though the 1st baseball helmets were developed and worn during the early 1900's, MLB batters were not required to wear them until 1971, veterans excepted.  The last MLB player to bat without a helmet was BOS C Bob Montgomery in 1979 (although he wore one while catching).  MLB batters were required to wear a helmet with a single ear flap while at bat as of 1983, veterans again excused.  Helmets for them, yes, but they had the option to wear them w/o the ear flaps.  In 2002, Raines was the last player to wear a batting helmet without ear flaps.

-   #2   Successive HR by Raines, Derek Jeter & Paul O'Neill were hit in G 1, 6th inning, 1997 ALDS.

FCR -  Preston Salisbury, Starkville, Mississippi

Incorrect guesses:  Gary Gaetti, Juan Pierre, Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo, Eric Davis, Rickey Henderson, Dee Gordon, Marquis Grissom



Q.  Which Hall of Famer not only holds one of the least desirable records in baseball—he’s in second place on the same list?

Hint: #1    He also shares eighth place on the same list.

Hint: #2    He was the last player in the twentieth century to hit fifteen triples in consecutive seasons.

Hint: #3    The first time he led the majors in triples, he led in homers the same year.


-   Ans.     Rice grounded into 36 double plays in 1984 then had 35 GIDP in 1985.

-   #1   5 others have matched the 31 GIDP he had in 1983

-   #2   He hit exactly 15 3b in each of 1977 & 1978, the latter total leading the majors.

-   #3   In 1978, his MLB-leading 15 3B & 46 HR went a long way to his being voted AL MVP that season.  Also leading the Bigs in G (163), PA (746), AB (677), H (213), RBI (139), SLG (.600) & TB (406) as well as leading the AL in OPS (.970) & OPS+ (157) couldn’t have hurt.

-FCR - Dave Wise, Hyde Park, New York

Incorrect guesses:  Jeff Bagwell, Paul Waner, Ty Cobb



Q.  Who posted a sparkling 1.018 OPS and 189 OPS+ in only his second full season in the majors?

Hint: #1    A Philly boy who moved to the desert, baseball was not his first love.

Hint: #2    One year, he received a single first-place vote to prevent another player from being a unanimous MVP choice.


-   Ans.     A more important portent is that he also led in strikeouts in 1969.

-   #1   Born in the Philadelphia of suburb of Abington, he went to Arizona State University to play football.IN the 1982 AL MVP vote, Jackson’s performance with the Angels earned him exactly one vote.

-   #2   While Robin Yount was the clear winner of the 1982 AL MVP vote, Jackson’s performance with the CAL earned him exactly one first-place vote from Jim Golla of the Toronto Globe & Mail.  He said he felt, “Jackson deserved the honor because of his ability to carry a team the entire season and to lift himself up to the occasion in the stretch, making the other players around him that much better as well.”  [And Yount didn’t?!]

FCR -  Lou DeScioli, Porter, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Mike Trout, Mike Piazza, Jeff Bagwell


SUNDAY  —18-Jul

Q.  Who was the first catcher to be unanimously elected Rookie of the Year?

Hint: #1    He went to college in Durham on a basketball scholarship.

Hint: #2    No other Hall of Famer comes from his native state.

Hint: #3    After debuting in the majors, he missed five and half seasons due to injuries.


-   Ans.     AL ROY in 1972 as a C for BOS.  Also the 1st AL ROY elected unanimously.

-   #1   Played for the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH.

-   #2   Born in Bellows Falls, Vermont, but never lived there.  Grew up in New Hampshire.  Both states claim him.

-   #3   Total playing time lost in the majors according to Fisk in his HOF acceptance speech, equals the equivalent of 5½ seasons.

FCR -  Kyle Sammin, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Incorrect guesses:  Earl Williams, Ray Fosse, Sandy Alomar, Jr.



WEEKLY THEME – Hall of Fame batters struck out by Nolan Ryan at least 10 times each


#K   Batter            Career WAR

18 - Brett........................ 88.6

29 - Carew...................... 81.2

25 - Dawson................... 64.8

24 - Fisk......................... 68.4

22 - Jackson.................... 73.9

11 - Killebrew................. 60.4

10 - Martinez.................. 68.4

12 - Molitor.................... 75.7

18 - Raines..................... 69.4

19 - Rice......................... 47.7

11 - Sandberg................. 67.9

15 - Schmidt................. 106.9

11 - Thomas................... 73.8

16 - Yount...................... 77.3


First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Nope.




Incorrect theme guesses:


Monday  -  Players to win regular season MVP and World Series MVP in same season

               -  Hall of Famers who were born in Ohio

               -  Hall of Famers drafted in the first two rounds of the amateur draft

               -  Players drafted in 1971

               -  Third basemen with More than 70 WAR

               -  Third basemen of the expansion era with multiple All-Star game starts

               -  MVP winners who faced off in the ‘80 Series

               -  Players who played themselves on sitcoms

               -  3rd basemen HOFers who won a World Series title

               -  Third basemen with the highest lifetime WAR

               -  HoF 3B who spent their entire career with the same team

               -  Third baseman in the World Series starting in 1980

               -  Hall of Famers drafted in the first two rounds of the amateur draft plus Pete Rose

               -  3b with 800 career ops

               -  Third basemen in the Hall of Fame


Tuesday -  Post-WW2 third basemen who have been inducted into Cooperstown

               -  Hall of Famers whose primary position was 3B

               -  Hall of Famers who played at least 10 seasons at 3rd base

               -  3B who led the league in a category other than home runs

               -  HOFers who had most of their games in the field at 3B


Thursday-  Hall of Fame infielders who began their MLB careers in the expansion era

               -  Longtime teammates




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