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September 21-27, 2015 Pitchers who threw complete-game interleague no-hitters

Q.         Who is the last American League pitcher to win the Cy Young Award unanimously?
Hint:     He threw the first no-hitter in what is now called Comerica Park.
Hint:     No high school pitcher in his state ever accumulated more career strikeouts.
Twint:    He was the first 21st-century rookie pitcher to earn fifteen wins in his team's first 125 games.
Twint:    Only Don Newcombe and he won the Rookie of the Year Award, a Cy Young Award and been named his league’s league MVP.
-  2011 CYA
-  No-hitter in Detroit 12-Jul-2007
-  15th Career W on 21-Aug-2006, DET’s 125th G of the season
   Newk:  ROY 1949, MVP/CYA 1956
FCR -    ~ D. Bruce Brown, Columbia, MD
Incorrect answers:  Tim Lincecum

Q.         What pitcher was last Cy Young Award honoree for the Royals before Zack Greinke?
Hint:     It happened before and after he played for a New York team and was his during second tour of duty with the Royals.
Hint:     He holds the pitching record of the longest stretch between 20-win seasons.
Twint:    He was the first Yankee right-hander to strike out fifteen batters in a game.
Twint:    Mariano Rivera still got a save in that one.
A.         DAVID CONE
-  CYA 1994
-  NYM 1987-92; NYY 1995-2000
-  16 K’s 23-Jun-1997 vs. NYM
FCR -    Jim Lovelace, Kent, OH
Incorrect answers:  Bret Saberhagen, Dave Stieb, Dennis Leonard

Q.         10 rings
Hint:     3 MVP’s
Hint:     Only catcher with MVP’s in consecutive seasons
Hint:     Played for the Yankees and Mets
Hint:     Managed the Yankees and Mets
Hint:     Most World Series at-bats
Hint:     Most World Series plate appearances
Hint:     Most World Series singles
Hint:     Most World Series doubles
Hint:     Behind only Ruth and Mantle in World Series home runs
Hint:     Invaded Normandy with U.S. troops on DD-Day 1944
Hint:     Elected to All-Star team eighteen times
Twint:    "You can observe a lot by watching."
Twint:    “I can’t think and hit at the same time.”
Twint:    “Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.”
FCR -    Morris Buenamann, Florissant, MO
Incorrect answers: 

Q.         Who tied Adam Wainwright for the National League lead in shutouts in 2014?
Hint:     He was the starting pitcher included in the traded that brought Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio to Toronto.
Hint:     Two seasons later he made the All-Star team and even received consideration for the Cy Young Award.
Hint:     He has yet to play in an All-Star game.
Twint:    He had four starts this year and lost them all.
-  Included in the trade from the Blue Jays were Adeiny HechavarriaJeff MathisYunel EscobarJake MarisnickAnthony DeSclafani, and Justin Nicolino.
-  ASG 15-Jul-2014
-  0-4, will return next year
FCR -    Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY
Incorrect answers:  David Price, Chris Sale, Jose Fernandez, Roy Halladay, Matt Harvey

Q.         Who is the only native of Germany to throw a no-hitter in the majors?
Hint:     For two years, he was the youngest player in the National League.
Hint:     The Dodgers drafted him out of high school as an outfielder.
Hint:     On a team that won its first pennant, he tied for the most pitching victories.
Twint:    He was on the same team the previous season, but they operated under a more sinister name.
Twint:    This in not to imply that they were left-handed.
-  B. 09-Sep-1983 Neu-Ulm, Germany
-  Youngest in NL 2003, 04
-  Tied with James Shields on the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays w/14 wins
-  Known as the “Devil Rays” 1998-2007
-  Sinister means left-handed in Latin
FCR -    Mike Massaroli, Staten Island, NY
Incorrect answers:  Ted Breitenstein, Johnny Podres

Q.         What pitcher completed a strikeout by striking two batters?
Hint:     His claim that neither incident was intentional has credibility with most people.
Hint:     Not, however, with the opposing team, whose hurler immediately threw at the first batter he faced and was just as immediately ejected from the game.
Hint:     He pitched for three different institutions of higher learning before going pro.
Hint:     The Brewers drafted him in the 22nd round just before his 24th birthday.
Twint:    Nearing the end of his first full year in the majors, he carried a perfect game into the 7th inning in a game against the Cincinnati Reds.
Twint:    Wikipedia reports that his fastball reaches 146 km/h.
A.         MIKE FIERS
-  On 11-Sep-2014, he threw a fastball that struck star Miami Marlins’ OF Giancarlo Stanton in the face.  Stanton suffered multiple facial fractures and broken teeth and was taken from the G for treatment.  However, Stanton had, ruled umpire D.J. Reyburn, swung at the pitch for strike 2.  Reed Johnson was sent in to pinch-hit to complete the at-bat.  Johnson swung and missed for strike 3, but this pitch hit him as well, prompting a bench-clearing brawl.  Fiers was very shaken and left the game after those incidents.  Having completed 5 innings, he got the win.  Here is his post-game apology:
"It was very tough. I've never in my life experienced something like that. It was very hard for me to take in everything at the moment and come back and throw another pitch.  I just want to send my thoughts and prayers and everything to Giancarlo Stanton. You never think of throwing at somebody like that.  Never in my life has that happened. I just feel very, very sad that I hit him.  I'm sorry to their teammates, their fans, his family.  It is just tough."
He was issued a fine by MLB.  Marlins’ Anthony DeSclafani was suspended for 3 G for throwing at Carlos Gomez, the game’s next batter.
-  Near perfecto:  07-Aug-2012, vs. CIN. He finished going 8 innings allowing 1 run on 3 hits, earning the W and lowering his season ERA to 1.80.
-  146 km/h = 91 MPH
FCR -    Alex Remington, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Teddy Higuera

Q.         Who was the first pitcher Baltimore Orioles pitcher to shut out the Yankees?
Hint:     It was one of his and his team’s few bright spots that year as he led the league in losses and the O’s lost 100 games.
Hint:     Satchel Paige, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Joe Morgan, Robin Roberts and Ernie Banks were all major league teammates of his.
Hint:     He once pitched for Miami, but not in Florida and not in Ohio.
Twint:    Bill Veeck had once been his General Manager.
A.         DON LARSEN
-  On 30-Jul-1954, Larsen whitewashed Allie Reynolds and the Yankees 10-0, scattering 7 hits.
1954 BAL went 54-100
Mickey Mantle on the Yankees from 1955 to 1959, with Willie Mays on the San Francisco Giants in 1962 and 1963, with Joe Morgan on the 1964 Houston Colt .45s, with Robin Roberts on the 1965 Orioles, and with Ernie Banks on the 1967 Chicago Cubs.
Veeck was his GM in his rookie season, 1953, with SLB
FCR -    Dr. Richard Tharp, Gaithersburg, MD
Incorrect answers:  Bob Turley, Hoyt Wilhelm

WEEKLY THEME – Pitchers who threw interleague no-hitters

Pitcher          Date                For           Vs.             Venue
Alvarez         29-Sep-2013        Marlins         Tigers             Sun Life Stadium
Cone            18-Jul-1999          Yankees      Expos             Yankee Stadium
Fiers             21-Aug-2015        Astros           Dodgers        Minute Maid Park
Jackson       25-Jun-2010         Rays             D-Backs         Tropicana Field
Larsen          08-Oct-1956         Yankees      Dodgers        Yankee Stadium
Verlander     12-Jun-2007         Tigers           Brewers         Comerica Park

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – John Michael Pierobon, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Incorrect theme guesses:

Friday      -  The holder of the most recent no hitter for a major league club

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 14-20, 2015 Pitchers who led the majors with an ERA under 2.00, yet didn’t win the Cy Young Award that year

(Monday's questions were attached to last week's theme.)

Q.         After Vida Blue, who was the youngest player to win the Cy Young and League MVP the same season?
Hint:     No pitcher that young has won 24 games in a season since.
Hint:     Nor did he in any season in his career after that.
Twint:    Though he did win the Cy Young Award again the very next year.
Twint:    And 5 more times.
- Age 23, 1986 24-4 CYA and AL MVP.
- CYA 1986-87 and 1991(BOS), 1997-98 (TOR), 2001(NYY), 2004 (HOU)
FCR -    Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, MD
Incorrect answers:  Bobby Shantz, Dwight Gooden, Sandy Koufax, Fernando Valenzuela, Ron Guidry, Denny McClain, Hal Newhouser, Dean Chance

Q.         Who holds the record for most seasons played in the modern era?
Hint:     Though he won 300 games, he never led a single season in wins or win-loss percent.
Hint:     He did, however, lead the majors one season in losses.
Twint:    Ironically, his only World Series ring was gained by his giving up a hit and gaining a save.
Twint:    He is a descendent of John Hancock.  Yes, THAT John Hancock!)
A.         NOLAN RYAN
- 324-292 career record.
- 1976 led the majors with 18 losses.
- NYM 1969 WS title, he gave up no runs.
- But first though, he loaded the bases with two outs in the 9th with a walk, single and another walk before getting the final out by Paul Blair striking out looking to end the 3rd game won 5-0 by NYM.  It was the only World Series appearance of his career.
- His mother’s maiden name was Martha Lee Hancock.  (Few names more American than that!)
FCR -    Will McCracken, Bradenton, FL
Incorrect answers:  Jim Kaat, Phil Niekro, Gaylord Perry, Early Wynn, Mike Morgan, Carl Yastrzemski, Brooks Robinson, Don Sutton, Steve Carlton, Dennis Eckersley, Julio Franco

Q.         Who was the last pitcher who appeared in a Cincinnati Reds uniform to be voted into the Hall of Fame by the BBWAA?
Hint:     His first ever World Series pitch resulted in a home run by Don Buford.
Hint:     Buford also got an RBI single off of him, but those two hits were Buford’s only hits in the 5 games he played that Series.
Twint:    98.83
A.         TOM SEAVER
- 1977-1982 with the Reds. HOF inducted 1992
- Game 1, 1969 WS, bottom of the 1st.
- RBI single off Seaver bottom 4th1969 WS team stats.
- 98.83% of the votes to gain entry in to the Hall of Fame is the highest percent of any player, with Nolan Ryan second at 98.79%
FCR -    Charlie Riordan, Chevy Chase, MD
Incorrect answers:  Gaylord Perry, Tony Cloninger

Q.         What one-time Toronto Blue Jay appeared in more games in the 1970’s than any other starting pitcher?
Hint:     The first Cy Young vote he ever received, deprived Tom Seaver of a unanimous decision.
Hint:     With that single vote, he finished second for the award – the highest he would place in his entire career.
Twint:    He is the only NL pitcher to lead his league in losses four consecutive years.
Twint:    Of his last game he said “I was not embarrassed because I got beat around out there. I’ve done that before.”
A.         PHIL NIEKRO
- 406 Games 1970-79
- 1969 NL CYA, he got the only other vote.
            - 1977-1980 L20/18/20/18.  Pedro Ramos did it in the AL 1958-61.
               - He retired with an “A” on his cap, his final start 27-Sep-1987 was a 15-6 loss (not his) to SFG.
FCR -    Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Fergie Jenkins, Dave Stieb, Jim Clancy, Doyle Alexander, Bill Singer, David Cone, Roger Clemens, Jack Morris, Joey Jay, Bert Blyleven, Jeff Reardon, Mike Marshall

Q.         Who recently instructed his family not to attend the induction ceremony if he were somehow voted into the Hall of Fame posthumously?
Hint:     Further, he also told them not to accept the honor at all.
Hint:     Stressing how slim he thought he chances to be, he suggested that in order to gain entry, he might have to… move to Alaska.”
Hint:     In his only World Series, he went 2-0, pitching 25 of his team’s total 65.1 innings.
Twint:    He was the starter for the first “Game 6” – the one that ended in a “wave” to victory.
A.         LUIS TIANT
- Luis discussed his lack of Hall of Fame induction with “Red Sox Gameday Live” with Tom Caron, Dennis Eckersley and Steve Lyons.
- Full quote: “You know what I’m going to have to do?  I’m going to have to move to Alaska,” Tiant joked, when responding to his status outside the Hall.  “Maybe they’ll put me in the Hall of Fame over there.”
- 1975 WS
- Game 6 1975 WS BOS vs CIN, Fisk hit his iconic 13th inning walk-off homer “waving” it fair over the fence.
FCR -    Joe Matocha, Meriden, CT
Incorrect answers:  Jim Kaat, Bill Lee, Jack Morris, Lew Burdette

Q.         Who was charged with the loss in the final game in in what was arguably the greatest comeback in post-season history?
Hint:     In the two games he started that series, he went 0-1, giving up nine runs in 3.1 IP for an ERA of 21.60.
Hint:     In his only other World Series he went 0-2, gave up the most runs of any of his teammates, but still had a ring to show for it.
Twint:    He is the only Texas Ranger to win more than 20 games since Fergie Jenkins won 25 in 1974.
A.         KEVIN BROWN
- Game 7 NYY loss to BOS 2004 ALCS that completed the comeback from being down 0‑3.
- 1997 FLA WS victors over CLE.
 - 21-11in 1992
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers:  Jeff Weaver, Mariano Rivera, Jim Bunning, Pedro Martinez, Ralph Terry, Charlie Root, Sheriff Blake, Esteban Loaiza

WEEKLY THEME – Starting pitchers who led the majors with an ERA under 2.00, yet didn’t win the Cy Young that year. (Qualifiers in the CYA era.)

Pitcher       Year        ERA     Placed     Winner____
Brown         1996        1.89         2nd       John Smoltz
Clemens*    1990        1.93         2nd       Bob Welch
   "              2005        1.87         3rd       Chris Carpenter
Niekro         1967        1.87         ~         Mike McCormick
Ryan           1981        1.69         4th       Fernando Valenzuela
Seaver        1971        1.76         2nd       Fergie Jenkins
Tiant*          1968        1.60         ~         Denny McClain
   "              1972        1.91         6th       Gaylord Perry*
*Led league in pitchers’ WAR

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY

Incorrect theme guesses:

Wed        -  Pitchers from the University of Texas
               -  Pitchers with lots of strikeouts
               -  Leaders in individual game strikeouts
               -  Strikeouts:  Single game, season, career

Thursday  -  Pitched for the Mets in 69 WS
               -  3,000-K Club
               -  How about pitchers with the most 200 strikeout seasons
               -  Right-handed pitchers with at least 3,000 strikeouts and 1 World Series ring

Sunday    -  Last 6 pitchers to lead the league in strikeouts with a losing record
               -  Folks pitching effectively after forty, and getting extra base hits
               -  Pitchers who pitched a no hitter and a one hitter in consecutive starts
               -  All won 20 games before they were 25 years old
               -  200-strikeout seasons in their 20s, 30s, and 40s
                  Most consecutive games allowing 2 or fewer runs
               -  Pitchers lost a World Series with more than 1 team
               -  Only pitchers since 1965 with seasons of 250+ Ks and sub-2.00 ERA
               -  Players who led the league in Era at least twice and racked up at least 1000 strikeouts in that span
               -  200 games and had a season with an ERA under 2.00 from after 1965 to 1999
               -  ERA leaders from 1985-1995

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 7-13, 2015 Players on the Oakland A's team for their 5 consecutive Division Championships 1971-75

Q.         Which Hall of Famer is the only non-pitcher to win the World Series MVP twice?
Hint:     In every season of his 21-year major league career that he played a full schedule, he struck out 100 times.
Hint:     He is the last Baltimore Oriole to lead the American League in slugging percentage.
Twint:    He received exactly one (1) first-place vote to prevent Robin Yount from being a unanimous choice as the 1982 AL MVP.
-  WS MVP’s 1973, ‘77
100+ K’s 1967-97, minus only 1967, 81 & 87
-  1976 SLG .502
FCR -    Mike Massaroli, Staten Island, NY
Incorrect answers:  Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken, Boog Powell, Eddie Murray

Q.         Which Hall of Famer posted the lowest ERA in his Cy Young award-winning season?
Hint:     He led his Upland, California American Legion team to the 1964 U.S. national title.
Hint:     He once pitched the last 22% of a no-hitter.  67% of that was strikeouts.  Still no save.
Twint:    Answering a player salary question, A’s owner Charlie Finley said, "(X) not only got a substantial increase in salary, but his 1973 contract also includes a year's supply of the very best mustache wax available."
-  No-hitter:  28-Sep-1975, pitched the 8th & 9th following teammates Vida Blue (5 IP, Win), Glenn Abbott (1 IP) and Paul Lindblad (1 IP)
FCR -    Judah Kaplan, Teaneck, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Dennis Eckersley, Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Jim Palmer, Orel Hershiser, Tom Seaver, Rich Gossage, Dean Chance, Wilbur Wood

Q.         What Cardinal had a 1.35 ERA in two World Series starts one fall but lost out to his batterymate Darrell Porter for series MVP honors?
Hint:     He was double-unique until Luis debuted in 1995.
Hint:     Most people agree he was truly unique.
Hint:     He comes from the world’s most prolific city for producing major leaguers.
Hint:     The year he led National League pitchers in victories, he was named Comeback Player of the Year.
Hint:     He started and finished his major league career with the Astros.
Twint:    He was ejected from a World Series game by the umpire, who, in that same Series, made one of the worst umpiring calls ever.
Twint:    The most famous quote that is widely attributed to him is, “There is one word in America that says it all, and that word is, 'You never know. '”
1982 WS
-  20 W in 1984
-  Ejected from G 7 1985
FCR -    Timothy Kearns, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Rick Reuschel

Q.         Who is the only catcher to lead the American League and the National League in bases-on-balls?
Hint:     He was tied with Babe Ruth for most bases-on-balls received in a single World Series until they both gave way to Barry Bonds’s 13 in 2002.
Twint:    He was the first bench coach in the history of the Toronto Blue Jays.
A.         GENE TENACE
-  Led AL in BB in 1974 w/110 for OAK; Led NL in 1977 w/125 for the SDP
-  Ruth had 11 BB’s in the 1926 WS, Tenace had 11 BB’s in the 1973 WS
-  Bench coach for mgr. Cito Gaston of TOR 1992-95
FCR -    Wayne Patterson, Washington, DC
Incorrect answers:  Bob Boone, Darrell Porter, Jimmie Foxx, Ted Simmons, Gary Carter, Mike Piazza,

Q.         Which 20th-century player had the fewest hits in the year he led the league in that offensive category (full seasons only)?
Hint:     As a 47-year-old, he collected seventeen stolen bases in the 1989-90 Senior Professional Baseball League season.
Hint:     He is the first player who later became an All-Star who homered twice in his debut game in the majors.
Twint:    Before Greg Harris did it in 1995, he had been the last one to pitch with each hand in a professional game
Twint:    He was not afraid of the products of the Acme company.
-  177 H in 1968
-  Debut 23-Jul-1964
-  Nickname “Roadrunner”
FCR -    Mike McCroskey, Sugarland, TX
Incorrect answers:  Carl Yastrzemski, Charlie Hollacher, Al Oliver, Lou Brock, Rickey Henderson, Bob Nieman

Q.         Who was the first member of the Oakland A’s to win a Gold Glove?
Hint:     He hit the first home run in the Kingdome.
Hint:     He became a real estate agent in Baker City, OR after retiring from baseball.
Hint:     It’s ironic that he ended up in real estate because the area where he was born was the hardest hit area of the Great Recession.
Twint:    He led the American League in hits in in 1972 and in doubles in 1974.
A.         JOE RUDI
-  GG’s 1974, 75, 76
-  Kingdome HR 06-Apr-1977 off Diego Segui
-  Born in Modesto, CA
-  181 H in 1972; 39 2b in 1974
FCR -    Frank Workman, Lake Forest Park, WA
Incorrect answers:  Bill North, Dick Green, Carney Lansford, Sal Bando, Rick Monday

Q.         After Brooks Robinson, who was the next third baseman to amass 200 career home runs?
Hint:     No American Leaguer has ever led the league in doubles in a full season with fewer than he did.
Hint:     His brother homered in the championship game of the college World Series.
Hint:     His son was an eight-year college head baseball coach of a D-1 university in North Carolina.
Twint:    When he finally agreed to grow a moustache to comply with his team owner’s wishes, it only took him a couple of hours.
A.         SAL BANDO
-  242 career HR’s; Hit his 200th off Dyar Miller 07-Jun-1977; Brooks Robinson’s 200th
-  Hit 32 2b in 1973, as did Pedro Garcia
-  Brother Chris
-  Son Sal, Jr., coached at High Point University
FCR -    Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY
Incorrect answers:  Evan Longoria, George Brett, Graig Nettles, Bill Melton, Brian Roberts, Jim Fregosi

Q.         Who is the only MVP of a minor league from a franchise representing the city of York?
Hint:     He was called “The Little Roberto Clemente” and in fact played in three games with Clemente.
Hint:     He played with Jeter in six games.
Hint:     His brother and cousin made it to the majors, but they never played in a game with him in “the show”.
Hint:     His nickname was “adorable”.
Twint:    His contribution was a major factor in bringing a World Series championship to California franchise on which Sandy Koufax did not play.
Twint:    He was arrested 20 years after his playing days for dealing controlled substances.
-  1969 MVP for the York Pirates of the Eastern League
-  Brother of Pepe Mangual and cousin of Coco Laboy.
-  Nickname “Cuqui” translates to “cute” or “adorable”
-  He hit the game-winning pinch-single in the 9th inning of Game 4 of the 1972 World Series.
-  Arrested in 1997 for dealing cocaine and heroin; conviction not found
FCR -    Paul Goodson, Cheyenne, WY
Incorrect answers:  Danny Tartabull, Gene Clines

WEEKLY THEME – Players on the Oakland A's teams for their five straight Division Championship seasons:  1971-75

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Judah Kaplan, Teaneck, NJ

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  Players or HOFers who have had their numbers retired by 2 teams
               -  Players or HOFers who went to college on non-baseball scholarships

Tuesday   -  Hall of Famers whose uniform number is retired by two teams
               -  Oakland A's WS MVPs

Wed        -  World Series MVPs who started their MLB career with Oakland
               -  Athletics World Series MVPs

Thursday -  Members of 1974 champion Oakland A's who received MVP votes in 1975
               -  Guys who started on all 3 A's championship teams of that era

Friday      -  Athletics associated with the 1975 All-Star team
               -  Starting lineup for the first Oakland A's World Series game

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