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October 19-25, 2015 Inside-the-park home runs in the World Series

Thanks to reader John Michael Pierobon for this week's theme.

Q.         Whose well-deserved nickname was “The Iron Horse”?
Hint:     He was also called “Biscuit Pants”.
Hint:     No American League player ever had more RBI’s in a single season.
Hint:     He had only one RBI in his final season after having 100 such each of the previous thirteen years.
Twint:    He would be most people’s choice for the first baseman on the all-time line-up.
A.         LOU GEHRIG
-  The nickname was told to us all in Ken Burns's "Baseball" in 1994.  Little explanation was given.  The documentary surmised it had something to do with the musculature of his glutes.  Why not?
-  185 RBI in 1931 (in 155 games)
FCR -    Doug Greenwald, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Billy Ripken

Q.         Whose double-talk made him seem professorial to his players, the media, the fans and even the U.S. Congress?
Hint:     He managed four major league teams for a total of 25 years.
Hint:     Only one of the four had an overall winning record, a spectacular .623 winning percentage.
Hint:     The other three came in at .453, .432 and .302 respectively.
Twint:    He was a successful banker during and after his baseball career.
FCR -    Tal Smith, Sugar Land, TX
Incorrect answers:  Sparky Anderson, Bucky Harris, Joe Torre, Bobby Valentine

Q.         Who was the first player to get two hits in one inning in the World Series?
Hint:     He received 10 Hall of Fame votes in the very first election, but didn’t make it until 1972.
Hint:     He is the only career Giant ever to lead the National League in doubles.
Twint:    Ironically, he lasted only 10 years in the majors, although one might say his future was Bright.
A.         ROSS YOUNGS
-  07-Oct-1921, WS Game 3, b7 a double and a triple.
-  31 2b in 1919; Sam Mertes, Larry Doyle & Orlando Cepeda also led NL in 2B as Giants but all played for multiple teams.
- He passed away after contracting “Bright’s Disease” – now an outdated term that was once used to describe any form of kidney failure.
FCR -    Jim Turner, Tallahassee, FL
Incorrect answers:  Dave Bancroft, Orlando Cepeda, Alvin Dark, Frankie Frisch, Monte Irvin, High Pockets Kelly, Freddie Lindstrom, Rabbit Maranville, Willie McCovey, Mel Ott, Dusty Rhodes, Wilbert Robinson, Bill Terry

Q.         Who is the only player in Major League Baseball history to acquire three World Series rings with the Red Sox, and one with the Indians?
Hint:     He once handed Christy Mathewson a World Series ending walk-off loss – the only walk-off postseason loss of Mathewson’s career.
Hint:     It was the first walk-off Series-ending RBI in the modern era.
Twint:    He was inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame with, among others, the announcer for Teddy Ballgame’s home run in his final at bat.
-  BOS WS 1912, 1915 and 1916, and CLE 1920.
Game 8, 1912 WS, 10 inn. SF scored Steve Yerkes to end the series.
Gardner led the Sox with 5 RBI that series.
- Inducted BOS HOF 2000 with Curt Gowdy, who announced Williams’ 8th inning HR in his last game 28-Sep-1960.
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo, MI
Incorrect answers:  Lefty Grove, Harry Hooper, Johnny Pesky, Tris Speaker, Smoky Joe Wood, Cy Young

Q.         Who was the first American Leaguer to hit to two triples in a World Series?
Hint:     For good measure, he did it in the same game.
Hint:     For even better measure, three teammates also hit triples in that same game.
Twint:    Earlier that season, he’d hit three triples in a game.
WS G5 07-Oct-1903
3b same G Cy Young, Chick Stahl, Jimmy Collins
3bX3 05-Sep-1903
FCR -    Dave Serota, Kalamazoo, MI
Incorrect answers:  Bobby Brown, Home Run Baker, Tommy Leach, George Rohe, Enos Slaughter, Tris Speaker, Bill Wambsganss

Q.         Who is the only Dodger to lead the league in triples in consecutive seasons?
Hint:     They were usually called Robins at the time.
Hint:     His peculiar arms-down gait endeared him to fans.
Hint:     He is the only player after 1882 to lead his league in RBI with fewer than 75.
Hint:     His neighbors lent him livestock to bluff Charles Ebbets into thinking he would give up baseball for farming.
Hint:     The bluff worked, earning him a substantial raise.
Twint:    He is the only player to have hit a postseason home run off of Babe Ruth.
A.         HI MYERS
-  NL 3b leader 1919-20
-  73 RBI in 1919
-  1917 contract holdout with the Robins
-  1916 WS HR vs. Ruth
FCR -    Kevin Cook, Grapevine, TX (via Facebook)
Incorrect answers:  Max Carey, Jake Daubert, Babe Herman, Joe Medwick, Zack Wheat

Q.         Who is the only player to lead the American League in sacrifice hits in consecutive years with different teams?
Hint:     In fact, he is the only player to lead either league in Sac Hits 5 consecutive seasons (and yes we know that the statistic has been “variably kept” over the years).
Hint:     He was the youngest of the starting A’s outfielders that played in the last three World Series while the club was still based in Philadelphia.
Twint:    He got his start in the outfield when Connie Mack decided to bench Tris Speaker.
Twint:    The move turned out to be highly productive.
A.         MULE HAAS
1932 27SH PHA, 1933 30SH CHW; Omar Vizquel (2004 CLE & 2005 SFN) and Juan Pierre (2011 CHA & 2012 PHI) led each league in consecutive seasons.
-  Led AL SH 1930-4
-  Haas, age 25-27, Al Simmons 27-29 and Bing Miller 34-36 yo. A’s 1929-31
- An aging Tris Speaker was with the A’s his final season, and after Mack benched him in 1928 for Mule, the team went on to win three consecutive AL pennants and two World Series.
FCR -    Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, MD
Incorrect answers:  Jay Bell, Max Bishop, Joe Boley, Doc Cramer, Bing Miller, Al Simmons

Q.         Who won consecutive batting titles, first as a Hoosier and then as a Tip Top?
Hint:     He was also the league stolen base, on base percentage and OPS leader with the same teams, same years.
Hint:     He once bragged "I'll make them all forget that a guy named Ty Cobb ever pulled on a baseball shoe."
Twint:    Rather than relegating Cobb to a distant memory, he soon found himself banned from baseball.
A.         BENNY KAUFF
-  Indianapolis Hoosiers and then Brooklyn Tip Tops of the Federal League where he batted .370 in 1914 and .342 in 1915.
SABR BIO He was quoted when he arrived to play with the 1916 Giants.
-  Kauff was banned from baseball by Commissioner Landis prior to the 1921 season even though Kauff was never convicted or several serious charges including receiving stolen automobiles as well as possibly being involved in the “Black Sox” bribery scheme.
FCR -    Michael Campos, Redmond, WA
Incorrect answers:  Joe Jackson, Mike Simon, Dick Sisler, Jim Thorpe

Q.         Who hit the first ever World Series home run?
Hint:     It was the only home run his team produced despite, being an 8-game series.
Hint:     It was the only World Series homer ever yielded by that pitcher.
Hint:     He also led all position players with the highest batting average for either team in that series.
Twint:    He, like Christy Mathewson, was a Bison.
Game 1, 1903 WS, t7 solo homer.
-1903 WS Boston Americans topped the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-3.
-  Hit off Cy Young who went 2-1 for the series – the only World Series of his career.
-  .333 BA, the closest being Chick Stahl .303 for BOS
- Both players attended Bucknell University.
FCR -    Bob Flynn, Chandler, AZ (via Facebook)
Incorrect answers:  Ginger Beaumont, Patsy Donovan, Patsy Dougherty Shoeless Joe Jackson, Honus Wagner

Q.         Who held the record for the highest batting average by a Cardinal in the World Series until it was smashed by Tim McCarver? (minimum 20AB)
Hint:     He continues to hold the dubious record of most consecutive at bats without a home run.
Hint:     If not for 2 home runs hit 5 days apart, he would have gone over 4000 consecutive regular season at bats without a home run.
Twint:    He and Chuck Klein were the first modern era Phillies to play 156 games in a single season.
1926 WS .417AB until McCarver’s 1964WS .478
3347AB from end of 1926 season until the end of his career in 1938
-  Career AB 4164, his two homers were hit September 17th and 22nd, 1926.
1930 He and Klein played 156G.
FCR -    Alan Blumkin, Brooklyn, NY (via Facebook)
Incorrect answers:  David Eckstein, Frankie Frisch, Joe Garagiola, Pete Gray, Rabbit Maranville, Marty Marion, Pepper Martin, Dal Maxvill, Red Schoendienst, Enos Slaughter, Ozzie Smith

Q.         Who replaced “Home Run” Baker at third when he retired from playing in the majors?
Hint:     In his early career, he left the A’s and went back to his home state of Connecticut so many times they called him “Jumping”.
Hint:     During his 7 seasons with the Yankees, he appeared in 5 World Series and earned three rings.
Twint:    After losing the 1923 World Series, McGraw was asked by a reporter about Frisch, Ruth and others, but saved his strongest praise for him by saying “Now young man, you have named a great ball player.”
A.         JOE DUGAN
-  Dugan became the starting 3B for the 1923 NYY after Baker’s final 1922 season.
-  He was “despised” by Philadelphia fans for his poor play during his rookie year, so much so that several times he “jumped” the club to return to Connecticut, but Connie Mack always welcomed him back.  Hence his nickname, “Jumping Joe”.
- Played for the NYY 1922-8, WS 1922-3, 1926-28 with victories 1923, 1927-8
- SABR BIO Quote from John McGraw after the Yankees halted the NYG two consecutive World Series titles (1921-2) in 1923.
FCR -    Tim Doherty, Los Angeles, CA (via Facebook)
Incorrect answers: Joe Gordon, Mark Koenig, Red Rolfe

WEEKLY THEME – Inside-the-park home runs In the World Series

Player                   Date             G       For        Vs,
Dougherty         02-Oct-1903      2       BOS     PIT
Dugan              15-Oct-1923      5       NYY     NYG
Gardner            11-Oct-1916      4       BOS     BRO
Gehrig              07-Oct-1928      3       NYY     STL
Haas                 12-Oct-1929      4       PHA     CHC
Kauff                11-Oct-1917      4       NYG     CHW
Myers               09-Oct-1916      2       BRO     BOS
Sebring             01-Oct-1903      1       PIT       BOS
Stengel             10-Oct-1923      1       NYG     NYY
Thevenow         03-Oct-1926      2       STL      NYY
Youngs             13-Oct-1923      4       NYG     NYY

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Douglas Scher (after the Ross Youngs question)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  Members of the 1937 Yankees
               -  Guys Wally Pipp hates
Tuesday   -  Yankee icons
                  Players on the rosters of the Giants and Yankees during the 1923 World Series
Sunday    -  Players who led the Federal League in a statistical category

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 12-18, 2015 20-year major leaguers who never played in a World Series

Q.         Who was the first player from the National League Eastern Division to be voted league MVP in a season where his team finished in last place?
Hint:     By Wood from ivy he was pulled.
Twint:    He was the first Expo position player to be elected Rookie of the Year.
-  MVP 1987, playing for CHC who were 76-85, Finished 6th out of 6 teams in NL East
FCR -    Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, MD
Incorrect answers:  Ernie Banks, Steve Carlton, Ralph Kiner, Arky Vaughan, Lou Boudreau

Q.         Who was the first American League shortstop to win a batting title?
Hint:     It wasn’t the only title he would win, but his batting average of .388 that year is the highest any shortstop has ever hit.
Hint:     He once drove in more than 125 runs hitting fewer than 10 home runs the same season, the last player to do so.
Hint:     Dick Groat is the only shortstop ever to lead his league more times in errors for a season.
Twint:    He has been called the greatest hypochondriac ever to play baseball.
Twint:    He also complained about his home field, claiming that it must have been built on a garbage dump.  Turns out it had been.
-  .388 in 1936
-  1936:  128 RBI, 6 HR
-  Led AL in errors 5 X
-  Original Comiskey Park was built on top of a former garbage dump.  Appling helped bring this to light by tripping over a copper kettle that worked its way to the surface.
FCR -    Cappy Gagnon, South Bend, IN
Incorrect answers:  Joe Cronin, Honus Wagner, Arky Vaughan, Nomar Garciaparra, Vern Stephens, Zoilo Versalles, Lou Boudreau, Pete Runnels, Alex Rodriguez

Q.         Who was the last native of Cuba to appear in an All-Star game for the National League in the 20th Century?
Hint      He was also the last native of Cuba to appear in an All-Star game in the 20th Century for the American League as well.
Hint:     Three of his college teammates went on to become major league All-Stars.
Hint:     He led the American League in hits, runs and doubles, but in three different seasons.
Twint:    His 15-year-old son Patrick was his team’s batboy on the night he collected his 3,000th career hit.
Twint:    His was one of the most famous finger wags in baseball history.
-  191 H in 1990; 49 2b in 1991; 124 R in 1993
Wag (click to view)
FCR -    Mark Kanter, Portsmouth, RI
Incorrect answers:  Minnie Minoso, Rey Ordonez, Tony Taylor, Rico Carty

Q.         Who is the only player to win multiple batting titles for the original American League Senators?
Hint:     He was the last player to hit for the cycle for them.
Twint:    Whitey Ford never mentioned his name with a smile on his face.
Twint:    He lost two seasons due to military service as did many in his generation.
-  Hit .353 in 1946 & .337 in 1953
-  Cycle 19-May-1946
-  He is the only batter to homer off Ford twice in a single game:  25-Sep-1950
-  Served in the U.S. Navy 1944-45
FCR -    Jeff Fink, Howell, NJ
Incorrect answers:  Goose Goslin, Rod Carew, Heinie Manush, Pete Runnels, Cecil Travis, Harry Heilmann, Sam Rice

Q.         In the long history of the Cincinnati Reds, who ranks behind only Adam Dunn in the measure of at-bats per home run?
Hint:     He ranks ahead of Frank Robinson, Johnny Bench and Ted Kluszewski on that list.
Hint:     He’s also 7th in Reds’ career home runs.
Hint:     In his MVP year, he set the record for home runs in the month of April.
Hintlet:  If you bother to look this up, don’t respond—we already know the answer.  Just enjoy the journey.  We get enough e-mails.
Twint:    A Hall of Famer and two major league brothers are alumni of his high school.
Twint:    A former teammate of his is one of the most beloved, popular players who will likely never enter the Hall of Fame.
Twint:    A former teammate of his is one of the most hated players and will likely never enter the Hall of Fame.
A.         KEN GRIFFEY, Jr.
-  AB per HR (From Baseball-Reference)
#      Player                        AB/HR    PA
1.     Adam Dunn              13.8        4,562
2.   Ken Griffey, Jr.    16.0      3,904
3.     Eric Davis                  16.1        3,819
4.     Frank Robinson       17.1        6,408
5.     Wally Post                 17.6        3,314
6.     George Foster          18.3        5,010
7.     Lee May                    19.3        3,069
8.     Johnny Bench          19.7        8,674
9.     Jay Bruce                  19.8        4,600
9.     Ted Kluszewski        19.8        5,403
-  210 HR’s for the Reds (Big Klu is 5th w/251)
-  MVP 1997, 13 HRs in April (since broken)
-  Played with Edgar Martinez 1989-99
-  Played with Alex Rodriguez 1994-99
FCR -    Damian Begley, New York, NY
Incorrect answers:  Eric Davis, Ted Kluszewski, Joey Votto, Tony Perez, George Foster, George Crowe, Ryan Howard, Frank McCormick, Joe Morgan, Kevin Mitchell, Edd Roush

Q.         Who is the only player in major league history to be on the team with three different franchises when each moved to another city?
Hint:     His native country no longer exists.
Hint:     He was the first American League player to hit two bases-loaded triples in a single game.
Twint:    According to SABR, he reached base as often as did Joe DiMaggio.
Twint:    He was once thought to be a four-decade player.
A.         ELMER VALO
-  Played with the Philadelphia A’s 1940-43; 1946-54.  Played with the Kansas City A’s in 1956 THEN played with 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers and the 1958 Los Angeles Dodgers
       THEN played with the 1960 Washington Senators and the 1961 Minnesota Twins (whew!)
   He also played with the Phillies, Indians and Yankees.
-  Born Imrich Valo in Rybník Czechoslovakia 05-Mar-1921, now part of Slovakia as Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic 01-Jan-1993.  He is improperly listed in Baseball-Reference as a native of Poland.
-  11,177 people saw him hit two bases-clearing triples 01-May-1949 in Philly.
-  A plate appearance for the 1939 A’s may or may not have happened.  If it did occur, it remains undocumented.
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers:  Eddie Mathews, Cesar Tovar, Don Mincher, Bob Cerv

Q.         Who is the only Atlanta Brave to take Randy Johnson deep in postseason play?
Hint:     The only other homer he hit off the Big Unit was the final home run of the slugger’s career.
Hint:     In that game, he and a teammate became the last Mets to hit homers off Johnson.
Twint:    He was of Divine Providence.
Twint:    Perhaps that goes a ways to explaining his baseball longevity.
2001 NLCS, Game 5 4th inning solo shot.
-  It was his 173rd career home run and the only home run he hit that year.
04-May-2007 Franco hit a 2nd inning and Paul LoDuca a 4th inning HR
-  Attended Divine Providence High School San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic
-  Though his actual age is disputed, his final game (17-Sep-2007) was, according to the birth date accepted by MLB, a few weeks after he turned 49.
FCR -    Rich Klein, Plano, TX
Incorrect answers:  Robin Ventura, Fred McGriff, Gus Bell, David Justice, Gary Sheffield

Q.         Until Mike Trout, who was the only Angel to lead the American League in bases on balls?  [ERR - Chone Figgins led the AL in BB in 2009.]
Hint:     Unlike Trout’s, it was the only league leading stat of his career.
Hint      In his only All-Star at bat, he got a hit off a future Hall of Famer, but was later tagged out at home by another future Hall of Famer.
Hint:     In that play, he was bitten by a cobra.
Twint:    Despite his nickname, he didn’t turn green when he got angry.
1987, 106 BB tied with Dwight Evans, Trout led the AL with 110 BB 2013
1979 ASG he got a single off Bruce Sutter and was tagged out at home by Gary Carter to end the inning.
-  He was gunned down by Dave Parker who helped the NL preserve the tie through 8 in a game eventually won by the senior circuit.
-  Nicknamed “The Hulk” when he bulked up with his weight lifting regimen.
FCR -    Larry Hayes, San Francisco, CA
Incorrect answers:  Don Baylor, Bobby Abreu*, Tim Salmon, Wally Joyner, Jim Fregosi, Eddie Yost, Bobby Grich, Albie Pearson, Leon Wagner
*Interestingly, Abreu led the majors, but led neither league in 2006.  He was walked 91 times for the Phillies then 33 for the Yankees.  He finished with good BB numbers with the Phillies, but they came during Barry Bonds's reign.

Q.         What pitcher led the 1920’s Boston Braves in ERA? (100 game min.)?
Hint:     After the 1930 season he would never pitch again.
Hint:     Five years later, he returned as a full time position player, averaging 120 a year over the next six seasons and finishing his career with a .286 batting average.
Hint:     He had a grand total of two career home runs, both hit the same season, both hit against the same team, both hit in the top of the third inning, each with a man on base.
Hint:     … and on consecutive days!
Twint:    He coached on the Braves for ten years and briefly managed them in 1949.
-  3.60 ERA 1921-1929, 157 G
-  Career stats .286 BA, .329 OBP in 1,172 games.
-   Homers 24th and 25th September, 1939 against the NYG.
Coaching record (scroll down)
FCR -    Don Wells, Bartlett, TN
Incorrect answers: 

WEEKLY THEME – Players with 20+ years of major league service (as of 1903) as position players without ever playing in a single World Series game.

Appling      20     1930-43; 45-50
Cooney     20     1921-30; 35-44
Dawson     21     1976-96
Downing    20     1973-92
Franco       23     1982-94; 96-97; 1999; 2001-07
Griffey       22     1989-2010
Palmeiro    20     1986-2005
Valo           20     1940-43; 46-61
Vernon      20     1939-1960

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Steve Schwartz, Chico, CA (After Palmeiro)

Incorrect theme guesses:

Monday   -  Early theme guess- guys with Bird nicknames

Tuesday   -  HOF players who played their last games for Chicago teams
               -  Hall of Famers who never played in a World Series

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