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2021-05-24 MLB players who testified under oath

MONDAY  24—May

Q.        Who is the most recent player to be a major league teammate with his twin brother?

Hint: #1    David Wells described him as being able to hula hoop in a Cheerio.

Hint: #2    He’s probably the only player who wants to be given an error.

A.         JOSE CANSECO  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  On OAK in 1990 with twin Ozzie.

-  #1     In his autobiography, Wells described facing Canseco in the minors.  When he saw him later, he was surprised at the physical change and wondered what Canseco was eating.

-  #2     Has said many times that the ball that bounced off his head should be scored as an error for him, not a solo HR for CLE’s DH Carlos Martinez.  The winning difference in the G was 1 R.

FCR -  Brett Moore, Studio City, California

Incorrect guesses:  BJ Upton, Aaron Boone, Ozzie Canseco, Barry Bonds, Tyler Rogers



Q.        Who’s the most recent first baseman to lead the league in bases stolen?

Hint: #1    He homered in his final game in the majors.

Hint: #2    He holds the Live Ball Era record for most career steals of home.


-  Ans.  Jackie was 1B in 1947 when he led the NL in SB with 29.  Every season leader since has played a different position.

-  #1     HR in last regular season G 30-Sep-1956.  Last game ever, G7 ’56 WS… hitless.

-  #2     Tied with Frankie Frisch with 19 all-time, good for 9th best on the career list.  Some of Frisch’s were before the Modern Era.  Robinson had an additional very famous one in the 1955 WS.

FCR -  Philip Trostler, Norwich, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Rod Carew, Mel Ott, Frank Chance, Vic Power, Georg Sisler. Lou Gehrig, Marty McManus



Q.        Which pitcher had the most strikeouts in a season in the Modern Era among National League righties?

Hint: #1    No retired pitcher in the Modern Era put together a better career strikeout-to-walk ratio.

Hint: #1    He lost the first World Series game he ever played in and never got the loss for a World Series game again in his career.

Hint: #2    He credits a World Series MVP winner with making him a pitcher.  He later became a world series MVP himself.


-  Ans.  319 K for PHI in 1997.  His total of 316 K in 2002 for ARI is second on that list.

-  #1     He struck out 4.38 batters for every BB he issued.

-  #2     Lost Game 1 for the Phillies in 1993 then won his next 6 WS Gs:  AZ in 2001, Boston in 2004 & 2007.

-  #3     Johnny Podres (1955 WS MVP, the first time the award was given) was a PHI’s pitching coach for Schilling’s 1st 5 seasons there.  Schilling said, “Outside of the Lord, my wife and my father, there was no person who impacted my life more than Johnny Podres.”  Schilling was the WS MVP in 2001.  Both Podres and Schilling famously took down the Yankees in the Fall Classic.

FCR -  Preston Salisbury, Starkville, Mississippi

Incorrect guesses:  Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Jake Peavey, Tom Seaver, Don Drysdale, Pedro Martinez



Q.        Who held the National League record for consecutive errorless games played in center field until it was broken up by a future Hall of Famer and on his own team no less?

Hint: #1    He collected the first MLB hit at Parc Jarry.

Hint: #2    He broke up what might have been the second World Series perfect game with a walk in the 7th.

A.         CURT FLOOD  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  Flood’s 226 straight errorless games at CF ended 04-Jun-1967 when he and LF Lou Brock both tried for a fly ball.  The ball fell in when they crashed into each other and Flood complained afterwards about this controversial error.  Flood's record was surpassed by Darren Lewis in 1993.

-  #1     On 14-Apr-1969 in the 1st regular-season G played outside the U.S., Flood was the 2nd batter in the top of the 1st inning.  He doubled to left.  The Expos won the G though, 8-7.

-  #2     BOS starter Jim Lonborg had a perfect game in the 2nd G of the 1967 WS.  In the 7th, Flood walked, ending the perfecto bid.  Julian Javier doubled in the 8th to end the possibility of a no-hitter.

FCR -  Eric Savage, Short Hills, New Jersey

Incorrect guesses:  Jim Wynn, Willie Davis, Willie Mays, Dale Murphy, Marquis Grissom



Q.        Who hit the first World Series homer in Yankee Stadium?

Hint: #1    In his major league debut game he had four hits and a walk.  That walk was the only time he went to bat from the other side of the plate in career of more than 4,000 at-bats.

Hint: #2    He was the first Dodger to lead the National League in on-base percentage.

A.         CASEY STENGEL  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  G 1, 1923 WS, 9th inning:  An inside-the-park game-winner.

-  #1     He got 4 singles in a G vs. PIT 17-Sep-1912.  Opposing manager Fred Clarke called him a fresh busher and challenged him to hit righthanded.  He did & drew a walk.

-  #2     Playing for BRO in 1914, the first year they were called the Robbins, Stengel posted a nifty .404 OBP.

FCR -  Randall Chandler, Germantown, Tennessee

Incorrect guesses:  Babe Ruth


FRIDAY  28—May

Q.        Which owner of a nineteen-strikeout game has the fewest total career strikeouts?

Hint: #1    In a seventeen-year career he received Cy Young Award votes five times, while playing for four different teams.

Hint: #2    He once had exactly three at bats for each of four consecutive seasons.

A.         DAVID CONE  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  19 Ks for NYM in a 7-0 game vs. PHI 06-Oct-1991.  2,668 career Ks.

-  #1     Placed 3rd in CYA votes playing for NYM in 1988; 1st (!) for KCR in 1994 & 4th in 1995 for TOR & NYY; 2 more X for NYY; 4th in 1998 & 6th in 1999.  Every time in the top 6.

-  #2     3 AB in 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000.  He then averaged 3 each for his next 2 years.

FCR -  Warren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan

Incorrect guesses:  Hugh Daily, Bill Gullickson, Tom Seaver, Tom Cheney, Pedro Martinez, Charlie Sweeney, Kerry Wood, Gaylord Perry, Dwight Gooden



Q.        Who surrendered the first base hit to a Texas Rangers batter?

Hint: #1    He would have pitched the second no-hitter for the Atlanta Braves but lost it on a single in the ninth inning.

Hint: #2    He was the first Dodger pitcher to win a Gold Glove.


-  Ans.  15-Apr-1972, catcher Hal King hit a single off him, but not until the 7th inning.

-  #1     Close one on 04-Jun-1976 vs. the Expos.  The H was by Pepe Mangual.  ATL’s 1st no-hitter was by Phil Niekro 05-Aug-1973.

-  #2     Won GG in 1974 & 75 for LAD.

FCR -  Greg Gits, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Charlie Hough, Claude Osteen, Don Sutton



Q.        Who surrendered Wally Moon’s first triple in the majors?  It was also the first one he had ever surrendered.

Hint: #1    He was a pitcher who married a pitcher.

Hint: #2    Two players who have been answers so far this week have had their numbers retired. This player wore both those numbers.

A.         JIM BROSNAN  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  1st 3B for Moon = 17-Apr-1954.  It was Moon’s 3rd G in MLB, Brosnan’s 2nd G!

-  #1     His wife’s maiden name was Anne Stewart Pitcher.

-  #2     Uniform numbers: 42 (Jackie Robinson) with the Cubs and Reds, 37 (Stengel) with the Cardinals.

FCR -  George Alfano, Redlands, California

Incorrect guesses: 


SUNDAY  30—May

Q.        Who was the first player to leave the majors for the Mexican League?

Hint: #1    He had one single, one RBI, one walk, one stolen base and one putout in the game where Mel Ott hit his 500th homer?

Hint: #2    He played against Hall of Famers Ray Dandridge, Martin Dihigo and shared a moment there with Babe Ruth.

Hint: #3    He was also a talented opera singer.


-  Ans.  Gardella had been offered $5,000 to play for NYG and $13,000 to play in Mexico.  He joined the Mexican League 19-Feb-1946.  Their higher salaries attracted others including major leaguers Sal Maglie, Alex Carrasquel, Max Lanier & Mickey Owen.

-  #1     Ott’s 500th HR G = 01-Aug-1945

-  #2     Both in 1946 in the Mexican League.  Gardella was on the Veracruz team, Dandridge played for the Mexico City Reds and Dihigo played for the Algodoneros de Union Laguna.  Babe Ruth also appeared on the field with Gardella that season, participating in a public relations demonstration during which the ailing Babe tossed a few pitches and took batting practice.  Reports have it that Ruth shared a cigar with Gardella in the outfield during a game.

-  #3     He once crashed a high school prom to sing, and made money singing after he was kicked out of baseball.

FCR -  Mary Hums, Louisville, Kentucky

Incorrect guesses:  Willard Brown Don Newcombe, Mickey Owen, Sal Maglie



WEEKLY THEME – MLB players who testified under oath.


Player             Event                          Details

Brosnan:           Flood vs Kuhn             Witness in support of Flood.  Testified in court 21-May-1970,


Canseco:           BALCO trial                 Testified in front of the House Committee Government Reform and Oversight, Steroid Use in Baseball, 17-Mar-2005 (Begin at 25 sec.).


Cone:               Justice Sotomayor’s SCOTUS confirmation  Testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, 16-Jul-2009.


Flood:               Flood vs Kuhn             Plaintiff challenged the legality of the Reserve Clause.  Testified 19-May-1970.


Gardella:           Gardella v Chandler    Plaintiff, October 1947, US Southern District Federal Court.  Original trial; Appeal.


Messersmith:    Peter Seitz arbitration decision           Testified at the arbitration hearing in November 1975.


Robinson:         Flood vs Kuhn             Witness in support of Flood.  Testified in court 21-May-1970.  Also called to testify at HUAC, 18-Jul-1949.


Schilling:          House Committee Government Reform and Oversight         Testified on steroid use in baseball, 17-Mar-2005.


Stengel:            Senate Anti-Trust and Monopoly Subcommittee       Testified on MLB’s anti-trust exemption 08-Jul-958.



First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeDave Jackson, Irving, Texas (after Flood)




Incorrect theme guesses:


Monday  -  Players to win both AL Rookie of Year and AL MVP

               -  Players who won Rookie of the Year and MVP


Tuesday    -Rookies of the Year


Wed        -  Players named Curt


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2021-05-17 First American League Silver Slugger winners 1980

MONDAY  —17-May

Q.        Who is the only player to win MVPs as a shortstop and as a center fielder?

Hint: #1    Only he and Brooks Robinson each totaled 100 career sacrifice hits and 100 career sacrifice flies.

Hint: #2    His brother holds the record for the shortest major league career.


-   Ans.   AL MVP 1982 = SS (Would have been unanimous save a single first-place vote for Reggie Jackson); AL MVP 1989 = CF

-   #1   Has 104 SH & 123 SF (Robinson’s numbers are 101 & 114)

-   #2   Pitcher Larry Yount was announced, took the mound, hurt himself warming up & couldn’t throw a single pitch in the game itself.

FCR -  Kevin Decker, Hillsborough, New Jersey


TUESDAY  —18-May

Q.  Which Astros manager holds the record for most hits in a season for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Hint: #1    He, Sam Horn and six other players have “Sam Horns” on their baseball CVs.  His was on Flag Day.

Hint: #2    He and a teammate hit grand slams against his former team in the same inning.


-   Ans.      Had 219 H in 1980.  Managed HOU 2007-2009.

-   #1   The “Sam Horn” also know as the “Titanium Sombrero” is the feat of striking out 6 X in a single game.  All 8 were done in extra-inning games.  All 6 of Cooper’s were at the hands of Nolan Ryan, 4 of them were the last out of the inning.

-   #2   Cooper & Don Money had slams in the 2nd inning of the G on 12-Apr-1980.  Yount followed Money’s with a solo shot.

FCR -  Gerald Price, Lancaster, California

Incorrect guesses:  Phil Garner, Paul Molitor, Phil Roof, Craig Counsel, Del Rice



Q. Who was the first foreign-born player to win a home run crown in the American League?

Hint: #1    He was frustrated by lack of playing time with his first team and came up with one of baseball’s most trenchant quotes: “I think the author of the platoon system was a guy who couldn’t hit lefthanders”.

Hint: #2    Hall of Famer Larry Doby identified him early on as a five-tool player.


-   Ans.     Oglivie, a native of Panama, tied Reggie Jackson w/41 HR to lead the AL in 1980.

-   #1   His philosophical penchant for reading often baffled his managers and probably contributed, at one point, to the reduced number of games he started with BOS and, at first, with DET.

-   #2   Doby managed Oglivie in Venezuela during the winter of 1972 and observed, “Ben does all five things:  he can hit, run, field, throw and hit for power.”

FCR -  Eric Morrison, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Incorrect guesses:  George Bell, Tony Armas, Johnny Mize, George Scott, Bobby Avila



Q.  Which BLTR gap-tooth legend was the first post-expansion player to collect more RBI than the number of games he played that season (minimum 100)?

Hint: #1    He is the only player to hit three home runs in a post-season game his team lost.

Hint: #2    A pop star was inspired write her debut #1 Billboard hit after seeing a photo of him surrounded by his fans.


-   Ans.     117 G, 118 RBI in 1980.  See smile here.

-   #1   06-Oct-1978 in the ALCS

-   #2   Grammy-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde actually had a picture of Brett from an article appearing in National Geographic magazine.  She wrote the song entitled “Royals”.  She and Brett had a well-publicized meeting in Las Vegas.

FCR -  J.P. Wanamaker, Binghamton, New York

Incorrect guesses:  Dave Henderson, Rickey Henderson, Dave Winfield, Joe DiMaggio, Manny Ramirez, Ted Williams,



Q.  Who paid closer attention than usual to the last part of Jim Thome’s career?

Hint: #1    You might be surprised to learn that in the last sixteen years of his twenty-one-year career, he only led the league in strikeouts once.

Hint: #2    As a Baltimore Oriole, he led the team in home runs, slugging, OPS, OPS+, total bases and times hit-by-pitch.


-   Ans.     Thome retired within (ahem) striking distance, just 49K, of Jackson’s all-time, career strikeout record, 2,548 to 2,597.

-   #1   Between his first World Series Championship year in Oakland in 1972 and his final season back in Oakland in 1987, he only led the AL in Ks in his 1st year in Anaheim, w/156 in 1982.  In every one of his 1st 4 full seasons, however, he was the AL leader in Ks, twice leading the entire planet.

-   #2   In 1976 w/BAL he also led the team in Ks, although his 108 total was well behind the league leaders that year.

FCR -  Philip Trostler, Norwich, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Frank Robinson, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Adam Jones


FRIDAY  —21-May

Q.  Which Alabama speedster stole more than 500 bases in his career and was only caught in fewer than 17% of his attempts?

Hint: #1    Jimmy Rollins broke his record for most at bats in a single major league season.

Hint: #2    He was the first player in the Expansion Era to collect more than twenty triples in a season.


-   Ans.     He ran 802 X & was caught 134 X or 16.7% of the time.  Totaled 668 SB.  Born in Montgomery.

-   #1   Wilson had 705 ABs in 1980 for KCR.  Rollins had 716 for PHI in his MVP year of 2007.  Wilson still holds the AL record.

-   #2   21 3B in 1985.

FCR -  George Alfano, Redlands, California

Incorrect guesses:  Lance Johnson, Vince Coleman, Billy Williams, Juan Samuel, Ralph Garr, Tommy Harper, Ozzie Smith, Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines, Maury Wills



Q.  Which All-Star and his son were both selected as infielders in the first round of the MLB June Amateur Draft?  [Not in the same draft.  That would be a record.]

Hint: #1    He (the father) had a scholarship offer to play football for UCLA.

Hint: #2    He went against his coaching establishment by adhering to a serious weightlifting regimen, even during the season.


-   Ans.     Parrish was taken at C by DET in the 1st round in the 1974 Draft, 16th overall.  Son Dave was chosen by NYY in the 1st round of the 2000 Draft, 28th overall.  He had previously been drafted by NYY, but in the 10th round in 1997, 319th overall whereupon he opted to attend the University of Michigan.

-   #1   His high draft position made it easier to choose baseball.

-   #2   Eventually his results were shown to be effective and the criticism waned.

FCR -  Mark Hayne, Dumfries, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Jeff Burroughs, Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Ken Griffey, Jay Schroeder, Gary Mathews, Dante Bichette, Ken Boyer



Q.  Which one-time L.A. Dodger was the first player to collect two hundred hits in a season for the Montreal Expos?

Hint: #1    He was the oldest player to win his first batting title in the 20th century.

Hint: #2    He was called up to the major leagues on the same day his father died.


-   Ans.     Oliver had 204 H in 1982, since exceeded.  Oliver played for LAD for 35 G in 1985.

-   #1   He hit .331 to lead the NL in 1982 at just ten days shy of his 36th birthday..

-   #2   Got word on 14-Sept-1968 that he’d be called up PIT., Mi NLB debut was 23-Sep.

FCR -  Nels Johnston, St. Thomas, Ontario

Incorrect guesses:  Mark Grudzielanek, Bill Buckner, Rick Monday, Ron Fairly, Tim Wallach


SUNDAY  —23-May

Q.  Which Orioles’ coach had once pinch-ran for Rennie Stennett after Stennett’s seventh hit?

Hint: #1    He (Not Stennett) was the first rookie to appear on a major league All-Star ballot.

Hint: #2    His brother played in the NFL.


-   Ans.     On 16-Sep-1975, PIT’s 2B set the modern record by getting 7 H in a 9-inning G.  After the 7th H in the top of the 8th, Pirates’ rookie Randolph was put in to pinch-run for Stennett and replaced him at second for the last 2 innings of the G.  Randolph was BAL’s bench coach in 2011.  Hall of Famer Wilbert Robinson had 7 H in a 9-inning G on 10-Jun-1892.

-   #1   Was on the 1976 ASG ballot and was selected as an alternate for the G, but did not play.

-   #2   Brother Terry Randolph played in 14 G for the Green Bay Packers in 1977.

FCR -  Adam Balutis, Arlington, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  Gene Clines, Dale Berra, Terry Kirby, Billy Hunter



WEEKLY THEME – First American League Silver Sluggers - 1980


Player       Pos   Team   #SS   1980 WAR

Brett............... 3B....... KCR....... 3........ 9.4

Cooper........... 1B....... MIL......... 3........ 6.8

Jackson.......... DH...... NYY....... 2........ 4.8

Oglivie............ LF....... MIL......... 1........ 6.5

Oliver.............. RF...... TEX........ 3........ 3.5

Parrish............   C...... TEX........ 6........ 3.3

Randolph........ 2B....... NYY....... 1........ 6.6

Wilson............ CF...... KCR....... 2........ 8.5

Yount.............. SS...... MIL......... 3........ 7.1


First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeWarren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan (After Oglivie)




Incorrect theme guesses:


Monday  -  The ten players with 3,000 hits playing for only one team.

               -  M   embers of the 3,000 hit club with sub-.300 career averages

               -  Players with the nickname “Kid”

               -  Major league veterans whose brothers had a cup of coffee


Tuesday -  Starting lineup for Harvey's Wallbangers

               -  Members of Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame

               -  1982 Brewers (Harvey's Wallbangers) with double digit home runs

               -  Members of the 1982 Brewers World Series team

               -  Members of the Milwaukee Brewers 1982 AL champions


Wed        -  Brewers games played leaders

               -  1982 Brewers starters

               -  Brewers top players in WAR

               -  Brewers top players in HRs

               -  Brewers top 10 in games played

               -  Brewers top 10 in anything?

               -  Brewers players

               -  Starters from the Brewers ’82 WS year

               -  Inaugural winners of the AL Silver Slugger award

               -  All Stars in 1980

               -  American League players with at least 10 intentional walks in a season during the 1980s.


Thursday-  1980 AL batting leaders:  Yount- doubles; Brett- AVG, OBP, SLG, OPS; Jackson/Oglivie- HR; Cooper- RBI


Friday     -  Players on the 1983 AL All Star team when the AL finally beat the NL

               -  AL leaders in offensive categories in 1980



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