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2021-02-22 Players whose college mascot was a Wildcat

MONDAY  —  22-Feb

Q.        Who was the catcher for David Cone's perfect game?

Hint: #1    He once turned down the volume on a famous teammate’s boombox in the clubhouse.  It was considered an act of bravery.

Hint: #2    He started where most advertisers on Madison Avenue want to start.

A.         JOE GIRARDI  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  Cone’s perfecto 18-Jul-1999.

-  #1     When Girardi played for the Cubs, Sammy Sosa was famous for blasting his music in the Cubs’ old cramped Wrigley Field clubhouse.  Most teammates just tolerated it.  However, one day in 2002 Girardi turned down the volume on Sosa’s boombox and raised the volume on the main clubhouse stereo.  There were reports that the two then had to be separated.  But later they said there was no trouble and Girardi said they have a “fine” relationship.

-  #2     Girardi was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, a city long held by marketing executives to best represent and, in a sense, speak for, the American consumer (“Will it play in Peoria?”).  Girardi attended high school at Spalding Catholic, to date, its only MLB alum.

FCR -  Tara Krieger, New York City

Incorrect guesses:  Jorge Posada, Jim Leyritz, Don Slaught


TUESDAY    23-Feb

Q.        Who is the only World Series MVP to be traded for a pitcher who threw a perfect game?  (This question is chronology-free.)

Hint: #1    He grew up in Milwaukie, but lived in Oregon.

Hint: #2    The first time he was ever in a major league stadium was as a major leaguer.

Hint: #3    He replaced Monday’s answer as a manager.

A.         SCOTT BROSIUS  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  Brosius was WS MVP in 1998 when NYY swept SDP.  He had been traded the year before for Kenny Rogers whose perfect game was 28-Jul-1994.

-  #1     Milwaukie (note spelling) is in Oregon, a suburb south of Portland.

-  #2     Debut 07-Aug-1991.  Had simply never attended an MLB G.

-  #3     Brosius replaced Girardi as manager of Team USA attempting to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo.

FCR -  Michael Temple, Chicago

Incorrect guesses:  Boone, Aaron Boone, Ralph Terry



Q.        Who is the only Yankee to lead the American League in RBI while hitting fewer than twenty home runs that same season?

Hint: #1    The previous year, he had led the league in home runs with fewer than twenty-five.

Hint: #2    He began and ended his MLB career in Philadelphia, but with different teams in different leagues.

A.         NICK ETTEN  [B-R Bio]

-  Ans.  In 1945 hit 111 RBI and 18 HR.

-  #1     Hit 22 HR in 1944.

-  #2     Began his career playing for PHA in 1938-39, teams that lost 99 & 97 G.  Finished playing for PHI in 1947.  They only lost 92 G.

FCR -  David Serota, Kalamazoo

Incorrect guesses:  Vic Power, Bob Meusel, Home Run Baker



Q.        Which Phillies outfielder hit the first home run the Washington Nationals ever surrendered.

Hint: #1    During his first five full seasons in the majors, he led the league in stolen bases, but it wasn’t until the year after that string that he led in times caught stealing.

Hint: #2    He shoved Fernando Vina the day after Albert Belle had flattened Vina with a forearm shiver to break up a double play.

A.         KENNY LOFTON  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  1st WSN HR given up 04-Apr-2005.  It was 1 of only 2 Lofton hit that year.

-  #1     Led in SB 1992-96, even leading MLB every year of that streak but 1995.  CS 20 X in 1997 led the majors in that category for his only time in his 17-year, 622-SB career.

-  #2     Belle got Vina on 31-May-1996 because  Lofton’s action the following day 01‑Jun‑1996 was while emotions were still raw.

FCR -  Lee Dembart, Hollywood, California

Incorrect guesses:  Eric Young, Sr., Michael Bourn, Shane Victorino


THURSDAY    25-Feb

Q.        Who threw the first pitch at night in a game at Sportsmans Park?

Hint: #1    The first batter he ever pitched to in a major league game was Babe Ruth.  He struck him out on four pitches.

Hint: #2    He developed a submarine delivery after injuring his arm as a quarterback playing football in college where his nickname was Big Six.

A.         ELDEN AUKER  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  1st night G at Sportsmans Park 24-May-1940.  His opposite number that night was Bob Feller who hit the 1st of his 8 career HR off Auker in the 3rd.

-  #1     Auker describes his 1st batter 10-Aug-1933.  [OK, here’s the truth:  Auker NEVER struck out Ruth in 8 career MLB PAs.  In fact, Ruth “owned” Auker going 5-7 (.714) with 2 HR.  Auker didn’t even face NYY in his ML debut.  The above audio interview is an incorrect remembrance. Maybe he faced The Babe in an exhibition game when he fanned him, but never did so in the regular season.]

-  #2     Played football for Kansas Agricultural and Mechanical College (today Kansas State University).  Hurt his arm in the 1st G in 1928 playing QB, but persevered and in 1931 as a halfback was voted All-Big Six Conference, hence his nickname.

FCR -  Terry Sloope, Cartersville, Georgia

Incorrect guesses:  Mort Cooper, Christy Mathewson, Johnny Vander Meer, Bob Feller, Ewell Blackwell, Walter Johnson


FRIDAY    26-Feb

Q.        Which Tri-Cities native was the winning pitcher of the first World Series game played at night?

Hint: #1    He once lost his bid for a no-hitter when a player doubled with one out in the ninth inning.

Hint: #2    His nickname has a double origin.

A.         BRUCE KISON  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  After PIT starting P Luke Walker gave up 3 R in the 1st inning of G 4 of the 1971 WS, Kison entered & pitched 6⅓ scoreless innings.  Was Born in Pasco, Washington, which with the cities of Kennewick & Richland form the area known as the Tri-Cities.

-  #1     That double was by Ken Landreaux on 23-Apr-1980.  Incidentally, it was the 1st G of Landreaux’s 31-G hit streak, the longest one in the majors that year.

-  #2     He was called “Buster” honoring silent-film physical comedian Buster Keaton and the fact that he did not like batters to crowd the plate and would “bust” them inside, especially early in his career.

FCR -  Jim Casey, Savannah

Incorrect guesses:  Bill Bevens, Johnny Vander Meer, Dave McNally, Vinegar Bend Mizell, Kent Tekulve, Bruce Alison


T.G.I.F. SPECIAL    26-Feb

Q.        Which catcher was knocked out by a basket of produce thrown from the upper deck during the Tigers-Indians game?

Hint: #1            When Bob Feller struck out eighteen in a single game only he and one other teammate escaped the dreaded K.

Hint: #2            He was the first native of his state to receive a Hall of Fame vote.


-  Ans.  Tebbetts was not in the game but in the bullpen on 27-Sep-1940 when a fan, wanting to hide tomatoes, eggs, etc., from stadium police who were combing the stands for unruly fans throwing things, filled a basket with the garbage and threw it over a railing.  It landed on Tebbetts' head and knocked him cold.  When the police identified the culprit to Tebbetts he said he would handle the matter himself—and busted the fan in the nose!

-  #1     On 02-Oct-1938(1) DET came to play CLE.  Ace Bob Feller racked up 18 strikeouts, breaking his own Tribe 1-G record set 2 years earlier.  Roy Cullenbine and Tebbetts not only did not strike out but they were mostly responsible for the Tiger victory that day.

-  #2     Born in Vermont  (although he spent most of his years growing up in neighboring New Hampshire) , he received 8 HOF votes in 1958 and another 1 vote in 1960.

FCR -  Mark Pattison, Washington, DC

Incorrect guesses:  Mickey Cochran, Rudy York, Ray Hayworth, Matt Batts


SATURDAY    27-Feb

Q.        Which catcher/pinch-hitter’s lone hit deprived a future Hall of Famer of a no-hitter in his major league debut?

Hint: #1    He was double Del’ed before he reached the majors.

Hint: #2    In the majors, he played for one manager who took his team to the World Series every season he played for him

Hint: #3    His primary manager, however, managed 4 teams over 26 years yet never managed a single World Series game.


-  Ans.  Juan Marichal’s first game as a big leaguer was at Candlestick Park on a cool evening on 19-Jul-1960.  Marichal got his no-no on 15-Jun-1963, almost exactly 3 years after his near-miss debut.

-  #1     NL champs MLN invited Dalrymple to their 1959 spring training camp where he received catching tips from veteran catchers Del Crandall and Del Rice.

-  #2     He played under Gene Mauch PHI/1960-68 and for Earl Weaver BAL/1969-71.

FCR -  Bill Deane, Cooperstown

Incorrect guesses:  Del Unser, Del Crandell, Elston Howard, Smoky Burgess, Gus Triandos, Moe Berg, Johnny Blanchard



Q.        Who recently became the first (and still only) player in Cleveland Indians history to reach a combination of 1,000 hits, 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases?

Hint: #1    In his sixth season in the majors, his team made it to the World Series only to face the team he grew up cheering for.

Hint: #2    He regularly sings between pitches when he’s on defense in the field.

A.         JASON KIPNIS  [B-R Bio]

-  Ans.  His final CLE totals are 1,120 H, 123 HR & 135 SB.

-  #1     In the 2016 WS, the Indians faced the Cubs.  Kipnis’ devotion to the Cubs as a fan was so strong, had to issue public statements assuring teammates, fans, friends and CLE management that he was completely focused on beating CHC.  Although the Indians lost the Series, he was true to his word and held his own, hitting .290 with a Series-leading 5 extra base hits and 18 total bases.

-  #2     He has a fondness for the songs of British songstress Adele and says that singing them helps him relax during the heat of competition.

FCR -  Mike Sparks, Sarasota

Incorrect guesses:  Michael Brantley, Kenny Lofton, Joe Carter, Jose Ramirez, Carlos Santana


SUNDAY    28-Feb

Q.        What pitcher set the record for innings pitched in relief when he relieved the starter with two outs in the first inning of a game and worked the next eighteen plus innings?

Hint: #1    The effort essentially cost him his career.

Hint: #2    He was a Double Unique for exactly 298 days.

A.         ZIP ZABEL  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  He beat Brooklyn & got his 5th W of the 1915 season on 17-Jun by pitching the final 18⅓ innings.

-  #1     After that game, Zabel only had a handful of start in the majors as he had begun to experience arm trouble as a result of that game.

-  #2     He debuted in 1913, but Zip Collins came along the very next year.  Double-Uniques listed here.

FCR -  Luis Belman, East Bernard, Texas

Incorrect guesses:  Ernie Shore, Eddie Rommel, Zip Zane



Q.        Whose sterling (platinum?) career MLB batting average of 1.000 came at the expense of All-Star Milt Pappas?

Hint: #1    He was kept on the roster for an entire season to keep him from being drafted by other MLB teams.

Hint: #2    An unspecified injury cut short his career.

A.         DAVE GRAY  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  On 20-Jun-1964, Gray entered the G in the 5th & pitched through the end of the G, except for 1 batter whom teammate Pete Charton came in & induced a fly out to CF.

-  #1     It, 1964, was his only season in the majors, kept on BOS under the terms of the Bonus Rule then in force.

-  #2     Classmates from high school referred to how together they, “…agonized over the injury that forced him out of baseball.”

FCR -  Mike Sparks, Sarasota

Incorrect guesses:  John Paciorek, Jeff Banister, Frank Leja



WEEKLY THEME – Players whose college mascot was a wildcat.


Auker.................. Kansas State

Brosius............... Linfield University

Dalrymple........... Cal State Chico

Etten................... Villanova University

Girardi................. Northwestern University

Gray.................... Weber State University

Kipnis.................. University of Kentucky

Kison.................. Central Washington University

Lofton.................. University of Arizona

Tebbetts.............. University of New Hampshire

Zabel................... Baker College

Wildcat” was a Broadway musical starring Lucille Ball.  It was her only Broadway show.



First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemeDavid Washburn, Marietta, Georgia




Incorrect theme guesses:


Monday  -  Big 10 alumni who became managers

               -  Catchers who became Managers of the Year

               -  Former catchers who managed after their career


Tuesday -  Three World Series wins, one all star appearance

               -  Yankee managers born in the 2nd half of the 20th Century

               -  1998 Yankees opening day starting lineup


Wed        -  Yankees, only one All Star appearance


Sunday   -  One shot wonders

               -  Something to do with the Cubs

               -  Something to do with Harry Cary

               -  Something to do with Chicago

               -  Sweet Home Chicago

               -  Guys with sports equipment in their name


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Sunday, February 21, 2021

2021-02-15 Players who hit two triples in one inning

MONDAY  —  15-Feb

Q.        Who is the only player to start a twenty-game hitting streak immediately after his forty-game streak ended?

Hint: #1    In fact, that was the first time that anyone in the majors had a forty-consecutive-game hitting streak.

Hint: #2    He once played on a team where he and two teammates all had more than forty steals in a single season.

Hint: #3    Although an excellent, steady contributor, his lack of black ink and dour-cum-feisty demeanor have kept him, so far, out of the Hall of Fame.

A.         BILL DAHLEN  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  42 & 28 game streaks playing for the 1894 ancestors of the Cubs, the Chicago Colts.

-  #1     His 42 in 1894 was bettered 3 years later by Willie Keeler.  Keeler’s mark stood until Joe DiMaggio took the concept to a whole ‘nother level.

-  #2     The pennant-winning 1904 New York Giants boasted 3 players w/40+ SB:  Dahlen 47, Sam Mertes 47 & Dan McGann 42.

-  #3     Dahlen’s 21-year career is consistently rated jut not quite good enough for Hall enshrinement.  He was ejected 34 times as a player and another 36 times during his 4-year stint as the Superbas/Dodgers manager.

FCR -  Philip Trostler, Norwich, Connecticut

Incorrect guesses:  Jimmy Rollins, Wee Willie Keeler, Joe DiMaggio, George Sisler, Pete Rose, Austen McHenry, Ty Cobb

 TUESDAY  —  16-Feb

Q.        Who was the first player to lead his league in home runs and triples in the same season?

Hint: #1    He is the only one who has done it twice.

Hint: #2    He was the first player to amass 100 career home runs.

Hint: #3    He led two different leagues in home runs.

A.         HARRY STOVEY  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  Stovey was a rookie in 1880 with the NL’s Worcester Ruby Legs.  He led the league (Indeed the majors) in HR w/6 & 3B w/14.  11 years later, playing for Boston’s Beaneaters*, he led the NL in both categories again w/20 3B & led the majors w/16 HR.  Across town, Tom Brown hit 21 3B for the Boston Reds of the AA, by a wide margin the most 3B Brown ever had in a year.

-  #1     [See ans. Above]

-  #2     Hit his 100th career HR off Jersey Bakley on 03-Sep-1890.  Stovey added 22 more by the time he retired and was the career leader for 8 seasons.

-  #3     Stovey paced the NL 2 X & the AA 3 X & finished just 2 HR behind Players League leader Roger Connor in 1890. 

*You now know them as the Atlanta Braves, but of course even that name could change soon.

FCR -  John Michael Pierobon, Fort Lauderdale

Incorrect guesses:  Dan Brouthers, Ed Delahanty, Roger Connor, Sam Crawford, Gavvy Cravath, Buck Freeman, Sam Thompson, Babe Ruth, Frank Baker, King Kelly, Tris Speaker



Q.        When Cal Ripken played his 5,342nd consecutive inning, whose consecutive innings record did he break?

Hint: #1    He hit the most home runs while William McKinley was President of the US.

Hint: #2    He was the first player to collect 100 RBI in a season for the Red Sox franchise.

A.         BUCK FREEMAN  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  Ripken overtook Freeman on 5-June-1985. Cal will continue to extend this record by playing every inning until it ended 14-Sep-1987 after 8,264 consecutive innings played.  We put Freeman here because multiple sources confirm him, but this SABR article suggests it was George Pinckney, because Freeman was ejected from a game!  (I’d be comfortable wagering that anybody who answered with Pinkney looked this up before responding!)

-  #1     46 HR during McKinley administration

-  #2     114 RBI in 1901

FCR -  Adam Balutis, Arlington, Virginia

Incorrect guesses:  George Pinkney, Everett Scott, Bobby Lowe, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Collins, Willie Keeler


THURSDAY    18-Feb

Q.        Who is the only player besides Kirby Puckett to leave the game with two straight qualifying seasons hitting over .300?

Hint: #1    His played for the first team in major league history where nine different players had at least one hundred hits in the same season.

Hint: #2    He and Ed Taubensee come from the same small Texas town.

Hint: #3    He is an alum of one of the oldest universities in Texas.

A.         CURT WALKER  [B-R Bio]

-  Ans.  Walker hit .313 in 1929 & .307 in 1930.  His career average was .304.  HOFer Puckett’s numbers were even better.  It appears that Joe Jackson’s last two seasons trump even Puckett’s, but the hints of course knock him out of consideration.

-  #1     The 1923 Philadelphia Phillies saw 9 players check in with a 100-H year.  Walker was in the middle of the pack w/148.

-  #2     Both hail from 12,000 pop. Beeville, Texas.  Major leaguers Lloyd Brown and Bert Gallia also called it home.

-  #3     Attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  Southwestern University in its current form (and name) was established in 1875.  Despite its murky historical origins, it still claims to be the oldest university in The Lone Star State.  However, Baylor contends that it, not SWU, is the oldest continuously operating college in Texas while conceding that the now defunct Rutersville College was actually the oldest.  Other sources agree with Baylor’s claim that the earlier charters of Southwestern belonged to earlier, differently named, bankrupt organizations so it seems like fudging a little bit  for SWU to claim them when vying for the honor of the state’s “oldest”.  (Baylor also thinks it should be #1 instead of Gonzaga.)

FCR -  Thomas Hablitzel, Hudson, Ohio

Incorrect guesses:  Will Clark, Rudy Jaramillo, Rogers Hornsby, Max Bishop


FRIDAY    19-Feb

Q.        Who, according to writer Steven A. Riess, was the first coach in the history of the Cincinnati Reds?

Hint: #1    Bill James ranked him among the top 100 catchers of all time.

Hint: #2    His nickname is from his drinking partner, his diet, his ethnicity and a teammate.

Hint #3     He was not famous for his speed afoot, but was well-known for his quick wit.

A.         HEINIE PEITZ  [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  This is found in Riess’s Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball Clubs.

-  #1     In 2003, he was ranked as the 82nd best catcher of all time by Bill James in The New Bill James Historical Abstract.

-  #2     While catching for the 1893 Browns, Peitz teamed up with left-handed pitcher Ted Breitenstein.  They were sons of German immigrants and St. Louis natives.  The nickname reportedly developed when the pair were drinking beer and eating pretzels after a game when a fan noticed them and yelled, “Look, it’s the pretzel battery!”  Enough people heard and that’s how they were known until Peitz left for CIN after the 1895 season.

   #3     In March 1905, The Pittsburgh Press reported: “He is already one of the most popular men on the team.  Peitz may not be the fastest man in the world on his feet, but he can go some with his tongue.  The Cincinnati German is the speediest man by far on the team at repartee.”

FCR -  Warren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan

Incorrect guesses:  Will Clark, Joe Jackson, Rudy Jaramillo, Pop Snyder, Peanuts Lowrey, Ernie Lombardi, Jimmy Wilson


T.G.I.F. SPECIAL    19-Feb

Q.        Who replaced Joe DiMaggio in the 1948 All-Star Game?

Hint: #1    He had a ten-season major league career, but only received MVP votes and an All-Star nod one time each. Those honors happened in the same season.

Hint: #2    He played alongside Ted Williams for four years and was later asked by Williams to help coach the team that Williams went on to manage.

A.         AL ZARILLA  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  DiMaggio entered the G in B4, batting for RF Pat Mullin.  He hit a line-drive fly ball, driving in Birdie Tebbetts from 3B (Under the Sacrifice Fly rules that were in effect from 1940-1953, Joe D. did get credit for a RBI, but not a SF.  He also was charged with an AB.)

-  #1     In 1948,  playing for SLB, he ended up 18th in the MVP voting (Boudreau) and made the AL All-Star team.

-  #2     Zarilla played for BOS 1949-50, 1952-53.  After the All-Star Game in 1971, Zarilla became a coach for WSA, enabling him to accrue the 90 days of major-league service he needed to double his pension.  The Sporting News 24-Oct-1970, p.28 elucidates, “Ex-major leaguer Al Zarilla reportedly will join the Senators' coaching staff under Ted Williams next year. Williams is said to have promised the job to his former Red Sox teammate, who needs only a few months to be eligible for the pension.”

FCR -  Jesse Asbury, Norman, Oklahoma

Incorrect guesses:  Hoot Evers, Vern Stephens, Dom DiMaggio, Jackie Jensen, Larry Doby, Johnny Pesky


SATURDAY    20-Feb

Q.        Whose league-leading run total helped the Beaneaters capture the flag for the first time with that team name.

Hint: #1    He stole the first base ever stolen against the Giants.

Hint: #2    His nickname was based on an exclamation of his made after he had excelled in the field.

Hint: #3    He worked as a major league umpire for five years after his playing days.

A.         JOE HORNUNG  [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  Had a total of 107 R in 98 G in 1883.

-  #1     Stole 2nd base 01-May-1883 against the team then known as the New York Gothams in their 1st G ever.

-  #2     He liked to call out “ubbo ubbo” when he made a good defensive or on offensive play so that became his nickname.  (Hard to tell if it was said “Oobow Oobow” or “Uhbow Uhbow”.  Full points will be given to the researcher who can verify that.)

FCR -  Ken Kirk, Corning, New York

Incorrect guesses:  Bob Ferguson, Hugh Jennings, Ezra Sutton, Sam Crawford, Patsy Dougherty, Billy Hamilton, Harry Stovey, Bill Dinneen



Q.        Who was the starting shortstop on the American League’s very first pennant winner? 

Hint: #1    He didn’t finish that inaugural season after he paid the consequences for punching an umpire.

Hint: #2    One season, he tied the notorious Herman Long for the most errors by a shortstop. 

A.         FRANK SHUGART  [B-R Bio]

-  Ans.  Shugart was at 6 for the 1901 champion CHW, playing 107 of their 136 games.  It was the final of his 8 seasons in the majors (see #1 below).

-  #1     On 21-Aug-1901, Shugart punched umpire Jack Haskell after a disputed ball four call.  The police intervened and arrested Shugart who was subsequently suspended for 23 games and ultimately blacklisted from baseball after the season.

-  #2     1892, Shugart and Long both made 99 errors at shortstop.  Long is MLB’s career record holder for most errors committed at any position, with 1,096.

FCR -  Ken Kirk, Corning, New York

Incorrect guesses:  Freddy Parent, Candy LaChance



Q.        Who has the most at bats in a season batting .500 or better?

Hint: #1    He hit a home run off Satchel Paige during one of Bill Veeck’s creative promotions – a “basketball-baseball doubleheader”. 

Hint: #2    He had the first hit in the history of the current Baltimore Orioles.

Hint: #3    As a brash rookie, he competed against the fastest player in the American League in a foot race in another Veeck promotion.

A.         GIL COAN  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  For WSN in 1947, Coan had hits in exactly half of his 42 at bats.  Only a handful of players have ever hit .500+ in at least 20 ABs.

-  #1     The dual-sport doubleheader featured the Harlem Globetrotters in front of nearly 14,000 on 31-Aug-1953 as Veeck’s SLB fell to WSH.  Coan hit his solo HR off Satch in the 6th.

-  #2     On 13-April-1954, Coan claimed the first hit in current Orioles history, a single in the 1st off Detroit’s Steve Gromek.

-  #3     In a pre-game promotion, 12-Aug-1946, Coan took on 6-time AL SB champ George Case in a 100-yard dash and lost to him by just one stride.

FCR -  Bob Charkovsky, Ashton, Maryland

Incorrect guesses:  Herman Long, George Case


SUNDAY    21-Feb

Q.        Who is the only outfielder in modern major league history to total four sacrifice hits in a single game?

Hint: #1    He was one of the Toddlers. 

Hint: #2    He shares his post-playing career with a former teammate. 

A.         CORY SULLIVAN  [Wiki Bio]

-  Ans.  4 SH on 14-June-2006.  CF Sullivan is one of only 6 major leaguers since 1900 to lay down 4 in 1 G.

-  #1     During some of COL’s lean years in the early 2000s, Sullivan was one of their promising youngsters who helped make up part of its team nickname “Todd and the Toddlers”.  Veteran star Todd Helton served as an important transitional figure between them and their strong 90-win playoff teams later that decade.

-  #2     Sullivan and Ryan Spilborghs are TV analysts for the Colorado Rockies, their former team

FCR -  Warren Kent, Whitehall, Michigan

Incorrect guesses:  Frank White, Ken Griffey, Jr.



Q.        Which harmonica player was the Kansas City Cowboys’ first manager?

Hint: #1    He was born in one of the great power centers of 17th century Europe.

Hint: #2    He played for nine different teams in three different leagues in ten cities during his six seasons in the majors.

Hint: #3    Six of his teammates became Hall of Famers.

A.         HARRY WHEELER  [SABR Bio]

-  Ans.  After starting the franchise 0-4, he was replaced.  The Union Association lasted one year as a major league.  KCC finished 16-63 and folded along with the league after the season.

-  #1     Rather his city of birth, Versailles, Indiana was named FOR that great city.  It’s a small town in Ripley County in the southeastern part of the state, not far from the Ohio and Kentucky state lines.

-  #2     He made his living in the uniforms of =>

National League

            1. PRO 1878

            2. CIN 1879-80, 82

            3. CLE 1880

American Association

            4. CIN 1882

            5. COL 1883

            6. STL 1884

Union Association

            7. KCC 1884

            8. CPI 1884 (2 cities)

            9. BLU 1884

-  #3     Hall of Fame teammates included John Ward, King Kelly, Deacon White, Ned Hanlon, Bid McPhee, Charlie Comiskey

FCR -  Steven Wright, Naperville, Illinois

Incorrect guesses:  Phil Linz, Dave Rowe, Bill Watkins



WEEKLY THEME – Players who hit two triples in one inning


Coan............... WSH (AL)........ 21-Apr-1951......... 6th Inning

Dahlen............ BRO (NL)......... 30-Aug-1900....... 8th Inning

Freeman.......... BSN (NL)......... 07-25-1900......... 1st Inning

Hornung.......... BSN (NL)......... 06-May-1882...... 8th Inning

Peitz................ STL (NL).......... 02-Jul-1895......... 1st Inning

Shugart............ LOU (NL)......... 30-Jul-1895......... 5th Inning

Stovey............. PHA (AA)......... 18-Aug-1884....... 8th Inning

Sullivan........... COL (NL)......... 09-Apr-2006......... 5th Inning

Walker............ CIN (NL).......... 22-Jul-1926.......... 2nd Inning

Wheeler........... CIN (AA).......... 28-Jul-1882......... 11th Inning

Zarilla............. SLB (AL).......... 13-Jul-1946.......... 4th Inning


First Correct Respondent to Identify ThemePhilip Trostler, Norich, Connecticut


*Thanks to Warren Kent in Whitehall, Michigan for the idea for the theme.




Incorrect theme guesses:


Tuesday -  SABR’s “Overlooked 19th Century Base Ball Legends”

               -  Guys buried at Oak Grove Cemetery

               -  Players on Pre-Integration HOF veterans ballot

               -  Players on the 2021 Early Baseball HOF ballot


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