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May 16-22, 2011 Batters with three runs batted in during the Phillies/Cubs game 17-May-1979

Q.         Who is the all-time Major League leader in hits, games played, at-bats and outs?
Hint:     His son played in the majors, but could never quite equal his dad’s numbers.
SABR Hint:       He leads in each category by a considerable margin.
Twitter Hint:       Quoth he, "Sliding headfirst is the safest way to get to the next base, I think, and the fastest. You don't lose your momentum, and there's one more important reason I slide headfirst, it gets my picture in the paper."
A.         Pete Rose (4,256 H, 3,562 G, 14,053 AB & 10,328 outs; Pete Rose, Jr. 11 G 2 H)
First Correct Respondent - Bob Boehme, Birmingham, AL

Q.         Which Hall of Famer hit the most home runs while Jimmy Carter was President of the United States?
Hint:     He had already officially retired when he played in his last All-Star game.
SABR Hint:       He won his league’s MVP three times more than any other third basemen in history.
Twitter Hint:       He was the “Sporting New”s first team College All-American shortstop in 1971.
A.         Mike Schmidt (152 HR 1977-80. Also the leading HR hitter in the Ford & Reagan administrations; Retd. 28-May-1989, ASG 11-Jul-1989; NL MVP 1980, 81 & 87)
FCR      - Will McCracken, Bradenton, FL

Q.         Who hit the most home runs during the while John F. Kennedy was President of the United States?
Hint:     He also hit the most home runs for the decade 1960-69 (…also 61-70).
Hint:     He also had the most bases-on-balls for that decade.
Hint:     On 03-Aug-1962 he became the first player to hit a ball over the left field roof at Tiger Stadium.  Marking his feat, a statue now stands exactly 520 ft. from home plate at Target Field.
Hint:     He stood in fifth place on the career home run list at the time of his retirement.
Hint:     Only Babe Ruth has more American League home run titles.
Hint:     His uniform number was the first to be retired by the Twins.
Hint:     When he retired, he and Babe Ruth were the only players to hit ten or more home runs in a month 20 times during their careers.
SABR Hint:       He hit the longest home runs ever measured at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium (471 ft.) and at Metropolitan Stadium (520 ft.).
SABR Hint:       Marking his feat, a statue now stands exactly 520 ft. from home plate at Target Field.
SABR Hint:       In addition to his 573 major league home runs, he hit another 63 in the minors.
SABR Hint:       His son hit nine career home runs, all in the minors.
Twitter Hint:       The street along the south side of Mall of America bears his name.
Twitter Hint:       Gate 3 at Target Field is appropriately named in his honor.
Twitter Hint:       He founded the Danny Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament in 1977, in honor of his former teammate.
Twitter Hint:       To honor him, the Twins will wear 1961-style jerseys for their remaining home dates this year.
A.         Harmon Killebrew (139 during JFK admin; 393 HR in 1960s; 970 BB in 1960s; Ruth 12 HR titles to his 6; 573 HR, behind Aaron, Ruth, Mays & FRob; Ruth 10+ HR 24 times, Killer 20)
FCR      - David de la Fuente, San Francisco

Q.         Who hold the record for the most home runs in his final major league season?
Hint:     He won a World Series ring, but has never played in a World Series game.
Hint:     Even though he hit over 400 career home runs, he was dropped from the Hall of Fame ballot after only one vote.
SABR Hint:       He was the first A’s player to win the Designated Hitter of the Year Award.
Twitter Hint:       At age 50, he hit eight home runs for the West Palm Beach Tropics.
A.         Dave Kingman (35 HR in 1986 for Oakland; WS 1977; HOF 1992 [Only 3 writers put him on their ballot.]; DH Award in 1984; 49 HR)
FCR      - Alan Miller, Oakland

Q.         What former Owl was elected a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in 2003?
Hint:     His fiscal policy, if it paralleled his major league prowess, was probably defensive.
Hint:     He was twice passed by lead-footed runners who had hit fair balls over the fence, nullifying their home runs.
SABR Hint:       He once trailed only Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays in consecutive outfield Gold Glove Awards.
Twitter Hint:       He has hosted a charity Barbecue Challenge every year outside of Citizens Bank Park.
A.         Garry Maddox (Attended Temple University after his MLB career, before working for the Bank)
FCR      - James Kent, North Bethesda, MD

Q.         Who was replaced by Brian Minniti as Assistant General Manager of the Washington Nationals?
Hint:     He was replaced as major league manager by Tony Muser and Dave Miley.
SABR Hint:       After 1916, he was the first catcher to throw out the same base runner three times in a game.
Twitter Hint:       He was the first to play 2,000 major league games at catcher.
A.         Bob Boone (AGM 2005-09; Rickey Henderson on 27-Jul-1982; 15-Jul1988)
FCR      - J.J. McCoy, Washington, DC

Q.         Whose record did Albert Pujols break with his 185th assist in 2009?
Hint:     He was drafted in the second round by a team that had drafted Bobby Valentine in the first round.
SABR Hint:       His first professional manager was Tommy Lasorda.
Twitter Hint:       Although he played a part of his career for the BoSox, he now toils with the BroRox.
A.            Bill Buckner (184 A in 1985 for a 1st baseman, 157 A in 1986; Drafted by the Dodgers Brockton Rox; 1968 Ogden Pioneers)
FCR      - J.R. Richardson, Clarksville, MD

Q.         Which son of a former major leaguer was one of the first four active players to serve time in a federal prison?
Hint:     The others serving were Willie Aikens, Vida Blue and Willie Wilson.
Hint:     He was signed by Mets shortly after being released, but still ineligible to play in the majors.
SABR Hint:       He played five years for the Phillies at the outset of his major league career, but had never been drafted by any team.
SABR Hint:       His brother Mike was drafted in the first round by the Phillies, but never played in the majors.
SABR Hint:       His father pitched one inning in the majors.
Twitter Hint:       Dan Driessen once hit an inside-the-park home run that slammed into the wall over this player’s head and caromed all the way back to the infield.
A.         Jerry Martin (Fort Worth Federal Correctional Institution Oct 1983-Jan 84.  All convictions were for attempt to purchase cocaine; Mets signing 16-Mar-1984, eligible to play 15-May-1984
FCR      - Bill Garrod, Edgewood, WA

WEEKLY THEME – Batters with three runs batted in during the Phillies/Cubs game 17-May-1979.

Boone       5
Buckner     7
Kingman    6
Maddox    4
Martin        3
Rose         4
Schmidt    4

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – No one (although Kenny Fink of Ocala, FL figured out that they’d all played in this famous game).

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