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March 12-18, 2012 MVP-winning teammates of Juan Marichal

Q. Who played more games for a single major league franchise than any other player?
Hint: During that span, he won three batting titles and seven Gold Gloves, and earned eighteen All-Star selections.
Twint: He is the last player to win the batting Triple Crown.
A. Carl Yastrzemski (3,308 G for the Boston Red Sox; TC 1967)
FCR - Dave Pugh, Baltimore

Q. Before Cecil Fielder in 1990, who was the last slugger to hit more than 50 home runs in a season?
Hint: Five years before, for the same team, he had lost his starting position to a Comeback Player of the Year Award winner.
Twint: The machine he was part of in those day was big.  It was also red.
A. George Foster (52 HR in 1977; 1972 CBPY Bobby Tolan)
FCR - J.R. Richardson, Clarksville, MD

Q. Who was the second-ever National League Most Valuable Player elected from the Pittsburgh Pirates?
Hint: The first one had already been in the Hall of Fame for almost a decade.
Twint: He was the first man ever inducted into both the college basketball and college baseball halls of fame.
A. Dick Groat (MVP 1960, previous was Paul Waner 1927, HOF 1952; National College Baseball Hall of Fame, National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame)
FCR - Dave Serota, Kalamazoo

Q. What Hall of Famer’s home town no longer exists?
Hint: No one seems to miss it.
Hint: No other hitter owns a longer span between his first and last 50-home run seasons.
Twint: Had the Gold Glove Award existed at the beginning of his career, he might have sixteen instead of the record-tying twelve he did win.
A. Willie Mays (Westfield, Alabama; 51 HR in 1955, 52 HR in 1965)
FCR - Ira Kotel, Short Hills, NJ

Q. Who holds the National League record for consecutive games played?
Hint: He was once considered a serious candidate for the U.S. senate.
Hint: He has twice been a part of a group vying to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Twint: He, like Willie Mays and Gary Carter, was twice voted the Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game.
A. Steve Garvey (1,207 G; Senate campaign derailed [failed to launch, really] when unflattering details of his personal life came to light; AS MVP 1974, 78)
FCR - David Krassin, New York

Q. Who played the most games in a season for the Boston Red Sox?
Hint: In the 112-year history of the American League, only he and Ty Cobb have led the league in total bases for three consecutive seasons.
Twint: He won a batting Triple Crown in AAA ball before coming to the majors.
A. Jim Rice (163 G in 1978; AL TB 1977-79, Cobb led 1907-09; TC [.337/25/93] in 1974 for Pawtucket Red Sox of the International League)
FCR - Bill Kreifeldt, Midvale, UT

Q. Who tied Ted Williams on the career home run list with his only home run of the season?
Hint: Only one of his career home runs did not clear the fence.
Hint: For good measure, he hit one over the fence two innings later in the same game.
Twint: He hit two triples off a Hall of Famer in his major league debut.
A. Willie McCovey (03-May-1980 off Scott Sanderson; 15-Sep-1967 off Steve Blass; 30 Jul 1959 off Robin Roberts)
FCR - Barry Nelson, Guilderland, NY

Q. Who was the first and, for almost thirty years, only, native of his home country to win the Rookie of the Year Award?
Hint: A total of five natives from that land have now won it.
Hint: He was fashion-forward in his final playing years, sporting disco-ready sideburns.
Twint: His professional debut came just before his father died.
Twint: His father, long a legendary baseball player in his native country, had earned a notable nickname which was then partially bequeathed on the son.
A. Orlando Cepeda (1958 ROY; Subsequent Puerto Rican ROYs:  Benito Santiago 1987, Sandy Alomar, Jr. 1990, Carlos Beltran 1999; Geovany Soto 2008; Sideburns particularly w/1972 Braves; Father Pedro “Papa Bull” Cepeda died 27-Apr-1955, just days before Orlando’s “Baby Bull’s” first game with the Kokomo Giants [We took the small liberty of calling Puerto Rico a country since people born there call it a country.])
FCR - Brian Hirst, Pemberton, NJ

Q. Who was the only player to collect 10 RBI in a game in the 1970s?
Hint: In an article in Deadspin in 2008, he was called “America’s Fishing Buddy”.
Twint: He was the first player to win the League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award while playing for the losing team.
A. Fred Lynn (18-Jun-1975; Article; ALCS MVP for the 1982 Angels)
FCR - J.J. McCoy, Washington, DC

WEEKLY THEME – MVP-winning teammates of Juan Marichal.

Player MVP Yr Marichal
Cepeda 1967 1960-66 Giants
Foster 1977 1969-71 Giants
Garvey 1974 1975 Dodgers
Groat 1960 1967 Giants
Lynn 1975 1974 Red Sox
Mays 1954, 65 1960-72 Giants
McCovey 1969 1960-72 Giants
Rice 1978 1974 Red Sox
Yastrzemski 1967 1974 Red Sox

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Jim McCoy, Melrose, MA

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