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August 20-26, 2012 Players who have won 2 MVPs but are not in the Hall of Fame.

Q.         Whom did Chipper Jones pass for most games played in an Atlanta Braves uniform?
Hint:     He participated in the All-Star game after just completing a three-year Mormon mission.
Hint:     Before Barry Bonds, he was the only player to play left field in consecutive MVP seasons.
Hint:     He was the last player to reach base seventeen times in a regular-season series.
Twint:    Not everybody remembers his five consecutive Gold Glove Awards.
A.         Dale Murphy (1,926 G, Jones 2,465 G; 2000 ASG as honorary NL captain; Series vs. L.A. 09-, 10-, 10-, 11- & 12‑Sep‑1985, 10 H, 7 BB; 1982-83; GG 1982-86)
FCR -    Gene Rudzinski, Buffalo

Q.         Who hit the first regular-season home run in major league history in the month of March?
Hint:     He is the first player to win two Silver Slugger Awards at each of two different positions.
Hint:     Though he is in the exclusive 500 home run club, he never led the league in home runs in his 19-year career.
Twint:    He owns five of the top ten best offensive WAR seasons in the history of the Chicago White Sox.
A.         Frank Thomas (HR 31-Mar-1996 off Randy Johnson; SS @ 1b 1993, 94, @ DH 1994, 2000; WAR)
FCR -    Arieh Siegal, Austin

Q.         Who was the first National League player to hit thirty home runs in a season for ten consecutive years?
Hint:     He was the oldest player to lead his league in home runs.
Hint:     He won the Home Run Derby contest the only time it was held in Philadelphia.
Twint:    He was the first player to hit fifty home runs in a season using a maple bat.
Twint:    His lead in career intentional bases-on-balls is so great that he has over twice as many as the player in second place.
A.         Barry Bonds (30 HRs 1992-2004; 37 in 2001, dob 24-Jul-1964; HRD 1996; Maple bat in 2001; 688 IBB to Hank Aaron’s 293)
FCR -    David Krassin, New York

Q.         Who is the only former Cleveland Indian to hit fifty home runs in a season?
Hint:     He was the last player to hit an inside-the-park home run and a grand slam in the same game.
Hint:     He represented the A’s at the All-Star game in spite of missing 45 games that spring.
Hint:     He set a record with seven RBI in a single game of the minor leagues’ Junior World Series.
Hint:     His ethnic roots are the same as Johnny Pesky’s, and as Pesky did, legally changed his last name.
Twint:    His career as a Sooner running back lasted less than a semester, though he was on a team that won the Orange Bowl.
A.         Roger Maris (HR 61 in 1961, played for CLE 1957-58; 2 HR playing for the Kansas City A’s 03-Aug-1958; Jr. WS 1956 with the Indianapolis Indians; Croation background; 1953 Oklahoma Sooners football)
FCR -    Jason Hoagland, Columbus, OH

Q.         Who owns the most 100-runs-batted-in seasons?
Hint:     His career batting average is in the Willie Mays range, but could slip to the Mickey Mantle range if his hand doesn’t get better.
Twint:    He has more career home runs than any other player of Hispanic descent.
A.         Alex Rodriguez (14 seasons w/100 RBI; Mays .302, Mantle .298, A-Rod currently at .301; 644 HR, passing Sammy Sosa’s 609)
FCR -    Bob Dorrill, Kingwood, TX

Q.         What Angel is an angel, at least according to the people his Down syndrome foundation has helped?
Hint:     He is the active leader in career batting average.
Twint:    For the past three seasons, his most similar player, according to the statistical similarity scores of, is Jimmie Foxx.
A.         Albert Pujols (Pujols Family Foundation; .325; Similarity Scores)
FCR -    Steven Elsberry, Windsor Heights, IA

Q.         Who was the first American League player to hit his 400th career home run in the 21st century?
Hint:     He twice hit two home runs on Opening Day.
Hint:     At home games, he appeared to the sounds of the "Imperial March," Darth Vader's theme music.
Twint:    They nicknamed him “Gone” because so many of the balls he hit were exactly that.
A.         Juan Gonzalez (HR #400 05-Jun-2002; OD HRs 1993, 2001)
FCR -    Bill Deane, Cooperstown, NY

WEEKLY THEME – Players who have won two Most Valuable Player Awards but are not in the Hall of Fame.

Player               MVP Years
Bonds              1990, 92, 93, 2001, 02, 03, 04
Gonzalez           1996, 98
Maris                1960, 61
Murphy             1982, 83
Pujols               2005, 08, 09
Rodriguez         2003, 05, 07
Thomas            1993, 94

First Correct Respondent to Identify Theme – Mark DeLodovico, Rockville, MD [After the Tuesday Q.]

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